Lindsey Graham: House Benghazi report is ‘full of crap’

November 24, 2014

Sen. Lindsey Graham said Sunday that a report on the Benghazi attack released late last week is “full of crap.”

The GOP-led House committee’s report found no failures in intelligence in connection with the 2011 attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya and also found that any misinformation released after the attack was accidentally incorrect — not a deliberate attempt to mislead people.

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  • fastfood says:

    And the Moon landing was filmed in Arizona.

  • Liberty says:

    Benghazi does not get a pass. And we have the dead bodies to prove it. Plenty of time to get help and certainly enough time to get out in the first place had the responsible parties done their jobs. SOS was a poor consolation prize for Hillary and she wore that title with a big chip on her shoulder, milking the taxpayers for a round-the-world trip with her bloated entourage. She never took the post seriously. This braggart exposed how ruthless she would be should she get into the White House again; other’s lives have meant nothing to her. Whatever it takes to get where she wants to be. “What difference does it make?” rings in my ears. Benghazi does not get a pass.

    1. I Seigel says:

      You could use a little rest. You’ve been shoveling this crap too long.

      1. Rwoodworth says:

        Seigel is the plant. The proof has leaked out and remembered, despite the continued coverup by the press for The Clintons and Obama the Great Criminal

        1. I Seigel says:

          Oh, then the SIX Congressional investigations are part of the cover-up, too. All those ReGRUBlicans itching to get at Obama and Hillary – they’re all part of the cover-up, too. Uh huh.

  • I Seigel says:

    Hey Senator Graham: Instead of wasting even more taxpayer money on a 7th or 8th Congressional investigation into these bogus conspiracies, how about spending a little time and investigate how the Pentagon put soldiers deliberately at risk when they were ordered to blow up old and degraded Iraqi chemical munitions in open air pits. Many of these soldiers were exposed to toxic agents, with no treatment an no acknowledgement of their now-serious health problems.
    Rumsfeld, Bush et al are traitors. Investigate that, you idiot. That’s where the REAL problems lie.

    1. Liberty says:

      You like the Ebola missions better?

      1. I Seigel says:

        Absolutely no comparison. The soldiers now know what they’re being sent to do. Supposedly, they are fully equipped, unlike the Iraq war soldiers

  • William says:

    Good Ole “Mike Rodger’s” wife is an exec wi Aegis which has a $10B contract with State Dept to protect diplo sites like Benghazi! Another Poli-Prostitute.

  • fordfool says:

    I suggest most of the “GOP House” wake up: We at home didnt knock our nuts off to gain seats in both House / Senate for NOTHING!
    The voice of the people is quite clear– NOBODY w/ a brain believes the “Staff” at W/H run by lenient groups who would gladly sell America in a heartbeat…its evident up to now, thats Xctly what they’re doing. Including the “non-Executive actions” that are willing to punish all of us, for the sake of “buying the 3rd-world crap” that will dilute our culture, Xpand welfare, social dependency, and GAIN THOSE YoHaHa Bota’s” (Votes, to U brain-deaders)
    Make NO mistake- we will NOT let him “fundamentally remake America”
    RWBwolf Aggie
    Take ’em to task ONCE & FOR ALL…

  • James Maxwell says:

    Sounds like more of the political BS to try and provide cover for Billery when

    she attempts to continue the rein of terror that Obolo has started. But if the
    GOP doesn’t get off their polluted backsides and put down the Scotch glass
    that could very well happen. But trying to feed us BS about Benghazi or
    other disasters that have happened will not go down well with the American

    People and those who served and honor or oath.

  • suzy2 says:

    . This is BS! Obama AND Hillary are behind the Benghazi killings and the phony excuses. Someone is trying to protect Hillary so she can run for President. And I bet it is Obama paying off the guilty to shut up. The whole Administration should be deleted from the face of the earth! Period!

  • I Seigel says:

    You can stamp your feet all you want, and make baseless allegations, but that doesn’t change the facts. This is the SIXTH Congressional investigation to come up with the same findings. What makes Graham think that Senators have so much more access to classified information than Congressmen? Memo to Mr. Graham: shut up, get over it, and stop wasting the taxpayers’ money.

    1. edgineer says:

      Not a chance in hell weasel.

    2. Rwoodworth says:

      No pass on Benghazi. The plants here are continuing to get us to forget. The info is real……. they are all protecting Hillary from her responsibility and that she made no decision to protect ANY of those GREAT Americans. She and Ofuka are protecting her UnAmerican ass.Americans beat off the Democrats………… remember? They get treated like we have for the last 6 years. Jail the scum!

      1. I Seigel says:

        You might as well gather everyone around the Yuletide hearth and tell ghost stories. Share the fun, scare the kids with your useless whining and imaginary tales. Make sure you get a tin-foil hat for Christmas.

        “They get treated like we have for the last 6 years.” I love that. Poor poor pitiful you, with your health care, your increasingly-valuable stocks or retirement plan, your increasingly-valuable house, and your nice comfy job. Waaaaaaaa. Talk about people who don’t take responsibility – you’re a prime example of a whiner looking for a scapegoat.

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