Mitch McConnell: No Debt Ceiling Vote Until 2018

September 13, 2017

POLL_MItch_McConnellSenate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday said Congress will not have to vote to raise the nation’s borrowing limit until some time in 2018 thanks to the Treasury Department’s flexibility in handling the debt ceiling once it is reinstated in December.

“We will not be revisiting the debt ceiling until next year,” said McConnell, R-Ky.

The move undercuts Democrats who hoped to trade their votes this year for a debt ceiling increase in return for a vote to secure passage of so-called Dreamer legislation that would protect illegal immigrants who came to the United States as children.

The debt ceiling was suspended for three months, until Dec. 8, under a deal proposed by Democrats and endorsed by President Trump, who was eager to avert a spending standoff ahead of two weather disasters caused by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. The deal also included a three-month extension of government funding.

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  • mudguy1 says:

    So whats the difference between the Democrats and the Rino’s? NONE.
    They both like Obamacare, the debt ceiling to be higher, high taxes, and open borders.
    When you vote for Democrat you know what you will get. When you vote for a Republican you don’t get what they promised they would do.

  • Roy Fredrichsen says:

    McConnell should retire from congress if all he can be is an impediment to any progress for this country. He is acting just like many of his Democrat cronies, saying it might take a year or two to get a bill passed. It didn’t take very long for the Democrats to pass O’Bama Care without a single Republican vote. So, what’s their problem? Do WE need to replace all the nay sayers?

  • Rock says:

    Hey Mitch…. YOU’RE FIRED !

  • TheJMan41 says:

    5 week vacations reveals a tendency towards laziness which Mitch is demonstrating. On the other hand he is stalling the President’s agenda again and needs to be retired where he can get all the rest he wants…without screwing up the needs of America!!!

  • Mary says:

    They should cut the Senate Barber shop, gym and another perk that the American Citizen has to pay for. It is time McConnell admits he is a total and complete failure. Resign already and let real people get the job done.

    1. ItsJo says:

      Agree w/you Mary 100%….ALL those Rino’s who DO NOT want to back OUR President…..LEAVE NOW!

  • mudguy1 says:

    These Rino’s are doing their best to lose the Senate in 2018 and the House and White House in 2000. They are doing their best to destroy the Conservatives we put in Congress to give them the majority.
    They are forgetting that there are a lot of us that voted for them will not be fooled anymore.
    “Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on us”

  • ggrdr05 says:

    Get rid of mitch

  • Tiger says:

    Ole Mitch looks the worse for wear. Appears Ryan got the message loud and clear, get with the president’s agenda or find another job, lickity split he was on the Trump train Agenda, listened to him this AM, Aye Aye sir, going to get ur done.

    The entire bunch of perveted turds needs flushing. Send in the dogs to flush all of them out then take them to the ropes.

    1. kathleen_smith121 says:

      Don’t think Ryan has gotten the message.
      It is in the news today, that Ryan saying there is NO chance that a wall is EVER going to be built at private fund raising events.

      1. Tiger says:

        I heard him this morning on TV say the money was there for the wall and all would be accomplished Trump wanted.

  • gvette says:

    Funny, Bitch, I mean Mitch, never had a problem giving the gay black all the money he wanted.

    1. ItsJo says:

      True, as ‘Obama, etal. protects ‘the D.C.-Elitist-Gov’t Club of Career Politicos” so they ALL can continue to amass their OWN Personal Fortunes…which is the ONLY thing these “Slackers(BOTH Parties) care about.” IF the GOP, CANNOT back the GOP President, then LEAVE your OFFICE NOW…AS McCONNEL, RYAN, SASSE, FLAKE, COLLINS, MURKOWSKI, McCAIN, ETAL. ARE “OBSTRUCTIONSTS-
      We the voters, will OUST ALL in our GOP Party, as YOU LOSERS, can’t handle being in charge(per the observations above) SO RETIRE!

  • PatriotGal says:

    DITCH MITCH!!!!!DITCH MITCH!!!!!DITCH MITCH!!!!!DITCH MITCH!!!!!DITCH MITCH!!!!! Idiot can’t do the job – was horrible on OWEbamaTAX, is doing nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help the American People and the PRESIDENT whom we elected – complete and total OBSTRUCTIONIST, Use the NUCLEAR OPTION. Pass TAX REFORM – NOW, retro to Jan. 1, 2017.

