Union for Border Patrol agents under fire for endorsement of Trump

May 13, 2016

The tears begin flowing the moment the U.S. Border Patrol agents swing open the doors of the border enforcement zone, allowing Mexican families to step through and reunite with loved ones at the border fence near San Diego.

The weekly encounters at Friendship Park, across the border from Tijuana, showcase the soft-hearted side of the force protecting America’s Southwest border. But during one recent visit some youngsters didn’t seem to be buying it.

In March, the National Border Patrol Council, the union that represents agents, had endorsed Donald Trump for president. One teenage boy, a high school student from Oakland, asked a pair of agents why.

“He asked how can Border Patrol agents be supporting hateful rhetoric that seems to contradict the spirit of the … event,” said Pedro Rios, director of the American Friends Service Committee, who led the field trip of youngsters to the border and witnessed the exchange.

  • exoticdoc2

    Of course the border patrol supports Trump. He’ll let them do what they have been forbidden to do for so long, actually do their jobs. The illegal alien criminal scumbags and their supporters are whining because they like that the establishment schlubs have been letting them run rampant for so long.

  • bobnstuff

    The Republicans will do nothing about the borders, it will make no difference who is elected. If you don’t believe me ask yourself where the bill to increase spending on border security. Congress controls the money and Congress passes the laws. If they wanted to control the borders bills would be passed. The Republicans in congress have done little but talk about the problem, and even that is only to complain. Trump talks big but he doesn’t understand that the president can do little without congress.

  • ADRoberts

    1. Trump is lying. He is SAYING words that he thinks Americans want to hear.
    2. I understand the desires of all those illegals. But they fail to understand that they BUBBLE is about to burst. They are ILLEGAL. And nothing they do, except apply for legal entry will change hat.
    And they ARE putting trememdous pressure on our “socialism” and draining our nation dry. In the end, our dollar WILL collapse as we finally realize that you can’t keep spending money you don’t have without CONSEQUENCES.
    Then where will these illegals go? Either they will die in the starvation and anarchy that the elite are CERTAIN to create, OR they will go back home where they can at least survive.
    They ARE part of the problem. And all their decisions to BILK America of the “free money, baby” will not make their lives better in the long run.
    They are being USED by the very person who is determined to bring America down.

  • SDofAZ

    It is called sovereignty kid. And no matter what, we do have laws against illegal aliens just flooding our country. The soft heart is for the liberals and the feel good syndrome. Send em back to their points or origin and come here legally or do not come at all. Plug up the welfare spigot, enforce e-verify and punish employers who do not comply. That ends the mass invasion pretty much. The incentives are removed. After that your problem is criminals or those who think they can fit in but are not here legally. So deport or jail the rest.

    And let us revisit the NAFTA deal. Isn’t that a Bill Clinton deal? Nearly as bad as Kerry/BO Iran deal. Are the Mexican’s being raised to our level by that little decades old treaty or are we being pulled down to their subsistance level of living to match them for the donor businesses of our politicians? We were told this would bring Mexico’s workers up to our level of living, NOT! After decades, nothing has changed down there. The workers live in dangerous slums and are paid next to nothing. But, the oligarchy of Mexico loves it, they are much richer.

    Tell anyone anything about the dems or the past and present? We are getting screwed and now we can see the rinos like Rat Ryan, McCain, Flakey, Lindasy, Rubio, etc are on board for this as well. And now the border patrol is backing Trump because they see first hand what is going on.

    For those opposed to stopping this rape of the US and the citizen’s of Mexico as well, you miss the point. This is not a feel good scenario, it is the people of both nations against the oppressive governments. Both countries are harmed by their leaders here. The difference is this is BAU for Mexico, and has always been the way it is. In the US, this is the NWO trying to assert the third world order on the necks of the legal citizens of this country. It is either vote em out and fight back or accept their yoke. NOT HERE. NOT IN THE USA. AND WE ARE FIGHTING BACK!!!

    • ADRoberts

      One way or another, the “welfare” spigot will be turned off. Either we stop paying just about everyone, OR the dollar will collapse and THAT will shut it off.
      There is NO free ride. Some one will pay.

      • bobnstuff

        If you look at where the taxes are being spent and who gets the money you will see a different picture. It’s not the little money we give, in most cases to the working poor and the elderly, but the money we spend with the arms makes that will crush us. We spend more on buying arms then any other country in the world, Why?

  • Dr. G

    Pedro Rios – a Progressive, Left Wing shill. So what?


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