Marine jailed in Mexico released

November 1, 2014

A U.S. Marine, held in a Mexican jail since March for crossing the border with loaded guns, was released Friday due to a court order.

A family spokesman told The Associated Press that the judge decided to release retired Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, whose detention spurred calls from lawmakers.

“It is with an overwhelming and humbling feeling of relief that we confirm that Andrew was released today after spending 214 days in Mexican Jail,” the family said in a statement.

Tahmooressi has said he drove across the U.S. border into Tijuana by mistake with three loaded guns in his car.

His case received heightened attention from conservative politicians, including Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas). Stockman was a strong supporter of the #BringBackOurMarine campaign on Twitter, lobbying lawmakers to join his tweets and recording videos asking for Tahmooressi’s release. Stockman also introduced a resolution that would impose sanctions on Mexico unless Tahmooressi was released.

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  • iprazhm says:

    Whoo Hooo! Thank you Jesus! Now may he serve you faithfully as it was prayers and Your grace that brought his release about!! To you be the glory!!

  • runing says:


  • disqus_BAvz0LV7zw says:

    By his actions, I think Barrack Obama helps the Muslim terrorists, the Mexican illegal aliens and convicts rather than the American people who he had sworn an oath to protect and defend. He never attempted to help war decorated marine Sgt. Tahmooressi, but instead he released from GITMO, the worst enemies and terrorists the 5 Taliban terrorist leader, in exchange for an army deserter and Muslim convert. This is one of the clear and present dangers that Obama has been doing to America. Despite of the crimes that the illegal Mexicans have committed, like killing recently 2 of our police officers in California, Obama will reward the 34 million illegal Mexicans with amnesty. And who will feed them? The hardworking Americans. These illegals will make the democrats majority and therefore the One Party System is the democrat party that will always hold the power under him. What is treason? It is aiding and abetting the enemies of the United States of America!

    1. I Seigel says:

      Are you trying to say that all 34 million illegals are “moochers”? Are you trying to say that 2 killers represent 34 million people? Do YOU want to be represented by the guy who killed 2 cops in Pennsylvania, or the student who killed 2 (or more) students in Washington State?

      1. mudguy1 says:

        Yes if they here illegally they are ‘Moochers” If you had people break into your house and ate your food and slept in your beds what would you call them?

        1. I Seigel says:

          That’s your assumption that these 34 million people are eating your food and sleeping in your bed. The FACTS directly contradict you. Most of these illegals are hard-working, supporting families, NOT taking handouts, are good church-going Catholics or whatever helping to grow and support their communities. Try FACTS. Look at these people working, or waiting for work, every day.

          1. mudguy1 says:

            The FACTS are still they are ILLEGAL and law breakers. So people that rob banks and embezzle money are ok as long as they don’t get caught. And nobody knows how they got their money. They support thier families go to church, spend the stolen money to support their communities.
            Thats Ok with you.
            We have millions of legal Americans that are waiting for work

          2. I Seigel says:

            First off, I agree they’re here illegally. I don’t think that FACT is in dispute. What I dispute is the blanket characterization that they’re all moochers, takers, living off our system and our taxpayers. There is a great deal of evidence that says this is simply not so.

            You mention bank robbers and embezzlers. Do you mean the CEOs and bankers and mortgage brokers and stock traders that caused the banking meltdown in 2007, the ones that never got prosecuted and are now getting their huge bonuses again?

            And yes, I agree that we have millions of legal Americans that are waiting for work. What kind of work are they waiting for? Their old jobs back, in the steel mills or the Detroit assembly lines? Secretary jobs? Or are they waiting for the same jobs that the illegals are taking: landscaping, roofing, crop picking? As I’ve said before, I don’t see too many white teenagers being janitors after school, or white middle-aged men and women picking apples in Yakima, Washington or working the fields in Alabama or Indiana. Employers in those states NEED workers, are DESPERATE for workers, and the only people showing up for the work they’re offering are immigrants, legal and illegal. There are only so many non-union, low paying, no benefits jobs that white people are willing to do, especially those people who were laid off from $50,000/year jobs that have disappeared.

