James Comey started drafting statement exonerating Hillary Clinton before FBI interviewed her, aides

September 1, 2017

James_ComeyFormer FBI Director James Comey started to draft a statement exonerating Hillary Clinton in the bureau’s investigation into her use of a private email server before the FBI interviewed her or her key witnesses, the Senate Judiciary Committee said Thursday.

“Conclusion first, fact-gathering second — that’s no way to run an investigation. The FBI should be held to a higher standard than that, especially in a matter of such great public interest and controversy,” Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Judiciary Subcommittee Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said in a letter to the FBI.

The Judiciary Committee reviewed transcripts, which were heavily redacted, indicating Comey began drafting the exoneration statement in April or May 2016, before the FBI interviewed up to 17 key witnesses, including Clinton and some of her close aides.

Comey’s work on the statement also came before the Justice Department entered into immunity agreements with Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s chief of staff while she was Secretary of State, and Heather Samuelson, who served as the State Department’s White House liaison.

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  • Roy Fredrichsen says:

    Comey was playing CYA by NOT charging Hillary for criminal activity to avoid “accidents” that befell other Clinton associates who “committed suicide” by shooting themselves in the back of their heads.

  • McFerguson says:

    What a revolting development this is! Good old Jim Comey turned out to be a scam artist. The FBI, once one of our most trusted institutions, shows itself to have been just a shabby, third rate bunch of political operatives functioning in Obama’s Banana Republic, where justice was not sacred, and the Rule of Law was bought and sold to advance Progressive values. And the Clinton’s were waiting in the wings willing to pay any price…

  • Roy Fredrichsen says:

    Obviously Comey did not want to become a victim of the Clinton mafia and that was how he had to protect her. That is just another example of how Washington works and WE are supposed to swallow everything crooked politicians tell us because THEY think we are stupid and cannot “read the writing on the wall” and will believe their lies.

  • arthur M. alex says:



  • usmcltc says:

    Anybody that does not believe that the fix was in to give Hillary a pass is just ignorant or a person who does not want to fact the truth. The Obama years were so full of scandals it boggles he mind.

  • taxpayer22 says:

    James Comey started drafting statement exonerating Hillary Clinton before FBI interviewed her, aides

  • K.A. says:

    Has anyone noticed that “Bobnstuff”, who’s usually trolling this site, is nowhere to be found? Hey Bob! No uninformed, inane, fatuous and disingenuous comments?

    1. goldie says:

      bob can’t take it when the facts are obvious – albeit he even has trouble drawing reasonable conclusions then.

  • American Me says:

    Yes,The Fix was in.They had no intention of ever bringing charges on HRC.She was and Is guilty of multiple crimes and should be punished.Comey,Lynch,Rice,Holder and Obama should also face charges of Treason.Also Huma and the Weiner should go down with them.All of them are criminals.So far they seem to be above the law.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    It seems that the FBI and the New Dem. party have a lot in common, both are socialist and can not be trusted, they did donate heavy to Clinton’s campaign and some even to her foundation! Now we know how the Clinton’s are getting by with murder, the FBI must be the ones doing it for them!!

    1. The Redhawk says:

      Comey Should be SUED for DERELICTION OF DUTY… made to pay back all Salary/benefits nad other Compensations and Forfeit his Retiremnet/Medical plan ….. and IMPRISONED as a TERRORIST!

      Same for Lynch…..Obama….Rice>>> Clinton… Powers and HOLDER

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        I totally agree my friend, but I think this is another, Above The Law BS that America is fed up with too!!

        1. The Redhawk says:

          It is becoming Cleare that we have allowed TWO Systems of Government to work at the same time in the USA
          A) The one we elect for IDIOTS to MISMANAGE
          B) the one they APPOINT to Prolong their WEALTH BUILD UP!!!

          1. Rodney Steward says:

            And I’d say that you would be right!!! 🙂

          2. The Redhawk says:

            May be a revival of ” SONS OF LIBERTY” 1776 Is REQUIRED to regain our GOVERNMENT FOR We The People!!!!!

        2. Retired says:

          Sad part is nothing will happen to the Criminals as Congress is part of them .

          1. Rodney Steward says:


  • mwood13 says:

    he is just another clinton thug

    1. The Redhawk says:

      and Obama’s LAP DOG errr “PUSSY”

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        LOLOLOL, nailed it!! 🙂 🙂

        1. The Redhawk says:

          and then we have the Maxine Water…Jackson-Lee ….Pelosi COUGARS that SELF Give PLEASURE …..and LIVE to VOMIT about it!!!

          1. Rodney Steward says:

            And they all have an IQ combined of a dead horse, and it’s so hard to believe this is what the DEM. party is made up of, and we can’t leave out lying Pocahontas!!

      2. Retired says:

        You win on that one , how many times did he bend over for the Clintons and Obama .

