White House Blocks Pentagon Report on Russian Treaty Breach

by Bill Gertz | Washington Free Beacon  |  published on August 12, 2015

The White House is blocking the release of a Pentagon risk assessment of Russia’s violation of the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty, according to a senior House leader.

Rep. Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Armed Services strategic forces subcommittee, disclosed the existence of the Pentagon assessment last month and said the report is needed for Congress’ efforts to address the problem in legislation.

“As we look to the near-term future, we need to consider how we’re going to respond to Russia’s INF violations,” Rogers said in an Air Force Association breakfast July 8. “Congress will not continue to tolerate the administration dithering on this issue.”

  • billwhit

    I look forward to the day when America awakes to the morning headline being Obama’s Obituary! Dancing in the Street time!

  • Jimbo

    Another example of the traitorous behavior of the Obama administration…

  • Floyd Morris

    Obama does not care about anything that would be of use to the AMERICAN PEOPLE! !!!!!!!

    • Bob2002

      This is all part of his goal of “fundamentally changing our country.” Of course, most Americans did not know Obama meant to change our country into a socialist and Muslim dominated one.

  • don

    Obama wants no part of a fight with Russia on their broken missile deal—it would inter fear with his marixist agenda at home—Obama has this nations destrustion in sight an he is not going to let up–he knows he has no worrys of the people doing anything–he knows they have set for 7 years they are not going to move to do anything now

    • Bob2002

      You are so correct. Boehner and McConnell told Obama in 2014, when they won control of both the House and Senate, that they would not shut down the government nor would they impeach Obama. Wow! No one tells your enemy what you will or will not do except maybe someone who is really stupid. These two clowns gave Obama the green light to do anything he wants to with impunity.

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