            I asked this of Mr Oullette a while back, but he either overlooked my question or ignored it: Are YOU willing to support unions, increased minimum wages, guaranteed benefits, which would even the playing field and not give an advantage to illegals when it comes to hiring for jobs they’re doing now? Where do YOU stand on this?

          3. Ranger Tom says:

            From the evidence of how much time you spend here you are obviously a complete loser who does nothing productive with your life or you are paid by one of the lefty groups. Either way you are obviously a lefty loser that loves to defend the Commie agenda.

            As with all liberals, you show no ability to reason and all of your arguments are emotion based. No logic. Present topic is a case in point. Everyone else here is happy to see that this brave soldier is finally freed from a rat infested jail in a country unfriendly to U.S. interests.

            You on the other hand go on ad nauseum about how Obama loves soldiers, defend the illegal immigrants, infer that others here support the bankers while at the same time you ignore the monopolies that your BIG GOVERNMENT people make possible by their “laws”.

            You really should just move to North Korea where I am sure you will be happy living under the godless atheistic system you seem to be kin to. Or did you spend your day today at a church to put in your time of thanksgiving and worship that God demands of us?

            I am sure you heard of the Commandment to remember to keep holy the Lord’s day. But those kinds of “Laws are Laws” you DON’T accept, do you?

          4. I Seigel says:

            Nope. No emotion in my arguments. Fact-based and logical. I ask reasonable questions which no one here has the guts or sense to answer.

            Yes, I’m a lefty plant moocher, paid by YOUR tax dollars to brainwash you. Thanks for working hard and giving your money to me. I, in turn, will send it to my account in the Cayman Islands to avoid paying taxes and I wont help stimulate the economy with it. Nice work if you can get it. Ok, back to praying now. Bye bye.

          5. Ranger Tom says:

            Your questions are loaded with false presuppositions, so unworthy of reply.

            Doesn’t seem like you have the guts to answer our questions.
            “I am sure you heard of the Commandment to remember to keep holy the
            Lord’s day. But those kinds of “Laws are Laws” you DON’T accept, do
            Yes, a hypocrite.

          6. I Seigel says:

            I wasn’t aware that I had left people’s questions unanswered. Please copy and paste them, and I’ll try to answer them, time allowing.

            As to your question here, about the “Lord’s day”: I thought it was a rhetorical question, since you seemed to ask and answer it in one breath. If it requires an answer, then I’ll respond by saying the “Lord’s day” is the day He ceased from work and rested – the seventh day. Yes, I recognize that day as holy and keep it special in my life. But I sincerely doubt that answer will satisfy you.

            However, please show me the responses from anyone who has answered my question about unions, minimum wages and family benefits. I’ve asked it several times in this thread and others, and no one has responded yet.

            And also, please note, that except for a very rare bit of name-calling on my part – out of sheer frustration – I don’t resort to that. Others here, that’s pretty much all you hear.

          7. Ranger Tom says:

            God did not say “keep it special” in your life, He commanded that you keep the day Holy and His Church established what those criteria are. You do a good job of dancing around the issues though.

            As for your “sheer frustration,” that is a result of the fact you have not found peace in your life. No doubt it is part of the reason you spend so much of your time on these sites.

          8. I Seigel says:

            OK, criticize my answers. I figured you would. But at least I answered them. You don’t like “keep it special”? That’s your prerogative, but it IS a valid answer, and I’d prefer keeping my personal preferences and activities private.

            My “sheer frustration” doesn’t come from not finding peace. It comes from the enormity of the idiocy I read here, the willingness to be led around like sheep by Rush and O’Reilly and Breitbart, writing the same things on a variety of websites – just boilerplate, right-wing ranting, instead of talking to the specific topic of a particular thread.

            But you didn’t support any of your earlier accusations. I asked you to copy and paste others’ questions that I’ve left unanswered, and I asked about unions, minimum wage, etc. I see you’ve once again avoided backing up any of your claims. No surprise there, either.

