Federal judge halts Obama amnesty; White House to appeal

February 17, 2015

A federal judge late Monday halted President Obama’s deportation amnesty, ruling he overstepped his powers in trying to grant legal status and “benefits and privileges” to millions of illegal immigrants, in a stunning decision that chides the president and throws the White House’s plans into disarray just a day before applications were to be accepted.

The White House said it will appeal Judge Andrew S. Hanen’s decision, but it’s unclear whether the case could reach the circuit court in New Orleans or even the Supreme Court before Wednesday, which is when the Homeland Security Department had planned to begin accepting the first applications under the new amnesty.

“The DHS was not given any ‘discretion by law’ to give 4.3 million removable aliens what the DHS itself labels as ‘legal presence,’ ” Judge Hanen wrote in issuing an injunction. “In fact, the law mandates that these illegally-present individuals be removed. The DHS has adopted a new rule that substantially changes both the status and employability of millions. These changes go beyond mere enforcement or even non-enforcement of this nation’s immigration scheme.”

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  • gpicha says:

    I have an ISIS flag & an Iraq flag. I play Russian music, I never felt more secure. F that Nig & shoot the whore fag wife. Yeah I said it what are you gonna do about it F-ing NIG Odumma.!

  • Cindy Q says:

    As I’ve said for years – the enemy is in the white house, along with probably the biggest sleeper cell in the country.

  • Jim Clancy says:

    Well, Caligula incarnate gets a smack down, just in time as he was about to begin sexing the Senators wives….

  • Guest says:

    Well, Caligula incarnate gets a smack down, Just in time as he was about to begin sexing the sexing the Senators wives….

    1. MARYANN33 says:

      No interest in Senators wives by our oh so gay prez…

  • metheoldsarge says:

    Not to worry your little brains about it liberals. Lap dog Roberts will make it all better for you. Who says crime doesn’t pay?

  • raffaelecafagna says:

    There was no DHS before 9/11; so why do we need them now ? They are doing nothing anyway ; they allow and bring illegals here . Abolish DHS and replace them with unemployed Americans ; illegal immigration will come to a stop.

    1. MARYANN33 says:

      We do not need them. They are full of Muslim Brotherhood telling ISIS how to avoid our air strikes.

  • Steve Neal says:

    We needed to “lock-it-down” BEFORE we give away the “free parking passes”.
    If the border stays as wide-open as it is today, the illegal and unwanted amnesty ObaMao ordered will multiply the in-flow, and not for the sort of people we really want over here.

    Can you say “new welfare and medicaid recipients” who are future registered DummyCrats?

    Oh hell NO…

    1. jimmy n says:

      There are more boarder guards and more deportation during Obama’s administration than the previous one.
      Does it make you more of a man to call people you may not agree with names?

      1. raffaelecafagna says:

        you are another uninformed and confused liberal ; yes more guards and more released illegal criminals ; or deported and coming back again . Criminals running lose in our land ; killing , raping , assaulting ; but of course you don`t know it and don`t care about it . Inform yourself before speaking .
        Jimmy , the Law states : you can`t go to another country without permission ; your zero does not understand that Particular Law and wants amnesty for some 5 million illegals ; your zero wants to give them free medicals , free education , free back taxes even not being present here , free healthcare , work permits and preference over Americans , free citizenship and all paid by stupid taxpayers ; now Jimmy , does this Law mean anything to you .??? Try this Jimmy : go to Mexico without permission and see for yourself .
        More border guards ; honestly , tell us , are they doing there jobs ; ” Stopping illegals from coming here ” ??? Be Honest and give us an Honest answer . Thanks

        1. jimmy n says:

          Just for starters POTUS Reagan gave amnesty to 3,000,000 That’s million with an “M” undocumented residents during his term. WOW!!
          As for this statement: ” Criminals running lose in our land ; killing , raping ,and assaulting” They come in all races creeds, ethnic groups and colors. So where do we export those others?
          As for:”More border guards ; honestly , tell us , are they doing there jobs ; ”
          Stopping illegals from coming here ” ??? Be Honest and give us an Honest
          YES! YES! YES!!!!!!
          As for aiding them, would you rather let them die,along with their children. die in the streets ?
          Not a very :Christan thing to even contemplate no less do.
          By the by, how many Hispanics do you know and have talked to?

