VA has declared thousands of living vets dead, stripped benefits in last five years

by The Wall Street Journal  |  published on May 27, 2016

The Department of Veterans Affairs has mistakenly declared thousands of veterans to be deceased and canceled their benefits over the past five years, a new snafu to emerge at the embattled department.

The VA has made the error more than 4,000 times over a half-decade because of employee mistakes or erroneous cross-checking of data by the department’s computers, among other reasons, according to correspondence between the VA and the office of U.S. Rep. David Jolly (R., Fla.) reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. The VA changed its procedures to address the issue, but it isn’t yet clear whether the new system is effective.

“Although these types of cases represent a small number of beneficiaries in comparison to the millions of transactions completed each year in our administration of benefits, we sincerely regret the inconvenience caused by such errors and work to restore benefits as quickly as possible after any such error is brought to our attention,” a VA spokesman said in a statement.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether the latest data represented an increase in the error rate or what prompted the VA to tackle the problem.

  • lindajoyadams

    Thousands of dead vets have been begging their members of Congress for help and all were ignored. I suspect some contractors with some skullduggery on the systems and someone has paid their medical care. MEDICARE CONTRACTORS WITH THESE SECRET ILLEGAL DEALS? Since 2002 no budget for real internal audits of government contactors and none for criminal oversight either AS WE USED TO HAVE. FOLKS THIS MONEY THAT WELL PAYS FOR ITSELF TO GET THE JOBS DONE THE PEOPLE HAVE CONTRACTED OUT TO DO. We do have to give Sen Bernie Sanders some credit for getting some budget for these for the VA during the short time he held chairmanship. Arrests have been made of some contractors and now this coming to light Even a ‘socialist’ can be against corruption and theft and unfair treatment of the people . CONGRESS HAS GAGGED ITSELF SO YOUR MEMBER IS NOT ALLOWED TO BOTHER A CONTRACTOR AND FIND OUT WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON AT ALL. and the real government has not known since 2002 as they are only told what the contractor tells them .Hillary and Donna Shalala stopped the enforcement of the Medicare laws in 1994 saying the insurance industry could police itself and the looting of Medicare began and got worse and worse over the years A health plan that was not broke until the govt decided to let it be stolen by anyone who could dump the bills on it that were another’s. I do not know for sure if this is what has gone on here. BUT THOUSANDS AT THE OFFICE OF MEMEBERTS OF CONGRESS IGNORED. for years. Why do we keep sending the same ones back to not do their jobs. Find out for sure who has tried and let them remain and send them others to help. Thanks for the article and waiting to find out more. Linda joy Adams

  • leisureal-

    Fire the V.A. Director!

  • 7papa7

    Look who is in charge, need anything else be said? You have a vet hating narcissistic traitor in the WH.

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