The Ben Carson Surge

by Linda Feldmann  |  published on October 28, 2015

Ben Carson is easy to underestimate. Soft-spoken and spiritual, the renowned neurosurgeon doesn’t display the bombast and bravado of a certain other candidate in the Republican presidential field.

Even Dr. Carson’s most controversial of statements – such as his recent comparison of women who have abortions to slave-owners – are uttered in such soothing tones they can just slide by.

And unlike Donald Trump, whose rhetoric is all about winning, Carson projects a zen-like calm over his prospects.

  • carpkiller

    I wonder how many would go ahead and vote for carson if they knew he had a temper and mental disorder bad enough to stab and head wound children.He operates on them and yet he can do the other two. He is not president material.

  • disqus_tKlEuAw2uq

    Very disappointed. Carson is out for me. Amnesty, refugees, now this… I had no worries he was anything like Obama. Now I do. We don’t need another race baiter. Dr Ben Carson Second Guesses Officer Darren Wilson – Says He Wouldn’t Have Shot Michael Brown Very disappointed. Carson is out for me. How does he knows what he would have done, he was not there; he was not being beaten to death.
    Carson says we need a guest worker program because Americans JUST WON’T WORK harder JOBS. PLEASE LIKE AND PLEASE SHARE WE NEED TO STOP THIS NOW

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