Homeland Security sounds alarm over ‘terrorist travel,’ backs up Trump’s case for temporary ban

June 7, 2017

Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly sounded a loud alarm Tuesday over an “unprecedented spike in terrorist travel” including to the U.S., moving to shore up the defense of the administration’s travel ban one day after President Trump’s tweets seemed to undercut his case before the Supreme Court.

The threat from terrorist “foot soldiers” is as great as ever, he said, and they are returning from training in Iraq and Syria home to Europe with orders to attack. Mr. Kelly said he expects some will try to reach the U.S. — but his hands have been tied by the federal courts.

The secretary dismissed accusations that Mr. Trump’s latest travel ban executive order discriminates against a
religion, saying the president was relying on lists drawn up by Congress and the Obama administration to single out six countries for a 90-day halt.

“These are countries that are either unable or unwilling to help us validate the identities and backgrounds of persons within their borders,” he told the Senate Homeland Security Committee. “Bottom line, I have been enjoined from doing these things that I know would make America safe, and I anxiously await the court to complete its action, one way or the other, so I can get to work.”

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  • DrBillLemoine says:

    Once again I repeat that the Obama basis of this illegal travel ban is misused. Obama via his SecState was limiting TRAVEL of Americans TO nations identified as having excessive internal terrorism and jeopardy to Americans. Trump wants to use the name and status of Obama to justify his illegal ban based strictly on Islamic terrorists, a religious ban and therefore non-constitutional as pointed out for 2 consecutive editions of a Trump Executive Order to stop Islamists from entering the USA. Obama is different and not usable for travel ban of foreigners, nor designed for such. Meanwhile Trump is on record for months past right up to this week that his travel ban IS religious in nature. Let’s see accurate reporting on this issue including proper interpretation of all aspects, so as not to paint courts, judges or the law and judicial decisions as anything other than legitimate and simply doing their jobs, interpreting the law and EOs according to law, precedent and the facts.

  • Webb says:

    The president was relying on lists drawn up by Congress and the Obama administration to single out six countries for a 90-day halt…
    Democrats supported and applauded Obama…Now its a different story.
    Safety under Obama was fine but under Trump its a bad idea…
    We should have a five year Ban on all Muslim countries keeping out Muslim immigrants, not from a view point of religion or race but for Safety period!!

  • Rodney Steward says:

    The new Dem. party wants to bring down America anyway, they still love the words of Obama, we’re going to fundamentally change America, and just look at it, one heck of a mess! We’re basically in a civil war right now, the blood just hadn’t started yet!

  • McFerguson says:

    Once again liberals must be taught what to most people is just common sense. Radical Islamist extremists want to kill us. Hello? Still, the loony libs figure if they can get enough illegals from anywhere living in sanctuary cities through out the U.S., sooner or later they’ll get into the electoral system. And when they do, they’ll vote democrat. This is their game. If a few thousand people have to get blown up in restaurants or get run down on the street, that’s the game they’re willing to play to acquire power.

    1. Marymgilmore says:

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  • podunk1 says:

    If we’ll look up the word discrimination (choice with discerned deliberate thought), AMERICA MIGHT WAKE UP and save itself from Armageddon!!! Alinski’s Rules for Radicals “rules” with chaos and mayhem within American government! The muslim religion in the countries banned IS ACTIVELY AT WAR AGAINST THE CORE PRINCIPLES OF SUPREME CONSTITUTION LAW… which fundamentally is “to the contrary… and notwithstanding” in ANY US COURT!…!

    If May BLS 254,588,000 workforce population INCREASED 179,000 and employed people DECREASED 233,000*, how can unemployment be “best in years”, especially if the 1997/2008 avg. pre-Obama 66.50066% work-force ratio would generate 119,000* COMPARABLY more THAN REPORTED work-forces & jobs for natural population increases! Unemployment was 352,000* (0.2%) jobs WORSE than April, and that doesn’t begin to address the HIDDEN employment apocalypse over the last 8 years! If Trump buys into this scam, the USA will die!
    Real May 2017 BLS published data on a consistent and comparable basis with 12 years (1997/2008) are disastrous… over 5 times worse than the 4.3% reported!! (BLS A1) IF Workforce @ 66.50066% of (254,767,000) w/f-population is 169,422,000; THAT MINUS EMPLOYED (BLS A1) (152,923,000) people, adjusted by (BLS B2) @34 .4hr. instead of 40-full-time says full-time-jobs worked/paid is 131,514,000; and the difference EQUALS 37,908,000 (22.37%) JOBLESS-UNEMPLOYED-whole-people. It’s fractionally better than same basis December 23.0%; which is an absolute miracle considering the all-out treasonous progressive war and shut-down against Trump’s presidency!

    December’s 37,908,000 (23.00%) joblessness proves the Progressive war of chaos against Constitution and country has been very successful in destroying the nation with locust and Trojan Horse army invaders WHO ARE treasonously SUBSIDIZED BY PROGRESSIVES WITHIN GOVERNMENT, FOR THE PURPOSE OF THROWING CITIZENS OUT OF WORK INTO WELFARE! The MAY BLS $26.22/hr. wage (annualized @$54.538), says CITIZENS ARE DENIED $2.07 TRILLION IN WAGE/tax RELATED WEALTH ANNUALLY, which jumps to $2.7 trillion with 30% employer paid tax-fringe-regulations! Directly related welfare and infrastructure costs will double that cost!!

    Sending Aliens HOME and putting AMERICANS BACK TO WORK SIMULTANEOUSLY GENERATES “NEW” AMERICAN WEALTH AND ENDS DOUBLED-DOWN WELFARE WASTE, UNNECESSARY INFRASTRUCTURE, AND PILLAGE! The game is prosperity vs. debt collapse, and the damned are bedfellows of Progressives and Alinski’s Rules for Radicals

  • regulus30 says:

    oh boy; liberals around the world have innocent “blood on their hands”; no excuse for stupidity.

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