Fort Hood soldiers say Army warned them off Tea Party, Christian groups

October 24, 2013

Don’t donate to the tea party or to evangelical Christian groups — that was the message soldiers at a pre-deployment briefing at Fort Hood said they received from a counter-intelligence agent who headed up the meeting.

If you do, you could face punishment — that was the other half of the message, as reported by Fox News.

The briefing was Oct. 17, and about a half-hour of it was devoted to discussion about how perceived radical groups — like tea party organizations and the Christian-based American Family Association — were “tearing the country apart,” one unnamed soldier said, to Fox News.

Among the remarks the agent allegedly made: Military members who donate to these groups would be subject to discipline under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the soldier reported.

Liberty Institute has stepped in to investigate. Michael Berry, one of the nonprofit’s attorneys, said he has been advising the soldier about his options — but that in the meanwhile, he said the American public should be on guard.

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  • Steven Webster says:

    I am a Christian raised by Christians, veterans each and everyone. There are no atheist in foxholes, and couldn’t drive a straight pin up ———- with a sledge hammer. From F&F too present it just keeps getting worse, and we still cannot get honest answers about F&F. Obama speech 09262012

  • bruce_baker says:

    The SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) is responsible for this filth. They send out a “newsletter” every month to every teacher and every law-enforcement agency in America. The FBI confreres with them in compiling their “hate list”. We need to hold our elected representatives accountable and get them to remove this pernicious influence from our institutions, and especially from those who influence the thinking of our children.

  • liberalinlove says:

    You guys believe Fox News. Really! They have been to court and are recognized as entertainment news and therefore do NOT need to be factual. Any serious fact checker can find so many falsehoods in their stories. Any person bearing false witness in my book has broken one of the ten commandments and is therefore suspect. Especially when it is a habit. How in the world did I get this link! As an Evangelical Christian, I take my faith very seriously and absolutely find this site suspicious. If President Obama says he knelt before the cross many years ago and asked for the blood of Jesus to wash away his sins, because we are all sinners and in need of forgiveness, then I’m going to take his personal testimony over a bunch of loony bins who can’t read history, can’t fact check and listens to faux news. And if our president believes our constitution was divinely inspired as he has stated and written about, and has a deep and abiding respect for it, I’m going to take his words, written long before he became president. You don’t have to like his policies, but really folks. Christians will stand before the Lord one day and give an account for every word coming from their mouths. Slander, and bearing false witness are never excused.

    By the way disinformation is brought to you by large corporate donors wishing to gut the constitution and become the plutocracy who will take away your rights. Follow the money people. FACT check. Do you really believe Rupert Murdoch has your best interest at heart.

    1. Fightn mad says:

      Idiots like liberalinlove are what is hurting this country. They don’t
      want to see the truth about the Muslim communist in the white House.Time to impeach him and undo every act of treason he has imposed on this country.

      1. liberalinlove says:

        Yep, I used to be one of you guys, but then I started to research and read! You are a pawn and a sorry one at that! By the way Liberalinlove is a biblical term. As a Christian I have NO choice but to look at truth. Is it true? Can I prove it is true? What if it isn’t truth. How would I be different if it wasn’t true! Try looking at the whole of the bible. You don’t get to make up your own facts.

        Try, politfact, fact If you can read an entire speech, you can see where the spin is doctored, including pictures and places to say what you want to hear. By the way, it is a mark of an immature person/society to look for a villain under every rock and play the victim role. It is called belief perseverance, when in spite of clear evidence, you will cling to your rumor mills, rather than stepping up and problem solving.

  • Beenie Kelley says:

    I don’t believe a word of this story.

    1. liberalinlove says:

      Thank you!

  • f8tule says:

    correct.. Do not donate any of your ammunition into one single AMERICAN CITIZEN, but instead when ordered to, turn around and arrest the officer that gave a TREASONOUS order… it’s that simple.. And thank you for doing what a lot would not and take for granted.. My prayers are with you

  • kkgenesis says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with Ranchman. Our country is going downhill quickly. We’re losing our constitutional freedoms, and being overrun by the muslims & the communists. Our so called ‘leader’ is NOT for the American people. He should be impeached and tried for treason! Yes, America needs to Wake up and we need to take our country back. The country that so many brave men and women have fought and died for…to keep it free! But we are definitely losing that freedom.

