Obamacare Repeal Collapses as Senate GOP Blocks Health Bill

July 28, 2017

Obamacare Repeal FailA months-long effort by Senate Republicans to pass health legislation collapsed early Friday after GOP Senator John McCain joined two of his colleagues to block a stripped-down Obamacare repeal bill.

“I regret that our efforts were simply not enough, this time,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on the Senate floor after the vote. “This is clearly a disappointing moment.”

“It’s time to move on,” he added after pulling the bill from the floor.

The decision by McCain to vote no came after weeks of brinkmanship and after his dramatic return from cancer treatment to cast the 50th vote to start debate on the bill earlier this week. The GOP’s ‘skinny’ repeal bill was defeated 49-51, falling just short of the 50 votes needed to advance it. Republicans Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski also voted against it.

It wasn’t immediately clear what the next steps would be for the Republicans. The repeal effort had appeared to collapse several times before, only to be revived. And several Republicans pleaded for their colleagues not to give up, even as President Donald Trump blasted the vote.

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  • Pete Bundy says:

    McCain was all for getting rid of Obamacare in 2010. He was also in favor of securing the border. Yet he is all for amnesty and when the time came he voted to prevent repeal of Obamacare. This is way it is a must to unseat the RINO’s. Remember in 2010 it was easy to say this and that as the demo had control the house, senate and WH. Then it was we need the house, we need the senate, we need the WH and now it is we need 60 votes,blah,blah,blah. These clowns in DC have less than 18 months to get things worked out. Tick, tick, tick. Clock is running.

  • Evangelinaajuarez says:

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  • duncmck says:

    remember when hilary hurt her head before a hearing about bengazi .this could be a sympathy false flag..macain is a serf.the very meaning of neocon..a traitor of the highest order..so corrupt from the hanoi hilton as a cover story for his credibility .how can this man be trusted?and they call him a renegade..B.S. he is squirming like he is horrified of what the deep state has on him as blackmail.who know what kinky evidence they have on these maggot vampires in politics..think the franklin event that broke in the 90s ..horrifying ..nobody talks about it anymore..welcome to a reality contrived by the MSM

  • Roy Fredrichsen says:

    Sooner or later the premiums and deductibles will be so high nobody in the lower income group will be able to afford it and the “AFFORDABLE CARE ACT” will collapse and the Democrats can repair it if they are so worried about how many will lose their health insurance. Bear in mind that NONE of the Democrats are enrolled in it so they really do not know how bad it really is.

  • justinwachin says:

    I bet Donald Trump regrets praising John McCain a day earlier.

    After using the promised repeal of Obamacare to gain political power in the House, Senate and White House we now find that for too many Republican politicians this was about them getting power. They never had any desire to shut this young government bureaucracy down.

    What people failed to do in one move will need to be done in small steps. Maybe bits and pieces of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act can be repealed as parts of upcoming legislation. It will take more time, but it can be eliminated with time, patience and resolve.

  • metheoldsarge says:

    The voters did not vote for a watered down, quick fix, throw together, doctored up, Obamacare band-aid that Congress will, most likely, exempt themselves. Starting to look like the promise to repeal is turning into a barefaced lie

    I suspect that the Republicans kept chanting Repeal Repeal, for the past seven years, just to try and earn brownie points with the voters. According to Senator Cornyn, they had no intention of doing any such thing. I think Trump winning the White House caught them all flat footed because they all expected a Hillary win. Now they seem to be running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to find the right spin. Would almost be comical if it wasn’t so pathetic.

    The two biggest campaign promises by Trump and the Republicans in Congress, were the repeal of Obamacare and the construction of the border wall. Neither has been completed or really started yet. Seems to me that the Democrats working to block or stonewall it and let the Republicans continue to fight among themselves.

    By milking this Russian connection and other issues, they appear to be attempting to distract the Administration from the job at hand. If they can stretch it out until this time next year they will accomplish what I believe is their objective. By that time most of the Republicans will be too busy working on their mid -term campaigns and will not have much time to work on Obamacare or the wall.

    If Obamacare is not repealed, and the border wall is not, at least started, we will have two major promises broken. The Democrat challengers will milk that dry. They may even claim to have alternatives that can’t fail. Remember when George H. W. Bush said “Read my lips” in 1988? We all know what happened in 1992 as a result of that broken promise. The Republicans can kiss reelection good-by. The voters will give the Democrats full power over Congress next year, and kick Trump out of the White House by January 2021.

