Latino group offers $5K for calling Trump a racist on ‘SNL’

November 6, 2015

A Hispanic advocacy group is offering $5,000 to any audience member who calls GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump a “racist” on-air when he hosts the upcoming episode of “Saturday Night Live.”

“NBC’s refusal to drop Trump has put us in the position of dropping $5,000 of cold hard cash to anyone who will yell out ‘Trump is a racist’ during the live broadcast of ‘Saturday Night Live,’ said Santiago Cejudo, an organizer for the Deport Racism PAC, on Wednesday.

“We’re hoping the $5,000 will help people on set or in the studio audience find the bravery to speak out loudly and help focus the national conversation on that we need to deport racism, not people,” he added.

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  • billwhit1357 says:

    Lol, watched that segment last night, on my laptop, first time I have watched SNL since Chevy Chase, Bill Murray days, and was not impressed, horrible, but at least Trump was great, as always! Only one who called him Racists was the producer, or whatever the guy is, who works there. Apparently no one cares what the Illegal Criminal Hispanics offer or say, as it should be! TRUMP/CRUZ 2016!

    1. BOC says:

      Cruz is nothing more than a ‘Carnival Barker’. Trump is just ranting anything, whatever it takes to get his #1 ‘B-Team’ spot back. I hope its soon because mI tired of waiting for Dr.Carson to finish a sentence.

      1. billwhit1357 says:

        And who, in your infinite wisdom, do you back? Hillary? Sanders? Jeb? Rubio?

        1. BOC says:

          Not the ‘Carnival Barker,’ that’s for sure.

        2. BOC says:

          Hillary is next in line and the GOP just don’t have an answer on how to counter her. Because they have a ‘B’ team field, they continue to rely on lies, misinformation and weak deception as tools to bring her down where they are in order to compete.

          But everyone knows that the republicans have never been known as innovators. The can’t even copy from established playbooks, e.g. POTUS44.

          1. billwhit1357 says:

            I figured you were a Hillary girl! And what accomplishments does she have, besides helping to Arm and Fund ISIS from Benghazi and getting four Americans slaughtered? What has she done, policies made, progress made, anything besides being a former Presidents wife? Oh yea, she was a bulldog, attacking all those who accused her husband of molesting them, most of whom he did molest. Hillary has no Right, as you say, next in line. She has nothing, she has been an epic Liar her entire life, even before she was married to Bill. Course, anyone who voted for Obama twice is too ignorant and stupid to argue with, so go for it dude!

          2. BOC says:


            She never worked for Zeifman. She worked with him, even though they had their differences, he had differences with most lawyers on that staff. He wasn’t a boss at all. This picture doesn’t support your position. Go back and read what I posted and you’ll find who they both reported to.

            “And what accomplishments does she have, besides helping to Arm and Fund ISIS from Benghazi and getting four Americans slaughtered?”

            I see you’re losing it again!

          3. billwhit1357 says:

            I see your as ignorant and pathetic as your Queer Muslim Queen, Obama! When are you going to start paying your mom rent for her basement?

          4. BOC says:

            So, no citations to support your position, just insults to support your temper tantrums.

          5. billwhit1357 says:

            Oh, so you think I should provide you with something? Exactly what in your simple Leftist retarded brain should be presented? You have your head embedded so deeply in your ass that your haven’t had a breath of fresh air in months! Your truly should go back to school, study, and learn, instead of being a vacuum headed idiot. Now, crawl back into your mama’s basement and tell her I will be by tonight for my weekly BJ! Thanks guy!

          6. billwhit1357 says:

            It doesn’t matter if he was not her boss, she was removed from the staff for being a Liar and Unethical, and that is a FACT, Jack! Yep, typical Leftist Loon, always trying to weasel your way out of what is the Truth! Maybe if your mama would kick you out of her basement and make you work might help you in the intelligence dept as well!

          7. BOC says:

            Nothing you have said is true or, has no basis in fact. That’s why you have difficulty getting anyone on these threads to take you seriously.

          8. billwhit1357 says:

            Facts are Facts and History is History, no matter how much you hate it! That is another weird thing about you Leftist Scum, you want to destroy and change History to fit your sick thoughts of how things should actually be. That is truly perverted! Like I said, all Leftist Coward hate Facts and Truth and you are the perfect example of ignorance!

          9. BOC says:

            That’s your problem. You can’t get past the 1700 and 1800’s, they’re not coming back, come to terms with it.

          10. BOC says:

            Seems as though he doesn’t want to punch-out people like you continually. He has better things to do. In my state racial harassment is a serious criminal offense.

          11. BOC says:

            When are you planning on getting one?

          12. billwhit1357 says:

            Got one, ten grandkids I teach how to be good Conservatives and Survivalists! Those over eight years old can all make fire using only flint and know what to eat to survive. Yep, my grandkids and irritating Liberals are my two hobbies, lol! And loving my Lord & Savior, reading the Word every morning with my coffee. Listen, BOC, lets cut the crap, hell, I served and gave part of myself for all Americans Right to vote for whom they want, so I really should leave them to it. I also used to be, what I thought, a Liberal, only because I thought Cannabis should be legalized. But when Obama appeared, some unknown, I was really interested in him until I heard him speak and only heard BS and LIES, someone full of themselves that had no accomplishments whatsoever! I would have voted for Hillary in 2008, if she had won the nomination! But once the Democratic party showed it’s true colors, which were not Red, White, and Blue, and all the insanity, then Hillary’s horrible failure as Sec of State, plus, everything Hussein touched turned to crap, I knew I was not a Liberal. Good luck with your whoever you vote for. Guess we will see in November, lol! God Bless you and yours!

