Former CIA Director John Brennan: I saw intel ‘worthy’ of investigation on Russia-Trump collusion

May 23, 2017

Former CIA Director John Brennan said Tuesday that he saw information before he left office dealing with contacts between Russia and the incoming Trump administration that was “worthy” of further investigation.

But in an open hearing of the House Intelligence Committee, Brennan refused to describe what he saw, and declined to say whether he thinks the information showed that Trump’s team was colluding with Russia.

“Did you see evidence of collusion, coordination, conspiracy between Donald Trump and Russian state actors?” Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., asked Brennan.

“I saw information and intelligence that was worthy of investigation by the bureau to determine whether or not such cooperation or collusion was taking place,” he said. When asked about the nature of the information, he said all other details were classified.

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  • astrojohn says:

    And this guy is credible why? He’s just another Obama toady…One of the worst CIA directors in history.

  • nokabosh says:

    The FBI paid an ex MI6 agent a phony dossier on Trump and the Russians. Not even the NYT, etc., would publish it, at least not until Brennan briefed it to Trump giving it official status. Brennan knew then that the press would publish it. He’s one sly character.

  • Andy Palmer says:

    Anyone who believes anything Brennan says is a blind fool.

  • Lisaglopez says:

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  • elmcqueen3 says:

    Ex-CIA Director John Brennan has stated all details to date are “classified”…Who would have guessed otherwise?…Brennan works for the “deep state” shadow government (the 17 intelligence agencies)…Further more…”We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American Public believes is false”…William Casey, Director CIA 1981-1987…Hmmm…Got milk?

  • duncmck says:

    the original charter for the CIA FBI NSA etc. was to give America an edge with the aggressor highly organized utopia vampire maggots that hate the idea of liberty.they believe freedom means freedom to steel everything ..thats like saying it always rains when its they became the monster they were fighting..we are the enemy..self governing could be a horrifying threat to their existence.they now are artisians in the act of disinformation..the greatest of theater ..lying made an art.this is what intelligence is now used for for the social engineering of the cultural marxists..i sure hope there are white hats in the intelligence community.

  • Steve says:

    Brennan – another obama appointee / seditious traitor that needs to be investigated.

  • ATNOZ says:

    Brennan is protecting orange tan thin skin fat head bumbling protozoa trump.

  • Jmanjo says:

    Brennan cannot be trusted to tell the truth! His personal beliefs can’t help but shade his testimony! I think Gowdy was picking up on this as were others!

  • cordwinder says:

    Waterboarding this snake may get the answer,classified has become the way out for some.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    Now here we go, an Obama appointed CIA director and fellow muslim that can lie under their cult, and our oath to office is meaningless to them is setting up Trump for Comey to finish off, and continue to cover for Hellary! What a great set up by the Clinton and Soros cartel!!

    1. Retired says:

      Don’t forget Obama – UN – OWO/NWO and Bilderberg Group had a hand in it as well .

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        Yeah you’re right, they all have the same agenda!

        1. Retired says:

          Billy Boy and Obozo was their favorite puppet .

          1. Rodney Steward says:


  • Richard Bagenstose says:

    and i had lunch on the moon with elvis today,

  • Janis says:

    Does anybody REALLY believe this mumbly-mouthed tool anyway?

  • barbarakelly says:

    There was nothing to find -bimbo. It was all made up by Hillary and obama.!!!!

  • Michael Lloyd says:

    WOW! Spews some inflammatory crappola and when questioned/asked to elaborate – Ta-da! – out of the hat comes the old classified info bunny. Comey pulled it off successfully numerous times and now Brennan follows with his own prestidigitation.

    1. Retired says:

      It is a requirement to be a DemocRat ,lie and then lie some more ..

  • tryscavage says:

    I definitely saw a flying saucer land in Brennan’s back yard. I can’t say anything more about it because the ‘Men in Black Suits’ told me that I can’t.

  • DrBillLemoine says:

    It doesn’t take an ex-CIA Director to see the drumbeat of evidence showing close ties if not collusion between Trump campaign personnel including Trump himself and Russia(ns). Medal winners, television speakers, business dealers, phone callers, private meeters, cabinet members who laundered money, campaign chiefs who worked against democracy for Putin, obstructors of justice–all point to unethical, illegal, un-Constitutional doings subverting this good nation and abetting Putin’s efforts to undermine western democracies for his benefit. When will Republicans in congress join the drumbeat of reasonable people aiming for impeachment of Trump and jailing of his subordinates? We have treasonous activities here far worst than Nixon’s obstruction of justice and coverup for the Watergate plumbers.

    1. Climax says:

      Where is even the smallest piece of evidence to back up your statements? Is it the release of internal emails which Hillary and the Democrats sent to each other regarding how they were going to lie, cheat, and attempt to steal the election?

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        I’ve been very specific about my assertion, all coming from testimony by intelligence officials, past and present. We still have more to come. Plus we have yet to get testimony from actual persons of interest, subjects or targets, as they are called by professionals. None of this relates to Hillary; that was then, this is now. You might want to review Watergate, which showed a coverup that sank Nixon and company; it’s the closes thing we have to wrongdoing in 45 years this Russia-gate investigation. You also seem confused between Russian hacking plus subrosa election meddling and real campaign activities of Democrats.

