Trump calls for Apple boycott

February 20, 2016

Presidential candidate Donald Trump is calling on his supporters to boycott Apple until it agrees to help the FBI unlock an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters.

“What I think you ought to do is boycott Apple until such time they give that security number,” Trump said at a rally in South Carolina on Friday.

“I just thought of it,” the GOP frontrunner added. “Boycott Apple.”

Apple this week defied a court order to assist authorities in bypassing security features on a phone belonging to one of the attackers in the San Bernardino, Calif., assault that left 14 people dead.

The company argued such assistance would amount to creating a “back door” into all iPhones that could be exploited by hackers and foreign spies.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    I never owned any thing apple , However I well as long as they don’t give !

  • ADRoberts

    Well I did not like Jobs and I don’t like Apple. But if Trump calls for a boycott of Apple, I guess I will have to go out and buy something of theirs.
    Folks, it is a short step from opening the phones of a real terrorists to opening the phones of the Bundys, who have resisted the abuse by the Federal government. And next it will be us.
    Once again, TRUMP IS WRONG.

    • Terry Rushing

      I think that both Trump and the feds are way out of line. I hope Apple continues to resist “big brother”. Let the dammed NSA, FBI and that joke, “Homeland Security” crack into the phone if they can. Oh yeah, add TSA in the mix for comic relief.

  • Seedman

    Don Juvenile, the great idea man, boycott, really. I will gladly vote for Ted Cruz!

  • Danny

    I’m standing with America…trouble is if this election doesn’t bring about some real push back to the current administration I doubt any of us will be standing much longer as free americans…I’ll cast my vote for Cruz in this primary and vote for the conservative in the general…I hope this doesn’t come down to a multiple choice.

  • Spunky387

    I love how Trump is not afraid to speak his mind and is definitely not “PC.” That said, he is a blowhard that I believe would do some damage because he is a little crazy and doesn’t know when to shut up. Just because you are not afraid to speak your mind doesn’t mean that you should speak your mind – I believe that he needs to learn some discernment and to think before he speaks sometimes. In addition, his answer to everything is to sue whomever because he doesn’t like what they said. If you are running for public office (especially the presidency), people will say bad things about you and you can’t just sue everyone that disagrees with you. If he becomes president, is he going to sue foreign leaders that disagree with him?? In reference to this article about boycotting Apple, I couldn’t disagree with him more. I go back to the quote, “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety” – Ben Franklin. If we give power to the government, then we are just one bad president or congress away from losing everything. Once a precedent is set, those set on our destruction will exploit it (remember the last 7 years?).

    I do believe that Trump has been good for the Republicans in getting more people involved, but crying foul every time you don’t like what someone else says just doesn’t seem right. What if Megyn Kelly threatened to sue over what Trump said about her?? I would say that she handled herself very professionally in response to his attacks. Trump is actually acting like Obama did when he won his first election. Obama tried to (and succeeded) in getting his competition basically thrown out of the race, so that he could run unopposed.

    This isn’t a puff piece for any specific candidate, as I haven’t decided whom I want out of our options yet. (Where I live, I still have a little time to decide). I just definitely have some reservations about Trump, as described above. I am a lifelong conservative that just wants a better Country. If Trump is the GOP nominee, I would definitely vote for him, as even our worst option (Christie, who thankfully has dropped out) is a much better option than either of the Socialist candidates on the other side or even Biden or Bloomberg who will probably jump in if Hillary gets indicted.

    This is way longer than I intended it to be, so I will end with – please vote for whomever will protect us from our enemies, foreign and especially domestic, but for the most part leaves us alone to succeed or fail on our own!

    • Paul

      I believe that he needs to learn some discernment and to think before
      he speaks sometimes. In addition, his answer to everything is to sue
      whomever because he doesn’t like what they said. If you are running for
      public office (especially the presidency), people will say bad things
      about you and you can’t just sue everyone that disagrees with you.
      To some extent I agree with you however it seems to be working just fine for the rogue LGBTQRSTUV crowd….

