Tim Tebow Open to Running for Political Office

by SHOSHANA WEISSMANN  |  published on March 29, 2016

On Fox News, the inventor of Tebowing was asked about the potential of him running for office one day.

He said he doesn’t know about now, but maybe one day. “If there’s a chance you could make a difference someday with something, then that would be intriguing.”

  • Robert M Litman

    Don’t do it Tim, they would just drag you down to their level!

  • disqus_BAvz0LV7zw

    I like Tim Tebow. His morals and behavior is at its highest. May God bless him!
    Go for it Tim, we need role model in the political arena.

  • Seedman

    Tim Tebow has the common sense and character to be of benefit as an elected government official.

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