U.S. plan to cede Internet domain control on track: ICANN head

June 4, 2015

Fadi Chehade, president and CEO of ICANN, attends a meeting with Brazil's President Rousseff in Brasilia

A controversial Obama administration plan to cede oversight of the non-profit that manages the Internet’s infrastructure is on track to gain government approval by next year’s presidential elections, the organization’s chief said in an interview.

Some Republican lawmakers have raised concerns about the plan to hand over the stewardship of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to a global multi-stakeholder body, worried that it may allow other countries to capture control.

But ICANN CEO Fadi Chehadé said such opposition was fading and that some opponents would come around once they see the accountability mechanisms and other assurances put in place.

“I think they see now that this is actually a good thing for the Internet. The fragmentation of the Internet is bad for everyone,” he said.

  • fred

    This is a horrible idea to control and centralize the internet~! Perfect for the kenyan’s takeover plans to work! Do you think they will allow a website like this one to exist? think again! Do you know what Communists call “command and control”? This is exactly what they had in mind!

  • lindajoyadams

    government contractors, now Patriot Act Partners are already an international cabal and as such are not under any civil or criminal oversight as congresses allow no money to be spent to do any kind of investigations, Remember this bunch has now gained expanded secrecy under the new Freedom Act and those inside the telephone companies and most non government companies can collect all data ,even personal as they cannot be arrested. Many do not understand that one’s own employer has to have them present. The worse is we have real crimes on going of thefts of the public monies especially in all health care as they are in total control of a govt plans and that is now all health care. we are being robbed and congressional rules still forbid this cabal to be contacted for constituents who are having real issues with them in control of taxpayer funded programs but few are govt run any more. Nor are any allowed to mention them One OIG Director did in a congressional hearing in 7/13 that no funding to stop the biggest organized crime ring in the history of the USA which has over thrown our govt. THESES ARE THE REAL DEATH PANELS . ALL THE FREEDOM ACT DID IS AFFIRM THE LAW BUT WITH NO AUTHORITY TO SPEND ONE PENNY FOR EVEN A PHONE CALL, NO INVESTIGATION OR PROSECUTIONS CAN BE DONE. VOTE IN ALL ELECTIONS AS THIS IS NOT JUST FEDERAL ANYMORE AND ASK WHY THIS HAS BEEN ALLOWED TO OCCUR. WE NEED THOSE WITH THE COURAGE TO STAND FOR US. AND CONGRESS HAS MUCH MORE TO DO NOW, WILL THEY DO IT? Linda Joy Adams

  • Mike J. Hrivnak

    This is not good

  • zuuumie

    This one likely way to more easily “Tax” the Internet and continue Using a Data Collection program.

    The solution for the U.S. DOES NOT LIE in GAINING ADDITIONAL TAX DOLLARS, but rather the end of the”FIAT”<<< Monetary system that RWR, JFK (E.O. 11110 Signer), Lincoln, Jackson, former Superior Ct. Judge Andrew Napolitano, Ron & Rand Paul, former 21+Year Sr. Legal Counsel to the "IMF" Karen Hudes, and many Others like Boston University Econ Prof.Laurence Kotikoff, Attorney Jim Rickards, a man tied to the CIA's own Prophesy Project to detect Financial Threats against the U.S., and many Qualified others;***

    ***Every multiple Term Elected Office Holder & Judge @ Every level KNOWS
    these things.

    Just as PRES. REAGAN <<< warned the American Public on Nat'l Network and Cable News, something he spoke of for almost 12 Years to our knowledge, incl. on our A/V Recordings for 10's of Hours,incl. in the last few weeks of his 2nd Term;

    that the 'American Public needs to lean that,
    RWR: "So long as the current Monetary System (FIAT <<< is in place in Our

    ['Ya can't pay 4% Interest on a Debt that is not Real, except for what we owe to CHINA, RUSSIA, JAPAN, and GERMANY, borrowing done in very recent Years, and expect something good to happen.] <<<

    RWR:Their is no way to either "Pay Down or Pay Off out National Debt" <<<

    The way to "BREAK" the Hold, Manipulation through the EFX of Mass Media, the swaying and undue influence of it, and Spin and Re-Spins of Some1 new is going to Save the USPS that Congress for Yrs has extracted the about the same amt. of $ Monthly, that reps the same mthly Losses it suffers every month, the same as Congress did the SOC SEC. ADM FOR DECADES w/o Paying it Back; and MUCH WORSE things, is to NOT VOTE for who you are being "Guided to falsely believe IS THE SOLUTION to America's Insolvency , Safety, Security and lower position in the World.

    EVERYTHING Begins and Ends with MONEY, FOR ALL OF US. Maybe some actually believe that waiting another 101 Years before we abide by Our Constitution, "An Accounting from time to time" by conducting the Very 1st FULL AUDIT of the Federal Reserve Corp.(Incorporated Dec. 1913 with Div.of Corporations, State of Delaware).i SAY DON'T WAIT another or another 101 Years.

    Don't listen to the HOT AIR from IRS Comm Koskinen or his predecessor that what Our Constitution spells out, RE: AUDIT; as being "too Political"! THAT IS PLAIN "B.S!"

    It really has to do with many things they are hiding. As former Judge Napolitano***** stated just weeks ago on FOX News, using one KEY WORD what this is about; "THEFT", is what Voters need to put their foot down about; A FULL AUDIT will put the ENTIRE SYSTEM on NOTICE and all those who have been hiding the Truth about it "In Plain Site"for DECADES, and that "WE THE PEOPLE" now know that the System is not too powerful or Big to TAKE DOWN.

    DO NOT VOTE who U are being told to do. The YOUNG and YOUNGER who will spend more years into future need to STEP UP as an example for all of us to "TAKE-DOWN the STATUS QUO" IN "DROVES" W/THE REST OF US.

    We'll deal with the "Electoral College" when we get to to that Point. VOTE for the least expected by the very System that has failed again and again.

    ANY CANDIDATE who is ANTI-1st FULL AUDIT of the FRB in over 101 Years, IS NOT WORTHY of the" Office of the Presidency" ANY LONGER! Those who don't want what Our Constitution calls for, ARE A PART OF THE PROBLEM, NOT the SOLUTION.

    Let's find out Where We Stand, Where We've been, Who got Paid and specifically Why and What for, in order to Determine "Certifiably", that only a Full Audit can do, in order to move in Solvency into our future, by eliminating the Core problem of the "FIAT MONETARY THEFT" ***** <<<

    DO NOT keep convincing yourselves that you can't do something about that ends up being like millions saying the same thing themselves as though there's am unspoken Mass Collective Agreement to not even put up a Fight to take this thing DOWN; NEVER BE A QUITTER! DON'T GIVE UP W/O a FIGHT for TRUTH, FREEDOM, INTEGRITY and the start of SOLVENCY, BY ENDING the FRB and the "FIAT" SYSTEM.

    It's been gutting us for long enough from the Inside-Out!


  • reagangs

    More UN Agenda21 BS. Non Profit …. my a$$. Another knee jerk reaction for the demowit jerks trying to control things that are none of their business. There’s nothing wrong with the current set up that needs “fixing” …. if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. A wise fella once said:: Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies. Groucho Marx.


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