      • ADRoberts

        Never happen. He has been spoiled since he was a child. And he still throws tantrums, just like a child.
        Best point. He could not stand up to Megan Kelly. LOL That is Hillarious.

        • Paul

          Screw Megan Kelly….all these media people think it’s more about them than electing a new leader for the US. Fox has become just another establishment rag…On the other hand I support your comments regarding Kim Davis and her standing ground and going to jail to defend her and many others beliefs!! @ the end of the day…Trump is a businessman and has come to understand how things work in this once great country….you MUST be willing to lubricate the pocketbooks of those wielding power to get ANYTHING done in DC. I would love to see him change that problem but only time would tell, one thing’s for sure….he’s certainly NO worse than all the establishment pukes who gone along to get along for decades.

          • ADRoberts

            This conversation is not about Megan Kelly. But you are trying to turn it to her. WHY? Because what I said about Trump is correct. Now tell me about what it says to you that he is able to get away with this tantrum because he did not get “treated” well. You think the leftist part of the media is going to treat him well. I will surprise you and say YES, they will IF they know that he is a Trojan Horse and that he will go LIBERAL again as soon as he gets in office.
            Next, you RATIONALIZE what you call “lubricating” as being right and good. Now if you were an opposing businessman who was competing with Trump, you WOULD have a change of heart and call it what it IS. BRIBERY.
            And at one time, that was illegal and looked down on by all good honest people. So what happened to YOU? This is the stuff that YOU will answer for when you stand before God.
            Now I will point out why all the RINOs in DC hate Cruz.
            HE CAN’T BE “LUBRICATED”. He does not believe in compromise. Amazing. In this day and age. A man who believes in right and wrong. Good and bad. Black and white. He does not see FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY as being a good thing.
            And THAT is why America is going down.

      • Spunky387


        You are absolutely correct in what you stated about the “LGBTQRSTUV crowd….” and the media, left and Hollywood throwing their weight behind this crowd. It has worked for them, but unfortunately, the left has rigged the system so that if the left disagrees with you, then it is “social justice,” but if the right disagrees with the left, then we are bigots. The media has fed us so many lies that as a society we start to believe them. For example, ask anyone under the age of 40 and probably 75% of those over 40 what “separation of church and state” is and they will tell you that it’s part of our constitution, even though it is nowhere in our constitution. (it was in a letter that had nothing to do with the constitution). The founding fathers stated that we wouldn’t establish a National religion, like the Church of England. They didn’t want to be forced to join a state church if they didn’t want to, but they never said anything about not being able to practice your views in public. This is the basis for many of the attacks from the LGBTQRSTUV crowd…. From my understanding of what was reported, what the LGBT wanted was basically the tax breaks that married people have and the right to make end of life decisions or for property to pass between them after death. If we had gone to a flat tax, then that takes away the “marriage benefit” and if they were intelligent enough to do wills, POA, etc. then they would be able to make those decisions. I don’t think that the above was what they wanted, even though they stated that. I believe it was to make an example and set policy, the same way the attorney’s for “Roe” of Roe vs. Wade used her to shape abortion on demand. Norma McCorvey (Roe) was used and discarded by the “caring and compassionate” liberal attorney’s. McCorvey even wrote a book about the whole thing, which I encourage everyone to read. This seems to be the left’s track record of forcing their beliefs upon us, while demonizing anyone that doesn’t agree with them. They preach tolerance (of their ideas), while being intolerant of anyone that doesn’t agree with their views.

        Once again, this is way longer than I intended, but I have so many issues with what the left (and some of the right) are doing that I go back to the fact that we have to have someone, other than Hilary or Bernie, in the White House. I’m hoping that we finally nominate someone that can actually win the general election, not just the primary’s. It may not solve all of our problems, but it would go a long way to halting some of the bad policies and the decline that our country is currently in.

