Congress, staff required to buy gold ObamaCare plans

October 4, 2013

Regulations issued by the Obama administration this week would require members of Congress to buy one of the top-tier insurance plans from the ObamaCare exchanges.

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of the House sent guidance to members of Congress this week, based on a directive from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), that says they must choose plans from the “gold” level of insurance coverage, not “bronze” or “silver” plans. “Platinum” is the only higher level of coverage under the exchanges.

“For plan year 2014, Members of Congress and designated congressional staff will choose from 112 options in the Gold Metal tier on the DC SHOP,” CAO said in a fact sheet that was emailed to Congress.

Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.) called attention to this requirement in a House floor speech Thursday, in which he said the policy shows more favoritism toward members of Congress and their staff.

“We all … have to go and get the gold policy. Not the bronze, not the silver, the gold policy from the exchange. That’s the only one we can get,” he said.

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  • 2tiredoftheGOVERNMENT says:

    yea they wont have to pay for it all the RICH SOB’S will just make another law, to where we the POOR TAXED TO DEATH will have to pay for it, and have all of us poor people will have it shoved down our throats and then we will have to also pay for ours too and get the lowest tier of the Osama Bin Laden Obama crapcare too. they always bend us over the barrel, and they all make over a hundred thousand dollars a year plus all the millions they have in offshore accounts that they don’t even pay taxes on in the first place. and thats just showes you what kind of crookes they really are too they make the laws for themselves and screw the low man on the totem pole too heck, they allready get free medical from the VA hospital in DC, so what gives them the right to screw us taxpayers over to start with. i still say that we ALL GET OUT and declare war, on all the crooked SOB’s in DC and then throw all of them in the middle of the ocean and let them drown like they are drowing all of us with more and more taxes too.

  • Opietheparrot says:

    They don’t point this out because there’s not a shred of truth to it. Everyone already covered by employer based insurance can keep it just the way it is. You guys are apparently easily fooled.

    1. guest says:

      Are citizens being unconstitutionally forced into buying health insurance? In many cases, yes.

      Do Congressmen and Senators get the vast majority of their premiums paid for by the taxpayers? Yes
      Do taxpayers who make the same or less yearly salary than these politicians get the same 0Care deal? No, unless they are indigent.

      These politicians who created this plan and are touting how great it is for US should get the same plan provisions as WE DO.

  • defiant1 says:

    I thought they like all fed employees obtained healthcare from the FEHB plans? Is this not correct, because fed employees still obtain healthcare from FEHB plans.

  • paintinc56 says:

    Obama BOY LIED, didn’t purchase healthcare, do you think the leftist PROPAGANDA machine media will apologize for plastering this A$ $HOLE all over the news?

    Henderson’s story was promoted as proof that the new health law can work for individuals. That was exactly how Chad intended it. He was a volunteer with President Obama’s campaign last year, and his LinkedIn page still lists him as an active volunteer with Organizing for Action, the former campaign organization which now advocates for the president’s legislative agenda.

    He told The Washington Post that he was sharing his story because he wanted the new health law to succeed.

  • Guest says:

    Do not do a thing this jackass says to do!

  • Roger12266 says:

    But I’ll bet they never actually do, or at least they will arrange so that they do not have to pay for it and are not subjected to its limitations and requirements.

  • junkmailbin says:

    nothing but the best for those who produce nothing but always want more

    1. dan3333333333 says:

      nothing but the best for those who produce the best of nothing but always want to take ours

  • Jack Parker says:

    Yeah! But they don’t have to pay for it. The taxpayers do.

    1. culper355 says:

      YUP and what pi$$e$ me off is that every story in the MSM does not point this out! CLUELESS

  • Don4366 says:

    And here we have another erosion of our freedom of choice by the Obama administration. The government is forcing the purchase of a particular product from a private enterprise or pay a tax. There is something inherently wrong with this concept. Better to not pay excessive income taxes so the Department of Revenue won’t be able to collect their tax from a refund owed, if you elect not to purchase into this debacle of liberty.

    1. spatcher says:

      With their incentives, they will pay next to nothing! Just sayin’ !

    2. bob deschenes says:

      By getting Obama care, you give permission to IRS to take money from your checking account or your savings account. It is somewhere in the 20,000 pages of the health tax.

      1. Don4366 says:

        The answer to that is keep very low balances by removing my money from my bank account, so the IRS will not get much if they get anything at all. I will start using money orders for the few bills I don’t pay on the Internet through accounts like PayPal. There is always a way to thwart the government if you try. Better yet, eliminate the ACA, and the problem is solved!!!

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