Ben Carson topples Donald Trump in yet another poll

November 3, 2015

Ben Carson’s surge in the polls continued Monday with the former neurosurgeon overtaking Donald Trump by a 29% to 23% margin, according to a survey out Monday.

The results of the Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll marks the first time since June that a Journal/NBC poll has somebody other than Trump leading the Republicans.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz followed far behind with 11% and 10% support, the poll shows.

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  • onefour says:

    Who is actually voting. Are they all republicans? or does it include democrats, libertarians etc that is not actually voting for Carson but are voting for him in order to make people think that Trump is being knock out of 1st place

  • roboteq says:

    I keep reading ridiculous posts that only one poll shows Dr. Ben Carson in the lead for the Republican nomination. This is ridiculous because it is absolutely untrue. Ben Carson has been pulling ahead in every poll since the last two Iowa polls.

  • pete G says:

    What ever you do Ben or no matter who you face please don’t let us, (the people) down again like Romney did.

  • ZACAL says:

    I think the media has given into the fact that Hillary is finished, and the next president will be a republican. What the media is trying to do is pick and promote the republican they want and downplay the others. Anytime the media promotes any candidate, better put your back to the wall.

  • Carrie says:

    Mr.Trump gets my vote, he stood up for ordinary citizens in regards to the invaders the others were doing their best to avoid the issue and to hell with how ordinary people were being affected.
    Trump is a brilliant business man that can and will make America prosperous again if anybody can get this Country running like a well oiled machine its Mr. Trump.
    He isn’t bought by any special interest group as he’s self funding and he even offered to be Potus for free because he loves America and cares about real Americans he’s noticed that Americas spirit has been taking a beatdown by this administration and our military weakened as well as our veterans being neglected, he is aware of the attacks on our constitution, religion, guns, and speech. Trump is more aware and in touch than any of the other candidates in regards to we the real American citizens!

    1. roboteq says:

      How can we trust Trump when everything he claims to stand for today, he opposed within the past five years? Trump is a great business man who will do and say whatever it takes for him to close a deal. The deal Trump is trying to close is to convince Republicans to make him the Republican candidate. No Democrat will ever vote for Trump, but rational thinking Democrats will be able to vote for Ben Carson. All indicators are that Trump would not beat Hillary Clinton for president, while all indicators are that Ben Carson will beat Clinton by a fairly comfortable margin. Trump is nearly guaranteed to be the loser for the presidency. By this measure alone, if Trump were an honest person, he would fire himself and back Ben Carson.

  • roboteq says:

    Ben Carson is the only candidate who has worked his entire life for the betterment of others. He is the only candidate who has experienced first hand the opportunities that the United States offers to all American citizens who choose to accept those opportunities. Ben Carson is the poster boy for what it means to be an American. I trust Ben Carson and I believe he is a great role model for Americans to follow rather than continue to be led into dependency on government agencies.

    1. Fred says:

      The doubters about Ben Carson in this article, I believe are liberals, (that really know nothing about Dr. Carson) in disguise, trying to get us Carsonites to change our minds. I have, on the other hand, read every one of his books and feel like I know him personally, since I grew up about 10 miles South of where he grew up. So, I know of the area that he was raised in, and went to school with a lot of people( that were of African decent) who were in his same situation, that became very prominent, well educated people and also are my friends. So Ben is actually like a Brother to me. Ben Carson is the only person I would vote for, he is honest, intelligent, has common sense and has integrity and I believe he could figure out any problems and fix them ! Win Ben Win ! With God’s Blessings ! ! !

      1. roboteq says:

        I would not be surprised if you are correct about those opposing Ben Carson being socialist Democrats. Ben Carson is scaring the heck out of progressives because they cannot find any real fault with him. Rational thinking Democrats, who may be left of center on most issues of life, have no real reasons not to vote for Ben Carson, and those are the ones who will vote for Ben Carson over Hillary. Even rational thinking Democrats would not vote for Trump. This makes Carson the clear reason to be the Republican candidate.

    2. betty thompson says:

      he Is a nice man but not for president what kind of religion is it that he has

      1. roboteq says:

        Ben Carson is a nice man who has had to make life and death decisions for others throughout his extremely impressive career. He is a person who has succeeded through working with others, using the expertise of others in their respective fields to succeed.
        As for his religion, it is Christian. His associated religious organization is a family thing. Once again, Ben Carson embraces his U.S. Constitutional right and privilege of having freedom of religious belief. In every facet of his life, Ben Carson has lived to the fullest as an American icon.

        Nice? Yes. Great model of what any American citizen can be? Absolutely. Trustworthy? No serious objections from anyone.