          9. Ranger Tom says:

            BUT, BUT, BUT…. “A LAW is a LAW.” If I recall correctly, those are YOUR words! So, you may consider it “a valid answer,” but you haven’t indicated that you follow that “LAW”. However, you are so fond of demanding that others be prosecuted if they run afoul of some immoral law. You seem to find some glee in their predicament. Typical liberal hypocrisy here.

            So, some day when you are crying for mercy for breaking “a LAW,” perhaps you will think back on the time you spent here in “sheer frustration” due to some posts by people happy that a soldier unjustly detained in a foreign prison is released.

            You want the “LAW” followed to the hilt when it comes to an unfortunate soldier caught up in a wrong turn. Nothing malicious, deliberate, or immoral, yet you are so thoroughly cavalier about not following God’s “Law,” and have the audacity to excuse it by saying that you keep the day “special.” Well, aren’t we “special” Mr. Seigel?

            And what does any of this have to do with Rush, etc? I don’t listen to any of them. No one else here has quoted them as far as I can tell. You really are a frustrated individual, no doubt.

          10. I Seigel says:

            As far as I know, there is no entity in my state or in the US that enforces “God’s Law” to keep the Sabbath holy. But they DO enforce statutes like driving laws, violence laws, property laws, etc. So equating one with the other is a complete red herring. Typical of folks here who divert from the topic. And again, you ignored my requests and questions. Talk about MY lacking guts! Hah!

            As I have REPEATEDLY said, I’m happy that the Marine was released, and I very clearly explained the source of my frustration. If you’re unwilling or unable to read and/or understand my clear, non-ambiguous, non-emotional writing, that’s a problem with your close-minded ideology, not my ability or willingness to communicate..

          11. Ranger Tom says:

            Who’s talking about the State enforcing “God’s Law”? Or aren’t you aware of the fact that there is a Judgment where God will enforce all of His laws. No diversion at all. Good luck on that one Mr. “Special.”

            If you were truly happy that the Marine was released you wouldn’t have been trying to put up a smoke screen defense of the one responsible for him being held so long.

            While President Obama was eager to violate the law in order to free American soldier (and suspected deserter) Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, he was strangely silent about this United States Marine held prisoner in Mexico. [Administration Defends Swap With Taliban To Free U.S. Soldier, by Brian Knowlton, The New York Times, June 1, 2014] (I suppose you have a defense for this action too.)

            Obama stands by, and does nothing. The proof you ask? He eagerly takes credit for everything and anything that is to his benefit, even though not deserved. The killing of Bin Laden is point in case. But nothing has been heard from the WH about their efforts to free the Marine.

            This wasn’t the first time our meddlesome Southern neighbor has imprisoned our citizens for accidental weapons violations.

            Another recent American victim:

            Jabin Bogan, a black American truck driver, who inadvertently drove a truck filled with ammunition into Mexico. Bogan was imprisoned for seven months.

            Obama can be counted on, for all the WRONG reasons, but liberals like you do nothing more than divert the blame to others. And this has been pointed out and IS an example of the kinds of points you DON’T answer.

          12. I Seigel says:

            Please show me EXACTLY where I’ve attempted to divert blame.

            No “smokescreen defense”. Just asking for proof from the “accuser”. In absence of which, there could be reasonable doubt that the claims are false.

          13. Ranger Tom says:

            Ignore what you can’t answer–above comments of mine only one of many examples–and change the subject. Those are your two tactics, and then you wonder why you have “sheer frustration”?

            What makes you think you are owed an answer, when you divert from the basis of the article to begin with? Many people just ignore your line of dialogue because they don’t want to deal with your tactics of obfuscation.

            You bring your “frustration” upon yourself, so why take it out on others with name calling, etc. and accusing them of being stupid or cowardly? They are nothing of the sort. They simply don’t have a need to have the last word in order to continue on, content with their lives as they are.