  • Cheh Low says:

    I say people of Arizona recall John McCain out of Congress. He is no good to the people of Arizona as wells the people of America.

  • Oldawg70 says:

    Force all politicians and government officials to be on the same healthcare plan as We The People… This is beyond stupid!

  • Dennis says:

    At least we know who to vote against this next election and get things in order away from these politicians that don’t listen to what the people want. You are done as politicians!!!

    1. metheoldsarge says:

      I’m not saying new that I haven’t said numerous times before. Just saying the things that should be said over and over by a lot more people.

      I hope the recent actions of RINOs do not make voters vote Democrat. We need to send those old career politicians into forced retirement. Should that mean replacing them with Democrats? I say “NO”! What this country has been caught in is a good old fashioned rut. One party makes all kinds of promises. When they get elected they go back to business as usual. The voters get mad and vote in the other party. Again we get business as usual. What they all fail to realize is that you can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results.

      There are those who are not happy with the people they sent to Washington. Some will vote to re-elect them anyway because they cannot bring themselves to vote for anyone in the other party. Others will vote the other party. There is an alternative.

      Get them in the primaries. By encouraging new candidates to run against the incumbents in the Primaries, you can vote against the incumbent without having to sacrifice party loyalty. That is what happened to Arlin Specter and Tom Foley. They didn’t lose their seats to the other party in the General Election. They lost them in the Primaries. It happened then, and it can happen again.

      Last year the primary tool was attempted against Ryan in Wisconsin and Schultz in Florida. Although it wasn’t successful, it could be an indication that the primary idea is starting to catch on. Perhaps if a lot more voters and potential candidates started using the primary tool, we may not even need term limits. In my opinion the Primaries can be more important than the General Election. The primary tool can even work against the President. The Electoral College may be able to pick the President in spite of the popular vote but they have no say in the primaries. I say re-elect no one. Fire them all.

    1. metheoldsarge says:

      As much as I hate to say it, Senator Schumer was right on when he said that the Republican Party isn’t organized like the Democrats. How right he is. When a Democrat wins the nomination, the rest of the party put their differences aside and they all give support to the nominee. That support continues if the nominee wins the White House. That hasn’t happened in the Republican Party since Reagan. I was hoping the Republicans would finally unite. Now I wonder what they want to be when they grow up?

      The Republican Party needs unite and stop fighting against each other, and focus more on keeping control of the House and Senate and keeping a Republican in the White House. They need to go back to the conservative principals that has served them so well in the past. It is time for the Republican party to put their differences aside and get behind and support Trump. If McConnell and Ryan get their way that isn’t going to happen. I have more respect for cockroaches.

    2. Bob says:

      For 8 years all we heard was “Give us a majority and we will repeal this law”. They were given majorities, first in Congress then in the Senate, no repeal. The it was “We need a veto proof majority to get it through”. Well we got rid of the obstruction of the veto by getting the White House, and what did we get? To quote the old song”…another day older and deeper in debt.” The ONLY way to get what we want is to elect actual Republicans/Conservatives who LISTEN to what the people want and are more focused on that than getting on TV. Paul, Cruz, Graham all nee to get over being beat in the Primaries by Trump, and McCain need to get over losing to Obama. Murkowski and Collins need to switch parties, if they wish to be the next Jim Jeffords, or get on board.

  • theseer says:


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  • Teapartier says:

    Is this the best Arizona can do? A bitter rich man.

  • theseer says:


  • mudguy1 says:

    “I regret that our efforts were simply not enough, this time,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on the Senate floor after the vote. Our regret is that Mitch McConnell is still the Majority Leader. A real leader would make sure that their promises were kept.
    This would be John Wayne’s message to McConnell and the 7 that broke their Promise to the American people.

  • Jmanjo says:

    Those three numb skulls better get their act together. The reasons they block can all be fixed or will be fixed as the choices for insurance improve and Medicaid demands go down. They can’t get started though unless these jerks get off their ass and vote to kill Obamacare! If you want to put it straight, they are keeping the whole damn thing from moving ahead because of their pig headedness!. I do believe McCain needs to step out and let someone who can think take the reins. He and Jeb need to get over that Trump won the election. Perhaps go stand in the woods with Hillary!