        1. Retired says:

          What the hell does Watergate got to do with today . Hillary and ties to the commies is still today . Your DemonRats are at the bottom of the swamp like poop.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Investigation of Trump and associates with a special investigator has NOTHING to do with Hillary. Are you a used car salesman?

          2. Retired says:

            No, but it sounds like you are with the Political BS you present.

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            There is NO BS in what I’ve related here. It’s all in the public domain; but you don’t know it.

          4. Retired says:

            No it is not , you are playing the word game from the Media and the lies .No real hard evidence against Trump , but there sure was against the Clintons and Obamas .

          5. DrBillLemoine says:

            Trump has spent inordinate time and effort trying to squelch congress and intelligence and law enforcement agencies from investigating Russian contacts from his campaign and reign. Every question why? If not, you lack curiosity and patriotism when a foreign entity, Russia, is meddling with our democracy and elections. I wonder why? Coverups like firing Comey and Flynn, erecting walls like dismissing Manaforte and the other campaign manager, and asking congressional chairs and Comey to stop investigating are Watergate types of coverup for illegal activities, impeachable to the president. These are facts, not word games or lies. All hard evidence leading to further investigation for lawbreaking like Nixon and his cronies in 1972-74. It’s real hard evidence supplemented with every day that passes. And the surface has hardly been scratched in the investigation. Clinton and Obama are distractions by you, have no relevance to treason and lawbreaking in election hacking.

          6. Climax says:

            Evidence my good man. I want to see evidence, not rumor, not news reports which we all know are very bias. I assume that you condone Obama’s interference in the elections in Israel, or even Hillary’s attempt to dethrone Putin in Russia. That’s OK, but having Russia release hacked real emails that show how corrupt the Democrats really are is terrible. Take the academic blinders off and start using that gray matter between your ears for more than supporting your gray hair. This whole “Russian” think is a cooked up bunch of garbage by the Democrats because they all have egg on their faces after this last election.

          7. DrBillLemoine says:

            Comey notes, principals business records, testimony of persons of interest, subjects and targets are yet to emerge. But testimony so far is not rumor but intelligence agency findings by Brennan, for example. These come to us via media CSPAN and news outlets. I’m not responsible for your failure to follow the daily news from them, but it makes you look uninformed to post here without them. Obama is not relevant to Trump investigations. Why do you change the subject–afraid for your boy?
            Any alleged or real Democratic failures do not relate to possible lawbreaking and treason under investigation now. You simply raise smokescreens and deflections in your ignorance of the drumbeat of revelations every day. Bet you are a ‘birther’ if you think all this is cooked up nonsense. Congress, intelligence agencies and concerned Americans–not including you–are watching the developments unfold. Republicans like you are still afraid of impeachment post-1974 and Nixon. It’s coming again with Trump, another crook you should have known pre-election with his foundations fines and dissolved university–for illegal acts. You ignored those facts too.

          8. Climax says:

            You actually believe news reports and the media? I believe nothing this government does or reports anymore no matter who is in charge. I want to see clear cut evidence and I don’t care who says what as they are all liars. I want to see it come out of a court of law.

          9. DrBillLemoine says:

            You aren’t trying to convince me you don’t read a newspaper, listen to radio or watch tv news, are you? It’s patent nonsense in this information age. You should do what I do–take input from a wide variety of sources and think for yourself. Often I find public officials, reporters and others following my line. Meanwhile I’m dismayed that nobody in your classroom time, no one with any information in your life showed you how to glean truth from the media. If not, you are living in that alternate world we ordinary mortals laugh at, when we’re not crying for you.
            Also, articles of impeachment don’t come out of court rooms as presidents aren’t charged with crimes; Nixon in court cases sending his cronies up the river was labeled an ‘unindicted co-conspirator’, never tried. And in this case with national security at stake, not all the evidence will ever be made public which would reveal our intelligence capabilities to enemies including Russia. That’s why it was so wrong of Trump to take the Russian ambassador and foreign minister into the Oval Office and tell them top secret information. He simply is ignorant of security protocols. Tell me you aren’t that ignorant.
            And you are living a rather narrow impoverished life thinking all reporters are liars, as the world relies on them for much that is education, cultural and uplifting. And don’t act like you think nobody in court is ever sentenced wrongly to jail or even death. You simply aren’t credible with your lines of thinking.

          10. Climax says:

            Typical answer from a die heart democrat, attack when you have no real answer with substantial proof. Seems Trump receives the same treatment only from professionals.

          11. DrBillLemoine says:

            As a citizen, let alone a partisan, I keep up with national news and developments which are quickly going south under Trump and majority Republicans in localities and states, never mind national politics. It’s ideological, cruel, mindless and anti-American to watch Republicans talking and acting against ordinary people in favor of fat cats, including Trump himself. He’s clearly reigning for himself, to enhance his family brands and pocketbooks, trusting nobody and literally killing millions.

          12. Climax says:

            “The House Intelligence Committee was the site of a major showdown.

            Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan squared off with Trey Gowdy over the Trump campaign and allegations of collusion with Russia.

            But the intensity of Gowdy’s questions left everyone speechless.

            Conservatives have speculated for months that Brennan was one of the former Obama intelligence officials leaking classified information to the press about the Trump campaign and contacts with Russians.

            Every story always noted that no one saw evidence of collusion but the Trump-hating media always framed the stories to make them appear to be bombshells.

            Brennan was testified before the House Intelligence Committee and it quickly became apparent he was going to have to answer once-and-for-all about if he saw evidence of collusion.

