ISIS in St. Louis?

February 8, 2015

Six Bosnian natives who immigrated to the U.S. sent money and military equipment to support Al Qaeda in Iraq and the Islamic State terror group, the Justice Department said Friday night.

The conspiracy, which authorities say dates back to May 2013, supported Abdullah Ramo Pazara and others fighting with the terror groups, according to a federal indictment.

The suspects sent multiple payments using PayPal, as well as U.S. military uniforms, combat boots, tactical clothing and gear, military surplus goods, firearms accessories, rifle scopes and first aid supplies to Turkey.

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  • DDC SR says:

    Its been long over due for impeachment,and it is part of Obamas job, if one does not thank it his job about this matter does not know anything about this I worked for the Goverment and I that Obama has alot to do with it ,Obama is evil

  • I Seigel says:

    Luckily the Justice Department discovered this. Not like in 2001, when the government was asleep at the wheel.

  • Navalair59 says:

    Shoot them for treason.

  • NHConstitutionalist says:

    Few asked what does this upstart mean by “Fundamental Change” and Why? Those of us that did were ignored. Did they look into his backgriund or records when he annouced his candidacy, before he seled his records? H3ll No! And once again those that did were ignored or accused of racial bias. He didn’t become evil when elected he was evil and the election of this Manchurian president in 2008 was planned decades ago. So who’s fault is it that we have this fraud. Gruber was 80% right when he said people are that stupid including those that were elected to congress. 53% didn’t vote more than 1/2 that did voted for the imposter another 27%. Do the math. The idiots were drooling on each other about electing the first black president not bothering to realize he’s 50% white, 46% ARAB and 4% black. Is he a Muslim with Islamic ties? Does a Moose krap in the swamp?

    His father was a Muslim, that automatically makes him one. Raised and went to school in Indonesia, a Muslim country. Was excellent in his study of the Quran as well as being fluent in Arabic. Surrounds himself and appoints Muslims like Valarie Jarret his chief adviser who was born in Iran. And, stated in his book, He stands with the Muslims. Is there really any question where Obama’s loyalty lies? It sure as bloody h3lll isn’t with America.

  • icemancold says:

    WELL: With the OBAMA open door policy what more can be expected?. OBAMA does not care what or who you are as long as what you do aids in his destruction of the UNITED STATES. Why else would OBAMA leave our borders wide open to anyone and everyone who wants to enter the USA.? !!

    1. Randolph Gillespie says:

      Was the borders before with Mr Bush?

  • ItsJo says:

    This, is the “Change in America that Obama spoke about-“We are going to systematically CHANGE AMERICA.” He’s turned this Republic, into a Dumping Ground, filling it with HIS Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists, Illegal Alien Invasion he orchestrated, and the Many foreigners he is brining here under the guise of political asylum. He actually is “dumbing down this nation and making it into a 3rd world nation, that he envisions as Democrat Votes to Remain in Control.

    1. Randolph Gillespie says:

      Muslims was in this country before Mr Obama became president. They will be here for the next president remember we are a country of immigrants. What are we going to do? We will never again round up people and put them in a concentration camp.

      1. Janet Hall says:

        Stop drinking the Obama koolaid and take a look around you! Wake up!!!!!

  • Joe says:

    Obama is the antichrist

  • kensabic says:

    Who is letting these Muslim terrorist into this country? Impeach Obama, Call your congressman tell him/her to enter articles of impeachment against Obama!!!!!!!

    1. iprazhm says:

      We gotta get them all out as quickly as possible. Every sec is crucial.

    2. Randolph Gillespie says:

      You can be assured it’s not the president that is approving people to enter the country. Be real it’s not his job.

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