Veteran Arrested For Defending The US Flag

by The Valdosta Daily Times  |  published on April 19, 2015

usflag“I did not want anything like this, but I got a call from a student who told me that the flag was on the ground, and they were walking on it,” said [Michelle Manhart, an Air Force veteran]. “I was just going over there to pick up the flag off the ground. I don’t know what their cause is, but I went to pick it up because it doesn’t deserve to be on the ground.”

Manhart said she was taken into custody by VSU police officers who then returned the flag to the demonstrators. She admitted to The Valdosta Daily Times that she resisted arrest after seeing the flag being returned.

The group reportedly declined to press charges against Manhart. The officers attempting to detain her also declined to press charges for resisting.

Instead, Manhart was given a criminal trespass warning which effectively bans her from any university activity, including graduation and football games, said Andy Clark, vice president for enrollment, marketing and communications.

  • Rider

    Stop all federal and state funding to all universities that support anti American teachings.

  • Robert Garman

    What has this country become? Stop funding of all universities which ban the US flag. Let the muslims fund them.

  • Bill Webb

    It doesn’t have anything to with communism or college professors. These people just don’t appreciate the US. Go try Yemen out. I have a flag next to my front door and I would never allow it to even touch the ground. I’m retired from the US Army and I know more about these things.

  • The Bob

    Good idea, ban all future government money from the protesters or the university? Thank You Michelle. Also start a civics course there which will be mandatory for all Liberals.

  • Gerry

    This is exactly what our universities are turning into — cess-pools of ignorance and communism being taught by professors who have protested against the U.S. for many years. Why are they there and what the hell is the matter with the parents of these young people or is it a case of muslim protesters — this article is very vague and lacking many details. Can’t imagine police allowing this to happen.


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