            At first, he tried to dodge the question by claiming intelligence he saw created suspicions in his mind about the contacts between Trump officials and Russians.

            But Gowdy was not about to let him skate.

            He pressed him to answer if he saw evidence of collusion.

            Brennan was forced to back down and say he did not know.

            The Daily Caller reports:

            “I was aware of intelligence and information about contacts between Russian officials and US persons that raised concerns in my mind about whether or not those individuals were cooperating with the Russians…that served as the basis for the FBI investigation to determine whether such collusion, cooperation occurred,” Brennan explained.

            Gowdy, still unsatisfied, responded, “well, there are a bunch of words that start with ‘C’ floating around.”

            “I asked you about collusion, coordination, and conspiracy, and you used the word ‘contact,’” Gowdy said. “…Contact could be benign or not benign. So was it contact you saw…what was the nature of what you saw?”

            “I saw interaction,” Brennan said. “But I don’t know. I don’t have sufficient information to make a determination whether or not there was cooperation or complicity or collusion.”

            Trump continues to maintain that this whole Russia story is fake news and a hoax.

            Brennan’s testimony – which provided no evidence of collusion – backed up that claim.”

          13. Climax says:

            Then there is Obama sending people to Israel to interfere with their election . But that does not count when Democrats do it .This is all part of the Ploy to make Trump look bad .Schumer came right out and stated he and Pelosi will try to destroy Trump.

          14. DrBillLemoine says:

            You simply aren’t credible. Where is the quote from either Schumer or Pelosi trying to ‘destroy Trump’–much as he needs to be gone. There is no comparison of Hillary and Trump in treasonable campaign acts. You are grasping at ancient history straws.

          15. Climax says:

            Are you saying that Hillary is not guilty of Treason? Were you ever in the military or were you one of the draft evaders?

          16. DrBillLemoine says:

            Try to understand this written wording–Hillary is not responsible for Trump collusion with Russia or the cover up of any illegal acts of treason. This is about Trump and his ever-changing staffers.

          17. Climax says:

            Try to understand this written wording–Hillary was responsible for breaches in National Security while Secretary of State, operated a clandestine server which was not secure, evidence that other nations tapped it, and she was warned not to do it is a much more serious crime than what Trump, who is no angle has done. She should have been charged, arrested and tried, for treason and now be serving a term in prison. Right now Trump is no Angle but I would rather have him in office, given the choices, than a person as arrogant, nasty, and careless as Hillary has been.

          18. DrBillLemoine says:

            It’s you who ignore the facts that FBI found no indictable level of offense or lawbreaking against the nation to charge her. And the issue here is not Hillary, a deflection and false comparison, it’s Trump and cohort. Trump is not only no angel but the devil incarnate if you look at his proposed budget. He won’t be in office once Republicans wake up to the impending wave sweeping them from congress for following Trump and Ryan who heed them not. Just look at the townhall results for congress–where the members even bother to hold them: ordinary people at those meetings will hound from office anybody who follows Trump and Ryan policies or budgets. Simply condemning, one example, 24 million people to NO healthcare coverage in ACA will be enough to sweep Rs from office so the Democrats take over the House. Wake up to relevancy and treason.

          19. Climax says:


          20. Retired says:

            Show the figures that the Russians convinced to vote for Trump, name the people that the Russians got to vote for Trump ??? Show some solid evidence other than the media . Trump had intended on getting rid of Comey in December but you missed that in your liberal media , the final straw was Comey did nothing about the leakers running to the media .You also missed that . This whole Russia deal was started by your Broom Queen who is guilty of corruption and mishandling of classified information. there are people in prison for what she did. Comey came right out and said there will not be a judge to convict her for wrong doing , 90+% of our legal system is Democrats . You are bending over for Obama – Schumer and the Clintons . Obama stuck it to the retirees in the USA while giving Gov. employees 2% more raise ,why other than their vote .

          21. DrBillLemoine says:

            You’re making less sense all the time. The lawbreaking is collusion with Russians, not number of votes–no way to tell the latter. Show some thought.
            Trump was not president in December, had no power. Comey’s term ran for 10 years, so Trump would have to fire him directly, not like other Obama appointees whose terms run with the presidential term. Don’t you know the basics? Leaks occur when wrongdoing like obstruction and evasion of law are happening. That’s the Trump effect after lambasting intelligence agencies en masse and then displaying obstruction, collusion, not cooked up charges. Leaking is bad and understandable seeing Trump, so leakers are prepared to suffer consequences. But with Trump direct opposition based on facts result in firing–Comey and Yates, the NY District Attorney examining Trump.
            Facts speak for themselves if you keep your mind open and operating. Many like you are closed and eating the party line, which you try blaming on us.
            The judiciary Democratic??? That’s a laugh after Merrick Garland and McConnell stonewalling many Obama nominations for years. You really are a party shill, no independent thinking at all. Recall Obama was reelected by landslide.

          22. Retired says:

            Well you can’t come up with facts just like the Media , speculation is not fact and in this case it is to slow down Congress from moving forward . Trump was elected in Nov. but his planning had already started . Something you can NOT comprehend because it was not in the rags you read . There are no facts speaking for themselves yet , but there sure were for Clinton . Not a party member I vote on who the person is . You don’t talk about Reid and his obstruction under Obama . The only reason Obama won the second time was thanks to Federal Judges blocking Voter ID laws in2012 and reinstated them in 2013 . Bussing to the poles ran wild in my tri state area where early voting was held . Obamas Home state had Voter ID cards for decades yet he helped fight Voter ID laws .