          1. MARYANN33 says:

            Fool, we used to be so safe here. No need to keep the kids insight every minute….no need to lock our doors as we slept…It was wonderfully safe and a kind nation.

          2. jimmy n says:

            And what decade and in what small farm town were you living in?

          3. MARYANN33 says:

            It was Los Angerles Ca….Queens N Y, and Norfolk Va and visiting in Petersburg IND. I went to visit DC and the buildings as a kid…Fruit trees were in bloom.

          4. I Seigel says:

            Yes, and I hitchhiked across the US when I graduated from high school. And you could go trick or treating and not worry about biting into an apple with a razor blade in it or getting poisoned candy. And our favorite TV shows were Ozzie & Harriet and The Honeymooners. So what’s your point? That it’s more dangerous now because of illegal aliens and Obama?

          5. MARYANN33 says:

            Razor blades and drugs were in the 70’s after the druggie rebellions…..sad…

          6. MARYANN33 says:

            I just heard a true report from the Prophet Kim Clement who saw years ago this president in the white house with a lot of men in Muslim robes and God called it Betrayal in the White House….He said today that this particular day is right now. So you can believe if God reveals it, he will deal with this traitor creep prez….He is turning us over to our enemies as we speak.
            He will tell more about this on Sat on his broadcast and tell us what God has planned for Obama and how we will take our country back now…and Israel will be safe…Watch Kim Clement min Sat 12 pacific time….

          7. MARYANN33 says:

            Johnson opened the immigration gates and America changed…

          8. I Seigel says:

            The “immigration gates” opened in the 1880s. Those darn Irish, Italians, Germans and Jews. Yes, we haven’t been that good, slave-owning WHITE PROTESTANT country now for quite awhile. Get used to it. Read some American History along with your Bible.

          9. MARYANN33 says:

            Immigrants need to meet requirements…Mexico laughs at us letting all these people in who cause the problems for America.
            I do not like your tone….I am well read….I will not be posting to you.

        2. I Seigel says:

          And where was Gov. Perry during all this? Huffing and puffing about sending in the National Guard, but did he ever? Did he ever DO anything, besides stay on the sidelines and snipe away at the administration? He’s a joke. And any Texas governor that keeps whining and does nothing is also a joke.

          1. raffaelecafagna says:

            Gov. Perry is gone ” Finally ” ; yes he sent 1000 N.G. to the border but they are just watching , nothing else ; the price is $ 2 Million x month .

      2. MARYANN33 says:

        Hogwash!!!! Super hogwash.

        1. jimmy n says:

          2008 SW border patrol agents about 9 thousand
          2014 number close to 19 thousand
          When I went to school 19,000 was more than 9,000 by more than double

        2. I Seigel says:

          You can kick and scream all you want and call names. But facts are facts, and the numbers of border guards and deportations are verifiable statistics. You can go look them up yourself, but I know you won’t. Living in your pretend world is so much more satisfying.

    2. MARYANN33 says:

      If we wanted to be hispanic we could move there. We want all illegals and illegal Muslims as well to get the heck out of here.

  • gpicha says:

    The dumbazz Nig needs to be shot. F him. He & that fake whore wife of his are both pieces of crap.

    1. Steve Neal says:

      easy bubba… we know they can read TH too, right?

    2. I Seigel says:

      Hear that tap, tap, tapping? That’s the sound of the NSA and the FBI on your roof and in your phone lines.

    3. MARYANN33 says:

      Not so nice wording but I agree completely….

  • ralph says:

    Now what you need is charges of treason. Obama is not only protecting our enemies but he is destroying America. He is killing off our military and GOD for bid you would let this trash take our military that is left to war for he will tell our enemy all their moves just like the jerk has done on the air strike. We have air strikes that are tokens and Egypt and Jordan on there own have great air strikes. Obama taken out heavy armored vehicals and no one is in the video what the hell no support people around them. When did this ever happen. Grow up people the enemy is in the white house

    1. Gnowark says:

      It extends beyond WH, to Congress that has abrogated their responsibility to prevent it in favor of winning elections; and Judicial that has declared illegal legal in more than one matter. Tyranny has been escalating all around for more than 30 years, but WH is as good a place to start as any.

