by DR. SUSAN BERRY | Breitbart  |  published on September 13, 2015

An array of individuals who have served as political allies to President Obama will be on hand to greet Pope Francis when he arrives at the White House later this month.

The Associated Press reports that among those confirmed guests for the reception in the Pope’s honor are Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the liberal National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, which has pushed for amnesty for illegal immigrants, and Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, the first openly gay bishop of that church, who is now on staff at the liberal Center for American Progress.

Also invited is Sister Simone Campbell, who heads the dissident “Nuns on the Bus” Catholic social justice advocacy group. In 2012, Campbell appeared on The Colbert Report and was a primetime speaker at the Democrat National Convention, despite the fact that the DNC openly promoted abortion and same-sex marriage, which are against the teachings of the Catholic Church.

  • The Scarlet Whore and the Dragon from Revelations, about to gather, Obama and the Catholic Church!

  • albertbryson

    If I was the Pope I would not go to the White House with that guest list. I would tell President Obama to go to Hell. Pope Francis has proven repeatly that he is a liberal and very dangerous to the traditional Catholic faith and practices.

  • Debbie

    Well that sounds like it’s going to be fun. Like to be a fly on the wall.

  • gavinwca

    Stands to reason Muslims and socilist church leaders to meet a fascist pope.

  • savage24

    Whoever Obama invites will surely fit in with this Pope’s agenda. As I’ve said before this Pope has more in common with Karl Marx than he does with Jesus.

  • Sue4477

    Invited is a rebellious group of nuns who are NOT in obedience with Church law or Jesus’ teachings. So typical of obama. He wouldn’t want law abiding, Bible following nuns around, now would he?

  • MegaMouseGW

    So they are inviting the muslim’s to meet the pope. Security better be on their toes.

    • Paul Dragotto

      none of them are muslim. he’s got a spec, and a fag and the sisters from hell. never read they where muslims! Dope the Pope!!

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