Trump campaign manager reportedly won’t be prosecuted

by  |  published on April 14, 2016

The campaign manager of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will not be prosecuted over charges of misdemeanor battery over allegations he grabbed the arm of a reporter, according to a published report.

Palm Beach County State Attorney David Aronberg is scheduled to announce the decision not to press charges against Corey Lewandowski on Thursday afternoon, Politico reported.

The incident occurred after a March 8 press conference at the Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Fla., where Lewandowski was accused by Michelle Fields, who was a reporter at the time with Breitbart, of grabbing her arm as she asked the Republican front-runner a question.

Lewandowski initially denied the incident had taken place.

  • This whole fiasco was staged by the GOP to smear Trump’s name. Plus the GOP thought if they take out his campaign manager, Trump will be stopped. Wrong. Michelle Fields is an opportunistic slag looking for her 15 minutes of fame and a couple million dollars from a frivolous civil suit. That’s not happening either.

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