Team Trump relentless on saying media ‘rigging’ election but vows to accept results

by  |  published on October 17, 2016

Pence TrumpThe Donald Trump campaign on Sunday heaped more blame on the media, accusing news organizations of “rigging” the election for Democratic rival Hillary Clinton but vowing to accept the Nov. 8 results — win or lose.

“We will absolutely accept the results of the election,” Republican vice-presidential nominee Mike Pence said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Pence made the comment amid two polls Sunday that showed Clinton with a solid lead and as he and Trump resumed their attack on the media — after essentially nine straight days of headlines related to Trump’s treatment of women over the past 30 years.

“The American people will speak,” Pence continued on NBC. “But (they) are tired of the obvious bias in the national media. That’s where the sense of a rigged election goes here.”

Democratic vice-presidential nominee Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine told “Fox News Sunday”: “From the beginning, I’ve said this would be a very close campaign.”

  • reverand on the west coast.

    so then what do we do if Trump get popular vote and the elect col give it to Killary? Trump needs to challange results, knowing there is going to be fraud.

  • Kari

    Weather Trump accepts it or not I don’t believe the people will! I truly believe there will be a revolution! The people are just so sick and tired of the corrupt government and the biased media! If the people’s vote isn’t going to matter we’re going to stand up and make sure we are heard one way or another!!! I’m so sick of the greedy self serving beurocrats!! The people will be heard!

  • Lorraine E

    I started voting in 1960 when I lived just outside of Chicago and I remember hearing Mayor Richard Daily telling the people to “Vote early and often” and I was fully aware of the corruption in the democrat controlled City of Chicago. I always did vote hoping that my vote would at least have an impact on local issues but I’ve known for 67 years that the polling and voting process was broken and totally corrupt. Over the years, especially with electronic vote counting, I know that the process has progressively become more corrupt and fraudulent. The amazing thing is that Nothing has ever been done to Correct the Fraud and Cheating. Why? Because there is no honesty in government and that there is no difference between the gopRINO and democrat party. They are the same and work together to assure that their like minded Professional Liberal Politicians remain in office and in control of our country.
    For anyone to say that the system isn’t “rigged” must not be aware of how our government really does work.

  • justinwachin

    Hillary’s released emails shows that she has tried every trick possible to give herself the advantage.

    The real problem is that Hillary’s actions have shown that she is more interested in helping herself than helping America. As secretary of state Hillary sold access in exchange for donations to the Clinton’s foundation. It doesn’t take much imagination to guess the same thing will happen on a larger scale if she is elected president.

    In this election we have two choices. Hillary will make Hillary great again. Donald Trump will make America great again. I side with Mr. Trump. It’s time for us to work to make our nation great again. That’s a winning message for all but the most stupid voters.

  • Rodney Steward

    I’ve heard and read it that Hellary is a shoe in for the job, she’s the Gov. dream, they think, it may turn out to be their worst nightmare! 🙂

  • Andy Palmer

    I find that a very odd question. Lester Holt asked Trump that question three times in the first debate. What’s Trump supposed to say? No, Lester, we will not accept the results. We will Marshall the three hundred million gun owners in the country and storm Washington. Give me a break. The question is absurd.

    • Karll

      The fact that they keep bringing it up probably means something, Perhaps they have something in mind
      that does not bode well

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