      1. I Seigel says:

        This is exactly what the Republicans in Congress and the Supreme Court haved conspired to do – let us tear ourselves apart, bickering over “wide open borders” and a measly, superfluous pipeline and a few hundred thousand people who want to marry their same-sex partners, so that we’re not paying attention as the wealthy take over. The proof is in the vast amount of wealth that the richest have acquired in just the last few years, and the lack of any regulations on the banking and finance industry. Citizens United was the keys to the kingdom for the elite right-wing.

        1. MARYANN33 says:

          The Republicans in Congress are our only heros. They can and will save the day. First o has to move out of the way and visit Gitmo until we try him.

          1. I Seigel says:

            “Heros”? Do you mean “gyros”? or “heroes”? Like with capes and masks and superpowers? You’re a blind woman. These “heros” of yours are the antichrists, destroying our society – and societies all over the world – simply to amass wealth. Why do you think FOX (Giuliani, Hannity, et al) went on and on about what a great, strong, decisive leader Putin was??!!?? They idolize him because they want to do to America what Putin is doing to Russia and Europe!!! Wake up blind lady!!!

          2. MARYANN33 says:

            Pardon me. I used to be a spelling bee winner. When we are old and tired we do not have to remember everything we know.

          3. MARYANN33 says:

            Wake up blind man…..I know the truth and that truth sets us free…Get some truth…and all blessings to you.

          4. sandraleesmith46 says:

            I’m sorry, but this time you’re missing the big picture. Read Agenda 21 and the Books of Daniel, Ezekiel, and Revelation against each other, so the whole thing becomes clear.

          5. MARYANN33 says:

            I am missing nothing. God’s last day revival is beginning and the last harvest will begin and conclude. and then….
            7 good years before us….this has to happen before the one world order…It is all planned by God…written down.

          6. jimmy n says:

            WHAT?? We people have free will and may use it as we wish. Where and what is written down?

          7. sandraleesmith46 says:

            Nowhere does the Bible talk about 7 “good” years except with relation to conditions in Egypt preceeding the famine that brought the Hebrews there as Jacob’s extended family. Many speak of a “revival”, for which there is also no Scriptural evidence, to occur before the great tribulation. World events, prophecy In the Bible, and the Hebrew calendar combine to show that to be so remote a posibility as to be negligible. The likelihood is the 1world government will be in place before this year’s end, the anti-Christ/Madhi revealed and the Church, such as are truly part of her, removed from the Earth. The false prophet has all but claimed the title already.

          8. MARYANN33 says:

            Sorry but my main calling is for this Great last day revival…The Bible talks about the greater works and that has not occurred yet..The last harvest has not occurred. You are getting ahead of yourself…O is about to be outed and dealt with…watch and see.

          9. MARYANN33 says:

            Careful. Do not touch God’s anointed. It is very dangerous to do so….

          10. MARYANN33 says:

            We are not there yet….close but not there.

          11. sandraleesmith46 says:

            No, but we’re a lot closer than mostly even suspect.

          12. MARYANN33 says:

            After the Harvest and great miracles….one world order is going to happen but now is not the time.

          13. sandraleesmith46 says:

            Who is this alleged “prophet”? None of this marches up with scripture. We’re past another 7 years. The NWO will be FULLY in place, including leaders, long before that. If it’s ot a done deal by the end of this calendar year, I will be more than surprised. The cup of God’s wrath is full now, by all the sifns He gave us to warch for!

          14. MARYANN33 says:

            No, it is not time yet….The great ingathering is first. When that last soul is saved and the last sick on healed and the last body raised from the dead it is time for the bad stuff….The devil is in charge for awhile but God is on the way…Great miracles and salvation..Bill Maryr etc.

          15. sandraleesmith46 says:

            The ingathering has been going on for about a decade. The bodies of the dead in Christ will be raised at the Rapture, not before.

          16. MARYANN33 says:

            My neighbor thought Jesus would return every Sept for years…last year she gave up and moved and quit trying to predict…I was told I would know the times and seasons many years ago…It is not the time you speak of yet…Many in ISIS will find salvation etc. Jesus appears personally to many Muslims now. I will be surprised if O is not in prison by the end of this year and the Tea Party in control.

