November 8, 2014

WASHINGTON — Ben Carson is officially a Republican again, and he’s unofficially running for president.

The conservative physician switched his political affiliation back from independent to the GOP on Election Day, and made no effort to hide the reason why.

“It’s truly a pragmatic move because I have to run in one party or another. If you run as an independent, you only risk splitting the electorate,” Carson told The Washington Times Tuesday, after making the change. “I clearly would not be welcome in the Democratic Party, and so that only leaves one party. Fortunately, the fit is pretty good.”

Carson, the Johns Hopkins surgeon known for his work separating conjoined twins, made waves at the 2013 National Prayer breakfast with a speech criticizing President Obama while the president sat just feet away.

He grew up a Democrat, but was inspired by President Reagan to join the Republican Party. By the time the GOP Congress impeached President Clinton, he said, he was left with a “sour taste” and left the Republicans too.

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  • CrazyEddy says:

    Don’t make the Reaganaut error of believing that one man, no matter how right you believe his views to be, can actually change a bureaucratic nightmare that has developed over more than a century. The federal government is in the hands of progressive democrat bureaucrats and they will not relinquish they hold easily. They outlasted Reagan and both Bushes and even the small government efforts of Gingrich and Clinton and they will outlast anyone who depends on their votes to take or remain in power. The sole way that I can envision to retake our government from them will require that we replace the supreme court with constitutionalists who will support litigation that disestablishes whole departments and agencies. The EPA, NLRB, DOE and IRS come to mind immediately but there are literally scores of executive branch agencies that must be defunded, disempowered and at best eliminated if we are to return our nation to its rightful state as a representative republic. Carson cannot do it by himself nor can he depend upon congress, even a nominally Republican congress. At least so long as that congress is in the control of professional politicians.

  • bobnstuff says:

    Dr. Carson should stick to being a doctor because he has no class as a politician. By disrespecting the president he proved he is unfit for the office.

    1. Brad Bryant says:

      Dr. Carson points out that five doctors signed the Declaration of Independence. He is a common sense, astute observer of the American scene. read his books: America the Beautiful, One Nation, One Vote and check him out at RUNBENRUN.ORG and then make an informed decision at the man. I am working for him on the Arizona Ground Team of the National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee and we collected almost 3,000 petitions at the polls on Tuesday and we plan on getting a million petitions by the first of the year.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        The man is a good speaker and may even believe what he says but there are to things that would stop me from ever voting for him, First, he was on Fox News and didn’t call them on their lies. Second is I don’t believe he has a clue how our government works and why it works that way. We have a very intelligent man in the White House but it hasn’t helped him get the job done, Dr. Carson would have even more troubles because he has linked up with the worse people to move government forward.

        1. Dan says:

          Just name some of the Fox News lies which Dr Carson should have called them out on ?

          1. bobnstuff says:

            Death panels comes to mind. Most of what comes out of Rush Limbaugh’ mouth.

          2. Dan says:

            You should know the facts before you make false pronouncements .The Democrats are now distancing themselves from Obamacare including some prominent folks including Dr Howard Dean.
            check this out here;
            As far as rush is concerned it’s obvious you haven’t listened to him but just spout typical low information voter blather as on the very rare occasion when he may mis speak, he will correct any statement which is not correct, and quickly.

            I realize he is a huge irritant to folks who can’t stand truthful comments.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            Rush is so full of it. the fact checkers have him lying 63% of the time and never 100% truth. They did a survey and found that people who listened to no news were better informed the Fox News listeners. I try to listen to Fox but I can only last about 5 minutes before I have to turn it off. So were are our death panels? How is the price of your gold?

    2. disqus_BAvz0LV7zw says:

      I admire Dr. Carson’s courage and boldness pointing out the president’s over reaching the powers that do not belong to him. We have the constitution that has been frequently ignored by the president who pledged an oath to protect and obey. Dr. Carson is brave by reminding the president that he is over his head!

      1. bobnstuff says:

        Have you ever studied the history of the presidents and how they govern? If you had you would find that President Obama uses the same tools the same way every president before him. I guess you don’t remember how G W Bush would attach memos to the bills he signed explaining the parts he wasn’t going to follow. The good doctor points out actions of the president as if he was the only president to ever do them when in reality it has been business as usual since Washington. The good Doctor needs to read some history.