  • itsfun says:

    I wonder how much the coming complete failure of Obamacare will end up costing us citizens? Obamacare was designed to fail, so the government could step in and take complete control of our healthcare. Look at just what happened in the UK. A judge had the power to decide whether a mother and father could try to save the life of their child. The kind of murderous healthcare is on the way to the United States folks.

    1. theseer says:


      1. itsfun says:

        You are right; politicians believe they are the only ones that should be able to live to a ripe old age.

  • itsfun says:

    Just shows how much a politician (both sides) will lie to get your votes, then come up with some kind of horse_sh__ to justify their lies.

  • CBUJAN says:

    Today, these seven Republican Senators turned their backs on the American people and voted against ObamaCare repeal:
    Senator Dean Heller (NV) — 202-224-6244
    Senator Shelley Moore Capito (WV) — 202-224-6472
    Senator Rob Portman (OH) — 202-224-3353
    Senator Lamar Alexander (TN) — 202-224-4944
    Senator Lisa Murkowski (AK) — 202-224-6665
    Senator Susan Collins (ME) — 202-224-2523
    Senator John McCain (AZ) — 202-224-2235
    After four straight elections promising to repeal ObamaCare, these weak-kneed Republicans just couldn’t stomach keeping their promise.

    Susan Collins is the only Republican Senator who didn’t vote for the exact same legislation in 2015.

    The other six have been lying to you.

    Of course, in 2015 they knew President Obama wouldn’t sign repeal of his signature legislation.

    But when it counted, these six Republicans didn’t have the integrity or the honor to vote the way they have campaigned for the last seven years.

    Oh, the convenience of political flip-flopping.

    I encourage you all to let these Senators know you feel betrayed by their vote today. Their Senate office phone numbers are listed below:

    1. mudguy1 says:

      “When we lie to the government it is a felony, when politicians lie to us it is called politics”
      We now have 7 un-proscuted Rino Senators that need to be replaced. with people that love America any that will protect our freedoms.
      If we had a good majority leader things would be different.

  • messup says:

    Don’t forget, this is the same 2015 Repeal Bill (with seven provisions stripped in 2017 “Skinny” Repeal Bill). Now Sen. McCain! Early in Presidential Primaries Sen. McCain “lukewarmly” said he opposed Trumps’ agenda of “Build The Wall.” Even when Mr. McCain (in another time and place) said in a photo-op AT Tucson, AZ sector border crossing (while then Janet Napolitano was Governor), uttered these now infamous words…”Let’s build the damn wall.” 2017, McCain is against “building the wall.” Fast forward to 2015. Then Sen. McCain voted (with 48 other of his fellow “pay-to-players”) to pass Republicans “Repeal Bill” sent to Obama’s desk for his veto. Today July 2017 the very same Repeal Bill (Skinny), he votes against it even with seven major items stripped from the original 2015 Repeal Bill. McCain, always working against the American People. How can Arizona voters keep on sending this “turncoat” to Washington DC? Zonies, wake-up. Pray.Amen. God Bless America and ALL Americans. Read A Bible. NKJV Psalm 128.

  • teaman says:

    I have been telling you, STUPIDITY is driving the butt kissing Repub-A-Flubs and nothing about health care will ever happen until all the dummycratic loving RINOs are gone. WE NEED A STRONG INDEPENDENT PARTY THAT CARES STRICTLY ABOUT THE PEOPLE INSTEAD OF SELF INTEREST!!

  • Webb says:

    The ACA…ObamaCare.
    Seven years of promises…and Nothing!!

  • joe s says:

    The make believe repubs. should be primary challenged and thrown out and replaced by real patriot republicans !

    1. Wingedgodd3ss says:

      Wish I knew how to make that happen. With Soros funding everyone he can control it makes it difficult. He funded the sheriff that ran against sheriff Joe. They worked to defeat him for a long time…

  • Norman Erwin says:

    Leave Obamacare alone – let it collaps under it’s own weight. Remind everyone who will now be responsible for that. While we are at it, can an Executive Order place all members of the Senate and Congress under thsame identical Obamacare that their constituents have to live under?

  • Glenn says:

    All these Representatives done is cost us money. Raised health premiums and deductables, raised health provider costs substantially by all the free stuff, subsidies that raise taxes, took money out of Social Security (replaced it with IOU), Let an out of control Medicare program exist of which we will be supporting 115M with benefits-again raising taxes, letting a national debt continue to cost us–borrowing $1M every 77 seconds. Why do we elect these people?