          23. DrBillLemoine says:

            News stories have commentary and reporting. I could be a commentator, but here I used reportorial facts, confirmed typically by 2 or more sources. That’s not speculation, but in dynamic stories is subject to change. Not out of the ordinary, but not lies either. Can’t you tell the difference; I know I write professionally but sheeesh.
            It’s not the media, or tail, that wags the dog, or congress. Just the opposite for Dems. You might be right about foot dragging by Rs seeing polls that show what I’m telling you here, Rs are mired in the swamp and adding too it while sinking in the quicksand.
            Are you really trying to tell the world that Trump does any planning at all? There’s no evidence of that from his campaign promises now being trashed by the day, through his vetting of office nominees shown to be negligent or non-existent, to his wheel spinning in office–2 Muslim ban tries, firing Flynn, spending like a drunkard going to Mar-a-Lago every weekend, failing to bring his family to DC in the White House, failure to nominate 100s of political office nominees, and more.
            Aside, showing you how I am paying attention–voter suppression is not Constitutional, so courts strike down such laws. Also Reid was quite selective, if you paid attention, by rejecting poison pill legislation from the House and ideologue Ryan.
            Obama did not reinstate any voter registration laws that suppressed the vote–false story.
            Bussing of blacks from churches to the polls is not unusual and quite legal. Get over it; the mobilization was also suppressed in SCar and elsewhere as courts showed: ‘surgically’. The secret sauce here is not changing laws to suppress voting. Pay attention to words and phrasing–all have precise meanings you slide right over.

          24. Retired says:

            Here you go again with twisting things up , I never Used Obama in reversing voter ID laws { cant read and remember while spinning your wheels ] it was federal judges . The Bussing was across state lines and not in the community . For some reason you forget about those items . Plus no one mentioned Black except you ??? You are the one sliding with your BS and sinking in the Quick sand with your fellow politicians . You must live in NY ???

          25. DrBillLemoine says:

            You are confusing the issue on voter suppression.
            No voters bus across state lines to vote, excepting some college students: nonsense argument.
            Hellooooo? Voter suppression is all about blacks–again, don’t you know this?
            I have not run for public office but spent a life time around office holders and bureaucrats they select. My status throughout brought me to the attention of higher ups in both parties who wanted me to run for something, to support me, to have me advise them. Some were top executives in the nation and states, some were crooks who went to jail, some are crooks still free and kickin’. And once I lived in Yankeedom, New Netherland and New France.

          26. Retired says:

            The only voter suppression was to stop Illegals and criminals from voting which includes Whites and Hispanics .You are eating what the Union feeds you . I live where bussing went on thanks to early voting . You forget there is no cross reference between states and voter registration .

          27. DrBillLemoine says:

            No, you are spinning what courts deem illegal, not Constitutional. Aren’t you aware of PA R-party chair bragging about suppressing 800,000 voters; or, NC deemed surgically denying black voters; and more??? Again, you specify no reputable sources of info; small wonder with your positions. I peruse unions and the Heritage Foundation; don’t you. Voting in the Constitution via Electoral College is a State issue, and radical righties are acting to suppress. How is it a politico like you doesn’t know these things and chooses to be an immoral, unethical and illegal supporter?

          28. Retired says:

            You are one sick puppy that twists everything up , you are the one supporting Illegals , is it that you are one ???? You are like a dog that chases his tail and never catches it .

    2. Retired says:

      Still at it spreading media BS without proof , but won’t talk about Clintons campaign being in touch with the Commies , you forget Chinas Gov. is still more communist than Russia . Did you miss the article about the CIA under Obamas term . Oh I forgot you DemoRats do not talk about that .

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        You can make your own judgments as I have done about wrongdoing by Trump and company. If you overlook the facts, it’s simply ignoring potential treason and high crimes committed by Trump and company. Your Hillary facts are not germane, talk of distinctions without a difference between two adversaries, and there was no problem with CIA under Obama.

        1. Retired says:

          If Trump is so guilty without proof, why isn’t Hillary with Proof . Where are the facts on Trump ??? If China is so great why did the CIA create the death of Chinese informants under Obama ???

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            All irrelevant issues.

          2. Retired says:

            Everything is irrelevant with you by not having the answer to a question .Where are the facts ????

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            Are you not paying attention to the drumbeat of revelations about Russia intruding on American elections and repeated Trump associates contacting Russians? All I’ve written is fact and we have yet to hear from the principals in testimony to either Mueller or congressional committees. I don’t have to be hit with a 2 X 4 to get a message. Do you?
            Answer me this question: why are Trump personally and his close colleagues spending so much time trying to defer investigation and hide facts about Russian contacts the past year unless there’s something wrong?

          4. Retired says:

            You are the one that needs the 2×4 . You are so dense that this Russia Bull is to take and waste congress time to do nothing with the hopes of the Democrats ca gain control in 2018 , you need to be hit by a semi to understand that .The Democrat in my state needs to and will pack up in 2018 . The Republicans want to move on and you Demo Rats won’t over something Clinton started over 2 years ago . that is how far gone you are and still have not presented any proof other than what the Media puts out .You are beating a dead horse and going no where .