          13. billwhit1357 says:

            You speak like it is Hillary’s entitlement to be President, that she has somehow earned the right, lol! What idiocy and ignorance your radiate! You did vote for the Queer Muslim Kenyan Nigger twice, so you have already proven your too ignorant and stupid to even communicate with! I bet money you don’t work, only suck off the backs of taxpayers. You have never served in the Military, and most likely a full blown faggot as well. What a putrid bucket of vomit you Leftist Loons truly are!

          14. BOC says:

            Go wash out your mouth. And yes, I wore a uniform. It’s obvious you have nothing intelligent and constructive to say. You are too emotional to be taken seriously. If I were you I wouldn’t attempt to gamble.

            I think we are done communicating.

          15. billwhit1357 says:

            Then stop spewing your ignorant and clueless vomit back! And the only uniform you wore was maybe a costume at a gay parade, but your were never military, your too ignorant to have served, that is obvious! You might have wanted or tried to enlist, but you were either refused or was kicked out for being worthless. But maybe you should try again, contact your fellow queer boy, Hussein, maybe he will let you join his Rainbow Troops, they are always looking for fresh ignorant meat!

          16. BOC says:

            I guess this just leaves you talking to yourself:

            Donni Gillies, — I should probably get a soapbox for all the times I go on and on.I voted for Obama because I think he’s smart, well-spoken, and pretty great. He seems to me to typify the American dream, the sense that anyone can grow up to do well, to excel. His thoughtfulness and equanimity and humanity all make him appealing. I agreed with his positions and my hopes for the country aligned with his. Both times, although I had some criticisms the second time, and some worries. I would have voted for Clinton, had she won the nomination, but I liked him better. I was and am proud to call him my President. After GWB, having a President who can speak a full sentence without saying something cringeworthy is a huge relief all by itself.

            Farhad Farzaneh, engineer, Interested in complex systemsThe first time, I voted form him because he seemed rational, respected facts and data, and understood and articulated that most issues are complex and deserve rational (non-ideological) deliberation. His lack of leadership experience was a concern, but negated by the proficiency with which he ran his campaign. For me, race didn’t figure into it, at least, not consciously. The second time I voted for him because I was disappointed in Romney cratering so much to the non-rational, zealot faction of the Republican party.
            Hari Raghavan
            2008: I voted for Obama because:

            I wanted to believe that an end to political gridlock and partisanship was possible (I’m guessing most of us didn’t think it would get worse). The message of hope and change resonated with a lot of young people.
            Some of the most important characteristics in a President are the ability to surround yourself by smart people, being a smart person yourself, and being a brilliant orator (in that order). Obama had all these characteristics as far as I could tell – and I think he still does.2012: I voted for Obama because:

            I had no idea what Romney stood for. If he had run on the platform and policies of his governorship, I would have voted for him. If another moderate Republican like Huntsman or Bloomberg had been on the ticket, I would have voted for them. Instead the platform was this bastard-child of Tea Party social conservatism and trickle-down economics. Everything was a mindless peanut-butter spread approach – never any thought that each situation and policy question was unique and requires unique consideration.
            Obama did do some things very right – particularly helping navigate out of the recession and using his office as a bully pulpit on social issues.
            While I didn’t agree with all of Obama’s policies and accomplishments in his first term, and I was downright disappointed with some of them (lack of campaign finance reform, questionable privacy practices in intelligence, etc), I thought he was trying very hard to do the right thing. Due to the burden of being President and all the hard choices it brings, and due to obstructionism of the House of Representatives, he had mixed success. For me this was ‘good enough,’ even if it wasn’t inspiring to the extent of the 2008 campaign.

            Adam Nyhan, Former Congressional stafferNeither. A politician’s experience in the Senate is not a particularly good indicator of how they’ll perform in the White House — that’s a vastly different job to hold. This is especially true for Obama, who didn’t have a long Senate record at the time he ran.And I definitely wasn’t trying to send anybody any sort of message about race or anything else. America is still roughly as racist as it was the day before Obama was elected (that is to say, it’s somewhat racist, in some areas, at some times); the election didn’t really change that and I didn’t expect it to.I voted for Obama because of his ideas and what I perceived to be his ability to assemble a highly qualified team of people to implement them.
            Everyone (majority of voters) can’t all be wrong and you right. You’re on a Island alone and you’re ready to come home. Trump and Cruze can’t bring back to reality or civilization. Oh! you’re in the basement…….

          17. billwhit1357 says:

            Wow, you are one deluded queer boy for Hussein, aren’t you, lol! Oh well, your perverted little world is about to crash down upon your cum soaked head!

          18. BOC says:

            I.Q on display again!

          19. billwhit1357 says:

            You displayed your low IQ when you voted for the 3rd World Queer Muslim twice! Was it for the iphone or Food Stamps? Or maybe because you wanted to support a fellow gay boy?

