Ted Cruz ducks cheesehead requests

by Donovan Slack  |  published on April 5, 2016

As voters in the great state of cheeseheads prepare to vote in the Wisconsin primaries on Tuesday, at least one Republican contender was adamantly staying a-whey from the foam hats donned by Green Bay Packers fans.

At a campaign stop at the Mars Cheese Castle in Kenosha Wisconsin, his daughter handed him one but he declined to put it on, according to the Dallas morning News:

“There is an ironclad rule of politics which is no funny hats,” Cruz said. “Michael Dukakis demonstrated that powerfully when he put on a helmet and rode in a tank, and so I will cheer on the hats of others, but, but …”

But don’t you think the voters of Wisconsin would appreciate it?

  • ADRoberts

    Again, he shows he is a wise man.

  • Roy

    “But don’t you think the voters of Wisconsin would appreciate it?”

    I’m sure they would. But would voters in New York, Pennsylvania and California along with all the other states that still have to vote in primaries? I agree with Cruz on this one – no funny hats.

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