    1. theseer says:


  • W. Coyote says:

    Mitch McConnell’s strategy during the Obama administration was to obstruct everything and then whine about “lack of leadership”. Now with total control of Washington, where is the leadership Mr. McConnell?

  • ced100 says:

    So now we wait for the total collapse of Obamacare! At least we will see that the 22 million people smoke screen was a false talking point.

    1. Ramon1710 . says:

      22 million “losing” their health care.
      Generated by the leftist CBO with the great accuracy we’ve come to expect with unaccountable government bureaucracies which go under the false label “non-partisan” .

      1. Bob says:

        The “22 million” also counted those young people who said they would not, by CHOICE, get health care. Nothing like cooking the books to prove a point.

  • Dan says:

    That’s right it’s time to move on. Back to work until you repeal Obamacare. No August recess until you finish the work that you promised to the American people. This is why we voted for you. We also have good memories. The 2018 mid term elections ain’t that long from now. You’re all going to lose and America isn’t going to be great again.

  • Ramon1710 . says:

    Ryan, McConnell, Hanoi John, and the rest of their socialist globalist ilk must be very happy at having screwed the American people again.
    I’m sure they’ll find a little something extra in their pay envelopes from George Soros.
    Like all communist leaders, crappy legislation they dictate doesn’t apply to them.

    1. Anouk says:

      Soros is certainly behind all this. This communist criminal should be arrested to stop this corruption.

      1. KT says:

        Yes! Totally agree with you! The skunk is in the wood pile for sure and his name is Soros.

  • KKmoderate says:

    John McCain grandstanding again! We can’t wait to elect him out we have to recall him. He is way too damaging to the momentum to move forward. Hes a bitter wannabe. Obamacare will die of natural causes anyway.

    1. Anouk says:

      I was hoping that after been diagnosed with a serious health problem McCain would have changed his mind.

      1. Pete says:

        The obvious shot across the bow (from his maker) didn’t seem to wake him up. Will he get another warning or ???

        1. KKmoderate says:

          Personally, I think all three of us are restraining our comments.

      2. itsfun says:

        Wouldn’t matter, the Senators don’t have to buy Obamacare, they have their own special Cadillac plan paid for by us.

        1. Evangelinaajuarez says:

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      3. KKmoderate says:

        I think all three of us are restraining our comments.

      4. Retired says:

        Song Bird . He should be forced to use the VA health care to find out what the rest are lacking in health care .

      5. pmbalele says:

        Have you wondered what Mitch McConnell is really after up to in his life? I believe it is to keep races apart; just as what George Wallace wanted in the 60s. That is how he was weaned and believes. But I am surprised he is married to a Chinese woman. But I again wonder why he did not marry a Chinese American woman in his home town. As I have told you before, McConnell is like Sylvester the Cat. He gets a gun, cocks it with explosives and it explodes in his face. But Sylvester does not give up. “I got, I got this time.” But again the gun explodes his face. People in his state elected McConnell serve as their senator. He goes to Washington; but does not know what to be done there. Just imagine what he has been doing all week-introducing McConnell health care. His plan may cause some Americans to die for lack of medical attention. But just like Sylvester, he goes back and put more explosives; but the explosive fire in his face. If Obamacare is repealed some people may die; for doctors may not be paid. Doctors and nurses want to be paid too just like him. I thought he would collapse yesterday night after his bill died. Next time we should have a doctor around; just in case he falls down for lack of air

    2. Retired says:

      Turn coats will never change . Repeal as promised is the only answer .

  • rightsright says:

    I read a quote by an Alaska resident who said Alaska does not like Merkowski and that she does not represent them and is just like her father! I remember when she fought desperately to get into office to deceive us! Where is Sarah when we need her?

    1. Teapartier says:

      Is this the best Alaska can do? Really Alaska residents maybe you should have stayed a territory

  • DrBillLemoine says:

    Hail to the power of the people. Too many of the poor working class in America depend on Obamacare for it to go away and took to the streets, phone lines to representatives and office of the DC elected to ignore, at least in AZ, AK and ME. It’s noteworthy that two of those negative votes defeating the bill were cast by Republican women. Maverick John McCain (R-AZ) cast the third and critical vote defeating this last attempt to ‘repeal and replace’ ACA. We would all be better served by congress if the message they retain, the moral of the lesson, is to resume regular order whereby bills start in committees, hold hearings of all stakeholders and get discussed in the light of day. No more leadership (meaning McConnell and Ryan ideology or back room) crafting of significant legislation. Return to the legislative process that has brought America to greatness and our current (though faltering because of Pres. Trump) status leading the free world. That will ‘make America great’.