            Most everyone else here feels that the WH IS responsible for the Marine being detained for almost a year in Mexican jails. But that is not good enough for Mr. Siegel, he wants to be shown “EXACTLY” where he has “attempted to divert blame.”

            You really just don’t get it do you? But I guess this morning you got it handed to you despite that fact. Along with the rest of the libs in this country.

            Enjoy the day along with the election results. Myself, I am personally celebrating the 3rd smack down of the libs in Wisconsin with a handsome win once again for the honorable governor, Scott Walker.

  • FlagladyRoberta says:

    Late, but FINALLY. Thank you all for support. ONE injustice being “righted” Thanx to citizen’s pressure.

  • James Maxwell says:

    There is still the imprisonment and vile treatment of an American Military
    member by a corrupt government. The occupier of the White House
    showed how little he cared for the U.S. Military by tolerating such corruption
    to continue while Mexico allows Criminal illegal Aliens to pass thru their
    nation along with Mexican nations who are invading the United States.
    We need to round up and deport these criminal as soon as we catch them,
    no release on their own recognizance where they just laugh and invade
    the United States to rob and steal from our Citizens.

    1. I Seigel says:

      How could you possibly know what negotiations or pressure the WH was engaged in with the Mexican authorities? Just because there weren’t hourly updates on Nancy Grace doesn’t mean things weren’t being done behind the scenes. You didn’t hear about bin Laden’s death until after it happened. I don’t know what the WH did – or didn’t – do. And neither do you.

      1. Ranger Tom says:

        If it took this long for the WH to negotiate his release for nothing more than making a wrong turn across the border, then it speaks volumes for the ineptitude of the WH and especially the one running it.

        1. I Seigel says:

          Nice try, but the story PLAINLY says that he was transporting loading guns across the border. He didn’t simply “make a wrong turn”. Stop deceiving yourself and others.

          1. Ranger Tom says:

            I am not denying that he had transported guns across the border. The only one deceiving himself is someone alleging that the WH could in anyway be “credited” for bringing any pressure to bear on the Mexican government. Again, there is no way a third world government should have been allowed to get away with what they did here. They made the U.S. look completely incompetent and powerless. Only the WH can be blamed for that. This could have been done in no more than a weeks time, and if someone like Regan was in the WH it wouldn’t have taken a minute longer. Even if Carter was the president it would have gotten done a long time ago. You must be delusional if you can write what you did above.

          2. I Seigel says:

            Please note that I didn’t say that the WH could in any way be “credited” for the solder’s release. No one in the WH has made that claim, and neither have I. My original statement simply was a rebuttal to James Maxwell, who said the WH didn’t do ANYTHING and ignored the soldier. Unless Mr Maxwell has personal contacts in the WH that know the day-to-day discussions and activities of the WH, then I stated it would be impossible and unfair to say the WH was completely disassociated from this matter. That’s all I said, and unless you KNOW differently – and have WH contacts who can back up your claim – then I don’t believe you can say “without a shadow of a doubt” that Obama and the WH are “guilty” of the things charged here. You’re only stating an opinion – altho you state it so firmly as if it were fact.

          3. Steve Thomas says:

            Yes you DID make that claim. Just because you tap-danced around it and said that “we don’t know if the WH was involved”, does NOT mean that you were not clearly implying they were involved. At least have the guts to admit your lies when called on them.

          4. I Seigel says:

            Steve, can you read? Or are you just going on blind emotion? Here is EXACTLY what I wrote in my first post in this thread:
            ” I don’t know what the WH did – or didn’t – do. And neither do you.”

            How much plainer can I get??

            Do you also have the “guts” to admit the same?

          5. Steve Thomas says:

            You worded to IMPLY that the WH had some positive influence.
            We all know that you are a “paid plant”. What liberal “news” outlet do you work for???

          6. I Seigel says:

            Someone here already labeled me a plant for the zio-fascist MSM. So let’s just leave it at that.
            And I didn’t IMPLY anything. I plainly STATED that I – NOR ANYONE ELSE – has any real knowledge about what did or did not happen within the WH. Why can’t you, too, admit something so obviously true?