          17. sandraleesmith46 says:

            Told by whom? ALL Christians are given to know the times and seasons, by Jesus, quite explicitly, as well as by means of a number of parables, indeed, we’re required and cautioned to be so, lest we be caught unawares and unprepared. As to the TEA Party being in charge, that IS false. There are half a dozen or more different groups calling themselves TEA Party, each with different priorities, not in accord with each other, even. But there is no “the TEA Party”, and no leadership available and prepared to step in in lead the nation as a whole. I’m not sure to which voice you’re listening, but I strongly suspect it’s not the Holy Spirit. I don’t say this to hurt or anger you; I say it to bring you back onto the correct path. Wherever this belief originated, it does not stand up against the Word of God, the first and foremost place against which any understanding must be measured, expecially when it comes from another source. There is nothing in Scripture indicating that which you present as possible even, let alone likely. Yes, Jesus is appearing to and drawing out Muslims, but the preponderance of western society believes itself “too enlightened” to need God, let alone heed His Word.

          18. jimmy n says:

            Good grief, if they are heros with their tax the poor and give tax breaks to the rich then this country is in worse condition than (according to you and your ilk) the supposed damage Obama has done

          19. MARYANN33 says:

            Betrayal in the White House today….that is what God says.

          20. sandraleesmith46 says:

            No, unfortunately, they aren’t, Maryann33. There’s only 1party in DC, and it’s not R or D, it’s NWO! The R and D are only disguises they use to fool the masses ( those unable or unwilling to see the whole truth); they are rolling out Satan’s 1world government before our eyes, so much so, that I suspect it will be fully in place by fall of this calendar year. What you’re seeing as “fighting” in Congress is nothing more than “reality TV”, a SCRIPTED PERFORMANCE in which the actors are playing their roles!

          21. MARYANN33 says:

            The prophet got this vision in March 2010….Obama in the White House Betraying America with a room full of Muslims…This is why God says there is a terrible stench from the white house. Jail him now. *BREAKING NEWS! *Did Obama Flash Muslim Shahada Hand Signal?…*Read the latest now on TeaParty.org*
            *Hey Folks,*

            This is getting really scary.

            I am afraid and if I am afraid. You should be, too.

            All around us we are seeing and hearing horrific stories of brutal beatings, barbaric killings and horrific atrocities. The world is crying out for help to stop these savage acts by ISIS and radical Islamic terrorists.

            What is Obama doing?

            Blaming Christianity.

            Folks, he had the audacity to compare Christians to the Islam religion, claiming Christians hijacked religion for their own murderous end.

            You’re going to be enraged when you read what Obama said this but you need to see this and read it for yourself:

            “Unless we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.” “In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ.” –Barack Hussien Obama

            He’s a special kind of evil, that one.

            That’s why we are under the gun. We must alert Patriots and their families and friends from coast-to-coast about his ties to radical Islam and his evil intentions to force us to live under their Sharia law. *You can be a big part of our alert network * simply by doing something small.

            *Can you donate $23 to help us call 100 households or $57.50 to call 250 households to alert them of Obama’s deep, dark secret?*
            Think about it. What is Obama doing to protect us?

            He is doing /absolutely nothing/ to stop the slaughter of innocent men, women and children by radical Islamic terrorists and Muslim extremists.
            Call it shocking, appalling, disgusting or what you may, the bottom line is: who would sit by and watch this happen? Only someone who supports such atrocities.

            As usual we’re hearing him meaninglessly blather on about finding the people who did this and bringing them to justice.

            Meanwhile, Obama is secretly meeting with Muslim leaders…yet the White House refuses to reveal their identities.

            We know that he has hired people with ties to radical Islam to work IN the White House. We know that he is sitting like a lame duck, watching people (even children!) get beheaded and burned alive—and yet he does nothing but talk of some useless coalition and a weak military effort.
            Please, can I ask a favor? *I really need you to do this to help us stop ISIS.*
            *Donate today so we can ramp up our call campaign. If everyone knew about Obama’s secret of radical Islamists and his ties to these terrorists we could raise bloody hell in Washington and force lawmakers to DO SOMETHING!*
            ISIS will be in our backyard soon if we do nothing. To sit there and watch all of this take place and do nothing is a crime against humanity.
            Look, we have to get the word out. That is where we need to enlist your help.

            *We have a call campaign we are conducting across the nation alerting people to the dangers Obama and his liberal buddies and secret Islamic supporters pose to the people of this nation.*

            Obama is not only a serious threat but a humungous danger.

