McDonald’s Introduces ‘Gay Pride’ Fries. Christians Call For Boycott

June 16, 2017

REGGIO EMILIA, Italy, June 14, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — About 300 Catholics marched in reparation for what they called the “public sin” of a Gay Pride parade that took place in their northern Italian town.

“Our march is not a protest against Gay Pride, but a prayer that does penance for public sin,” Don Luigi Moncalero, a Catholic priest, told Italian journalists.

“From the moral point of view, homosexuality is a disorder strongly deplored by Sacred Scripture. Celebrating homosexuality means not only contradicting the Bible that says, ‘Male and female God created them,’ but it reverses the natural order,” he added.

The march of reparation, which took place earlier this month, was headed by five priests who wore traditional clerical dress as they led the faithful in Latin-language rosaries and other prayers. Among the penitents were representatives from pro-life-and-family associations.

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  • Bobbi says:

    SHAME ON McDONALDS or any business that promotes the Gay lifestyle.
    Whoever any of you guys that come across these places, keep us posted here.. I love Checker, please I hope they don’t promote such evil.. These sick minded queers must not read the Bible.. Their kind is why God destroyed Sodom and Gomora.. This is what these Socialist and their like have brought out in the open.. Why didn’t they keep their dirty laundry in the closet..

    1. The Redhawk says:

      Time for a JACK IN TH BOX to SELL STRAIGHT FRENCH FRIES and Drive these FLAKES ‘NUTS” …. UN FREAKEN BELIEVABLE what The world is turning INTO!

  • ONTIME says:

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!…….I hope the employees washed up in the head…..

    1. The Redhawk says:

      Which “john” Men? Women? Trans?

  • Ronald Cowan says:

    Where does it talk about fries or Mcdonalds ? all I see is a story on a march against a gay “pride” (like there is anything to be proud of) parade.

  • gvette says:

    The queers, and faggots make up a small percentage of the population.
    I wonder if Sickkie D’s can survive on that.

  • AZtejas says:

    I quit going to McDonald’s several years ago. They were one of the first corporate, activist supporters of the LGBT movement. They also posted the LGBT flag in the door or window of the main entrance of some of their establishments. It was a small one, but it did catch my eye, so I turned away and have not gone back.

  • Joan C Maxwell says:

    I didn’t see anything about McDonalds except in the headline. I saw about a march in Italy. But if McDonalds is doing that, I will not ever support them again.

  • art says:

    if they start serving hot dog don’t order them

  • There’s nothing about McDonald’s or Gay Pride fries anywhere in this article. It’s about a small group of very superstitious people in a small town in Italy performing a ritual in Latin trying to protect themselves from what they are calling public sin. The group of people here would be considered to be a cult in America. Fortunately, this extreme irrationality is rare in the USA. If someone wanted to do that, they would be free to do so. But anyway, why does the title say “McDonald’s” and “Gay Pride fries”?

  • sonniell says:

    Look at it this way….Mickie D’s just saved an awful lot of medical issues!

  • Philip Allen says:

    I Never like McDonald’s anyway…there hamburger taste like pure soybean anyway. Why would anyone want McDonald’s when there are many better places to eat.

  • Dr. Mike Reeder says:

    I NEVER go to McDonald’s anyway. Their food nauseates me! I KNOW their fries will!

  • Oldawg70 says:

    When immorality prevails…society fails!

  • USNavyPatriot says:

    Unless you’re homeless, make your coffee at home. This simply saves money besides not supporting perversion in our society. When the mentally ill push us, push them back with a loud and clear message… BOYCOTT THEIR BUSINESS. We are still in the vast majority!

  • Bethony Sproles says:

    Why can’t these fast food businesses stick to selling food and just leave the politics to the politicians. They obviously did not pay attention to what happened in the case of Chick-fil-a.

    1. fiftysevenchevy says:

      OR Target, OR Starbucks, Etc. etc. etc. Plain Ignorance & Stupidity!!!!

  • Ramon1710 . says:

    I wonder which of the 7 deadly sins McDonalds will celebrate next.

  • Ramon1710 . says:

    Thank Robert Gibbs, former spokes-liar for the Monkey administration, who now heads McDonalds international operations.

    I gave up on McD’s when I heard they hired that idiot…as an executive, yet. Gibbs is better qualified for burger flipping than any job that requires thinking.