  • CaptGene says:

    Welcome to 1930’s germany (lcit) or stalin’s russia.This time, instead of going after the Jews, it’s Christians and Constitutionalists. But I’m preaching to the choir. The useful idiots will cheer this saying they don’t have to speak because they’re neither Christian nor Constitutionalists. I wonder: After Christians and Constitutionalists are all gone, who will speak for the useful idiots?

  • zulu says:

    The very men who stand to give their all to support America’s freedoms have none. That sucks! This country is sick and it starts at the top. Those who elected the idiot don’t have a clue that they’ll be on the losing end too.

  • larrymc51 says:

    More Anti-America agenda from the, Racist Muslim Extremist in the White House, and Congress

  • JuneUSA says:

    The terrorists have already taken over and they are under the command of the biggest traitor to the USA, B.Obama. It is time for a slow walk to Washington D.C. to deliver the You are fired to all of congress and the President and his cabinet. No weapons, no threats, just each with a copies of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They may not believe in them but we do and they are the law. Obama’s executive orders do not cancel them out. First we need to march on each of our capitols.

  • JohnHD says:

    There should be immedate Lawsuits filed against the persom who made thins comment. Whaqt kind of creaps are we letting in our army, rhar will allow sich a hing tro nwppen. If this is all we have now wonder we are sliding backwards in our desire to be true Americans.

  • Noah Rosenblum says:

    This is BullSh-t!!!!!
    I say donate to the tea party, vodka party, any party except for the Muslim Brotherhood GANG.

  • Saied Arvanetes says:

    I’m a Muslim. You guys are seriously stupid on the Far Right. Like Seriously Ignorant guys. Your allowing your insecurities that you have about your Religion Foster the Hate towards mine because you don’t have any ability to debate a Religious Point out in the Open. So the result is just an ignorant wave of hatred towards a group you have absolutely no knowledge about. Meanwhile, the corporate Gov’t is eating up your ignorance like candy and using us as a boogie man to now back and take all your rights away because you fools were stupid enough to start a big enough fire to justify their actions as “What the People Want!” Stop complaining when the chickens come home to roost. You made this bed. Now sleep under surveillance clowns.

  • Linda Jean says:

    I never thought I would see a day like this, just proves the president we have today is so against the Christian values or he wouldn’t allow this kind of discrimination go on!

  • truepatriotintx says:

    Gee, maybe they should have actually warned them about a real threat, which was Major Hassan. When our military becomes “PC”, we are doomed.

  • modernminuteman says:

    funny how they don’t warn them about muslims like major Hussein Nidal who murdered american soldiers! oh no the Tea Party who stands for God, country and our Constitution are the evil ones according to Obama who sicked his IRS on them! our soldiers are too smart to fall for this crap the know Obama is the enemy not the Tea Party!

    1. truepatriotintx says:

      More soldiers need to stand up and refuse to obey orders from a fraudulent CIC. He has no right to give them any orders.

      1. modernminuteman says:

        a-men my brother! each day more americans are waking up to Obama’s and the progressives tyranny.

  • Hoodoo H says:

    The Muzzie should be at the end of a rope after a trial for Treason. How dare folks put up with the Commies barking orders. Who has a spine anymore?

  • Ranchman says:

    “the American public should be on guard?!?” No, the American people should rise up under arms to thwart the Communist and Muslim apologist in the White House! We should have NEVER given this man the presidency, he can’t even be honest about his personal documentation, any of it! The man is a fraud and a liar, he should be in prison! Wake up America, take your country back!

    1. Rattlerjake says:

      I’m so tired of people wanting to put Obuthead in prison. This traitor has committed the most egregious violations to this country and the Constitution. He needs to be hung; along with the rest who have stood with him. Prison, what a joke!

  • As a christian I am hurt and offended. Usually that works to change policy, someone “may be hurt and offended….”

    1. truepatriotintx says:

      Sorry, you’re not in a protected class where that matters.

    2. zulu says:

      Who cares if someone is offended. They sure don’t care about offending us. I think we’ve turned the other cheek a little too much to the left.

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