Trump becomes Puerto Rico wild card

May 9, 2016

Donald Trump has become a wild card in Speaker Paul Ryan’s effort to win House passage of a debt relief package for Puerto Rico.

A pair of confusing interviews from the presumptive GOP presidential nominee has left competing impressions on whether he actually supports the emerging House legislation, which represents one of Ryan’s top legislative priorities.

House lawmakers are mulling a bill that would set up an outside control board for the island’s finances and allow it to restructure its debt, which now totals more than $70 billion.

Trump told CNN on Wednesday that he opposed a bailout of the island, even though the current House proposal does not direct any new federal dollars to the territory.



  • Edgardo L. Perez-De Leon

    We can balance the budget with the billions of dollars owe in rents to Puerto Rico for the use of 10% of its territory for military bases; with the use of our deep ports for free trade in transition for the area and with the use of our resources for tourism, just to mention 3 areas of the economy that help Puerto Rico to be positioned for a free self sustained country after US finish its imperial control.

  • Edgardo L. Perez-De Leon

    I am Puerto Rican and assert that Puerto Rico dose not need a bail out because the debt of the Puertorrican government belongs to the empire as a colonial debt that it is. The debt cannot be restructured, only wiped out without payment. Trump is callous but technically correct. Ryan wants to keep playing us the violin but we cannot dance his music. It is like the music of a vinyl disk playing at the incorrect revolutions. There are two alternatives: do ethnic cleansing and take us out of the island (what gradually is occurring right now and has occurred since 1950’s; we are more in mainland than in the island) or give us the independence (without debts) and with the payment of what the US military owes us for the rents on 10% of our land since 1898.

    • Ken says

      Get real – balance your budget – get the cash box out from under the table and pay your bills.



  • exoticdoc2

    To give out money that you do not have is sheer idiocy. The US is far too deep in debt itself to bail out every little backwater country that gets itself in trouble. PR will have to fend for itself.

  • sue lenhart

    NO more bail-outs! This is becoming a hauntingly familiar bad habit. The Federal Govt should not be the last-chance bank for every irresponsible business/govt entity that failed at managing their own organization. Puerto Rico has bondholders that financed their govt there that will be left holding the bag if PR is permitted to declare bankruptcy. And, since PR is not a state, they will not be responsible to keep all of the laws that we states must obey. They can lower their minimum wage and change ways that they do business, and they should do so. Help them reorganize? Sure. Bail them out? NO!

  • Sue

    Puerto Rico should begin reorganizing itself just as Greece did. This is not the US’s fight.

    • Edgardo L. Perez-De Leon

      Puerto Rico is a colony and has no power to reorganize itself.

    • Ken says

      Pr is just like Greece – in deep shlt from their own folly. Like Greece the feeding tube of other Countries money needs to be removed. Balance your budget and pay your bills.

  • Rodney Steward

    Congress wants to grant Puerto Rico bankruptcy protection called Super Chapter 9 , and bail them out with money that we’ll have to borrow from China, and why!! Why bail out a country that’s not able to manage it’s money like Greece and other European countries! But one thing all these countries have in common are the retired Union workers that have help bankrupt these countries! And did anyone know that Half of the people of Puerto Rico draws welfare from the USA!

    • Retired

      Of course Obama will see to it they get a free ride.

      • Edgardo L. Perez-De Leon

        We do not need free ride. We need the independence.

        • Ken says

          I would gladly cut the strings and let you revolve into a real 3rd World Country.

  • SDofAZ

    Trump’s is right. The bailout scenario is still present here. There has to be some big financial changes or this Territory will be back again just like the too big to fail in the soon to happen next DEPRESSION. Puerto Rico is just showing the same financial stress Greece and many other countries are exhibiting. It will not be long before congress will be wanting us to bail the too big to fail out of their messes again. And did you notice, they failed to pass IN THE SENATE the bill to stop using tax payer money to bail out the financial wizards who keep putting the country and the world into these trends. Watch, after we go over the edge again many more trillions in debt to bail out the Goldman crowd, they will spread the bonuses (bone us) again for all their talented financial wizards and some for the senate as well. It is coming again! Puerto Rico is just a symptom of the same old problem, really lousy management and risk taking and overspending when there is not enough incoming to support it. Guess you could call it having no knowledge of the word “BUDGET”.


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