  • justinwachin says:

    I have a better idea. Congress should cut spending so they don’t have to raise the debt limit again. For years Republicans ran on balancing the budget and reducing the nation’s debt if we would put them in charge. America granted their wish. Now it is time for them to cut spending and start paying off the debt.

    1. podunk1 says:

      Celebrating fraudulent Obamanized 4% unemployment rates as SUCCESS, simultaneous with frenzied efforts to INCREASE UNPAYABLE NATIONAL DEBT AND BONDAGE, BY CONFIDENTLY CONSUMING MORE WEALTH THAN WE PRODUCE guarantees an irreversible economic death spiral!
      Creating illusions that 22% disengaged employment is only 4% fraudulently signals all is very favorable instead of critically bad! It’s as simple as erasing and manipulating reported data in an corrupted uncontrolled environment! Maoist progressive democrats and RINOS are at war against the USA!

      July BLS 153,439,000 people working 34.4 hours is really only 131,958,000 full-time 40-hour jobs and wage related wealth generated! The 21,481,000 non-existent FULL-TIME jobs FRAUDULENTLY REPORTED BY OUR BLS would have generated $1.5 trillion annual wealth! It’s more than enough to start paying off debts to enemies and start rebuilding US productive infrastructure that was OUTSOURCED TO COMMUNIST CHINA BY PROGRESSIVES!

      If we added the 5,844,000 BLS reported as “wanting jobs”, that was removed from the workforce and unemployed persons; plus another 3,399,000 unexplained removals from the workforce, that totals another 9,243,000 JOBLESSNESS! Add it to the phony 160,571,000 reported workforce, and it becomes 169,814,000… and comparable to a 1998/2008 12 year average EMPLOYMENT PERFORMANCE! Unemployment averaged 5% during that 12 year 1998/2008 period!

      Add the 21,481,000 not enough jobs to the 9,243 ,000 “forgotten” jobless people, and joblessness jumps to 37,272,000, which is 21.97% of a 160,571,000 credible ACTUAL historicallt comparable workforce! Using BLS Aug. $26.39/hr @ 2,080 full-time annual hours, with 30% rounded employer paid taxes & fringes… That 37,272,000 LOST PRODUCTIVITY COSTS THE US $2.7 TRILLION ANNUALLY!!!

      We have at least 50 million aliens with perhaps 25 million of them on welfare THROWING 37 MILLION CITIZENS OUT OF JOBS AND INTO WELFARE… Thanks to PROGRESSIVES OFFICIALS AND JUDGES WHO ABSOLUTELY SWORE TO ALLEGIANCE AND THEN BETRAY “AGAINST IT” FROM THE “GET_GO”!! Treason has earned the death penalty since the beginning of time! Progressive communism has killed and starved MILLIONS OF PEOPLE & Alinsky/Soros’ destruction & chaos is no different!

      1. PatriciaMDecamp says:

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    2. Big Ed says:

      It’s a sad thing, but I fear that the Republicans promises for doing anything were made simply to get campaign contributions and votes from us suckers. We will repeal and replace Obamacare-send check to congressman Putz. We will balance the budget-send check to congressman Putz. We will reduce the debt-send check to congressman Putz. Now, they are elected and they say we had unrealistic expectations-none of that stuff can be done unless we elect ten more Senators. If they actually wanted it to happen, it would be done.

      1. justinwachin says:

        I have turned off all contributions to the Republican Party. I’ve helped give them the power they craved and haven’t seen much in return. I’m tired of the games. Start enacting our conservative agenda!!!!

  • Pete says:

    So now all the squealing and squawking by the Never-Trumpers over Trump daring to talk to the evil democrats was nothing more than a tempest in a teapot. Talk about a tiring bunch of windbags, Trump hands them a political victory and they wet their pants over it!!!!!
    Trump got the funding for hurricane relief without a big ugly fight the media would have blamed on the GOP. Blaming the republicans just like they have done EACH and EVERY time, going all the way back to when Traitor Bill shut the government down in the 1990’s

  • PhyllisRShaw says:

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