          5. DrBillLemoine says:

            Actually having congress and the White House waste time and effort is a Russian goal–to discredit our nation and its democratic institutions. Don’t you study espionage and treason at all? It may very well lead to Dems taking over congress in 2018 to stop the swamp from overflowing with Trump cronies and crap.
            There’s no ‘move on’ with such vital undermining of our nation and its primary institution voting. You are some patriot (not) if you don’t get that. And even the budget, executive orders and speeches by Trump show that HIS moving forward is a disaster for the poor, workers and middle class of this nation. Don’t you know his budget aims; what about his ‘Muslim ban’ executive orders (ruled unconstitutional), gutting environmental protections, stripping $850 billion from Medicaid to give rich men a tax cut? Do you favor those, not to mention killing some fraction of 24 million people kicked off Obamacare when Ryan’s Trump-sponsored AHCA bill gets passed (if not amended)? And just where do you get your information, if not the media–Trump tweets? lol
            I peruse data from conservative to liberal sites, unlike you getting spin and faux news. Aren’t you even aware that the swamp of Fox (comedy) News is being drained finally? The only thing dead here is your brain.

          6. Retired says:

            It is Schumer’s and Pelosi’s goal to disturb congress from carrying out their job they were sworn to do. Schumer came right out and stated he will do anything and everything to stop Trump. Why don’t you talk about the money taken from Medicare and used for Medicaid ??? You have swallowed the media hook line and sinker . Where in the Constitution is it written that the US Gov. is required to give FREE health care . You don’t talk about Biden connection in the Ukraine and Reid connection to sell land to China that is still run by a Communist Gov. ,WHY ???? Are you a member of the Communist party ???

          7. DrBillLemoine says:

            I notice you keep dodging and weaving around the issues, never addressing anything raised by me or the author. Why is that?
            In the discussion of Russia-Trump connections, you bring up congress, but not intelligence committee work. I understand there’s nothing to say or rebut, but you plow ahead and don’t admit anything. Here its minority leaders, irrelevant to Trump’s lawbreaking trends and actions. Also, Medicare–nothing there related to treason or emoluments, another issue.
            More irrelevancies–Biden has nothing to do with Trump collusion with Putin; healthcare is not related to Flynn, Lewandowsky, Page, Manaforte schmoozing with Russian oligarchs and Putin. Then you mention China, not at all in this picture of treason and lapdogging for Russia. Trump and his campaign/White House people are the commies, and unwittingly you and other Trump supporters. It’s a hoot you try to turn that around on me. lol Get off the air till you know something, have an opinion or want to engage in debate.

          8. Retired says:

            Dodging the Issue is your favorite game . Who is feeding the media other than Obama – Schumer and Clintons so where does the Intelligence committee get their feed from ???? What law breaking trends are you talking about the Clinton foundation ??? You are the one that needs to get off the air with your hate for the USA that you spew daily against your President , are you a Muslim that hates the USA . You never want to hear the wrong doings of the control freaks Demon Rats that support you Muslims .

          9. DrBillLemoine says:

            Give me a break, comedian. Obama is out of office. Ditto, Clinton. Nobody’s bringing charges but you. It’s old news. Try to keep up with the new, not faux news. I told you my sources; what are yours??? lol
            Abiding the Constitution is now hate??? You are a lost child. Clintons, once again, aren’t in the Russian collusion investigation of Trump campaign. Try to remember. Trump is also my president and I don’t like him one bit–ACA, Medicare, Medicaid, health and arts Institutes, environmental regulations, all scheduled for cuts or undermining. You hate retirees, ill people, the poor, researchers, artisans, people who breathe and drink clean water now. And now you distract with Muslims. In science it’s called Brownian movement, random movement–your brain.

          10. Retired says:

            Funny thing is you Demon Rats do NOT want talk about the Criminals you elect . If only the dead could talk . I told you before NO pay TV. Obama is the one that screwed the Retirees plus you forget the $1200.00 stolen from your SS check decades ago . Ever since Gov. stuck their nose into health care premiums went up instead of clamping down on the Insurance industry . Better look into how much money the gave to Billy Boy -Obama and Hillary for their campaign , it was a lot more than Republicans ever received . You educators all talk alike BS as long as you get your money from the tax payer for a part time job.

          11. DrBillLemoine says:

            Attention span getting short; unable to focus this long? You are getting into fuzzy thinking again. Stick to the Trump problem to keep my attention; that’s my concern, not rehashing all your ancient faux history against Democrats.

          12. Retired says:

            Typical Demon Rat , get cornered and avoid answering to what really goes on .Like I said you Educators are all alike Milk the Tax payer for every penny .That is not ancient history like you bringing up Watergate and Nixon .Why not go back to the Murder of Kennedy done by commies you support .

          13. DrBillLemoine says:

            My field of education is hardly ‘milking’ anybody. I can be slippery when required, but not in these pages facing such dodging and weaving as you do. Some fresh air and reality are always in order here.
            And if memory serves, it was Ted Cruz’s family, not mine, involved in the killing of Kennedy. Remember now?