          20. BOC says:

            Why do I waste my time with you?

          21. billwhit1357 says:

            I ask myself why I have wasted one second on someone of your low caliber. But, no more! My time is too valuable to waste on Obama Boys.

          22. billwhit1357 says:

            What, on Halloween?

        3. BOC says:

          God’s infinite wisdom!

          1. billwhit1357 says:

            Too cowardly to say who you are supporting because your a Hillary Girl, lol! And since your a Leftist, your entity is not God, it is Satan, just like Islams! You are clueless when it comes to the One True God!

          2. BOC says:

            Sorry to disappoint you. I wear a collar.

          3. billwhit1357 says:

            Probably Latex too! Aren’t you queers into that kind of sick perverted things?

          4. billwhit1357 says:

            It should always be as God wants, not as Man wants! Your only problem is that the Democratic Vomit Bucket of Fool kicked God out of their platform, Twice, in 2012 and are not a godless party, as can be seen by who they want as their leaders, Hillary or Sanders, both far leftist loons and criminals! Bernie may not be a criminal unless he gets the presidency then he will become one because the only way he can have his little Utopia is by stealing horribly from all hard working taxpayers, which the majority of them are Conservatives. No, once you kick God to the curb, you open the doors for Satan to come in, and Satan is right in the middle of the Democratic Party, leading them down that road to Loonyville! Trump will be our next President! Now, go lap your wounds!

          5. BOC says:

            So, when was the last time you or Donald Trump been to church? The language you post here indicates you may have to ask God for forgiveness.

          6. billwhit1357 says:

            Do you think a person has to attend a church to be a Christian? Shows how clueless you truly are. Churches are nice places to be with and visit others of the same belief, but they are not necessary. What is necessary is a person’s own personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus. Going to church certainly is not required to be a Christian, but of course, that is way above your level of intelligence, I know. It seems to be the same with all you godless Leftists, Truth and Facts are your enemy because they don’t go along with the Lies and Ignorance all of you clueless Leftists spew. And each person will be judged by Jesus, I will be judged same as you will be judged. I will certainly pay for my sins on earth, same as you will, my friend. As far as Trump going to church, that is between him and God, or do you think it is also your business, lol? When is the last time you prayed to God, the one True God, the God of Israel and Christians, Who’s Son was Jesus? Or do you even know who HE is?

          7. BOC says:

            Hebrews 10:25 – Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some [is]; but exhorting [one another]: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.

            I don’t know why you’re harping on being in church or out and rather it’s required or not Vs having a personal relationship with God.

            It’s obvious you don’t know who you are talking to. But we’ll let that past because you just don’t know.

          8. billwhit1357 says:

            Sounds like I am talking to Sharpton more than an intelligent person, from your past remarks.

          9. BOC says:

            The only thing that Rev Al, Jesse and myself, have in common is skin color and we wear collars.

          10. billwhit1357 says:

            Hopefully, you don’t wear the same false collars as they do!

          11. BOC says:

            Good point, I don’t.

  • TexRancher says:

    What we need is to deport lawbreakers! Immigrants who are allowed to come here are required to follow the laws and not be a burden on the taxpayer. Rewarding those who come here and stay ILLEGALLY is punishing the AMERICAN taxpayer and the honest IMMIGRANTS who are trying to come here legally, jumping through all the hoops, spending thousands of dollars and waiting years. How can we allow ILLEGALS to stay (amnesty in any form) without penalizing the honest immigrants?

    BTW, how does the number (11 million illegals) stay the same while we essentially stop deporting illegals and we know that they are still coming across the border by the thousands month after month, year after year? That’s just a blatant lie and the media promotes it! The truth is somewhere around 20-30 million ILLEGAL INVADERS occupying this country! How can we continue to support this? What happens when the money stops? We’re really broke right now. With ILLEGALS added to the welfare ranks, it’s obvious that somewhere along the line (sooner rather than later) It will collapse and then what? Americans had better be ready and able to defend themselves!

    1. BOC says:

      You are blowing smoke, just like that Mustang!

  • reagangs says:

    By today’s standards, everybody that is alive is a “racist”. You can’t escape it. Those crying “racist” are just as racist as anyone. It’s a ploy of the far left radical liberal, progressive, socialist, commie, Marxist islamist movements. It’s all a part of old Sal Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and the worldly elite UN and EU rulers. It’s a part of their New World Order (communism).

  • jdbixii says:

    It is NOT racist or xenophobic to believe in law and order. Accountability in government is only possible through obedience to the law and prosecution of its violation and the order which is maintained by these under the administration of government. This is the essence of “government of, by and for the people,” personal responsibility. When people are elected to government who do not uphold the law and perform their duties and responsibilities under the law, it is the duty of the people to remove those people from office by due process of law.

    1. BOC says:

      “When people are elected to government who do not uphold the law and perform their duties and responsibilities under the law, it is the duty of the people to remove those people from office by due process of law?”

      Well, you sure let W. Bush, Dick ‘Halliburton/KBR’ Cheney and Donald ‘Collateral Damage’ Rumsfeld off the hook. Oh! Throw in the WMD ‘Mushroom Cloud’ Condi.

