Congressional Dems Put Sanders in Leadership; GOP Keeps Establishment Leadership in Place

November 16, 2016


Facing a party in turmoil, with moderates and progressives battling to sway its direction after a devastating election, incoming Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer decided to try to make everyone happy.

The newly-elected top Senate Democrat navigated a potentially messy fight between two party leaders and expanded his team to include disparate voices from the liberal Bernie Sanders to the moderate Joe Manchin. It’s not a move without risk for the New York senator.

His leadership team now numbers 10 senators, a potentially unwieldy group that encompasses more than a fifth of a 48-member caucus poised to be the spear of opposition to President-elect Donald Trump. Schumer’s moves to diversify the leadsership ranks comes on the heels of Trump’s success among blue-collar voters and as liberals try to keep pushing the party to the left.

“We’ll unite our caucus and speak to the blue collar worker in West Virginia and Michigan as well as the people who live along the coasts,” Schumer said after a remarkably quick leadership meeting, which featured no contested races. “We can unite the disparate factions of our party and country. Our whole leadership team is emblematic of that. Our team is ideologically and geographically diverse.”

Schumer headed off a showdown between Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) for the No. 2 whip job, which Durbin will keep. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) typically invited Durbin, Murray and Schumer to crucial decision-making meetings, but those “Big Four” sessions won’t apparently continue under Schumer.

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  • William R. Sullens says:

    Harry “Lying” Reid needs to crawl back under his rock in Nevada so the world can pretend he no longer exists. It will take a long time before the workers in West Virginia, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Wisconsin trust the leaders of the Socialist Democratic party again. They have all been the victims of the former Democratic party and they won’t soon forget it.

  • justinwachin says:

    I don’t think adding Bernie Sanders to the Senate Democrat leadership will cure the party’s problems. The party has embraced a variety of extreme positions. They are to the distant left of most Americans. Until they return to the center they are going to continue to lose elections and become increasingly irrelevant.

    A lot of Bernie’s support was probably more anti-Hillary than pro-Bernie. Hillary is an unpopular person. The Bernie supporters were trying to send a message to the DNC that they did not support Hillary. The DNC was too blind to realize that their problem couldn’t be cured by rigging the Democrat primary. If the Democrats don’t make some changes quickly they are likely to find that election night 2018 is going to be a very sad night for them.

  • Patriot47 says:

    Remember – the work has JUST BEGUN.
    This is just proof of the above.

  • mort_f says:

    To Schumer:
    Why not make EVERYBODY a leader. All ‘chiefs’, no Indians. A lesson from the Torah, a new ‘Tower of Babble’. (I did not misspell)

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Leaked Video Shows Muslim Congressman, Leading Candidate for DNC Chair, Bashing Jews [VIDEO]


    Far-left radical Democrat Congressman Keith Ellison, a Muslim who is the leading candidate to replace disgraced interim head of the DNC Donna Brazile, is shown engaging in Jew-bashing in the following leaked video.

    Ellison, who was recently endorsed by Democrats Charles Schumer, Harry Reid, and socialist Bernie Sanders, who came in second place to Hillary Clinton in the Democrat presidential primary, is shown speaking to a group pushing the conspiracy theory that the Jews were somehow behind the Islamic terrorist attacks of 9/11.

    Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for promoting Keith Ellison to be the head of their party. Their far-left radicalism cost them the last election and Marxist radical Barack Obama has destroyed their party after eight years, as this stunning graph perfectly illustrates. Promoting Ellison is proof positive that they have learned absolutely nothing from their disastrous loss on election night.

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Ryan and McConnell swamp monsters are back ….again, dammit!

  • Edgardo L. Perez-De Leon says:

    I am not Democrat once I, as a socialist, always has been independent but I voted for Trump because Hillary offered (indirectly) war with Russia, a war that was going to be nuclear. I doubt that Trump will make America great again because that requires to end the income inequality gap created by Nixon and the others that followed, making things worse by Bill Clinton and George Busch with no remedy from Obama, seeking the TPP approval to make things even worse. Every one reasons to vote for Hillary or Trump. You have mine.