  • ralph says:

    What I see in Dr. Ben Carson is a person that will seek all the knowledge around him and then as he feels that he is getting his feet on the ground will get down to some harder questions and then he will act. And I feel that if action has to be taken soon then he will decide to make a move with the best advice that he has in a small way so that he can take action but also test the action and make it available to change. No one even the great ones can change the government quick with out a mess to the government and us. Dr. Ben Carson has taken a look and has made a choice of action already to ensure a steady move to correct things with our government. Such things as he will not go and cut a whole bunch of stuff and money but that he would start by taking a 10 percent across the board cut with some things that he would want to be exempt like our military which he made no mistake but to build it to keep the country safe. We need small actions like that and we need some one that is not a politician but we need to back him with the great people that we have in office now like Ted Cruz to follow this mission. And I feel that we will not have the chance to do this if we do not win this next election and I do think that Dr. Ben Carson will draw votes from the most people from all around our country. And with the actions going in the right direction then we will be in line to keep the people happy and they will use the people that are doing that and we can bring in Ted Cruz to follow with Rand Paul or who ever stands out through the operation over the years and work together as a team instead of this dam party crap. And we the people need to work on our self’s to stop the party crap and really look at who we are voting for and why and how we the people feel that they will fit into the team. We do not need a war out here among the people for that will not fit the team, and we do not need a war in the management of our Government for that gets nothing done right, and it will not work as a team in which we can give the government a much needed tune up. the only thing a good manager needs to know is how to get the people to work together and take pride in what they are doing and get results, and I think that is what he will work to do and if not we have the four year back up in place already to see what went wrong and if not and he does good pulling the team together, then we will have eight years of team work left to move on from him

    1. Brad Bryant says:

      You are SO RIGHT ON! He has proven his ability to get teams together. When he lead the team that successfully separated the conjoined twins with a 22 hour operation, he proved it! So take a close look at his writings and speeches and then measure the man for the job!

      1. ralph says:

        I also like the fact that when some one makes a gesture toward him he does not do the normal attack done by most people, but he can return with a good solution. I also like the fact that he is a good Christian for we sure do need to get God back in our Government and every where that the government has removed God from the country. For all reasons that I would vote for him as President is now a go. I can find no reason not to vote for him but I will be following him as I do the others. But one big thing is that he does not bring any baggage to the office or the team

        1. Brad Bryant says:

          Go to RUNBENRUN.ORG and fill out a petition and then volunteer to join your state team and help us to get him into the primary debates and then on the ballot in 2016. Dr. Brad Bryant, AZ Ground Team Chaplain

        2. bobnstuff says:

          We need to honor our founding fathers and the constitution and keep God out of our government. We were not set up as a Christian nation and should be very careful not to become one. Beside the fact that even though the right wing talks about Christian values they are very careful to only pick and choose the ones that make money for the rich. Christ was a liberal.

  • disqus_BAvz0LV7zw says:

    Dr. Ben Carson acted and sounded like a grasshopper happing from one opportunity to another. I think he is a good man, but short of experience for that presidential bid. Everyone claims they are good. Like Loretta Lynch who is nominated by president Obama to be the Atty. General.

    I think Dr. Carson might be a good man, regardless of political ambitions. I hope he sticks to the Republican principles and face it for better or for worst.
    Regarding his presidential ambitions, I think I would not be so fast in supporting him.

    There are so many qualified candidates among the Republicans and Conservatives. They have worked hard building the party for better or for worst. I would be very careful of choosing who to support but I prefer to support those candidates who have proven good track records of performance, and loyalty to the country and party.

    Dr. Carson I think must start somewhere in Congress, the senate, of even departmental heads of the Republican party. I think being too ambitious to run over the rests of the dedicated GOP candidates, makes him unreliable. At present I could not yet support him for his presidential ambition. Thank you.

    1. Brad Bryant says:

      He is not seeking to run by ambition. He is responding to the draft movement sweeping across the nation that we need REAL CHANGE that we can all endorse. He has said that if the people “clamor” for him to run, then he will. Amen!

  • Bob Rudolf says:

    Obama changed? He has been an avowed leftist/socialist all his adult life. His associates are all avowed and openly radical. What planet have you been on? Dr. Carson has always held to his convictions and had we a strong independent party (which I would join) I have no doubt he would still be an independent. Read Obamas writings and then read Dr. Carson’s. The contrast could not be more striking. Dr. Carson has conservative American values and morals which define him as a person. He is a advocate for family values and conservative thought. He is the best choice as a Republican candidate for President.

  • He may do like Obama and change after getting into office. During this time of near national revolution and civil war.. WE must have a solid AMERICAN Republican who will uphold American laws and social values like Regan did. SINCE Dr. Carson switched due to the nation moving to oust Clinton – which was a vital move in the right direction..just in time…he could switch again if given the reigns of power over the USA.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      You really need to study history, Reagan did not obey the law, remember Iran-Contra. He expanded government and spent money the government did have, I guess he was a great republican. And good luck with your civil war, the american people don’t even care enough to vote and you think they would revolt.

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