  • Angee says:

    If we have to deport racism, we would have to deport the great majority of those who either came here illegally, and their descendants. They are the ones; who instead of owning up the illegal entry is that makes others dislike them, not the race or color of skin. The crime of entering someone else’ home without proper permission is the reason people are not seen with respect. That has nothing to do with the race. Therefore it’s not racism. But, illegals will call it that, to get sympathy from the liberal idiots.

  • Dennis B Anderson says:

    Thats what happens you dont tell them its time to go home the mexicans will take full advantage of it. Hey if I were mexican I would be fighting and screaming all the way to the border, but thats the way it is. There are no jobs here and they are sucking us dry feeding & housing them. NBC has put up the position whats that? Wheres the money coming from whats that mean a way to get out of this. To invite someone to then try and crucify him is dispicable. I dont think illegals should be allowed on this show in the first place especially if its going to be political. They dont have any say in our countrys politics. In reality the legal mexicans dont want the illegals here they take their jobs. Facts are facts everytime I have used these people something comes up missing, something gets broke, they half way do the job they have been paid for, The job never gets done in a professional manner, it has to be done over. This kind of behavior makes it bad for the people that are working for stability & reputation. Ill be watching the show. how about you? Go get up TRUMP.I want to hear how hes going to make Mexico build the wall? It will probably be a trade deal. Havent hears yet about the 35,000 cubans that are supposed to be coming with green cards?
    I know they are coming for the beach and the sun shine? God knows theres no work here? There is a democrat that will show them how to sign up for housing vouchers & food stamps.

  • billwhit1357 says:

    How much will a Patriot pay to pop a cap on the Latino fecal maggot who does it! I will chip in a few bucks! Once Trump is President, we will do a bit of cleansing of these Illegal and Islamic scum from our Nation! That will be FUN!

  • girls_mom says:

    A Latino Advocacy group? What are they advocating…. more of the same?
    No thanks! We’re sick of Mexican trash, violent Mexican drug dealers and an unfettered pathway; enabling illegals (from every Hispanic country) and terrorists, access into the USA.
    It seems that the definition of Racism has taken on a new meaning, thanks to Obama’s constant race-baiting and class-schism agenda; helped along by the Democratic PAC( every form of Left-wing media).
    If you defend your borders, your language, your Constitution and want a sovereign nation in which the government is accountable to the People, you’re a Racist! So be it!
    Change will happen in that area also, as we have seen PC take a nose dive under Donald Trump’s precisional dissecting of it, publicly. The People rose up and told the Left- wing Progressives to take PC and put it where the sun doesn’t shine.
    Notice how desperate the Left-wing has become in creating as much vilification as they can muster against any of the Republican candidates that are “conservative outsiders?’
    It’s now Ben Carson’s turn to be denigrated.The Left-wing media’s newest selection to dump in a barrel so they can take precise, verbal aim, using implied and contrived editorials (in lieu of true journalism) thrown out at him, as to deter him from concentrating on his campaign, to defend himself.
    The same stunts the Left-wing used in the last election.
    [They] just have gotten the message. Americans have woken up and reality has finally hit them smack between the eyes. Message to the Left-wing:
    Just wait and see!!!

    1. BOC says:

      I think we seen enough from 2001-2009. The 43rd President of the United States and his lead miscreants, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice, almost obliterated our country. But thanks to POTUS 44, the Nobel Laureate, who outmaneuvered the ‘obstructionists to put out our economic fires, we live to fight another day.

      1. girls_mom says:

        Haahahahaha Take yourself seriously, do you? Obama the Marxist has made this country a shadow of what it use to be. Get get a grip, Obama a Nobel Laureate, for what? He was rewarded for things not yet done but could possibly happen (sic).
        The Nobel Prize use to be a distinctive honor at one time, given to people of intelligence, knowledge and accomplishment. Taken over by Left-wing Progressive idiots, it has become worthless!!!!
        If Obama reaches into a box of Cracker Jacks and gets the prize – he should put it next to the Nobel prize and consider that prize equal to the Nobel; since the effort he expelled in reaching into the box and pulling out the prize is more of an accomplishment than the “nothing” he did for the Nobel.

        1. BOC says:

          “Haahahahaha Take yourself seriously, do you?”
          No history doesn’t lie. Economic conditions [WALL STREET MELTDOWN] were atrocious and body bags and the cost of war piled up, because of a false WMD ‘mushroom cloud’.

      2. mustang6984 says:

        You MUST be DRUNK! Nobel Laureate…still haven’t found out WHY he was given the Nobel yet. As of then (and now0 he had done NOTHING to deserve it.
        Our national debt is MORE than double what it was when he took office…and employment numbers are STILL not DOWN to where they were under GW and his Republican Congress.

        That must be some potent yellow Kool-Aid you’re drinking.

        1. BOC says:

          “Nobel Laureate…still haven’t found out WHY he was given the Nobel yet. As of then (and now0 he had done NOTHING to deserve it?” Never in the history of this honor has anyone not deserved it when so honored:

          The Nobel Peace Prize 2009

          Barack H. Obama

          “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples”

          This speaks volumes about his foreign diplomacy and leadership which the other free world leaders bestowed upon him years later. Now, everybody can’t be wrong about recognizing him and you right about not doing so, how can that be?

          Yeah! Being in denial is a painful disease. Hope you find a cure for that ignorance you’re experiencing.

