NBC: Police Remove Vietnam War Veterans at Memorial Wall

October 5, 2013

Via William Jacobson, NBC’s affiliate in Washington, D.C. reports that police ordered tourists and Vietnam war veterans who were visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall to leave the memorial at one point on Friday.

After one group of veterans went around the barricade, “the park ranger told them the wall was closed,” NBC’s Mark Seagraves reported. “Later another group of vets showed up and moved the barricades. At that point, the memorial filled with vets and tourists. That’s when police came and moved everyone out.”

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall is a black granite outdoor wall on which the names of the 58,272 service members who died or were unaccounted for during the Vietnam war are inscribed.

40 Comments - what are your thoughts?

  • Val says:

    OBAMA IS A S.O.B. he is 100% unAMERICAN. And should be shut out of the White House,it too sets on Government land !!!!!!!

  • Old_Conservative says:

    Americans who voted for Barack “the Insane Socialist” Obama should be ashamed of their slavery to the Demagogue Party and their Socialist Idealogy! He, Reid, Pelosi, and all other members of Congress who, nevermind their words, through their deeds show us they are Socialist/Marxist/Communists and their lackey so-called main-stream-media should be run from office and forever banished from our Constitutional Republic to some place like…..Russia!

    1. Opietheparrot says:

      What does that make Eisenhower who was to the left of Obama?

  • TheRowan says:

    Ashamed, BAH, this man does not know what the word means. He enjoys creating havoc, pain and desolation. This is what he has done to the American people, economy and our sovereignty which is becoming very obvious as each day goes by. And as to the Democrat leadership they are not better, whatever pads their pockets and gives them more power is all they are interested in.

  • holiday34691 says:

    This whole debacle is so typical of republican politicians—with their “I’ve
    got mine, F*CK YOU!” mentality. These greedy, privileged, “ne’er-do-well” prigs have no idea what it takes to make a living in the “real” world. They get
    out of college and daddy finds them a job in politics, without ever working a
    real job in their sorry lives. What’s even worse, they wouldn’t ever consider
    serving in the military. Which makes them cowardly “ne’er-do-wells.” These
    weasels sit in Congress passing laws that affect every aspect of your lives!
    And, you goddamn fools keep voting for them!

  • Opietheparrot says:

    And I thought NewsMax was stupidity central. WOW!

  • Brad Bryant says:

    Call Senator John McClain and tell him to do something!!!

  • James Maxwell says:

    Really a brave act by cowards who never did anything except sit on the
    government payroll playing dictator. I doubt any of the cowards ever
    served anything more play games on TV acting like they have a spine.
    The biggest coward of all is the one in the White House. He is truly
    a POS Muzzie Socialist bottom feeder.

  • Ed Kitting says:

    It obvious the police depts only allegiance is to the government,the hell with the people who have put it on the line for this country.

  • defiant1 says:

    Yes they have Y.A, and this kind of crap is that of a dictator!

  • guest says:

    Obama intends to create a compound off limits to public. This was his plan all along. He is finished and his tyranny is over but he will be the last to know it

  • VirgoVince says:

    How many police were there?? How many veterans and tourists were there??
    THEY work for US, too!! Protect and Serve, is that too much to expect??
    EVERY veterans service organization in the country, should send large groups of members to the memorials and DEMAND that they be open to the vets!
    Wait til next Friday, Saturday and Sunday, see the truckers roll over these
    ‘barackades’ and who will stop them?? God Bless them, every one!!

    1. James Maxwell says:

      Those of us who have served love our nation and unlike the scum
      in the socialist democrat party we even respect the police. They
      were pawns of osocialist and his minions from hades. But they
      have reached a new low for politico scum.

      1. Opietheparrot says:

        And another stupid person. You obviously don’t even know what a socialist is. Well, here’s a clue for you, Republicans are fascists, including most of you. And I served and spent a year in a VA hospital. You do know the VA and the military are socialist organizations, right? No? You didn’t? I’m not surprised.

        1. James Maxwell says:

          You, sir, have again show you ignorance and mindless
          drivel of the whiney left. First” A socialist is someone who supports the political philosophy of socialism, which is a governmental system that advocates community ownership and control of all lands and businesses rather than individual ownership.

          Now that you have seen the definition I do not expect you to be able to comprehend such language as it is above your mental grade.
          The military never was and never can be a democracy, Peoples lives depend upon the action of a very few men and women making decision that are carried out without question. After battle is over then you can sit back and play armchair quarterback but only then with competent qualified people who have had time to study the situation to see what could have been done differently for a better result.
          It is apparent by your suck up attitude that you
          have your head so far up your anal regions that
          you are blinded to your own ignorance.