  • ward says:

    NY news published the polls %, so like most libtard lies one cannot believe the results or truth… ! Carson is creating suspicion about his truthful campaign with his comments about the Ferguson criminals & his immigration workers B.S. … ! There are many questions about Carson’s true intentions that make it very, very difficult to believe the poll %’s that would over ride Trump’s down to earth facts that Patriotic U.S. Citizens want to know before voting …. !

  • VirgoVince says:

    More libturd white-guilt BULLSHIT!!!!

  • Quisno Rodonovich says:

    this supposed NBC poll shows that the liberal press is afraid of Trump.LOL and dont be dissapointed people for the FOX poll had Trump at 53% with Cruz in second place. They the Liberal Media will show that Carson is the leader when in fact hes losing ground. But NBC CNN and ABC will always show Carson is the leader. They did the same thing to Mitt Romney and had innuendo pieces which Mitt would not argue with as thats not his way Trump on the other hand will follow through if hes to be the man of the Hour. His people watch the liberal press and form their plans around them. something that other Republicans wont do because their money comes from the saame people.

    This is all staged for your and my benefit. Sorry journal /NBC you lose and we win.

    Heres the heat. and its from the BS of the Globalist News services.

  • billwhit1357 says:

    I like Dr Carson, but do not want him as President! I think he will be another Obama. His opinion on 2nd Amendment Rights is far off and so is his stance on Illegal Criminals, not to mention the scum of the Nation of Islam! Maybe as Surgeon General, but never as President!

  • Mark Davison says:

    Cruz in 2016

  • jcadla says:

    It’s amazing so much pleasure can come from an occasional poll showing someone ahead of Donald Trump. I fail to see whatever it is that has someone liking Ben Carson for the nominee. He is a great doctor but to lead a country,- I don’t think so. Frankly, I find it annoying to watch a man talk about important things with his eyes closed much of the time. I know a fellow who is spaced on Meth much of the time who does that. Trump will be the next President of the United States. (Cruz=VP)

  • ikihi says:

    the poll isn’t accurate

  • Webb says:

    Cruz In 2016…

    1. betty thompson says:

      yes for vice president

  • danstewart says:

    If the original 1776 coalition had been like this site, we would still be bowing to the king.

  • disqus_tKlEuAw2uq says:

    Very disappointed. Carson is out for me. Amnesty, refugees, now this… I had no worries he was anything like Obama. Now I do. We don’t need another race baiter. Dr Ben Carson Second Guesses Officer Darren Wilson – Says He Wouldn’t Have Shot Michael Brown Very disappointed. Carson is out for me. How does he knows what he would have done, he was not there; he was not being beaten to death.
    Carson says we need a guest worker program because Americans JUST WON’T WORK harder JOBS. PLEASE LIKE AND PLEASE SHARE WE NEED TO STOP THIS NOW

    1. HadEnough says:

      You Are 100% Correct. The voters need to do some research on Ben Carson, he is not who they think he is. From some of the things I’ve learned about him, he seems to be a Liberal RINO.

  • girls_mom says:

    Why does it seem that the 1776 coalition website takes such great pleasure in announcing that Ben Carson “topples” Donald Trump in one -count ’em – one poll? Any poll that has the dirty imprint of NBC on it, smacks of corruption to me.
    Individuals working on the polls of NBC, CNN or any of the Democratic National PAC (i.e., the media in all forms) have about as much creditability as Hitlery Rotten Clinton’s answers on the Benghazi debacle.
    Isn’t Trump conservative enough for the 1776 Coalition? He’s more conservative than the last Republican Presidential loser, Mitt Romney, or the alleged Conservative now serving as Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, who has voted consistently for Immigration Reform which includes amnesty and who, according to national polls was definitely NOT the People’s choice.
    The Newsmax poll, which is also nationwide, without the imprint of Progressive slanting, has Donald Trump leading consistently.
    It seems to irk self-declared, conservative websites; the RNC led by a ‘Weak Willie’ -Priebus and it’s erstwhile power-hungry, self-appointed maestro of the election machine, Karl Rove, that the People have decided for the first time in decades, to “think for themselves,”
    We are ignoring the less than subtle push to cram another socialist, moderate Republican down our throats as [their] choice for a nominee to ensure the status quo remains and the entrenched do-nothing traitors will keep their power and control while they cast the American people and this country deeper into a cesspool.
    National rebellion against the corrupt, cartel of politicians of both parties is the People’s first shot across their bows signaling that we will no longer tolerate their corruption and will change this country’s course to move it back on the road that will make America great again! Just watch us!!!!

    1. danstewart says:

      Bravo !!! VERY good & true post.

    2. HadEnough says:

      I Agree 100% !!

    3. ward says:

      The facts of protection for the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights are with the Tea Party but are going down the tubes with libtard dems & rinos in congress and both parties appear to be bought off by bo’s, soros $$’s !

    4. betty thompson says:

      I agree good work

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