Jared Kushner: Blaming the election on Russia ‘ridicules’ Trump voters

July 25, 2017

Jared KushnerJared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and a senior White House aide, argued Monday that efforts by Democrats to blame the 2016 election on Russian interference “ridicules” millions of people who voted for Trump.

“Donald Trump had a better message and ran a smarter campaign, and that is why he won,” Kushner said in a brief and rare White House statement. “Suggesting otherwise ridicules those who voted for him.”

That’s an argument Trump himself has been making for months now, although Trump has gone further by saying the Russia probe is a “witch hunt” being orchestrated by Democrats who still can’t cope with his election victory.

Kushner didn’t go that far, but echoed a written statement he released Monday that said he at no time was colluding with Russian officials to help Trump pull out a win against Hillary Clinton.

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  • justinwachin says:

    Kushner is right. I would also add that Hillary was tainted in the eyes of many people due to her scandals. I’m beginning to see a similar pattern play out with the Trump campaign as I saw with Hillary and the Benghazi hearings. Hillary’s lack of candor and opened the door to the email scandals which would plague her up to election day.

    President Trump needs to let his lawyers deal with the investigation. If he is innocent he needs to be forthcoming and do what he can to have this investigation finish. I don’t want this to interfere with the midterm elections or his re-election bid.

  • Roy Fredrichsen says:

    What all those anti-Trumpers in Washington forget is that THEY work for US, WE DO NOT work for them. Many of them on both sides of the aisle WILL BE REPLACED when their term is up. We are tired of all their excuses and investigations wasting both time and money which could be better spent on restoring our country before it falls apart by their inaction.

  • Ramon1710 . says:

    Media Research Center did a 5 week study. Over that period, ABC, NBC, and CBS devoted a total of 353 minutes to the Russia hacking crap. Over that same period, the three combined spent 5 minutes talking about the economy, which is flourishing thanks to President Trump’s policies.

  • W. Coyote says:

    In other words, if Chelsea Clinton had taken the same meeting and Hillary won, Donald Trump would be sitting up in Trump Tower right now saying “There was no collusion. It’s time to move on and allow Hillary to enact her agenda”.

    1. Janis says:

      The reality is that she did NOT win.

      1. Rodzzz says:

        I agree. She did not win because true Americans did not vote for her. She should blame Americans for her defeat…. not the Russians.

        1. Leslie Woodhull says:

          She should blame HERSELF for her loss and NO ONE ELSE. She’s the liar who thinks herself above the rules. She got TOLD by the American people that she is NOT WORTHY TO BE PRESIDENT.

          1. Rodzzz says:

            The whole lot of them are blind to reality. I do not see an end to their stupidity.

      2. W. Coyote says:

        Janis- Good morning and thank you for your comment. I am fully aware of that fact. My point is that the same principle should apply if the shoe were on the other foot. My hypothetical situation points out the flaw in Trump’s logic. I would be willing to bet my next paycheck that if my hypothetical situation occurred, Donald Trump right now would be screaming bloody murder over that meeting. But since his victory is more important than any principle, he is saying the meeting was no big deal.

  • Jose says:

    When you are desperate about alll the votes you will lose at the next elections (illegals being deported) which amount to about 3 or more millions (like in california), you continue to harp about the only thing that “SOME” still believe you about.

  • ROB says:

    Frankly I hope they keep pushing this Russia thing. If so they will never change and that is a good thing for conservatives. Let people see the difference. I said conservatives not republicans.

  • Humble Servant says:

    If the DNC would pull their heads out of their a*** they would see the public is not the stupid people they thing we are. They have been working themselves furiously to polish this turd and sell it as a sports car. We are not buying this anymore. You still have the people you failed to serve only because you have been able to pay them to vote for you. Anyone with half a brain can see through your act and know what you have hidden. Your in front of camera appearances don’t cover the ugly inside.

    1. Leslie Woodhull says:

      Well, they pulled off the Kennedy assassination, they pulled off Vietnam, they pulled off 9/11 just to name a few events haven’t they? This isn’t about the Democrats or the Republicans separately. It’s about ALL of them together who are doing everything they can to try to make Trump resign.

      9/11 was perpetrated upon us BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT in order to get us into war in the M.E. It worked didn’t it. Anyone who believes what the “official.version” says is stupid or lazy. That was a controlled demolition disguised as a terror attack.

      We as a people are being manipulated by the media that chants the same story like a mantra day after day. Stop listening to their lies and did your own homework. The whole truth is out there all you have to do is look for it.

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