            Siding with radical Islamic terrorists, refusing to call it like he sees it, even DEFENDING them while he slaughters Christians with his words…well if that does not make you question his allegiance it should!
            Please, *help us launch a humungous nationwide call campaign today!* We have to expose America’s Fraud President for all that he is sinister, calculating, cold and conniving.

            Steve Eichler
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          22. sandraleesmith46 says:

            There’s nothing here I didn’t know, except who this alleged prophet is..

          23. Sandy129 says:

            Did you ever find out who the “prophet” is? The things she is stating sounds like word of faith doctrine that I heard years ago. Nobody knows the “day” but we know its soon by events we are witnessing. Jesus said He would come like a thief in the night and just to be ready. Whatever revival will occur won’t necessarily be in every church but in His Church. Most won’t even know its happening but I see some signs of it beginning. The message of Christ Crucified has taken preeminence as it was intended in some ministries, but they are only few. That really means to me for people to come back to the Cross and leave the other teachings of man behind.

          24. sandraleesmith46 says:

            No, she never answered that. But I agree, it does sound like a lot of that teaching. And there is a strengthening of faith, and the teaching of eepentance, redemption and sanctification again in some places, albeit far from all. We’re just too close now, for a “7 good years” thing to fit in there.

          25. MARYANN33 says:

            I really like Ted Cruz

          26. sandraleesmith46 says:

            Go right ahead and like him, but don’t trust him to not betray you.

        2. John Thompson says:

          The wealthy has always ran the U S A!!!

    2. NHConstitutionalist says:

      I agree with you Ralph the enemy is in the WH., either by gross ineptitude or deliberate subversion and either way he needs to be removed. He doesn’t have any military or strategy skills, has a total lack of foreign policy acumen, no actual governing experience, and is ego driven by agenda of whim. The fraud is a pathalogical liar and if he actually studied Constitutional law his only purpose was to ignore it.

      We need a moratorium on all immigration and when opened a quota system scrutinized and strictly adhered to. Enough of allowing deadbeats, criminals, and terrorist to enter our borders. Deport them and send the bill to their country of origin
      Student visas should have strict limitations and investigation and followed up on by colleges accepting them. Cost of follow up will be borne by that student.

      1. jimmy n says:

        ONE: Congress has cut funding to the departments that are in charge of the actions you request
        TWO: There are more boarder guards and more deportation during Obama’s administration than the previous one.
        THREE, Name a president in the last 50 years that has had the qualities that you desire in a POTUS

        1. William says:

          Have you been out of he country for the past 40 years? The present border guards under Obozo’s program are mere escorts for the illegals coming in. I agree that at least three of the presidents of the past 50 years were glaringly deficient in presidential qualities—Carter, Clinton and Obozo.

          1. jimmy n says:

            And you know this how, you are at the border watching
            The FACTS are that OBAMA in his 6 years to date has exported more than G W Bush did in 8. But why let facts get in the way of your misguided beliefs.
            PS Does calling people names make you feel better? Just wondering

      2. John Thompson says:

        Oboma is our first totally illegal president! He was born in Kenya of a Kenya father! His mother doesn’t even come in to the fight as the rules to be President states to be president the candidate has to be born of CITIZEN Parent’s! His father was a citizen of Kenya even if his mother was a citizen of the U S A his father was a Kenya!!!!!!!

        1. I Seigel says:


    3. jimmy n says:

      Really, maybe you would like a Bush,Cheney,and Rove clone so we could send thousands more into a winless war to be killed and maimed. Then there is the cost of such actions

      And just what of Obama’s actions have been treasonous?

      1. Steve Neal says:

        So Jimmy, what is your “do-able” solution to ISIL’s lopping off Christian heads and burning Jews alive? Don’t tell me you want to empathize and negotiate a peace settlement!!!

        1. jimmy n says:

          Let the countries affected by the ISIS put there boots on the ground. If the situation was reversed do you think Egypt or Syria or Jordan would send us their troops?