          7. ken51136 says:

            They were in his trunk like many American’s ( especially military, police, hunters, farmers, business men, security personal, etc. do. When I go to the shooting range, hunting, or even to buy or repair my guns; I carry them in my Jeep. There is no Trunk. This Marine like THOUSANDS of others keep their guns in their trunk ( Which Is Not Illegal ). The only reason he got busted was because he Unexpectedly got caught up in the wrong lane of traffic an wound up crossing the border and tried to turn around.
            How many People Have gotten into the wrong lane and could not turn at theLight. Had they cut across; they would have been busted and given a ticket. The Marine figured he could turn around after dropping of a friend, but found him self in the wrong lane without the option of backing up or turning around till he was on the other side of the border Gates.

          8. GRAMPA says:

            You were present when this happened? or perhaps you have privy communication with the Mexican border guards? But You must be able to read this mans personal thoughts and feelings! The smoke you use to weave your opinion is as solid as your reasoning.

          9. rickouellette says:

            Grampa-be aware that Seigel professes to be a know-it-all who will immediately attack the messenger when he finds himself losing the argument. Sounds like a democrat plant so disregard his insults., Good Luck America !!!

          10. GRAMPA says:

            Insults are the argument of the ignorant and uninformed. If I let insults effect me I would have been dead years ago. I have survived many who were much more talented than he.

          11. Watchman on the Wall says:

            They are also the marks of wicked mocking fools, all of whom serve the father of lies, the devil, who is very real and who seeks to bring misery, suffering, conflict and death to as many of mankind as he can.

            When the ad hominem attacks come, you know that your adversary is out of credible arguments and facts and thus out of ammo. At that point, he’s toast and easy game to pick off by pointing out the obvious. It drives them nuts! And that’s the goal. It’s sort of fun too.

          12. I Seigel says:

            Have I been “picked off” yet? It doesn’t appear so. People still refuse to answer my simple, straightforward questions or provide proof of their claims. I’m having fun. Are you?

          13. I Seigel says:

            The facts are very visible Grampa. He drove across a border carrying loaded guns. In the trunk, in the passenger area – what’s the difference? These are Mexican authorities enforcing Mexican laws, I don’t have to be a mind reader or know the soldier’s feelings He wasn’t on duty, he took a wrong turn. He has PTSD. That stuff is left to lawyers, judges and juries. But FACTS are FACTS. And notice I’m not attacking a messenger, I’m stating a fact. Just because Mr Ouelette doesn’t like facts that are presented to him doesn’t mean I’m attacking someone. It simply means I’m presenting a factual argument to counter what he (and you) are presenting, whatever that is.

          14. Steve Thomas says:

            You are cherry picking your “facts”. Tell the whole story, as it was reported, or SHUT THE DUCK UP you commie.

          15. I Seigel says:

            What facts am I leaving out that are relevant to the soldier getting arrested?

          16. Steve Thomas says:

            Greta drove the route that Tahmooressi got lost on. The signs were bad to begin with are are now faded and partially covered with graffiti. Once you get in the wrong lane, there is no way back. Now, get back to work at what your job was supposed to be.

          17. I Seigel says:

            And Greta driving the route is certainly great evidence that would have been used to help his defense. BUT The Mexican cops’ duty is enforce LAWS. They’re not there to determine if signs were faded out or misleading. Lots of Podunk towns in the South, setting up radar traps for unsuspecting tourists, have done far worse. A LAW is a LAW. What is so hard to understand? Yes, there were extenuating circumstances – no doubt about that. But he BROKE A LAW. A judge and jury take the extenuating circumstances into account. A cop doesn’t. Military guards don’t.

          18. Ranger Tom says:

            You are a real duffus of a plant, no doubt. “A LAW is a LAW. What is so hard to understand?”

