‘We can’t continue to be led by stupid people’: Trump teases presidential announcement during Iowa swing

by Francesca Chambers | DailyMail  |  published on June 5, 2015

dtrumpDonald Trump is scheduled to reveal his presidential plans on June 16 from his namesake tower in New York City.

But he had a problem keeping his decision a secret today during a stop in Mason City, Iowa, where he blasted the ‘stupid’ people running the country.

He told a crowd of more than 300 people packed into the city’s Music Man Square that he’d be coming back to the influential presidential nomination state immediately after his announcement – a clear signal that he intends to launch bid.

  • Can’t wait for Trump to join the debates! That would be must-see TV!

  • Duke

    I’ve read and listened to everything Donald Trump has said over the past six months, or so, regarding the horrible, frightening state of our nation. I cannot find fault or disagree with anything he has said.

    Mr. Trump has the intelligence, amazing business acumen, experience, courage, honesty, ethics, foresight, and every reasoning and negotiating talent to run the biggest business in the world, which is our federal government. He would bring about an unbelievably awesome improvement in every area of government, and thus every area of our Republic and Constitutional Country both domestically and internationally.

    Donald Trump is a full 180 degree reversal from the dreadful hell hole the sociopath, lying, criminal, communist, America hater Obama has driven us into with the throttle wide open in his quest to destroy the U. S. of A., One Nation Under God With Liberty and Justice for All.

    Any Obama-cronie democrat that runs for President would continue the ruination of Capitalist America, of the People, by the People, and for the People. For the sake of every single person in America, including those with their hands out for every form of welfare — who are living with their head in an Obama induced hypnotic state of being a zombie in a fog, this cannot be allowed to happen. Think about it.

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