          1. Steve Neal says:

            Too small of an effort to be of any real effect. They will be out of bombs and bullets in short order, then asking us for increased involvement (way after ISIL expands to double its current strength)

            Unless every nation in that area can immediately get a handle on their radicalized Islamic brothers, this boiling kettle is gonna continue to spill over to the rest of Europe and the world. In lieu of that dream, an American wave of strategic strikes, followed by village-to-village, house-to-house mop-up is the only complete solution. Then we fill the region’s leadership vacuum with their popularly chosen leader and actively monitor the new peaceful acquiescence. A “mulligan”, if you will…

          2. I Seigel says:

            “Then we fill the region’s leadership vacuum with their popularly chosen leader and actively monitor the new peaceful acquiescence. A “mulligan”, if you will…”

            You should “take a mulligan” to learn what you did wrong, not to double-down and repeat the same mistake again. What exactly does “actively monitor the new peaceful acquiescence” mean? Sounds like an occupation to me. That didn’t work out so well for us in Iraq and Afghanistan, and it’s not working out all that well for Israel.

          3. canislupus says:

            Hey Seigal, what happened in those countries in which we left an occupation force many years ago? Check out Italy, Germany, Japan, and South Korea. Not only can they now defend themselves, they have become among the most prosperous nations on the planet. Remember what happened after the treaty was signed in Paris with North Vietnam. They withdrew behind their borders and we withdrew from the country, and when they were good and sure we were out for good, they annexed South Vietnam and began a monstrous slaughter. And that is precisely what Barack Obama has done in Iraq and what he intends to do in Afghanistan.

            By the way, although you won’t see it confirmed on CNN, MSNBC, NBC or CBS, we now know that WMD in the form of huge numbers of canisters of sarin gas were purchased from an Iraqi by the CIA shortly after we invaded. This wasn’t mentioned at the time because no one wanted to queer the deal. So the Liberal world still repeats their slanderous slogan, “Bush lied and thousands died.”

          4. I Seigel says:

            Pick and choose your events to shape your own story of history.

            Yes, we occupied those countries after WWII. We’re still “occupying” them, 70 years later. What Republican, Tea Partier or Democrat was calling for TEN more years of occupying Afghanistan or Iraq, much less 40 more years? Isn’t hindsight grand? What happened to being greeted as liberators, shock and awe, you know, the whole Cheney fairy tale?

            Whose decision was it to try to strike a deal with Iraq for continuing a troop presence there beyond 2010? Uh, that would be Bush. And an agreement couldn’t be reached with al-Maliki, remember? On Bush’s watch? So Obama abided by the agreement reached under Bush and withdrew the forces. Remember?

            And yes, you are PARTIALLY correct about the sarin gas purchases. And there was news recently of troops finally being treated for exposure to chemical weapons that they incinerated in Iraq. But this was NOT the WMD that Cheney, Powell and Bush warned about. These were canisters of poison gas and other agents left over from the Iran-Iraq war. Sorry, your “facts” don’t jibe with reality.

          5. MARYANN33 says:

            Yeah go for it…We know how to be free of ISIS forever.

          6. John Thompson says:

            But we have the wrong president running the show to win a war with his buddies!!!

          7. MARYANN33 says:

            That is why he must be arrested for treason now. Get the word out he has sold us down the river…Fox seems to be getting a bit of the picture

          8. MARYANN33 says:

            You are one of the few who get it….Wonderful!

          9. MARYANN33 says:

            ISIS is here. Fight them there and fight them here. We and Israel are their main targets. Our main target to start off should be O.

          10. jimmy n says:

            I gather by “O” you mean Obama. Here is just a little of the truth you and you ilk cannot seem to find
            The Bush Administration spent something like $20 billion for rebuilding the Iraqi
            Army after viceroy Paul Bremer abolished the Iraqi Army in 2003.
            And their (ISIS) main targets are all Muslim that do not believe their actions are the proper way to be a TRUE Muslim which in itself is against what Mohammad taught

          11. MARYANN33 says:

            Dearest boy, Bush is not just right now turning us over to the Muslims…Watch Kim Clement on Sat 12 pt. And he will also tell you he is making agreements right now…O is….and you will find out what God will cause to happen to O..the traitor. Bush made us all safe through Cheney….we had allies in the m east…H a O took all that away…Israel is Forever…Believe it

          12. jimmy n says:

            First and foremost we have a free will and no ones god will take it away or punish someone for doing what he dislikes. If he did there would be no Israel, as it was the Jews that had Jesus killed
            As for Kit Clement???????????????

