Welcome to Oregon Mr. President: Gun free zones are for sitting ducks

by Ben Wolfgang - The Washington Times  |  published on October 10, 2015

As he reportedly weighs more executive actions on gun control, President Obama on Friday was greeted by protesters in Roseburg, Oregon, who oppose the White House’s call for more firearms restrictions.

Mr. Obama visited Roseburg to meet with the families of the victims of last week’s massacre at Umpqua Community College, a tragedy that led the president to renew his call for gun-safety measures.

But at least some in the small Oregon town believe more gun restrictions will make them less safe. As the president landed, they held signs that read “Gun free zones for sitting ducks,” “Obama is wrong,” “Nothing trumps our liberty,” and other anti gun-control slogans.


    “Gun free zones” are NOT “gun free zones” when a CRIMINAL walks in WITH A GUN, (NOW, the “GUN FREE ZONE” is no longer a “gun free zone” IS IT?!?!?!) and starts shooting several victims!! What do you gun control FREAKS not UNDERSTAND about THAT?!?!

    I will NOT enter a posted “NO GUNS ALLOWED” business, ever!!

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