  • teaman says:

    Homosexuality is a sin as God has stated in His word and the sinful choice should not be made. You are not born that way, but you are born to sin.
    What is hardly ever talked about is the fact that Homosexuality, and everything that goes with it, is a direct slap to the face of Mother Nature. Think about it!!

    1. FAITH47 says:

      Amen to that*****

    2. goldie says:

      The fact that they are not ‘born that way’ is evidenced by the rampant trans crap that is happening now. Many married persons leaving their families to wallow in their sins simply because of the power of suggestion, and man’s natural inclination to sin. Seems like a lot of people are suddenly realizing that they were ‘born that way’. Lies and deceit.

  • Jane says:

    What is wrong with these companies? Why make statements/changes (of any kind) that would lose customers. For the small amount of people who they willl “gain”, they will lose millions. Makes no sense at all. I’m done with McDonalds.

    1. Beverly Murphy says:

      BO switched when he saw a new voting block, but then the concept seemed to fit better with him and Michael.

  • Jmanjo says:

    Not discriminating against them is one thing. Pandering and kissing their butts is another! No gay fries and no gay crossing lights and no gay clothing ads. Either they are for everyone or don’t do or say it! If you don’t allow just straight ads then why gay ads. It goes against the same thing they bitch about. I remember the articles that were written about being gay was a hormonal thing (gasp) so why do we allow them to recruit for gays??

  • James Maxwell says:

    I doubt that McDonalds will miss my business as I quite going there a few
    years back. The food has gone down hill, the staff is questionable and
    the appearance of the stores is not the cleanest around. I know in some
    locations this is the problem but talking to some workers they say that
    work conditions have also been declining over the past 4 years? There
    are numerous burger joints in my area that have better quality food and
    a more pleasant staff working there.

  • joe says:

    Homosexuality is a neurological mental disorder, they can claim all they all they want that is normal but having sex where you defecate is not normal

  • Rick D. says:

    I’m surprised McD. didn’t claim they were making fries in the shape of a penis for the gay guys.

  • Humble Servant says:

    I feel bad for people that think they are gay. They definitely have issues within their own heads. McDonald’s promoting bad behavior is not and should not be a marketing tool for them. This would have been seen as a bad decision in the past and would have caused the public to let them know. We are letting you know we do not condone your actions and we will do so with spending our money elsewhere. There is nothing you have I cannot get somewhere else today.

    1. fiftysevenchevy says:

      Very well stated Humble! Likewise here!

    2. goldie says:

      Well, maybe some bacteria or mad cow disease. But, who needs that? Ha ha

  • Thomas Goss says:

    SCREW the gay pride bullshit and McDonalds.

  • Climax says:

    Gay Pride? The people are mentally ill as being gay is NOT normal even though they say it is not a choice but how they were born. Why be proud of the fact a person is mentally ill? OK, go to town with the comments as I know they are coming. In nature how many other groups of living things participate in sex between same gender to reproduce?

  • Climax says:

    Corporations should NOT engage in any political actions or get involved in any social interactions but remain neutral no matter how much pressure is placed on them by any group. All that does is alienate large groups with bad feelings and ultimately a loss of business. This is just another example of how a small minority which makes a scene can cause such an economic disaster for a company.

    1. goldie says:

      They must be getting soros money to commit economic suicide like target did. Doesn’t seem to be any other explanation unless the bigwigs are part of this minority.

      1. fiftysevenchevy says:

        You bet Goldie, We quit shopping at Target years ago before all this bathroom Bull$hit started, …..When they basically boycotted our Military!!!!!!!!!


    Are they doing this in Italy or the United States?

  • ZACAL says:

    Gay pride frys?? That makes me want to gag. Who would want “frys with that” when you associate eating them with homosexual’s having sex in an abnormal way.

  • Niko says:

    Burger King started this bullshit by packaging their whoppers in wrappers with the fag colors on it ,the bags also carry the fag colors. Fortunately, i myself have stopped all fast foods for the last ten years. I hope McFairies and burger fairy close their doors permanently…

    1. goldie says:

      I too. I can’t stand to eat that garbage anymore. My homemade food is so much better that I’m always disappointed with food anyplace else. I think the quality of food in restaurants has declined a lot in the past decade at least, if not longer than that.