    1. Dan says:

      Let’s focus on why there are so many “poor working class” people in America. If they had real jobs that paid they wouldn’t have to depend on Obamacare. Those people had Medicaid even before Obamacare was a twinkle in Barack’s lying eyes.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Yes, let’s focus. Since Reagan started union busting with PATCO in the 80s, Republicans with all their money and power have continued to depress workers wages making a working class with little disposable income, the financial engine of America’s economy. Managers and fat cats were all to eager to continue so now CEO pay is 250% or so more than workers’ average takehome, themselves rake in 90% of current income and own 50% of American assets. That’ll depress any economy. Then employers have virtually stopped retraining employees for emerging jobs like automation, preferring instead to fire them creating greater demand for unemployment compensation, work in the underground economy and depressing wages. Thanks to educational oppression by the ultra-right, selective charter and private schools paid from tax money are sucking the life from public schools while their elitist student bodies do no better yet pay managers higher wages as described. Many real jobs are being automated putting those without computer and technical skill out to pasture and keeping wages/benefits down. Computers don’t make mistakes, get tired or sick, and don’t strike for better working conditions, and wages. Medicaid was a good program for non-workers without incomes or assets before but was greatly expanded (due in no small part to governors) who got big pots of fungible money to balance budgets and provide more medical services. Doctors vote and make demands and bankroll candidates and are quite conservative. You mention ‘real jobs’ which require schooling that lower class people aren’t prepared to get, via family attitudes, rural education deficiencies, poor financing and poor management.
        Finally that ‘twinkle’ has been around since medicare and social security in the 1930s, but has been difficult to resolve due to folks like those in this blog who think there is no benefit in helping others remain or get healthy. Be it cheapskates, aversion to taxation, independent spirit or political ideology, they don’t want to spend a little to get huge public benefits. They are the antithesis of ‘patriots’ and Christians they profess to be through much misunderstanding, rhetoric and ignorance of the nature of those concepts and personal trauma. National healthcare is coming some day, maybe not in my lifetime, and will be another good thing for American dignity, global leadership, free world leadership and political strength.

        1. Wingedgodd3ss says:

          The depression of wages is directly related to the open border insanity. We need to build that wall, deport illegals, stop anchor baby policies, and the dream act. Citizens dream too. We dream of opportunities unimpeded by illegals taking benefits they do not deserve and jobs that citizens should have.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            It’s good sounding rhetoric with no basis in reality. You can’t name what jobs and benefits are taken by illegal immigrants. Migrant workers help the economy; Romney hired illegals for yard work; businesses and voter registrars apparently don’t screen for citizenship. You must hate diversity, know no languages but English, travel little if at all, have no foreign born friends for comparison to your faulty mental concepts. Get out in the world to see how valuable people are to your wellbeing. Soon you, we, will be in the minority as white people. Get out of your house and absorb the world, not riots and crime, not terrorism and fighting on cable and tv news.

          2. theseer says:


          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            Just what I’ve been saying, all slogans, no brain attached.

      2. Pete says:

        Dr Bill is a ultra liberal professor/ teacher. He feeds this socialistic crap to our youth on a regular basis. That’s why Sanders (an admitted socialist) did so well with the 20’s voters.

    2. chw2000 says:

      Nothing is “faltering because of Pres. Trump”. Any faltering has been because of the Democrats refusing to accept the election results. That should be obvious even to an a$$ hole like you.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Let’s see if you are right. Muslim travel ban, rejected by U.S. courts, only partly affirmed by SCOTUS–faltering.
        Obamacare repealed and replaced, today rejected by the Senate as ‘mean’ spirited and lethal to millions–not faltering but dead. How about Trump personnel selections? 357 positions not filled as he can’t find or persuade people to work for him with suitable credentials–faltering government. Trump won’t even accept recommendations from his cabinet (he has no friends to call on outside Russia) like Tillerson. How about White House intrigue? Trump can’t rein in his closest advisors who fight each other for preeminence and power and fired several prominent ones–faltering Oval Office. How about his campaign so successful in electing him? Republican officials hate to work with him, won’t accept his invitations to office holding, can’t work with him (like Sessions, Manafort, Flynn) once in office–faltering personal and professional relations.
        So you choose the word to apply to Trump if not faltering. I’ve not even mentioned Russia investigations involving thieves called kleptocrats, leaders who are murderers like Putin, subversives like son-in-law Kuschner setting up private lines to the Kremlin IN RUSSIAN EMBASSY, release of tax returns to see how obligated to Putin he is, and much more. People are taking bets in pools about Trump’s date of resignation. I’d call that faltering.