          14. Retired says:

            Not only are you slippery but also slimy with your BS . You was a educator and getting paid from the taxpayer that also funds your health insurance ..The union also sends also send you updates of what the Democrats are opposing . Now you are Claiming Ted is related to the supposed killer of Kennedy , just proves how sick you are

          15. DrBillLemoine says:

            You seem grossly mis- and under informed. My upbringing was in Yankeedom where education and community are emphasized, schooled in New Netherland central to education, culture and finance in the nation, and lived/worked in New France with racial, cultural, religious and political freedom. In none of these places was I envied or hated by taxpayers while working for them, occasionally as a union member. Add private personal and corporate enterprise and I’ve got plenty of support, common sense and other assets you would envy.
            BTW Trump, your boy, accused Cruz of complicity in the JFK matter, more gaps in your knowledge. Try to keep up.

          16. Retired says:

            What ever you say , you union hacks are all alike selling your soul to the Satan .

          17. DrBillLemoine says:

            Guess you better stick to your romantic Tom Clancy and James Patterson novels and stay away from real politics.

          18. Retired says:

            I see that a nerve was struck and the guilty party answered . If it was not for Gov. unions democrats would not be around anymore .

          19. DrBillLemoine says:

            You realize of course that American worker wages have stagnated for a generation due to Republican suppression. That means your wages too. You are a party hack.

          20. Retired says:

            Every body got hurt over the decades except for Gov. union and other Gov. workers . Just look at the bonus figures in the Business section this month for Gov. workers . I told you before not a party member are you that dense ???

          21. DrBillLemoine says:

            Instead of flat lined with unions preserving jobs and salaries, if not benefits, wages would go down including yours. Simply look at Republican budgets, Trump faux ‘job preservation’, efforts to undercut unions at every turn–Republicans fear anything that prevents more money from funneling to fat cats who already rake in 90% of current national income. Guess you approve of that, maybe are a fat cat yourself. Most of us are not and regret the myopic view of the increasingly right wing party ruled by the rich with workers staying in place dutifully instead of striking out for more income. BTW in our consumer driven economy, Trump is delusional thinking stagnant wages can produce 3% or more growth. No business or corporation will increase production when disposable income you ignore is not there and increasing. One stat doesn’t make an economic picture.

          22. Retired says:

            You keep proving how dense you are by changing the subject .The Fat Cats at the UNION you don’t talk about and then there are many Fat Cats in the Democrat party that run Businesses .Did you ever try to fire a educator NO , teachers are like Lawyers they stick together like glue and cry like babies .

          23. DrBillLemoine says:

            That’s what we’re starting to say about your leader Trump and his supporters.

          24. Retired says:

            You keep getting your Brother Obama Mixed up with Trump.

  • Chris says:

    Brennan better be careful, he won’t get another free pass lying to Congress. This latest version is contrary to the last one. He’s already been found to have lied once, so he has no credibility. He’s a shill for Obama and deserves to be prosecuted for lying to Congress the last time. When people who are credible say they saw no evidence, who should be believed?

  • US Patriot says:

    No credibility at all! I believe Brennan is a member of the Communist Party in the USA.

  • Webb says:

    Collusion…Our super agencies have been looking and reviewing these alleged charges since July 2016!
    Then Put in place at Obama’s request for an investigation in December 2016…four and a half months later, Conjecture Only!
    We Wait…
    For these same agencies to look at The DNC and Hillary’s Campaign…

  • Big Ed says:

    It seems I’ve heard this same story a dozen different times, stated by almost as many different liars. The story goes, “Yes, I’ve seen information which demands further investigation about the Trump-Russian collusion.” Tell us about what you’ve seen. “I can’t say a word about it because the information is all classified.” Pretty nice-got lots of information showing Trump to be a criminal, but all of it is classified (so, no-one else can see it, or hear about it,or talk to anyone who has seen it) but, just to be safe, Trump should probably be impeached, or killed, or something. They call it our Justice System!

  • cathylovesyou says:

    Brennan a Muslim and Communist should be in jail.

  • McFerguson says:

    Lyin’ bastard, Brennan, lacked the guts to come forward when it counted. This is the history of liberals; weasels without conviction or guts leveling charges after the game is over.

  • disqus_BAvz0LV7zw says:

    Brennan is a Muslim planted by Obama, now one of the 30,000 strong of Obama’s Shadow Government, Brennan is a Muslim convert. He married a Muslim woman, and now one of the armies of Obama protecting and providing cover-up for Obama and Clinton. Brennan, Jarrett, 5 MB WH policy advisors,
    Brennan facilitates the influx of Muslim refugee program of Obama to transform the US to his “hope and change”

    Clapper and Brennan had already said that there was no collusion with Russia and Trump. Now is he reversing his statement to defend the goals of Obama and Hillary of destroying the US?

  • Daniel W says:

    Smells like he said that she said that I said that you said that they said????. Oh what tangled webs we weave whence we seek to deceive

  • Name says:

    The Muslim was sharp seeing fake evidence, but when he served the other Muslim he was always blind to real evidence.

  • ch says:

    Brennan the muslime convert. I would believe comey before I would believe him. He has a track record of lying. Of course, the “its classified” cop out.

  • Gregg Jensen says:

    Brennan converted to Islam? From what? Guiness or Watney’s?

    Man, that is suspect. What does he like about the religion? The Hollywood costumes, the guns and knives, the Snack Bar?

  • Glen says:

    More deep state bull shit!

    Mr Trump keep draining that swamp and do not forget what your supporters want for America, “Make America Great Again”.