    • ADRoberts

      You love how he speaks his mind? Like when he told Kim Davis to obey the laws of the land, WHEN THERE WAS NO LAW to obey.
      That is right. SCOTUS struck down the laws forbidding homosexual marriage. That did NOT create a law that authorized homosexual marriage. Do you get it. Trump didn’t. But there was a law on the books of Kentucky that was suppsed to protect all officials from violating their religious convictions. How about THAT REAL law. Trum miss that too.
      Did you miss that he gave $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation? And you think that is just business? NO it is called bribery.

      • Spunky387


        I think that we are in agreement about many of our views, so I’m a little confused by your response to me and my statement about how I “love how he speaks his mind.” I did go on to state that “Just because you are not afraid to speak your mind doesn’t mean that you
        should speak your mind – I believe that he needs to learn some
        discernment and to think before he speaks sometimes”

        My intent in my post was that I’m tired of people who are afraid to say what they truly believe. Bernie Sanders is a self described Socialist. Hilary is also a Socialist and so is Obama, but they lie about it and pretend that it isn’t so. While I don’t agree with any Socialist policies, I at least respect Sanders for telling us what he stands for and being unapologetic about his beliefs (even though I think he is 100% incorrect).

        I am definitely NOT a Trump supporter (and he is becoming more and more of a John Kerry flip flopper) and I’m hoping for someone else on the Republican ticket. While I haven’t totally decided, I am personally leaning more towards Rubio, if for no other reason than he is the only one that I have seen that led in the polls against Hilary or Sanders. If there are other polls showing Trump or Cruz leading Hilary or Sanders, I haven’t seen them. As Republicans, we continue to put people up against the Dems that have no chance of winning. McCain? Romney? We have had so much better candidates that we failed to promote so that it cost us elections. I totally believe that you should vote for who you believe in or who represents you the best, but I also don’t see why we continue to nominate people that don’t or can’t win. I vote for the person, not the party, but if my first choice has no chance of making it, I must choose the lesser of two evils. Huckabee wasn’t going to win no matter how much I liked him, so I have to look at which of the remaining Repubs can beat the Dems. I hate our 2 party system and the GOP is culpable as well in the state that we find our country, but they more closely align with my beliefs than the Democratic Socialist party on the left. Our country cannot take another 4-8 years of the same type of “leadership” that it has had with Obama. Trump, Cruz, Rubio or Kasich are all better choices than Hilary or Bernie, but which one of them can actually beat Hilary or Bernie?? If it is Trump, then so be it, but I think our best chances of winning are Rubio and then maybe Cruz. Whether they are my favorites or not is irrelevant.

        • ADRoberts

          You haven’t figured it out yet. Polls are no longer about finding out what is going on. They are a propaganda tool. Someone has to pay for the poll. And these days, they WILL demand to get the results they want, because the polling companies have shown that THAT is what they can do.
          Rubio? Lied when running for Senate. And when questioned about his about face when he was on the GANG OF 8, I heard, with my own ears, him say that he said what it took to get elected, that he was in office and now he could change his mind. Very short sighted.
          Can you trust Rubio to do what he says. NO.
          Can you trust Trump to do what he says. NO.
          Neither one of them are what they say they are.
          Cruz, SEEMS to be more genuine. He has fought the Republicans giving up the store to Obama, and they did it anyway.
          I fear that there are millions of people who have your attitude toward “electability” And that attitude is so MUCH controlled by the media. They are the ones who persuade people to actually believe that Palin was not electable. Not that I would vote for her now, since she endorsed the Trojan Horse.
          But what you are doing is called expediency. And it is totally evil. It is what people use to abandon the right that they know they should do.
          The only question is, when you stand before God to account, will he be looking at expediency or at right and wrong.
          As to McCain and Romney, that was a SHOW put on by the Establishment. It was a set up. Obama was sure to win because the elite (CFR and Bilderbergs) need America to be bankrupt and destroyed so they can step in, (as the Bible predicts of the Antichrist) and save the world from anarchy.
          Notice that neither McCain nor Romney did a SINGLE THING to point out just how defective and what a bad record and how that Obama was not even LEGAL. Do you suppose that was an accident? Of course not.
          It was planned to make sure that Obama won.
          And McCain and Romney were part of the plan. The ONLY one who was not a part of it was Palin. They fought her tooth and nail, to keep her mouth shut. The quote was, “she was going rogue”. And had she been the POTUS candidate, she would have won.