        1. The Redhawk says:

          I am beginning to get a “funny Feeling” that the USA has two separate forms of gUMNIT working in the CESSPOOL at the same time
          1) The one we elect so that mORONS can SCREW us Over
          2) The one they Appoint *( GUMNIT BUREUCRATS)to cover their asses and keep their Cash flow Fluid and Current

          HOPE I am WRONG!

          1. Retired says:

            No , I don’t think you are wrong . everything you said points in that direction . The ones voted out of office become lobbyist if not in WDC back home in the state they came from .

          2. The Redhawk says:

            May be we OLDE Grey Hairs got to start something to SAVE our Country for our GRAND KIDS??? Lock and Load and what have we got to lose?????

  • justinwachin says:

    The FBI is subject to the political pressures of the administration. There may not be any way around it. Congress should step in and investigate Hillary Clinton’s email fiasco before the statute of limitations runs out.


    the senate SHOULD HAVE access to a un-redacted ,unedited version of this material. then and only then can the whole truth of the amount of inter-agency corruption come to light. when obama came to power the F.B.I. took abrupt turn to the left with the cover-up from the top down.comey owes too much to the clinton cabal to be trusted to look at the entire picture. the lynch -clinton meeting should have been cause for the arrest of both bill and loretta for corruption,treason,and lying to congress.

    1. goldie says:

      Agree totally. Our representatives are being told, “It’s none of your (your constituents) business.” It’s not like we pay their wages or anything. sarc.

    2. Ramon1710 . says:

      Fast and Furious should have been the end of racist Eric Holder. But never happened thanks to the overt corruption in the Obowel Admin.

  • Cadfael says:

    Nah, not one! Whole mountain of smidgeons the size of Mount Everest! Time to crank up an independent investigation outside of the DOJ and the pink slip machine for government employees at the DOJ including the FBI and Mr. Mueller for deliberate biased action to benefit the Democrats. No more “recusing”, they won’t do that anyway, fire for “cause” without pension and further civil service status, pay, or benefits, or give them the option of public trial and open population jail time if convicted.

    1. Retired says:

      One can smell the stink from WDC all over the nation .

  • Bob Montmoran says:

    When your faith in law & order is trampled on by what was the most respected American agents in the country, it makes one feel that justice dose not exist.

    1. ROBERT POWELL says:

      the two-pot justice system is alive and thriving,trump is stomping out fires all around him and is loosing ground he can’t be everywhere. the justice department under this admin. needs to get off the dime and start kicking ass .arresting these crooks and clean-house.

  • Peter Smith says:

    Hmmmmmm. So it appears the fix was in long before anything could be made of the Clinton e-mail lawlessness, WHO KNEW?

  • CCblogging says:

    Hillary, Comey and all of the anti-America Soros/Obama thugs are all Deep State operatives. They are all in the corruption together and they are covering for each other. It is past due time for these subversive criminals were brought to justice. AG Sessions, why are you holding back on these scumbags??

    1. goldie says:

      Who says he is – maybe he is busy gathering evidence. We can hope. Besides, he must have so much to do, he probably doesn’t even know where to start, with all the crime from the last administration.

      1. Retired says:

        What should and will happen are 2 different stories . This is such a big cover up that can go back decades and maybe even to Kennedy’s murder . That would include members of both parties . A good thing Trump is not a insider of the parties .

    2. Anouk says:

      I keep asking myself the same question! Why are they waiting so long to arrest these crooks.

      1. Retired says:

        Politics ,is your answer .

        1. Anouk says:

          Of course! Really sad.

          1. Roy Fredrichsen says:

            I remember hearing years ago”You can do anything including murder in the name of politics and “get away with it”. and that was in the Lyndon Johnson era.

  • Ramon1710 . says:

    Of course he did. He is political scum like the Clintons, the Soetoros, the Pelsosis, the Cuomos, the McAuliffes, the Weiners, the McMasters, the Muellers, etc.

    The real irony is seeing him sitting behind a sign that implies he is in any way honorable.

    1. goldie says:

      Love your last statement.

    2. Retired says:

      Isn’t that most of our elected in WDC down to local Gov.

  • regulus30 says:

    OK, so what is going to happen to him now? Why is Mueller still snooping around Trump’s personal finances prior to election? They BOTH ARE DIRTY.

    1. podunk1 says:

      Muller & Comey… 2 rats in executive’s corn crib busy converting food for freedom into rat dung & chaos! It will end when the master stops elevating the chaos with noise, and throws the progressive communist rats in jail with due process of the Constitution and law! They’re traitors… engaged in overthrowing the presidency plus engaged in rebellion and aiding/comforting enemies of the Constitution and USA!

      1. regulus30 says:


  • Carole A. Russell says:

    Big Surprise!

  • Richard Bagenstose says:

    just like the phony hillary interview , no recording , no notes , just what did they talk about , the grand kids i guess , like lynch and bill on the tarmat

    1. Retired says:

      Who had the most stinky fingers after the meetings ????

  • Shelly Shannon says:

    Well, my my my! Looks like corruption to me. Good thing President Trump fired him when he did because he surely would have been fired after this was found out. Worked out perfectly. Nice job Trump!

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