        1. chw2000 says:

          Really? Liberal judges legislating from the bench? Russian investigation”? Is that similar to the Clinton “matter”? You are an idiot and every thing you’ve said here is liberal fantasy. You just can’t accept the fact that your “princess” Hillary lost. You liberal democrats are the biggest babies in the world. Spin, spin, spin! You’re probably one of those teachers that’s a pedophile. With your liberal spew, I wouldn’t be surprised to see your picture on the news for molestation of students. Go phuk yourself.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            In case you missed it, only the right leaning Supreme Court permitted partial implementation (you call legislating from the bench) of the Muslim travel ban. Want to explain how conservative judges there were ‘legislating’, not liberals?
            Clinton isn’t involved in the Muslim ban at all.
            Always remember justices for high courts are Senate approved, now ruled by Republicans. That’s reality. Hillary isn’t involved here, just Trump, whose activities stand alone. You are mixing different things, a lapse in mental acuity or data sources. You must be out of ideas with the personal smears replacing brainpower.

          2. chw2000 says:

            “In case YOUI missed it”, the Supreme Court will hear further and complete arguments on the travel ban in OCTOBER. Again a liberal a$$ hole (you), glean the parts you don’t like and boast about the ones you do. It’s not over a$$ hole. Go phuk yourself!

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            The point you pursued was courts legislating. That’s exactly what your right wing court did. Admit it. It’s a fact, temporary or not. Can we drop the juvenile name calling? It doesn’t advance your arguments at all.

          4. chw2000 says:

            NO we can not drop the name calling. You’re an a$$ hole. YOu think because you have a Phd. in math you’re an expert in everything. Not true. Legislating from the bench goes back to Obama care when the supreme court ruled that the penalty for not having obamacare was a tax. That was total BS and you know it. That’s legislating from the bench. Yes, I know it was justice Roberts but he has never been “right leaning”, in case you haven’t noticed. As for the travel ban and most other rulings, those against Trump went shopping for judges they knew would rule in their favor. If you deny that then you are a total idiot as well as an a$$ hole!

          5. DrBillLemoine says:

            You know what a phd is–an expert in some narrow bit of knowledge, and knows nothing else. But we are trained to think which puts us ahead of most posters here. Valid sources and evidence, testing of hypotheses, prudent conclusions and sound decision making. I’m right there with the best minds around, often ahead of them. You should pay attention, remember my positions and compare.
            Legislating from the bench goes back to the first Justices–long before you think. It’s called social policy making. The nation often advances that way. You know the Chief Justice decided the Obama ‘tax’ question, a Republican appointee. Undercuts your argument.
            Shopping for judges is the American way. Get with the program.
            You realize your arguments are all subverted by your presentation–with name calling??? Take a speech or writing course someday.

          6. Trixieroselee says:

            In your dreams!

          7. chw2000 says:

            Already did take those courses back in the 60’s. You are typical of those with a phd. It’s called arrogance and you have no shortage. I will agree with the first part that you’re an expert in a narrow bit of knowledge. But your “thought training” has been obviously faulty. You ARE an a$$ hole and an arrogant one at that. I suspect you have no friends and no aquaintance that are of the real world. You’ve obviously spent your entire life in school and would need help to change a light bulb. In short, other than mathematics, you’re nothing but a drain on society. And, you’re a total arrogant a$$ hole!

          8. DrBillLemoine says:

            Memory for many is an elusive thing. With more maturity you should be able to think better, seek better reliable and valid data sources, and draw some conclusions yourself. Training helps and my training was in planning, scientific method, math and computers, not amenable to political brainwashing. Just because you disagree doesn’t diminish my conclusions and recommendations for truth, justice and sound action. You claim religion, so what happened to training from Gospel John 10-15? You simply haven’t done your due diligence and googled me.

          9. NM Leon says:

            You are such a liar Bullschitte Billy. Your (supposed) PhDumbschitte was in education, nothing to do with scientific method. Your (supposed) computer training started and apparently ended with the 8 bit iteration. Your math “training” is so challenged that you actually claimed you were the super of a school that doubled enrollment every semester for years.

