Darrell Issa wins reelection, AP projects

November 29, 2016


Darrell Issa has won reelection to his California House seat, the Associated Press reported Monday.

Issa, a Republican congressman, narrowly edged out Democrat Doug Applegate in a race that had been too close to call until Monday afternoon.

The former House Oversight Committee chairman was elected to a ninth term over Applegate, a trial lawyer and retired Marine colonel who served in Iraq. AP reported that Issa has a 2,300-vote lead, according to unofficial returns.

Issa’s victory gives Republicans a 45-seat majority in the House with two Louisiana seats still unclaimed. The state will hold a Dec. 10 runoff election to name representatives of its 3rd and 4th Congressional Districts.

Issa has been a chief antagonist of President Barack Obama. He used his chairmanship of the powerful House Oversight panel to launch investigations into the 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya, the IRS’s alleged targeting of conservative groups and the flawed launch of healthcare.gov, among others.

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  • texas58 says:

    Bomp, bomp, bomp, another democrat bites the dust. It has been fun watching democrats bite the dust this year.

  • Jimmy Dean says:

    Issa wasn’t on my ballot and I live in So. Cal ?????????

  • Terry says:

    All Praise to God for the continuing Blessing’s. To all Christians; It is definitely not a time to take anything for granted, and to let up on our Praying, Interceding and even times of Fasting, in standing in the gap for our New Regime and Political Leaders throughout. We can either “settle” for a slight victory(ies) in the days, weeks & months ahead, or we can have an “Extreme Voice & Power Barn Storming Victories” (that can’t even be contested going forward in the days ahead). Just like in the Election itself. If we had come together even more determined and ended the ignorant slams from those within our own party who turned against Trump and caused so many to do like wise, we would have won by such extremes that Jill S, Hillary nor anyone else would have been able to threaten us with Vote Recounts or the Electorate Votes. Please let this be a Lesson for all of us, to never take anything For Granted. God Himself has very obviously appointed Trump to be the clear winner simply based on his determination to “Expose & Stop the Corruption” to “Stand up for our Innocent Unborn” and “To Stand for Israel” His chosen land & people who through our “Jewish Messiah” Jesus allowed us all to be “Grafted In”. No more exciting time than this to be a Christian & Living in the Last Days of Prophecy literally unfolding right before our very eyes. God is Truly Blessing America yet Again!!!

  • Snoopdoggydoug says:

    It amazing, and hard to understand at the same time, that people would reelect this guy to congress. Here is a man who while in congress, has funneled projects, and contracts to his companies to the tune of $450 million dollars, which is 10 times the amount the Clintons have been accused of accruing, and spending millions of taxpayer money trying to prove Clinton guilty of negligence regarding Benghazi, and failing to do so. Yet conservatives still turn a blind eye, rallying, “all hail Darrell”. Amazing !!!!!

    1. kbfallon says:

      Those thoughts make you a fly in a glass of milk here. They found all the info they needed to indict Clinton and were stopped from finishing the job when Obammie-Lynch-and Comey conspired to halt the process to keep their grasp on the power…except they exposed themselves and will go down in history as complete failures. Obammie spent close to 100 million tax dollars on just his and his families vacations for crying out loud. Darrell Issa can get back to work–we applaud the California voters who were smart enough to keep him in office.

      1. Rob1911a1 says:

        Poor Comey is NOT at fault. He is the Head of the FBI; he is an employee, however, of the Justice Department. It was the DOJ who refused the recommendation of the FBI to indict. As I mentioned in another post, ALL of the lawyers and investigators into the illegal server (that alone is a violation of the Espionage Act, not to mention the classified emails found on it as well as evidence of illegal deletions) recommended an indictment. AG Lynch (Obama ass-licker) simply refused to bring an indictment!

    2. Rob1911a1 says:

      SNOOP – Actually, the Clinton’s have amassed 153 million at last count, so 450 million dollars is only three times the Clinton amount, not 10. Next, Hillary is guilty of Ben Ghazi, she is guilty of violating the Espionage Act (her illegal server with classified emails, and of course, the Clinton Foundation, which, if it were the mob, would be investigated under the RICO statute for racketeering. Next, the FBI FIND all the evidence needed to indict her on all of these things; the DOJ simply refused to do so! Luckily, the NYC Police heroes who found MORE of her classified emails on the cell phone of sex pervert Weiner, married to Huma Abeddin, Clinton’s right hand woman, and gave them to FBI director Comey, who spoke publicly about them, just in time for the election. Your allegations concerning Issa are nonsense; they appear in the DNNC reports, LA Times, and other totally unreliable lying liberal outlets, not in real, factual court records of any sort – in other words, pure bullshit of the sort the Dems revert any time they want to smear someone who has the goods on them.

  • AZtejas says:

    I hope AG Sessions has a plan in place to review voting in all states that give drivers licenses to illegal immigrants, with the potential to obtain a voters registration. Like California, WA, CO, NM, MD, NV, VT and of course Obamaland in Illinois!

    1. Jimmy Dean says:

      KEY WORD , “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS” meaning NOT CITIZENS therefore inelligible to vote by LAW since the founding till Obozo

      1. Rob1911a1 says:

        Worse, not only the Constitution (the Law of the Land) require that he DEFEND our borders, but both 1940 and 1952 Federal Laws (passed by Dem congresses and signed into law by two Dem Presidents, FDR and Truman, MANDATE that the President find and deport illegal aliens, and in the 1952 law, that he specifically deport those who come here to subvert the American government, in this instance, the Syrian ‘refugees’). If there are 1.2 BILLION Muslims in the world, why are the 57 Muslim countries taking in Muslim refugees? They have literally no legitimate cause to come here other than subversion.

        1. Jimmy Dean says:

          Roger that, Wilcoe a big 10-4 good buddy

  • Dr. G says:

    Things just get better and better, like the light peaking through the curtains after a long, cold, scary night.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    Glad to see one of the good ole guys keep his job, and things just keep looking up, this country has been down way to long!

  • Tiger says:

    Good and under a Real American President he will be allowed to do his job as will everyone in the FBI, CIA and Homeland Security, once they are cleaned out of the rats among them like Comey.

    O is through. Most of you didn’t see it but everywhere O went in Europe he was met with riots. It was a breath of fresh air to see.

  • KKmoderate says:

    Thank goodness Californians came through and put him back in. He’s one of our “First Responders” to the travesties perpetrated in DC!

  • Pete says:

    I’m starting to see the swamp water recede ever so slightly. Can hardly wait for the slime at the bottom to see some sunlight. Gotta love it!!!

    1. Tiger says:

      Looking goooooood and making my day everyday.

    2. highspeedhotrod11 says:

      but..as the swamp water goes down… we’ll see all of the scary stuff that’s been hidden and then it really starts to stink… that’s why the new 1st.lady is waiting until the WH has been fumigated before she moves in.

      1. Pete says:

        The entire governmental complex needs a good fumigating

        1. Maggiecclutter says:

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  • Denise says:

    Yet another slap in Obama’s liberal face! Good enough!

    1. Tiger says:

      Needs a boot to the head a slap isn’t good enough.

      1. Denise says:

        True enough! LOL

      2. Rob1911a1 says:

        Needs a direct injection of 230 grains of – oops, cannot finish or the Secret Service will be at the door!

        1. Tiger says:

          Shoot man the Secret Service might be just the ones to deliver it. They hate their jobs. O changes Security more than his panties.

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