          13. MARYANN33 says:

            Kim Clement Ministries. Find the truth and it will set you free…”.Be sure your sins will find you out”….that is in the Bible. “Nothing is covered that will not be revealed”…scripture too…really bad news for Obama…All the truth about him is about to come out…even those locked up records…”.It is appointed to man once to die and after that the JUDGEMENT.”

          14. MARYANN33 says:

            Betrayal in the White House right now.

          15. jimmy n says:

            How, oh tell us how and don’t forget to tell us when also!

          16. MARYANN33 says:

            Obama and a room full of robed Muslims shake on the deal to turn us over to our enemies…You see it in the news everyday. How can he go and fight them…He is one of them.

          17. John Thompson says:

            I didn’t vote for the illegal president!!!

          18. MARYANN33 says:

            Nor did I vote for him…Only foolish people like Oprah and the dems voted for the POS. Oprah is a big racist.

          19. MARYANN33 says:

            God does nothing without first revealing it to his servants, the prophets…There are false prophets and there are true prophets. It is up to us to discern.

          20. sandraleesmith46 says:

            And how much did the Marshall plan and UN cost us following WW II to rebuild much of the world? You’re viewing far too narrow, you see a few pieces but not the whole puzzle into which they fit. This is but a small part of a centuries old plan put in motion for 1reason: to achieve the goal Satan has sought since he was expelled from heaven. And he’s very near the culmination now; much nearer than most suspect. But, thankfully, there’s another plan unfolding alongside it, with a very different outcom than he intends: God’s plan.

          21. jimmy n says:

            The Marshal Plan was a humanitarian effort om our part to rebuild some of the damage we did to them during WWII

          22. sandraleesmith46 says:

            And what was Bush doing in Iraq? Exactly the SAME thing! BTW, we did NOT do the damage in a vacuum, they also were doing damage, just in case you missed that it requires 2 or mor opposing groups to call a war.

          23. John Thompson says:

            Christian’s Faith are the one’s they will come for!

          24. MARYANN33 says:

            Yes, they target Christians…

        2. I Seigel says:

          I’m confused by your point of view here. You want the government to shrink to barely nothing, to get out of people’s lives, to decrease government regulations so that market forces can work – I get that. But you also want the government to be big enough so that it’s the only one in the world willing and able to confront an enemy half a world away? Where there are hundreds of millions of other people affected more than we are by this enemy?

          Let me ask you – how much did your taxes go up after Bush declared war in Iraq? Who paid for all that – the billions of wasted included? As of yet, NO ONE has. It was just a side entry in the budget, off the books and still part of the debt today. We’ll be paying for that war for a long long time – not only in money, but in all the lives lost to forces unleashed by taking down Saddam and Khaddafi and perhaps Assad.

      2. raffaelecafagna says:

        Jimmy ; if Bush was there , no isis would be there , killing , murdering , raping , decapitating ; U.S.Embassy in Yemen would not be touched by these criminals ; 300 Marines would not be sitting there hoping for help and support .
        You , jimmy , you are a confused and uninformed brainwashed liberal , with no clue of anything . Stop polluting here .

        1. jimmy n says:

          FACT # 1) Over a dozen of these attacks (on embassys) were recorded during former
          President George W. Bush’s tenure — the most during the rule of any
          president in the world super power’s history.

          2) For more info Google and you can find out all about the 40 or so that took place and when
          And your misinformation and inanitys are a disgrace to any board

        2. MARYANN33 says:

          So right. I was very safe under Chaney. He would never have left Iraq defenseless as O did on purpose. So his ISIS friends could come in all over mid east and then here. Gahafi sp? Was an ally and Libya would not have lost heads of so many righteous Christians. Time to get the O fool out now.

      3. MARYANN33 says:

        Maybe you would like all of ISIS here beheading you and anyone else they could capture. My prayer is the first beheading would be their friend and financer O. You need a life..Go try to get some education…not in communist colleges here.

    4. I Seigel says:

      You sound like the Palestinians and Hezbollah: “Get rid of Obama and all will be grand.” It’s the same as, “Get rid of Israel, and the Middle East will become a land of peace and plenty.”

      1. John Thompson says:

        I will not ever want to stop helping Israel! Israelites our GOD”S chosen People!!!!

        1. I Seigel says:

          Israelites? Did you mean Israelis?

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