Team Obama Asks for ‘Strategic Patience’ in Fight Against ISIS

by Charles Spiering | Breitbart  |  published on June 9, 2015

ISISThe Obama administration is working quickly to push back against the notion that there is no strategy to defeat Islamic State terrorists, after President Obama’s comments during a press conference in Germany after the G-7 World Leaders Summit.

The newly minted State Department spokesperson John Kirby appeared on Morning Joe today to remind Americans that the fight against ISIS would last “3-5 years” and ask for some “strategic patience.”

Kirby explained that Obama did have a strategy although it was “messy” and would “take time.”

  • donemyhomework

    Stall tactics and more stall tactics.

  • Webb

    No strategy to defeat Islamic State terrorists…
    Strategy, of Course not, Not From Obama, The Community Organizer, he’s planning a Protest in Iran. The Unions Are Getting The Signs Printed Up as We Post. Several Plane Loads Of Protesters Are On Air Force 1 and 2,headed to
    Iran to protest The Islamic State Terrorist…What A Strategy!!

  • savage24

    There hasn’t been a strategy to defeat this nations enemies since the end of WWII. All we ever hear is the need for an exit strategy, unconditional surrender is a thing of the past. Wars used to be fought to defeat the enemy, not to contain them.

    • donemyhomework

      Boy I agree with that. Viet Nam was a real pain.

      • savage24

        How right you are, I was there and in Korea. Both lost by the lack of will to win and the rules of engagement installed by politicians and butt kissing Generals.

        • donemyhomework

          Agreed again.

  • Mike N

    This is called leading from behind.

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