  • TexRancher says:

    Obama has no shame! Neither do his cohorts in the former democrat party! If one is a real AMERICAN, he would not vote for one damned dem in the next elections, they are the enemy!

    1. Opietheparrot says:

      There are more idiots here than even on NewsMax. Good God, you’re a bunch of morons who are blaming those screwed over by your stupidity instead of blaming the true scumbags, the Republican party.
      You do know that Obama got twice as much money from members of the military than either McCain or Romney, right?

      1. TexRancher says:

        If true which I doubt, THAT WAS THEN THIS IS NOW! HE called the shots and he intends to make the shut down as painful as possible. Directions for the the first subversive president. You did notice that his golf course is still open didn’t you? How about the National Mall where CRIMINAL ILLEGAL INVADERS were hosted while open ground memorials were closed by more troops than he sent to Benghazi!
        Gad, there are some people just naturally stupid and then there are those who work at it!
        Next thing you’ll say is you saw his validated birth certificate, SSN and his validated Selective Service Card!

  • anglelou says:

    How dare they! These memorials do not belong to this government – much less the damn Muslim Usurper in the WH! They belong to our Veterans – and you don’t mess with them Obama – now or ever! These men have fought the battles for this country – you have never ever been in the military – I often wonder how anyone in the military, officers, can listen or take orders from this inexperienced, no nothing, much less refer to him as Commander in Chief. What a misnomer!

  • Niko says:

    I only wish I had been there…… they have no right to close an open air memorial. It is disgraceful for our government to act this way. I say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!

  • Old Highland Guy says:

    It is time for Americans to rise up . . . . . .. . .

  • akright says:

    For the first time in my life I’m ashamed of the USA and what it has become.

  • akright says:

    Obama should be ashamed, Reid & Pelosi should be ashamed, Democrats should be ashamed. BUT they have no shame, no conscience. They are all out for themselves, their pocket books and the power they want over people. Try them all for treason. The Republicans attempted to pass a bill to keep the parks open. The Democrats and Obama refused. The Republicans tried to get a bill passed to fund the children’s cancer center – the Democrats, Reid and Obama refused – basically saying ‘hell no’. Shameful. I didn’t think people in the USA could get this low. It is beyond belief.

    1. Opietheparrot says:

      Why should Obama be ashamed? It was the Republicans who did this. There have been a number of Republican House members who have pleaded with Boehner to allow a vote to end the shutdown and that one seditious scumbag, knowing it would pass refused to allow the vote. You want to bitch about the closings, the one to blame is the orange man.
      And I AM a Viet vet.

      1. akright says:

        I find another liberal uneducated in reality. Our democracy was set up to negotiate, to talk things over. The Democrats refuse to negotiate, their attitude it is their way or the highway. This is all on the Democrats. The Republican’s are finally showing some balls and standing up to the idiots in DC. Only those without balls want to side with the Democrats. Our country is in debt, we need to balance the books and we have to start cutting. Why not first cut out what is a disaster – Obamacare. As far as I’m concerned this government shutdown could go on for months and I wouldn’t care and maybe then people would wake up to the Democrats pushing for socialism.

        1. Opietheparrot says:

          That’s utter bullshit. The Democrats have compromised on just about everything and the Republican’s idea of compromise is do it our way or we’ll take our ball and run home to mommy.
          And the worst possible way to get out of a broken economy is austerity. And for everyone stupid enough to think government spending is why we have problems you should know that we have the second lowest spending as a % of GNP of all free world countries. The only one lower than us is Taiwan, a small island with no armies in over 100 countries to pay for. In the 50s corporations paid 52% of all taxes, now they pay 8%. In the 50s the top marginal rate was 91%, which Kennedy lowered to 70% and increased collections by doing so, but not as conservative lies would have it because the rate was lower, but because it eliminated all loopholes.
          The reason we are in trouble is because of the Reagan and Bush tax cuts in which the rich pay less than you and I in tax rates.
          The countries with higher spending than us are also doing better than us in weathering the downturns caused by conservative economic policies.
          Now I realize that because I posted the truth, no one here will believe it because as the saying goes, “the truth has a liberal bias.” And I can see by your ignorant post that you have no idea what socialism is. FYI, corporations do just fine under socialism. Socialism is basically a style of government where people AND corporations are treated fairly and scum like the Koch Brothers are not allowed to be huge polluters destroying our air and water for profit.