            NO, that is where you are wrong again. A law is not necessarily a law. There are many things that are called “laws” that are simply statutes, You being a liberal dunder-head wouldn’t probably know much about law, and its true derivative from Common Law.

            Besides, we are not talking just about the police making the arrest, we are talking about the system of law in Mexico that made a mockery of both the law and justice in detaining him there for nearly a year. All the while your god, Obama the Moslem Communist, did absolutely nothing to free him, and if you claim that anything other than that is possible, then you admit that you have a complete incompetent pretending to be the president of this country.

          19. GRAMPA says:

            Isee much that is wrong with the events. Having been in service The first thing I learned was to unload your gun to prevent shooting anyone you dont want to kill or yourself. The report says he had loaded guns! If the sale of these guns were the goal again you wouldn’t have loaded guns to display. The amount of ammo is also wrong. If going to use these guns to sight in the optics one doesn’t need this much. The guns were in the trunk which comply s with the laws. If he had loaded guns why did he inform them he had guns? His intent was to be allowed to turn around and get back to the states. I have been on that road and have witnessed the density of traffic and no one will allow you to change lanes. People are in such a hurry they show little tolerance for mistakes. I have seen the traffic back up for miles so not being able to get to the turnaround is possible. I learned a long time ago not to believe everything in print. Governments any governments when making legal charges will report events much worse than it really is. I draw on personal experiences that have direct involvement with government actions. Lastly your accounting a factual argument is a fallacy for unless you witness the event you cannot speak factually. I speak from my own events that I have experienced. All other input is hearsay.

          20. I Seigel says:

            You’ve made some good points, and your experience there in that situation helps you to “cut thru the BS”. I agree that governments – and news accounts – distort and shape the reporting of the events to suit their purposes. I also agree with you that I am making my arguments here based on the reporting available – in this website, others, and print media, which many times get their “facts” from a single source (or 2) and then just reprint it.

            [As an example, witness the poor security guard at the CDC who was fired after taking a picture of Obama’s limousine. This was the security guard that was assigned to escort O around the CDC when he went there earlier in October for an Ebola briefing. It was originally reported that he was an ex-con with a gun, in the elevator with O, and it was another security lapse of the Secret Service.]

            My intent here wasn’t to take away from the joy of seeing the Marine released. I share in that joy, as should most Americans. My intent was simply to put the brakes on people here who are very quick to turn any incident into an anti-government, anti-Obama rantfest. I was simply pointing out to those quick to condemn the WH for their inaction that they simply don’t know what went on behind the scenes – and neither do I. Everyone here has heard that a jury must acquit someone of charges unless the charges are proven “beyond a shadow of a doubt”. In this instance, as many others, there is a “shadow of a doubt” that most people here aren’t willing to discuss or recognize. They’re too quick to “pull the trigger” and never ask the questions that should be asked.

          21. Peatro Giorgio says:

            Let’s just say O blow hard dealt with the traitor who abandon his post .Traded for his treasonous ass with the release of five known Terrorist who he an everyone else knew would return to the battle field. That trade being done in days. Now that was all public news. So if O Blow hard was making that trade public . What the hell would be the threat of publicly anoucing the negotiations for the true hero and Marine stuck in a shit hole in Mexico. Think about how stupid you sound while attempting to protect of defend The freak- LIAR an chief.

          22. I Seigel says:

            PTSD? Too much lead in your water, or in the paint in your house? Just curious.

          23. Steve Thomas says:

            You stop ATTEMPTING to deceive people. Maybe you are foole enough to smuggle 3 lousy guns, that are registered to you. But that is just symptomatic of the disease known as liberalism.

          24. I Seigel says:

            The guns were registered to the soldier in the US. Did he also register them in Mexico? The laws are different there. Could he prove that he had no intention of selling them to Mexicans? That is what a judge and jury decide. Not a Mexican border cop. The case is pretty cut and dried – it’s a mystery why people here find it so complicated.