          1. mustang6984 says:

            At the time he was GIVEN (NOT EARNED…BUT given) the Nobel..he had yet to do ANYTHING in the way of “international diplomacy and co-operation between peoples”.

            Nice try…but he did NOT deserve it. Not then…and certainly not now…given his inept bungling of the Putin and ISIS issues.

            How far up his exit chute do you have your head stuffed anyhow?

            (and 12 days to respond? Slow doesn’t even begin to describe you…mentally or response-wise.)

            Still drinking that yellow Kool-Aid eh?

      3. Jack Hollis says:

        Pure STUPIDITY. Plain and simple, I hope you are one of those left-wing morons who say they are planning to move out of the country and give up their citizenship when Trump is elected. Meanwhile you can place your head back in Obama’s nether hole where you belong.

        1. Janet says:

          Trump will America great and deport all these invaders, from mexico and the far east.

          1. BOC says:

            No Jack. I register straight down the middle on the Nolan Curve.

        2. BOC says:

          “Pure STUPIDITY?” Yes, from 2001-2009 that’s exactly what the American people experienced. What a economic and military nightmare.

          Trump will not make it. His chances are worst than Mitt Romney who thought he had it in the bag. He even put up an inaugural website just before the final vote tally and abruptly took it down the next morning hoping no one saw it. He wasn’t fast enough though because many couldn’t believe his audacity. I think he kept listening to Karl Rove who couldn’t come-to-terms, either. It was hilarious, indeed.

          Now you have a GOP ‘B-List’ of candidates, 10 to 15 in all which is representative of a party in disarray. They can’t agree on who they want to represent them, so much divisiveness. As long as they are contaminated by the ‘tea party’ they will never be taken seriously or viewed as a responsible entity again.

          1. mustang6984 says:

            Actually…it was only form 2007 until 2010 and then partially until 2015. The first part was with Pelosi & Reid in charge…which is when everything fell apart…the 2nd was the Senate with Reid…which slowed down the recovery.

            Nice try…NO cigar.

          2. BOC says:

            Go take a Poli-Sci course. Maybe you should have a civics course first. I wouldn’t want you to be into something over your head.

          3. mustang6984 says:

            Neither of those courses (which I have already had) apply to the post I made above nor to the one you made to which I was posting.
            YOU seem to be the one over your head.

            PRIOR to the Bungle Twins Pelosi & Reid taking over the Congress on January 20th of 2007..unemployment in this country was at (or BELOW in some areas of the country) 4.6% Within short months of their take-over, unemployment began to RISE. It did NOT go down until January of 2011 when Pelosi was sent to the back of the room and the Republicans took back the House. Now…for the FIRST time since the Bungle Twins took the Congress…with Reid having ALSO been sent packing to the back of the room…unemployment is finally in the 5% range.

            Your head is so far up your own exit chute…you can’t even keep up with CURRENT events!

          4. BOC says:

            You keep ranting about something you know very little about. You might want try utilizing citations if you want people to start taking you seriously.

          5. mustang6984 says:

            ROTFLMAO! I don’t rant…I leave that for leftist liberals. I was hoping you would be stupid enough to take that morsel of bait. You want citations…here…chew on these FACTS about unemployment in this country within the time frames listed:

            Note carefully that these facts proving my above post are from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics…so don’t be trying to give me any lip about being form some “right-wing” blog as one of your cohorts did.

            People with intelligence…ALWAYS take me seriously…it is your type…the uneducated and Donkey Party parrots who fail to do so. You know…people who no one cares about anyhow.

          6. BOC says:

            It’s a survey and nothing more.

          7. mustang6984 says:

            LOL!!! No silly child…it is NOT a survey. The “U.S. Bureau of Labor STATISTICS do not do surveys.

            You have (as usual) been schooled. Typical of a left-wing liberal…you can’t admit when you have been taught something counter to your mis-paced beliefs.
            You understand what that makes you right? Thick-headed and obstinate.

            I know it hurts…but you’re gonna have to admit I was correct…deal with it. You asked for PROOF…I gave it to you…irrefutable proof.

          8. BOC says:

            Go back and review it again. The data was based on a survey and is a survey posted by BLS. The truth never hurts or makes a fool out of anyone who practices or lives by it.

            Try it sometimes.

          9. mustang6984 says:

            Sorry you were born with a missing ingredient in your construct…a brain.
            There are two types of “surveys”.
            A) a poll…which is by definition suspect form the beginning in many cases
            B) a COLLECTION of facts from several sources.

            The info in the link I posted falls under B…and those informative graphs were assembled with information provided by states as regard to their unemployment numbers.

            I realize you hate being told just how WRONG you are on a regular basis…but learn to deal with it…because you seem to be wrong more often that right…starting with your decision to get out of bed each day.

            You have been schooled…and there is no way around it. Own it. Admit it. Embrace it.

          10. BOC says:

            Now you talk of two types of surveys.

            We’re all guilty of it, and yet, most people trust data. Every day, I see people mindlessly sharing, blogging, tweeting, and retweeting survey and poll data, Web analytics, and info graphics as if the Almighty had handed them down like the 10 Commandments. There are many ways data can be skewed:

            1 Failing to determine whom you are surveying or what you are studying.

            2 Asking slanted questions.

            3 Presenting data in a misleading way.Implying causation where
            only correlation exists.

            It amazes me, how you expound on surveys when you emphatically stated that BLS doesn’t do surveys, in an attempt to
            distance yourself from what was the obvious.