  • klsparrow says:

    “I saw information and intelligence that was worthy of investigation”. Brennan refused to describe what he saw, and declined to say whether he
    thinks the information showed that Trump’s team was colluding with
    Russia. Cannot tell you more it is classified. The people are a real piece of work. Her is the proof of Trump Russia I saw, unnamed told me, it is classified, reading over the phone. With classified material coming out everyday the proof of a trump Russia connection stays hidden. Put the hard proof out there are could it be all we have is I saw, unnamed, read over the phone. Also keep in mind the Brennan like Comey and Clapper have lied before before congress. I would love to see Brannan, Clapper Comey on the stand with a good defense lawyer asking them questions show me where the proof is not I saw are heard it over the phone BS

  • Ken says says:

    If Brennan was CIA Director and saw this – what the hell was he doing – working some of Barry O’s special projects?

  • Ironmike4610 says:

    Brennon is as full of $h-it as the rest of those demo monkey-tu*ds!

  • Jerry says:

    Trash talking trash…

  • Patrick Dougherty says:

    Brennan speaks 3 languages. first the English language, then political, and now he is fluent in caca, of the ancient Democratic political language, wher in, you may speak full sentences and say Nothing

  • Humble Servant says:

    I believe if Mr. Brennan saw information and intelligence worthy to look into Trump and his people why the HELL could he not see what was going on with Obama and Clinton’s? I believe Mr. Brennan needs to face the facts that he is just a puppet in this political arena and should go sit down. Your information is of no interest because your credibility is tainted by your past bad decisions.

    1. Ken says says:

      Did anyone really expect Brennan to bite the boss in the ass……well in Barry’s case – let’s not go there.

      1. Retired says:

        To busy kissing it .

    2. Marshell Foss says:


    3. Retired says:

      It just proves how much corruption is in WDC ..

  • E James Maggio says:

    we are supposed to believe this liberal, not. Muslims are told to lie about any and every thing

  • Webb says:

    Closed Hearings…Are we as Americans unable to access facts. If there is Proof, put it on the table to be viewed by ALL. All in Congress has contact with Russians, do we know if they Colluded? Brennan had zip…
    Republicans need to get on with Legislation and let this investigation go where ever…so far No Where!
    How many in the Federal Government and Congress has received foreign Money for different reasons…Will all of them be Investigated for Collusion?

    1. klsparrow says:

      I agree closed hearing BS. Put all you have plus names on the table for all to see. If this more important than anything else in the world like the government spying on political opposition. Seems that is no big deal. I don’t think they have jack shit on trump- but they have a direct Russian connection with Hillary. Republicans are afraid of the Clinton’s they don’t want to end up on the Clinton dead list as # 54

  • JC says:

    Brennan is a traitor —he is a lying commie Muslim bastard —and needs to be charged with crimes against the American people

  • Christine Cuneo says:

    More lies from the resistance. No story

  • jimahrens says:

    Talk is cheapYou all sit here and yap about all the crap yes it is pure horseshit that is covering Washington with a blanket of stench. Corruption on both sides You might go as far as saying smiling bedfellows. So you all going to talk or actually do something about it.

    1. Webb says:

      We did…Voting Trump Not Hillary!

  • florida3guy says:

    Brennan is nothing but an evil liar.

  • Climax says:

    The funny part of all this “conspiracy” stuff is that the Democrats process caused Hillary to lose the election. It WAS the Americans who actually did the voting and were of course left with the selection of the lesser evil of two candidates. In their opinion, Trump would be less harmful and chose him in spite of all the cheating, voter fraud, lying, and conspiracy that the Democratic Party pandered into, and got caught with their pants down, with the email leaks. The Russians, if indeed they did anything which has not been proven yet, only assured that the Democratic Party internal dirty tricks, fraud, and cheating emails, got exposed. Why did the Russians, in particular Putin, do this? Because Hillary acted against Putting politically and tried to harm him in his elections. It was time for Payback, which as we all know payback is hell. So if the Russians did expose internal Democratic communications, what harm did it cause to expose the truth about them to the American Public. Are we not better off knowing the truth? It appears the Democrats are still in the lying, cheating, and fraud mode as they are trying to shift the blame for their massive losses in 2016 to the Russians or Trump, and not accept their own unethical actions caused their losses and will again in 2020 if they keep this up.

    1. gvette says:

      Now you know why Killary wanted Assange dead!

    2. Retired says:

      Then there is Obama sending people to Israel to interfere with their election . But that does not count when Democrats do it .This is all part of the Ploy to make Trump look bad .Schumer came right out and stated he and Pelosi will try to destroy Trump.

      1. ipsd48 says:

        …………..and Obama sending $4 billion to the dissidents in Ukraine to finance the coup.

    3. ipsd48 says:

      You missed one critical event that lead to Russia hacking american computers: As soon as Obama appointed Clapper to the CIA Clapper began a campaign of hacking Russian computers.
      Could anyone REASONABLY expect a lesser response from Russia than hacking in return?

  • Peter says:

    If an incoming Amdiminstration makes contact with foreign powers, then that means collusion? Any excuse possible to undermine Trump.

    1. ch says:

      Where is the outrage over the picture of Schumer eating breakfast with Putin. Only democraps can have Russian connections?

      1. gvette says:

        I have to chuckle. You know what the DemonRATS do, is OK. They cab do no wrong, just ask them!! I guess Maxine socialist Waters having millions invested in Russia is ok too.

        1. Retired says:

          You got it two sets of standards .