      1. Niko says:

        Goldie , I’m glad to hear that. I also have good cooking abilities thanks to my mom. We know what we put in our food, you know the old adage: “nothing better than a home cooked meal” !!!!!. Actually about a week ago i read an email that said that restaurant and fast food quality is declining and will continue to decline because of millenialls. They say millenialls do not go to restaurants like lets say baby boomers ,et al. A restaurant needs to make money to purchase good food and rotate stock. The automation that is and will take over most everything will not help either. I personally cant see a millenial tipping anything at all, i believe in leaving a good tip. Thanks for your text and input. Always welcome ,much appreciated.

    2. Jane says:

      Chic-Fil-E (not sure if I spelled it correctly) is the only fast food place….maybe Wendy’s, but no more McDonald’s, Burger King, Starbucks (Caribou is fine), or Target. Even if they never change their philosophies, I know that I am doing the right thing and not giving my hard earned money to these minions of Satan.

      1. Niko says:

        Hello Jane, thanks fur your text. It ends in an A which i believe stands for America. It is okay to spend the money but only in places that abide by Natural Law/God/Christ.

  • Raymond J Ambrozaitis says:

    I love these boycott threats by right wing radical terroristic deplorables. Tell me fools how many of your so-called boycotts have been successful?

    1. itsfun says:

      How much money did Target lose?

    2. Rock says:

      Actually Ray, Starbucks is at it’s worst point since 2014… Between not allowing legal firearms carrying citizens in their dumps and their promise to hire 10,000 Muslim illegals, along with stupidly overpriced yuppie coffee, the boycotts of Starbucks are proving to be VERY successful ! They cut their own throats by catering to the left wing radical terrorists. Target seems to be following suit.

      1. goldie says:

        Don’t forget kelloggs expansion projects that had to be scrapped.

  • JC says:

    never did like their crap anyway

  • Ralph - Msg Ret says:

    I find the thought of gay fries very offensive; so yes I now will stop buying mcd’s fries which were the only things I would get with my coffee which I switched to after the Starbucks fiascos. So I guess it is back to DD until they do something stupid as well.

    1. Wingedgodd3ss says:

      It’s tough when you have to keep switching companies due to their stupidity. I’m sure I’m saving $5k a year since I quit shopping at Target. Quit Starbucks so long ago I can’t remember-didn’t go much -maybe once a month. Don’t miss it.

      1. fiftysevenchevy says:

        These stupid-ass companies who support Queers, hate groups, illegal immigrants, etc. just don’t get it. Too ignorant to realize that they’re Cutting their own Throats!!!!

        1. TrumpIsSavingTheUSA says:

          I agree if they would only just sell there products and shut the F**k up there would be no uproar.

    2. FIRE1949 says:

      I make my coffee at home, it’s less expensive and a whole lot better. I’ve about quit patronizing most commercial eating establishments, ………except Chik fil a.
      I pray for people to return to a right and moral path.

      1. James Maxwell says:

        Make my morning cuppa at home for my drive into work and
        have the pot at work set up so it ready when I get there in
        the morning. We go thru 3 to 4 pots a day in my office.

        1. Beverly Murphy says:

          Wow! So you fly home, no need to drive?

          1. James Maxwell says:

            Started at an early age and it is the nectar of life
            in the morning. Don’t drinks sodas but need my
            coffee or Tea to keep me moving.

  • Peter Smith says:

    Well, I guess McDonald’s doesn’t want my business anymore. I’ll never spend so much as one red cent there, EVER.

    1. Earl Rogerson says:

      Yes, Little Snowflake Go to Chic-fil-a and Choke your Chicken !

      1. Rodzzz says:

        And yes…. “Chick-Fil-A” is another very good choice. Thanks for reminding everyone. Very good.

        1. roboteq says:

          And, Chik-Fil-A staff has been having to deal with hateful Progressives for some time now. So far, all incidences involving Progressives disrupting Chik-Fil-A business has been dealt with by kind gestures from the staff at Chik-Fil-A stores. In one instance, cold drinks were brought to Progressives carrying hateful protest signs by Chik-Fil-A staff. It didn’t take long for Progressive liberals to stop harassing Chik-Fil-A when they could not get a rise out of the employees.

      2. goldie says:

        You got yer facts wrong. Snowflakes don’t ever go to Chick-fil-a, they’d be afraid of the people they would meet there. Mc Donalds always did stink.

        1. Rodzzz says:

          The Golden Showers is a cesspool of rotten food and libtards.

          1. fiftysevenchevy says:

            and Queers & Lesbians!!!!!!

