White House says Obama ‘regrets’ filibuster against Alito nomination in 2006

February 18, 2016

The White House said Wednesday that President Obama “regrets” his filibuster as a senator in 2006 against Republican Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito, as Democrats and liberal activists gear up to pressure Senate Republicans to allow a vote on Mr. Obama’s eventual nominee to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

Mr. Obama’s vote a decade ago to block Justice Alito was “symbolic,” while current Republican opposition to Mr. Obama filling the vacancy is “reflexive” and unfair, said White House press secretary Josh Earnest.

“What Republicans are advocating is wrong and is inconsistent with the requirements of the Constitution,” he said.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and several other Senate Republicans have said Mr. Obama should allow the next president in 2017 to fill the vacancy on the high court. The president said he has a duty under the Constitution to nominate a candidate soon.

White House allies in Congress and progressive groups said Wednesday they are mounting a grassroots lobbying campaign to pressure Mr. McConnell, Kentucky Republican, and other conservative lawmakers to back down and agree to hold a vote on the president’s eventual nominee.

  • tommie

    “The president has a duty”! Since when has Obama cared about executing HIS duty to enforce the law or follow the Constitution!
    I guess it’s only when it benefits the liberal agenda.

  • pete G

    This lying Muslim doesn’t regret anything he’s done to further destroy America. That’s why he put his name on the ballet, don’t let him fool you —-again.

  • albany le

    I sincerely regret that you, Obozo was put into our White House by the Electorial College. Perhaps Trump can help America to be Great Again.

    • Marie Saqueton

      i WONDER ABOUT THAT electoral college. Research who is voting for you, because in my State they all have foreign last names. How will I know they’ll vote who the people has chosen? They have made mistakes years ago and it was too late to correct the count. They can also be bribed or threatened…right?

      • albany le

        The entire Electorial College should be banned. They have elected more than 1 president that was against the peoples’ vote.
        This is purely STUPID. Many people won’t even vote because they know their vote doesn’t really matter.

  • Too big and heavy

    Not Constitutional, oh yeah…the Document that Obama Totally Adheres to ..RIGHT…??

  • Webb

    White House says Obama ‘regrets’ filibuster against Alito nomination in 2006…
    Of Course, now The Shoe is on The Other Foot…
    “Regrets” is what 50% of the American Public Have that Obama was Voted Into Office Not Once But Twice. Those Regrets Remain Today and May Only The Next President make The Supreme Court Appointment!!

  • Debbie

    Sure he does, Regrets even more they have him on tape.

  • 7papa7

    Obama says he has the Constitutional responsibility to nominate someone to the high court. My question is when has he worried about the Constitution in the past 7.5 years? He hasn’t and has violated it at every single turn. He says he regrets filibustering Alito. Of course he does because now it is coming back to bite him in the @$$.

    • pete G

      Where his concern for the 2nd Amendment and our gun rights, that’s in the constitution. From now on BLOCK everything he does even that ridiculous budget he is trying to get through. Where the hell is his concern for our grandchildren?

      • 7papa7

        I agree he absolutely needs to be stopped. He is the more dangerous to America than ISIS or Al Qaida or any other group.

  • yzwisey

    Unfair.?! Now at the end of the road you’re concerned with fairness? You and the rest of Democrats threw “fairness” out the window w/ baby and the bath water. BLOCK OBOMA WITH EVERYTHING YOU HAVE. IT IS THE 9NLY THING LEFT THAT THE SUBVERSIVE HASNT STACKED AGAINST US.

  • sue lenhart

    I have only four words to say to Mr. Obama, Mr. Earnest, and the other Obama minions: Too bad, too late!


    Did anyone notice that the article only referenced Obama as president once, and all the rest of the time as Mr.?

  • Karll

    How can these people maintain a straight face when making such hypocritical statements? The gutless GOP better not cave in this time.

  • Russ

    this black prick is nothing but a worthless hack!! obutthead you totally SUCK!!!

  • regrets huh? yea, right.


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