          11. mustang6984 says:

            The ONLY thing obvious here is that you asked for and received CITATION…aka PROOF…of my declaration of the unemployment numbers…and you are too childish to recognize that I am right…you are (as usual) wrong.

            Stop being a child and admit that you have been educated…time to be an adult. WAY past time.

          12. BOC says:

            This is the citation that you posted and keep running from. The same you claim BLS didn’t reference.

            U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics | Postal Square
            Building, 2 Massachusetts Avenue, NE Washington, DC 20212-0001

            Tables & Calculators by Subject

            Data extracted on: November 23, 2015 (11:27:27

            Labor Force Statistics
            from the Current Population Survey

            Id: LNS14000000

            Seasonally Adjusted

            Series title: (Seas)
            Unemployment Rate

            Labor force status: Unemployment rate

            Type of data: Percent
            or rate

            Age: 16
            years and over


          13. mustang6984 says:

            LOL!!! I am NOT running from it. The information contained within that link PROVES that unemployment numbers under GW & a REPUBLICAN Congress were LOWER than when GW had to deal with the Bungle Twins Pelosi & Reid.
            Further it proves that ONLY after January of 2011 (When the Republicans sent Pelosi packing) did the numbers begin to IMPROVE…and that NOW under a fully REPUBLICAN Congress they are beginning to increasingly move DOWN to the 5% range…which under this administration is the LOWEST they have ever been!

            The one who seems to be having a problem with the FACTS here…is YOU! Admit it…YOU have been SCHOOLED. Time to grow up!

          14. BOC says:

            You seem to be having trouble getting buy-in or support from others on these threads. I’m not having those problems as you can see. By the way, this is an indicator that I’m not alone in my assessments and beliefs.

          15. mustang6984 says:

            LOL!!! You appear to be living in some sort of fantasy world…since I don’t see where you have all that spectacular amount of “thumbs” in your favor. Too bad you don’t get to see which ones are going the other anymore. Used to be able to see those. I bet you have more than a few.
            Any support you might be getting…is either in your own little head (voices bother you much?) or from fools such as yourself. No surprise either way…we already know you are short on sensibilities, and anyone who would back you must also be 6 bricks short of a 5 brick load.

            FACTS don’t lie…Pelosi & Reid brought the collapse of the economy and the inflation of unemployment with them. Deal with it.

          16. BOC says:

            Delusional! The thread shows clearly, thumbs up and thumbs down results. You’re lacking in the ups category.

          17. mustang6984 says:

            LOL!!! the only one who can see a down the one who put it there. And I see NO “up thumbs” for your stuff…or mine either…because no one is still here…except you and I.
            The delusional one is you. In oh so many ways.

            And on that note…this topic of discussion has been beaten to a pulp…and you are still too childish to admit you have been proven WRONG. So…there is no reason to carry on a battle of wits with such an unarmed individual as yourself. The last word is of course yours…I know how important that is to you. Have at it…and remember…you were schooled…but refused to learn. Like that stubborn Donkey taken to the water trough who refuses to drink…you are just stupid by choice.

          18. BOC says:

            You’re a blind man. Look at all your posts and then look at all of mine. You’re right, you have zero.

          19. BOC says:

            This mentality explains why you are still driving a mustang.

          20. mustang6984 says:

            LOL!!! THAT is the best you have? I wondered when the desperation would come out…and here it is. And it took you nearly 2 weeks at that! LOL!!!

            Well…given that you refuse to acknowledge that you were wrong, and that you really need to get an education…we are done. It is patently obvious that you are unarmed for a battle of wits, and thus to continue with you is a waste of my time.
            You may of course have the last word…today or in 2 weeks or whenever…I know it is important to your pea-brained self to get that in.

          21. BOC says:

            Skewed reasoning!

          22. mustang6984 says:

            LOL!!! I give you FACTS and you call it skewed reasoning? No surprise…Donkey NEVER want to admit they have been proven incorrect. Part of your DNA…stubborn stupidity.

            Thus… It is patently obvious that you are unarmed for a battle of wits, and thus to continue with you is a waste of my time.
            may of course have the last word…today or in 2 weeks or whenever…I
            know it is important to your pea-brained self to get that in

          23. BOC says:

            That’s funny. No one agrees with you. You’re a legend in your own mind and yes, I’m wasting my time with you.

          24. BOC says:

            You post is lacking approval and support. Could it be that you’re being ignored as being a nuisance? The results seem to point in this direction.

          25. mustang6984 says:

            As noted elsewhere…nor are yours…BECAUSE no one else is still on this thread but you and I. Are you truly THAT dense?

            And given that fact, along with the fact that, yes you ARE that dense… It is patently obvious that you are unarmed for a battle of wits, and thus to continue with you is a waste of my time.
            may of course have the last word…today or in 2 weeks or whenever…I
            know it is important to your pea-brained self to get that in

          26. BOC says:

            All you have is time, just no wits. Scroll up there are many others on this thread. Just look at my posts as proof (approvals).