  • Edgardo L. Perez-De Leon says:

    Oil and water do not mix and Bernie and Mulchin will not mix. A policy conference has to have goals. It is not a social gathering. We can go a speak to the middle class but what has to be done is listen to it, not to Wall Street.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      I have 5 friends that are Dems. and so we never talk about politics to get along, but this year, they talked to me about the party and how it has become evil, and they actually all voted for Trump, I like to have fell out!!

  • Allan Scott says:

    The DNC, going from a known crook to a socialist/communist that they screwed during the Presidential race, now wanting him to take a leadership role doesn’t make any sense but is typical of their way of doing business.. What’s funny is that Sanders NEVER has had a job outside of Congress and after supporting Clinton has got himself a third home, this one is on a beach. DEMOCRATIC CORRUPTION AT ITS FINEST!

  • James in Texas says:

    Just more proof that there is absolutely no difference between the Liberals and the so-called Republicans. We, the people just told the members of the Congress that we are fed-up with them and their ways. So, what do we get. Looks like a bunch of “Just the Same-old Same-old! Term Limits are a “Must” if we are to save our Republic!

  • JRW40113 says:

    looking at the participants in the den of ten the dumocraps will continue their hard left movement.

  • Peatro Giorgio says:

    Brilliant Move Dumbo-Rats ! 3 consecutive elections. Your party has been Trounced, Yes 3 in a in a row! And for what ? Easily answered; for swinging to far to the left: And here you all go once more swinging even further to the left. Well I guess your not all happy with losing more state house, losing more state legislature, Having no means by which to govern from with in the federal government > No You idiot’s wish, desire to loose it all ! An so you shall. Great selection there in Hypocrite Burnout Bernie 4 leadership ! ” Great Move ”
    Which of course speaks directly to the lack of depth ,lack of foresight in the dumbo-rat party. Keep on repeating the same old mistakes while expecting,anticipating different out comes. Looking forward to the very day when the dumbo rat party is relegated to nothing more then history books.
    And your leadership is hard at work to make that dream of mine come true.

  • Barbara Harris Whitfield says:

    Liberalism is a mental disease.

  • ArcticGrayling says:

    It just makes the Dems more tribal and irrelevant than they were already.

  • Dr. G says:

    The Sanders Payoff . . .

  • says:

    Now they need to kick the Libtard loser Pelosi to the curb

    1. ArcticGrayling says:

      That’a what happens when they make their party’s nomination a coronation for its political aristocracy.

  • Grim Reaper says:

    It is time for Socialism to go the way of the dodo in America.

  • Stephen Howe says:

    The GOP needs to prune some deadwood…or it’ll be up to the voters to make history again.

  • Linda says:

    The people have spoken; we want nothing to do with Democrats or their socialism. We are a government of, for, and by the people not of,for and by the Democrats. I would encourage them to wake up and smell the Republican smoke.

    1. Barbara Harris Whitfield says:


  • ewasonable says:

    Sanders is the epitome of failied Democratic leadership disaster.

    1. Jack Steen says:


    2. Barbara Harris Whitfield says:

      Oh! I thought Hillary filled that role!

  • Karll says:

    schumer is nauseating and sanders is just an old fool.

    1. Allan Scott says:

      sanders is not just an old fool that has never had a job in his life but a combination of a socialist and communist. That’s why he’s now a big wig within the DNC.

      1. Jack Steen says:

        They should merge with the communist party

        1. James in Texas says:

          They already did, a very long time ago!

        2. Rodney Steward says:

          The American Communist Party is located in Berleley CAL.!! And starting with Pelussy, Reid, Sanders and the list continues on and on!!

      2. Leslierparker says:

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  • Rob Waddell says:

    As a Republican who loves God, and believes in his son Jesus, and also believes that the Constitution is the law of the land, I hope you liberals keep underestimating the American people!

    1. robmanwiller says:

      My thoughts exactly. But we need to curtail George Soros activities and voter fraud. He must be arrested for his crimes against our system. Innocent people have been injured and some died because of this evil POS with no consequences.

  • Rob Waddell says:

    Puting a socialist in a leadership role isn’t going to attract anyone who believes the Constitution is the Law of the land! That’s the reason Trump won, Americans want nothing to do with socialism!

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