          Now get this. God has ordained end times and told us what is going to happen. The ONLY thing that is not set is the time.
          And that is why II Chronicles 7:14 is still in play.
          Proof: Hezekiah was reading the prophets and found out the judgement that was coming. He called the prophet and asked if it was SURE. And when he was told that it was, he humbled himself and prayed. And God set off the disaster for 14 years till Hezekian was dead.
          One person at a time, turning to God, humbling themselves, repenting and praying. And IF that happens often enough, God will set back the time of THE END.

          • Spunky387


            I almost didn’t vote for the Presidency when McCain ran against Obama because I don’t agree with either one of them. My final determination for voting was because McCain was old and he might die and we had Palin there to then run the country. Obviously, you don’t know me or I you, but I’m very strong in my Christian beliefs and I do 100% believe in the second coming!

            You are welcome to call me evil or my process evil or say whatever you want about me. I have broad shoulders and I can handle it. You are correct that I will one day have to stand before my Father in Heaven and answer for my rights and wrongs – but I will tell you that that is between God and me, and not you. I have accepted the free gift of Christ and He and only He will intercede on my behalf. I don’t deserve Him, but there is also nothing that I can do that will diminish His love for me, for you or for anyone else. Jesus died for everyone in history, including the likes of Hitler. Even as evil as Hitler was, if he accepted Christ prior to his death, then I believe that he would be saved, but once again, that is between Christ and Hitler at that time and not subject to me.

            I voted for Bush in the primaries over Alan Keyes, because Keyes wasn’t going to beat John McCain. I much prefered Keyes, but from what I knew of Bush at the time, he didn’t violate any of my Christian faith and beliefs, but McCain absolutely did.

            Did Rubio lie? From what I know, he did. Did Trump? – same answer. Did Cruz, Kasich, Carson, etc? – I’m fairly sure that they have lied at some time as well. There is absolutely no one in history that hasn’t sinned other than Christ, and since he isn’t running for the presidency, then I cannot vote for him in this race. If a candidate supports a view that is contrary to my faith, then I won’t support them. There will never be one perfect candidate, so I weigh each on their own merits, but I also look at which is worse for our country, for our beliefs and for our future and if voting for Rubio or Trump or Carson, etc. over Hilary makes me evil, then I guess that I will live with that, despite your misgivings.

            As to Christ’s return, that is a completely different subject than our presidential election. I long for the return (and wish it would happen today), so that I can spend eternity in Heaven with my Creator, but as you pointed out, we know not the time. Until such time, I will continue to live my life and try to make the best of the situations that we find ourselves in with those that are running for office and those that are in office.

          • ADRoberts

            Did I call you evil. I apoligize. Did I say that you are expedient. You are.
            Is it black and white? Yes.
            And that is how we should live our lives. Otherwise we become Trump, “greasing’ the wheels and justifying the means to and end.
            God bless you. And if I have missed saying it, I am totally happy with people doing the best they can and making the best choices “in the fear of the Lord.”
            No, voting for the lesser of two evils in the case of Hillary is not evil. But when we have a chance for REAL good and we choose a fake, because we have been convinced that the good guy can’t win, we ARE part of the problem.

  • Rex Sutton

    Come on South Carolina,, we need you. I stand with Trump Until the end,


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