          27. BOC says:

            Hey! Don’t get mad at me. I’m just reviewing what’s been posted by others. It’s still a matter of record.

          28. mustang6984 says:

            Actually…it was only from 2007 until 2010 and then partially until 2015. The first part was with Pelosi & Reid in charge…which is when everything fell apart…the 2nd was the Senate with Reid…which slowed down the recovery.

            Nice try…NO cigar.

          29. BOC says:

            What was?

          30. mustang6984 says:

            The “economic and military nightmare” you inferred was on GW. The economic belongs to Pelosi & Reid…the military bungling belongs to Obama.

          31. BOC says:

            Only in your mind.

          32. mustang6984 says:

            About the response I would expect form a child who refuses to admit he has been wrong…especially when proved to be so.
            Typical of a Donkey party member…dumb, dumber and dumbest.

          33. BOC says:

            I’m straight up the middle on the Nolan Curve. Go take the test, then come back and see us.

          34. mustang6984 says:

            BFD. You’re straight down the tubes in the intelligence factor. You (like so many of your kind) delight in trying to impress others with your own worth…and delight in changing the subject when proven to be WRONG…as you have been. Repeatedly.

            Ergo… It is patently obvious that you are unarmed for a battle of wits, and thus to continue with you is a waste of my time.
            may of course have the last word…today or in 2 weeks or whenever…I
            know it is important to your pea-brained self to get that in

          35. BOC says:

            There’s a clubhouse called BFD down the street from me.

        3. mustang6984 says:

          Oh he is most assuredly a left-wing moron. Signed sealed and delivered!
          Look at his discourse with me. Proof that his elevator doesn’t even have cables…let alone make it to the top floor.

    2. Janet says:

      I WILL POST.

      1. Jack Hollis says:

        Good for you Janet.

  • elda says:

    Why should a person be called a racist for wanting their country to have sovereignty? All the countries south of us have closed borders, or at least check those coming in and throw out those that don‘t belong or throw them in jail. This country is a melting pot of every race and culture in the world and we are the racists? I wish these people would call themselves what they are, invaders intent on completely taking over this country and turning it into an extension of their own country. If this did happen then where would they go to get free health care and educations? Frankly, I don’t understand why they don’t ask the USA to just add them in to the states so they won’t have to leave home to have all that they risk their lives to come take from us.

    1. BOC says:

      The Soverns are in full-force here on these threads. I t must be ‘tea party’ time.

      1. Angee says:

        No, just intelligent readers. You sound like one of the other side or a libtard.

        1. BOC says:

          Just what are they reading because it’s not being displayed here.

        2. girls_mom says:

          No doubt about it!:)

      2. girls_mom says:

        Well, it most certainly isn’t Kool Aid time, out here!
        Want some empathy and camaraderie in your inane postings? Go out to motherjones and the other Progressive Left-Wing, anti-American websites, and enjoy the company of your own kind.
        Ooh, that’s right we would then be deprived of your illustrious comments since you would have accomplished “Death from boredom,” from your own sites.

        1. BOC says:

          That’s right, keep searching for your I.Q. You’ll never find it because it doesn’t register.

          1. girls_mom says:

            What a flare you have for expressing yourself (sic). I guess you’re just plain hampered by that hand ball that represents your Left-Wing, Progressive intelligence level. I don’t expect you to understand or appreciate anything I post. It’s just as Angee said, ” Just Intelligent readers.”
            Have a nice day, and why don’t you try posting to folks that have the same level of intelligence you do…. you know, the brain dead on the liberal websites.It might boost your ego to dazzle your own kind.

    2. mustang6984 says:

      Try sneaking into any one of the countries to the south of us. See what sort of reception you get when you get caught. It will NOT be pleasant.

    3. Angee says:

      They call it racism because they know it works with the liberals bleeding hearts. Intelligent, normal, reasoning people don’t buy the “racism” tag. They know it’s a way to get sympathy. It doesn’t work with truly intelligent people who reason logically. No, it’s not racism, it’s the lack of respect for the laws that make us dislike their actions.

  • jdbixii says:

    What the country needs is law and order and security derived from them. It is blatant stupidity, not ethnicity or race which is the problem. Hispanics and all other minorities need to recognize that, without obedience to the laws of the land, security suffers due to abuses of freedom. It is that simple. This is what causes prejudice and discrimination. Based on the law, it is logical to discriminate against people who violate the law.

    1. BOC says:

      This is ‘mumbo-jumbo’, we have law and order in this country. If anything we need to curtail some of the overreaching abuse exercised by some renegade officers who abuse the power they took an oath to uphold. These displays have been evident when these ‘rogue’ officers kill, assault and apprehend people of color. Even whites, on occasion.

      Your whole picture professes to depend on inferences from observed facts, which do not exist. What laws are you talking about that are not being upheld?

      So, you are saying that people of color are all stupid. This reads like a person who never cultivated their intelligence, so they blame others for what they are lacking.

      1. mustang6984 says:

        When you attack, shoot at or try to avoid arrest…you can and should expect an increase in the level of response to your action by a law enforcement officer.
        Those who were killed by officers…only had to do AS INSTRUCTED to have avoided ANY sort of confrontation of a painful sort. That is all. THEY chose to escalate the situations they were involved in…and THEY paid the price.
        But leftist liberals are (along with the perps themselves) too incredibly STUPID to understand those facts!
        YOU…appear to be one of those with limited intelligence and ability to exerciser COMMON SENSE! Which means YOU might one day find yourself face down and kissing asphalt…or being worm food. No one…will be surprised…or cars.