          2. Rodzzz says:

            I agree…… It’s not so much the food but the calibre of people.

      3. fiftysevenchevy says:

        At least they don’t Support QUEERS!!!!!!

      4. Peter Smith says:

        Oh Earl, are your faggot feelings bruised? At least my rooster isn’t parked in someone else’s “round brown”. Or is it that someone else’s chicken is parked in your “round brown”? You’d probably like to be double parked huh?
        And FYI, you obviously don’t know what a “snowflake” is.

      5. Retired says:

        Better yet if they used a rope and Oak tree.

    2. Rodzzz says:

      I’ve always stayed away from the ‘Golden Showers”. The food at Burger King is much better.

      1. Peter Smith says:

        Burger King is okay and really is much better than McDonalds, agreed. I like Whataburger the best.

        1. Robert Pollock says:

          Jack’ burgers yeahhhhh

          1. Peter Smith says:

            Robert, I hope you’re naming a local hot spot and not Jack in the Crack burgers. I have eaten a Jack in the Box hamburger ONCE, it was enough for me ……..

      2. Retired says:

        Better yet avoid Chain food and support local eateries .

        1. Rodzzz says:

          Glad you brought it up. We have always avoided chain food establishments and opted for local sources instead not only to avoid GMO, caged chicken and eggs, hormone loaded beef etc. but to help them stay in business. I do not have the right to make any comments concerning McDonald hamburgers because

          1. Robert Pollock says:

            It is not that they are against our country, but that they do not allow anything to stand in the way of their god. Money

          2. Rodzzz says:

            Sorry…… please enlighten me

          3. Rodzzz says:

            Sorry, I do not understand.

          4. Retired says:

            Supporting local and USA companies will save us .

          5. DOC says:

            Mom & Pop may employ 2 or 3 Mc D employed a lot more and that is the American way.

          6. Retired says:

            You can NOT run a Resturant with 3 Employees . The American way has created Porkers that should not eat there .

          7. DOC says:

            It all depend on the size of the resturant. Six tables one cook and two waiters. Ok that may be pushing but a lot restruant start that way.If they grow maybe they have fifty employers. Micky D has that many in one restuurant

          8. Retired says:

            In my are that would be called a hole in the wall and not a restaurant . You have no clue what is involved with running a restaurant Starting with municipal ordinances to the Cleaning and Health inspections .

          9. DOC says:

            A lot of things start off a hole a kitchen a livinroom

      3. roboteq says:

        Burger King has the Gay Pride Whopper and a parade float with scantily clad young men promoting Burger King.

        1. Rodzzz says:

          I forgot about that.

          1. roboteq says:

            Let’s face it, these companies are just bowing to the radical social lobbying of the homosexual community which gets massive support from powerful Progressive liberals who are out to create a Socialist one world order. Some of the things Progressive Socialists need to do in order to persuade naïve, otherwise decent folk who have liberal leanings, to look at government as the benevolent source of equality is to first destroy the belief that a creator of the Universe is actually our benevolent source of life’s needs, both physically and spiritually. Promoting homosexuality is one way of defying religions that claim that that which we call God hates homosexuals, which is not exactly an accurate depiction from Judeo/Christian scripture or any of the Eastern philosophies. The goal is to replace the big “G”…God, with the little “g”…government. All we really need to do is to study the history of Communist, Socialist and dictatorial governments of the past to understand that creating the same type of Communist structure on a global scale is not going to work for the masses any better than any Communist. Socialist or dictatorial government has worked in the past. This, of course, is the reason the same Progressive liberals are also now changing our history.

    3. Karin Isbell says:


      1. Kelliejthurman says:

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        1. ZACAL says:

          A “Range Rover” sounds like the name of a vehicle a FAG would drive.

  • James says:

    I have been boycotting micky D’s for years, even as I have boycotted mainstream media for almost 10 years now. And now; whenever I find out a company which supports anti-family values/liberalism, I boycott them as well.
    And as long as I can find an item I need built in America, it is the product I purchase, no matter what the price. My Thorogood boots cost me 3 times as much as the Chinese brands, which at best last about 8-10 months. I am still wearing my first pair of Thorogood boots which I purchased over 5 years ago, They are still altogether; although I have had to have the heels repaired, as I tend to wear down the inside edge. But the stitching is still intact,and the sloes are still in good shape. Money saved, and American jobs saved as well!

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