          25. Peatro Giorgio says:

            You truly are the Idiot I have previously described you as being. First you imply that the white house may or mite have been actively involved in the negotiations for his release? Now your attempting to imply he purposely enter Mexico, with firearms registered to him for the sole purpose of some unknown criminal enterprise. Frankly your to freak – en stupid to be a troll, plant. But then again I take that back. Stupid is as stupid does an birds of a feather flock together. Boy O boy the Progressive left an there library media cohorts prove every single day just how frigging stupid they ,you are. Liberals and progressives share the same D & A the very same Retarded gene pool.

          26. I Seigel says:

            What is D & A?

          27. Guest says:

            I’m sitting here reading these posts in amazement. It’s clear, those that are disagreeing with you didn’t see the route on TV that Andrew took. It was a BRAND NEW border crossing. He’s from Florida. He had to go to San Diego to get PTSD Treatment after multiple deployments. He had everything he owned in his truck. If anyone saw the border crossing on TV ( Glenn Beck and Greta Van Susteren covered it, Greta really in depth ) it was IMPOSSIBLE to be in the far right lane, which he was, and see the “Last Turn to USA” sign that was ON THE ROAD propped up by the cement dividers for the lanes. He figured he’d go up a bit farther and there would be an exit to the RIGHT, the REAL exit was to the LEFT, and he had to cross several lanes of traffic in his and the northbound lanes to get to the ONE lane that went to the US. If you saw Greta actually DRIVING THE ROUTE, it was easy to see how he missed the exit and just the fact that he told them that he had the guns in his possession shows that he had no bad intentions. He didn’t have to tell them. If he hadn’t, chances are he would have just gotten to turn around and go back toward the US, but he thought it best to be honest.
            I can’t believe how people are talking down this brave Soldier that had to go to the other side of the country for his PTSD treatment instead of getting it closer to FL, his home state. Had he been able to get help and care closer to home, it never would have happened. This is our VA System for you, and this is what’s in store for ALL of us thanks to “lack of transparency in govt.” and “the stupidity of the American voters” in Obama/Democrats DON’T Care Health TAX. Socialized medicine is VA “Care” for ALL.
            Anyone that saw Andrew talking on TV knew he was honestly sorry, that he’d been through hell and for him to have had to endure 214 days without a word from the “president” is sickening. To trade a deserter for FIVE HIGH LEVEL TALIBAN LEADERS but leave an honest Marine alone to be beaten and abused like he was is disgusting for a man that says “we leave no man behind” to defend the Berghdal swap but leaves Tahmooressi in a Mexican prison while we have a “border crisis” and not bat an eye. But that’s par for the course for Barry. No pun intended.

        2. rickouellette says:

          Ranger Tom-Exactly. The man was changing duty stations and had all of his possessions in his vehicle including three guns. A real president would have had him out within one week., Obama was too busy arranging the release of five terrorists for a deserter , fund raising and golf, to pay any attention to a Marine in distress., Mexico can pride itself of having at least one judge with common sense. Good Luck America !!!

      2. ken51136 says:

        We do know that Obama took FULL credit for bin Laden’s death, even though it was Bush’s water boarding that lead to Bin Laden’s location and death.

        1. I Seigel says:

          The waterboarding happened years before the killing. Get off it.

        2. rickouellette says:

          Ken-as a matter of fact the Pakistani doctor who pinpointed the exact location of Bin Laden is still lingering in a Pakistani jail under a 30 year sentence. A real president would have had him out by now. All we need to do is tell Pakistan that the billions we send them each year will resume once the doctor is freed. We have empty suits running the White House and the disastrous results are quite evident. Good Luck America !!!

      3. James Maxwell says:

        Pretty simple, the occupier of the White House hates the
        Military and has shown that on numerous occasions. He
        would rather sit and honor muzzie terrorist and release them
        than take action to get one of our own back. His own
        actions or I should say lack of action is clear proof that
        he has not respect for the US Military or its members.