        1. BOC says:

          Not true. I can show you where a police officer cost his city millions of dollars. One of the Carolina’s is also bracing for their bill as well.

          1. mustang6984 says:

            It is indeed true. For everyone you can show…I can show you THOUSANDS each day in which the perp is arrested and goes to jail.

            How’s that head of yours feel stuffed way up that hole between your legs?

            (and it took you nearly TWO WEEKS to come up with that lane comment? You really are hopeless.)

          2. BOC says:

            It didn’t take two weeks. This is where you ranked on my priority list. I’m not sitting in a trailer with a coffee stained ‘women-beater’ T-Shirt hoping to hit the lottery.

          3. mustang6984 says:

            Yea…I suppose standing on that street corner with your sign begging for money would take precedent. Besides…how else would you get the money for time in the internet cafe so you could continue to show everyone what a nitwit you are?
            And I’m happy you are wasting all those quarters and $1 bills on LOTTO tickets.

            But don’t try and tell me you have priorities…you know and I know that would be a lie. Like most everything else that comes out of that little pimple on your shoulders.

      2. jdbixii says:

        This is not mumbo-jumbo. We have had a relaxed border problem in this country since its founding. It has never been corrected or properly enforced, given the frequency and scope of the problem. It is a national security issue and it needs to be addressed. I never said nor implied that people of color are stupid. Your sentence “This reads like a person who never cultivated their intelligence, so they blame others for what they are lacking.” is grammatically incorrect. It should say “This reads like a person who never cultivated HIS intelligence, so HE blames others for what HE IS lacking.” With respect to officers who make judgment calls based on the probability of risk to their or others’ security, given this obvious, psychological factor which governs response actions, people need to realize that they don’t “bear the sword in vain.” They are there to enforce the law and maintain public security, order and welfare. Avoiding all appearance of evil or suspicion is a logical behavior, given the facts of incidents in recent years which have been handled as opportunities by the current administration to garner political advantage by showing favoritism toward minorities. Having created a majority of minorities, they have demonstrated irresponsibility with respect to law, law enforcement, finances and foreign policy which is the cause of prejudice and discrimination.

        1. BOC says:

          We don’t have a border problem that requires that we fence ourselves in. The frequency and scope of what problem besides drug trafficking because Americans demand the drugs? What National Security Issue are you talking about because it most certainly isn’t immigration or people crossing the borders looking for work. Jobs that Americans will not do. Of these, I never heard of any brining in bombs and blowing-up anything. Such propaganda and paranoia you expose from Faux-Pas. Hey Sheppard, I got another one for you. I’m not lacking a thing. I have credentials, what’s your excuse.
          No! My sentence was not just addressing the person who blindly posted it, but to the others who supported it as well.

          “bear the sword in vain?”
          Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil……. [Rm.13 :1-3 KJV]. I have credentials here as well.

          Favoritism toward minorities? Certainly not in the workplace and theirs EEOC data to support this. Especially in the banking profession. In fact there seems to be a lot of disrespect when it comes to minorities in decision-making positions. The POTUS position is a good example and it’s systematically being carried over in other professions by design.

          “demonstrated irresponsibility with respect to law, law enforcement, finances and foreign policy which is the cause of prejudice and discrimination?”

          This is convoluted thinking and has no basis in fact. We just had a police officer cost his city $3.4 million dollars because he chose to be a ‘barbarian’ instead of a law enforcement officer for the people. Now he fighting to stay out of jail.

          Finances, what finances? Now this is ‘mumbo-jumbo’. We know who sank our economy (43) and we know who saved it (44). Go to or BLS. org among others and do some research because all you are doing here is just ranting.

          Foreign policy? You must be talking about the cowboy 43 who wanted to police the world and pissted everybody off in the process, welcome 9/11. Thank God POTUS 44 had the intelligence to turn this around and as a result was recognised for his leadership abilities by the free world leaders abroad.

  • mustang6984 says:

    LOL!!! What can one expect from a bunch of left-wing morons? Typical behavior from those of the uneducated left.
    And people wonder WHY so many want the ILLEGALS sent back where they came from!

    1. BOC says:

      This is a good example of someone who rants without thinking first. Could this be because they really have limited intellectual abilities and/or nothing constructive to say? Probably a combination of all, aforementioned.

      1. mustang6984 says:

        I think you may have nailed it…all of the above. That and they fail to understand the meaning of the word ILLEGAL…and have a limited scope of understanding of law.
        Even though I know you were trying to refer to me…you pretty well painted the picture of the morons making the offer.

    2. Angee says:

      Even their own countries don’t want them back. These are law breakers who don’t know how to obey rules. They pretend to be victims to make America feel guilty and tolerate their crimes without doing anything about their breaking and entering without legal rights.

      1. mustang6984 says:

        True enough…and if you were to illegally enter one of THEIR countries…you would soon find out just what a mistake you had made upon being caught. They sure don’t have any groundswell of people trying to make you feel welcome. Your experience (if you lived through it) would be hell!

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