Colorado Springs gunman holed up in Planned Parenthood building, firing at police

by  |  published on November 28, 2015

A Colorado Springs gunman who wounded three police officers and an unknown number of civilians in a shooting spree Friday has holed up in a Planned Parenthood building, where he is firing at police.

Lt. Catherine Buckley of the Colorado Springs Police Department told a late afternoon news conference that the gunman, described as wearing a long coat and armed with a rifle, had begun firing from inside the building after a roughly 90-minute lull. “I can’t say the number of injured or how many casualties, if any,” she said.

Buckley also said a fourth officer was wounded Friday inside the Planned Parenthood building in the latest exchange of gunfire.

  • I Seigel

    Those damn Syrian refugee terrorists. I mean, those damn illegal Mexican murderers and rapists. Ooops, I guess I should have read the newspaper. It was a white Christian right-wing fanatic from North Carolina. Who woulda thought?!?!

    • Dave N.

      Don’t get too excited, this is who anyone would expect in this instance. Rapists, illegal immigrants, black lives matter, and a host of others don’t care about Planned Parenthood or what they do. Clearly this guy is misguided and mentally disturbed, being a white guy and a Christian is no surprise and lends nothing to your point other than its a horrible circumstance and even worse for those who lost a family member, parent, or friend. His actions are by no known standard acceptable, but neither is Planned Parenthood’s actions. Both are unacceptable to a large majority of people in this country. Clearly his fate is sealed, Planned Parenthood’s fate remains to be seen and will continue to be hotly debated by many on both sides of the issue.

      • I Seigel

        Perhaps, as you say, “Rapists, illegal immigrants, black lives matter, and a host of others” don’t like Planned Parenthood or don’t care about them. But they’re not the ones shooting people in churches, at clinics, at schools, etc. It’s the Christians and right wing fanatics blowing up buildings and committing mass murders.

        And as to your comment about Planned Parenthood, its not been proven they’ve done anything wrong, except be victimized by bad video editing.

        • Dave N.

          I’ve watched several of the unedited versions that are available on YouTube and a number of other sites including the groups own site, bad editing would be a false assertion. The people in the videos have all been identified and what they are saying is abundantly clear.
          Yes, there are Christians, right and left wing crazies shooting people. But nothing these idiots do compares to the black on black, Hispanic and Asian drug and thug killings in the inner city’s.
          My last point on this conversation is no matter how many or what laws are passed, thugs and killers will still get guns or some kind of weapons or explosives and commit crimes.
          Laws don’t stop criminals, the laws on the books only identifies them as a criminal after they have committed a crime.
          Good law abiding citizens are just that, good law abiding citizens. Most of the gun crimes committed occur in cities, counties, and states with very extensive gun laws which prevents the general public from defending themselves.
          The second amendment is the only thing standing between good law abiding citizens and a overreaching unethical government which currently is difficult to tell apart from the run of the mill criminals.

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