          1. gvette says:

            Good day, my friend. You are correct. Then if you think on it a bit, there might be three. Left, right, and the KKKlintons!

          2. Retired says:

            Howdy , isn’t it amazing how the USA got into this mess , thanks to computers people can dig for the truth .

          3. gvette says:

            Well that’s what we do. To bad AK won’t. She just uses her DemonRAT talking points…LOL.

          4. Retired says:

            Have you noticed DrBill , he another one with a good line of BS .

          5. gvette says:

            Funny you bring him up. I’ve not seen him much lately. LOL..he is really impressed with himself. As i’ve said to him, he’s a legend in his own mind!

          6. Retired says:

            He is right here on this page .

          7. gvette says:

            Some days I just don’t feel like doing a lot of research, to prove him wrong, which by the way he still never likes. I’m just not in the mood today. Ok, I’ll ask. What crap is he spewing?

          8. Retired says:

            His usual anti Trump and pro Clinton – Obama defense .

          9. gvette says:

            LOL…I just nailed him. Oh, look, I see a new notification. Let’s see if it’s Bob!

        2. Steve Spatola says:

          Her husband was caught with some bank fraud in an LA regional bank. Any consequences? Hell no! She screamed during the Rodney King riots to burn baby, burn! What a POS she is!

          1. gvette says:

            In her case, the pot calling the kettle black!

      2. Steve Spatola says:

        I think Trump has lots of dirt on that sewer frog, Scummer! You can’t be from NYC and not have skid marks on your shorts. He is waiting for the right time to turn the frog gig in to him.

      3. Steve Spatola says:

        Maybe Vlad can invite him to a nice KGB brunch? Kind of like the one Andrew Breitbart had at the Obama’s.

    2. Retired says:

      All the Commies and Middle East people that the Clintons dealt with was NO Collusion ??? What a joke .

    3. Rodney Steward says:

      But Podesta recieved $35 million from Russia!! htt://the And yes, they’re doing everything possible to undermine Trump!!

  • Reality99r says:

    Wonder if he saw evidence supporting investigations into the IRS, Benghazi, the Clintons involvement into the Russian uranium sale, Seth Rich’s death, Deep State leaks, etc.?

    1. Ken says says:

      Yes – he was very involved providing cover for all the Barry Bullshlt

    2. klsparrow says:

      You kidding they buried that so deep that it would take a backhoe to dig it up. All this done with the help of Republican RINO group like McCain, Graham and Rubio

      1. maxx says:

        You’ve got that correct.

      2. Dee says:

        I agree there ! That bum Rubio has become As Big a Sell Out as McCain and graham !

      3. Steve Spatola says:

        McCain has tarnished his war hero status by being an accomplished drunk, Flimsy Graham is a mama’s boy and Rubio is a 54 Chevy cab driver that bans cigar smoking in his hack!

        1. Olaf Thunderfoot says:

          Hey now, a 54 Chevy cab would be awesome, rubio would drive a prius because of “global warming.”

    3. Name says:

      Yes. He saw all of it with the blind eye.

    4. Dee says:

      Another Corrupt person . I read that Brennan was the one who started this witch hunt and eventually If Done Right it will expose him , obumma and rice . I sure hope so . They all wanted to destroy Trump ” especially ” if he won which he did . The thing that bothers me is these bums Lie and they get all the time in the world to cover their tracks .

    5. Michael Lloyd says:

      Yes but it was too dark to clearly discern especially with the sleep blinders on.

    6. Steve Spatola says:

      Brennan was on his knees pointed toward Mecca with his ass in the air and his head was buried there too.

  • Askjrsk says:

    What does that mean I saw worthy of investigation…… We all see worthy of investigation of Brennan all Obamas Muslims worthy of prison or worse for treason espionage and treason hearsay is not allowed in a court of law. But a low life appointee by OBAMA of Brennan, Brennan wouldn’t know that..

    1. E James Maggio says:

      I see Hillary worthy to be investigated again for her many crooked dealings with emails and the Clinton foundation for sure and also Bengazi

      1. Steve Spatola says:

        Don;t forget her sale of 20% of American uranium to the Ruskies for a nice donation to the Klinoing Krime Korporation. Nothing to see there I guess.

  • calhar says:

    You can take what this senile old democrat says with a grain of salt.It was probably funneled to him from Democratic headquarters.

    1. Carline D. Long Jr. says:

      or straight from obama

    2. ipsd48 says:

      Keep in mind that what he ‘saw’ was probably the Steele dossier, and was told it had been confirmed.
      Now we know better.

  • Ramon1710 . says:

    Brennan is even less credible than Comey, if that is possible. Smells like taqiyya.

    “Mr. Brennan did convert to Islam when he served in an official capacity on the behalf of the United States in Saudi Arabia,” former FBI Islam expert John Guandolo stated.

    1. maxx says:

      And muslims have a special word they use for lying which is about all we need to know about Brennan.

      1. skipsart says:

        Yes, Ramon just stated that. The word is “taqiyya”

      2. elmcqueen3 says:

        To a Muslim…lying is an asset and is commonly practiced within their daily lives…Just take a good look at the 8 years of the Obama administration…now you know.

        1. Lisaglopez says:

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    2. Michael Lloyd says:

      Taqiyya with a little creative help from Tequila.

    3. elmcqueen3 says:

      That explains everything…an Obama mole.

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