        1. I Seigel says:

          That sounds like a typical copy of a typical Rush rant. He “hate the Military”, huh? And how has he demonstrated the “hatred”:

          He’s brought home all the fighting troops from Iraq.
          He’s bringing home all the fighting troops from Afghanistan.
          He was involved in bringing home a soldier “left on the battlefield”.
          He’s taking the Pentagon’s advice in how to downsize the military – weapons programs, e.g.
          They are expanding the knowledge and treatment of PTSD, and allowing more military to be treated.
          They are expanding the treatment of soldiers who seem to have been exposed to chemical agents in Iraq.

          And you’ll compare that record to the brilliant Secretary of Defense who sent troops into Iraq with no body armor, underprotected vehicles, and said “we fight wars with the military we have (i.e., stuck with), not the military we want? You call HIM a patriot?

          Try looking at FACTS rather than just parroting O’Reilly.

          Since when does a president or the WH have to be involved in EVERY person taken prisoner somewhere? This particular soldier wasn’t on duty, wasn’t being “left on the battlefield”, and he broke local laws. You had many politicians, ex-governor Richardson, and others pleading the soldier’s case. The WH was paying attention, but also is paying attention to Putin, Iran, el-Sisi and ISIS.

          1. iprazhm says:

            All one need do is look at Obama’s actions regarding the military, since he took office. He has systematically ruled to degrade the cohesive structures and battle readiness of veterans and new recruits. He has ostracized all soldiers of faith forcing them to live in hostile conditions. He has made it extremely difficult for soldiers to defend themselves in battle and to support their families back home. He has fired multitudes of his best commanders and replaced them with political flunkies, WHILE they were in the field! He has placed returning soldiers who disagree with his policies, on domestic terrorist lists and made it impossible for some to own personal weapons.
            I don’t know who you listen to or work for but you are ridiculously wrong.

          2. I Seigel says:

            All one need do is look at Obama’s actions regarding the military, since he took office. He has systematically ruled to degrade the cohesive structures and battle readiness of veterans and new recruits. – WHAT KINDS OF RULINGS HAS HE MADE? – He has ostracized all soldiers of faith forcing them to live in hostile conditions. – HOW? AND ARE THESE DECISIONS MADE BY OBAMA PERSONALLY, OR ARE THEY MADE BY MILITARY MEN, COMMANDING OFFICERS? – He has made it extremely difficult for soldiers to defend themselves in battle and to support their families back home. – HOW? BY MAKING SURE THEY HAVE PROPER BODY ARMOR, EQUIPMENT, AND ARMORED VEHICLES? BY BRINGING THEM HOME FROM IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN? BY NOT SENDING THEM TO FIGHT MULTIPLE ENEMIES IN SYRIA? – He has fired multitudes of his best commanders and replaced them with political flunkies, WHILE they were in the field! – HE’S FIRED ONE OR TWO, FOR INSUBORDINATION. – He has placed returning soldiers who disagree with his policies, on domestic terrorist lists and made it impossible for some to own personal weapons. – NAMES? –
            I don’t know who you listen to or work for but you are ridiculously wrong. – PLEASE PROVIDE SOME ACTUAL FACTS. I’M WILLING TO LISTEN AND LEARN. ARE YOU?

      4. Steve Thomas says:

        Go stick your head BACK in the sand!

      5. Peatro Giorgio says:

        Your either a complete troll or absolutely the living, breathing example of a true Idiot.
        Really are you trying to tell the world you still believe anything that comes out of this Proven lying white house. Name one area, one subject matter. Name one political position or other wise position, this white house and it’s administration has taken. Which by either one hour ,one day, one week ,one month or one year latter was not proven to be a flat out LIE . Sure you’ll use the progressive dog talking points but you’re never going to be able to prove anything other then They freak en Lie, lied, are lying and are Liars. Now do you still wish to side with white house dumpster trash.

        1. I Seigel says:

          Oh, you’ve certainly convinced me. Thanks for providing the facts.

          1. Peatro Giorgio says:

            Your reply is self evident. No further evidence needed. Guilty as charged. Prosecution has met it’s burden . Idiot as Charged.

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