          1. akright says:

            Well everyone – this Democrat (Opietheparrot) has drank way too much of Obama’s cool-aid. He has fell for all the propaganda of the far left, hook, line & sinker. He couldn’t see the truth if it smacked him in the face as he believes in his god Obama.

          2. Opietheparrot says:

            My God, you’re dumber than a bag of hammers. I hardly think Obama is that great, but he is far better than the scumbags you apparently worship. everything I said is 100% true and you apparently are frightened by facts.
            If stupidity were a penny a ton here you could buy out the Bank of America and have enough left over to but 24 Republican Senators and 179 Republican Congressmen and allow the Koch Brothers to save their ill gotten gains.

          3. Old_Conservative says:

            What a nut! Surely a product of our government educational system which creates minds of mush!

          4. Opietheparrot says:

            Obviously you are a person unaware of the fact that overall public schools are rated a bit ahead of private schools, but not by a significant amount. And as a matter of fact I went to a private school and private university. I do however read things other than right wing talking points, which your ignorant and false crapola post says you don’t. Here’s a lesson you need to learn, finding truth on a right wing site is not possible.

      2. Old_Conservative says:

        Sheer crap! Vote again for raising the debt, raising the deficit, driving our once prosperous country into the ground? I say shut it down, let it collapse and then drive these criminals from office and re-establish our Constitutional Republic as our founders defined it, with limited government powers and those very few!

        1. Opietheparrot says:

          The reason we’re in trouble has nothing to do with how much we spend. Amongst developed nations our spending as a % of GDP is the second lowest in the world.

          The reason we have problems is tied directly into factors like cutting the top marginal rate by Reagan fron 74% to 28%, giving tax breaks to corporations to ship our jobs overseas, slashing tariffs, giving loopholes to corporations to avoid paying their true taxes, and many other Republican measures, as well as their spending like drunken sailors.
          In the 50s with our economy roaring corporations paid 52% of our taxes, now they pay 8%, the top marginal rate was 91% and the robber barons still became immensely rich. Kennedy cut the rate to 70%, but eliminated all the loopholes so the collections grew. Conservatives use that to claim cutting taxes results in higher revenues, but like everything else conservatives say, it’s a lie. The revenues increased ONLY because the loopholes were closed.
          And you may be old, and you may be conservative, but old conservatives, aka paleoconservatives generally have integrity, and the only way I could see any from you is if you admit you are ignorant and didn’t know any of these things.

      3. ronpaynter says:

        Opie the parrot,the bottom line is you are a Democratic asshole like most Democrats are. To believe you are aptly named “parrot” as you have had too many nuts in your life so you have become one. I believe you to be a Vietnam vet,on the North Vietnam side. You sure don’t represent real American Vietnam vets. It is unfortunate to have to respond to idiots like you while using mthe left rhetoric but the shoe fits.

        1. Opietheparrot says:

          Between us we have 3 assholes, mine, yours and you. I am in fact a Viet vet who spent a year in a VA hospital.
          I was a Republican precinct captain, and am now an independent, because I look into facts while you apparently look into bumper stickers.
          The Republican party has gone so far off the rails into insanity and ignorance that I quit it in 1997.
          And judging by your retarded reply to me, it may have been you leading the way.
          I am no fan of Obama, but I’m also no fan of ideology which ignores facts, as you and most here have done repeatedly.
          It is John Boehner, not Obama to blame for this. A number of Republican representatives have said publicly tat they would vote for a clean bill, which the orange one refuses to allow to happen, knowing he would lose. When the Tea Twits and their scumbag deep pockets billionaires quit “primarying” anyone with sense maybe the country will recover.

          1. ronpaynter says:

            You are a bigger asshole then what I thought.I thought you were a complete asshole with your absurd comments but you go WAY beyond that. What an idiot

          2. Opietheparrot says:

            Between the two of us I’m obviously the only one with an operational brain. You are just an ignorant ideologue without the ability to think beyond bumper sticker slogans, so no need to answer me. This site is just a waste of electricity. It seems sanity is in short supply here. Rest assured that I am beyond wasting time talking with genetically inferior life forms.
            I had thought I might find someone here capable of rational thought, but I see no evidence of anyone with an IQ higher than the Celsius temperature of the room.

  • Johnny says:

    On a basis or 1 to 10 and 10 being of the highest praise for those in Our gov’t in charge of this closing of Veteran’s Memorials. I give him/them/her less than a 1.

    1. akright says:

      I’d give a -10

    2. Opietheparrot says:

      It is the Tea Party who caused the closures. Are you ashamed of the ones who did it or are you ashamed of those forced into the shutdown?

  • y.a. says:

    Haven’t the Vietnam Vets endured enough and now this?

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