            You are a transparent idiot.

          10. chw2000 says:

            Your conclusions and recommendations are your OPINION and nothing more. You’re an a$$ hole and now you’re trying to say I claimed religion? Go phuk yourself Billy and stop flattering yourself. It seems to me that you’re nothing more than a liar and full of BS. Just look at the masses that are in agreement with you on every blog. No one agrees with you Billy. And for your PHD. it only means pile it higher and deeper. The IT in this case is Bull Shit. Bye Bye Billy!

          11. DrBillLemoine says:

            Regarding my estimates of you, they come from what I read by your hand. You can’t hide what you publish. We can all see what you are.
            Like any teacher worth his salt, I don’t wait for approval or praise. I comment here to enlighten those who have open minds and rational thinking. Apparently you aren’t one of them, no big mystery and no loss to me. You might consider this: those conservatives who agree with me would find it difficult to expose themselves in public with favorable comments. I do get a few though; you just missed them.
            Guess we can add one more character trait to your list so far–envy, of my earned attainment. Nothing honorary like some on the right brag on.

      2. Pete says:

        Dr Bill is a ultra liberal educator. He and his fellows have been feeding this socialistic pablum to our youth for several decades now.
        Part of the unintended consequences was that many 20’s voters went for the ultra socialist Sanders when they were supposed to be good little sheep &back Hillary.

    3. Webb says:

      Hail to the power of the people…
      No Bill, in your view it’s “Hail to the Power of Government”…
      The ACA is a Failing Law but Democrats Fail to See its problems…
      For me personally, I do not want to pay for others Insurance to have Healthcare..The Mandate Is Totally Government Overreach…
      Government has no business in our healthcare…Period!!

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        You have watched my posts for a long time; so why do you now misrepresent me? It’s always ‘We, the People’ with me. Why do you have to lie to make a point?
        There are needs for ACA fixes, have been for years, all acknowledged by Dems, not Repubs. Why do you support higher pentagon budgets, which are paying for other’s protection, but not healthcare, far more important to people? It’s mindless, unless you are independently wealthy and self insure, which I’m sure you don’t. Why so cheap and unamerican, unchristian?
        Why is public defense more important than public welfare? Both are stated equally in your/our Constitution. Mindless. Your position is pure personal belief.

  • McFerguson says:

    For seven long years the GOP members in both the House and the Senate talked interminably about how as soon as we gave then the House and Senate back, they would kill ObamaCare, pull it out by branch and root they bragged. It didn’t happen. “We just can’t do it without the Presidency,” they whined. Well, they got a brand new president back in November. They now held all the cards, we thought. Wrong.The deceitful bastards had no intention of doing it in the first place. It was all talk, slick, vote getting, double-speak as we learned yesterday. It is now time to send them packing. And we can start with House Speaker Ryan and Sen Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. We need to see that our GOP is run by conservatives committed to those values, and policies we support. ObamaCare is not one of them…we must vote them out!

    1. itsfun says:

      These so-called Republicans are making a great case for more TEA Party people in Congress.

      1. McFerguson says:

        Yes, you’re right, itsfun. The Tea Party was founded on what some call the LIFT principles, i.e., Limited government, Individual freedom, Free market capitalism, Traditional values which includes strong national defense. That sounds about right to me but the GOP Establishment has no room for these Tea Party people.

        1. itsfun says:

          Right: Looks like the TEA Party will just need to take over the Republican Party. This may be the straw that broke the Republicans back.

          1. McFerguson says:

            How sweet that would be!

  • KT says:

    The problem is these 3 GOP…..goats! This is their way of pushing back @ Trump, because it is a power play with these old goats! Stubborn! Stubborn! Stubborn! We need to vote them out when they come up for re_elecion. They are creating the gridlock! Old fools!!!

    1. Pete says:

      McCain got a warning from his maker the other day, Was it also a warning to the other two? Time will tell.

      1. KT says:

        Yes! He did, but hard headed goats sometimes have to learn the hard way. Time will tell that is for sure!

  • Brt says:

    House and Senate both – except for a hand full, if they are in office – they are the problem. VOTE THEM OUT!!!

  • Webb says:

    Well…We Waited!
    Seven years to get to a point of Repeal of Obamacare, an overreaching Mandate, higher cost and higher deductibles…
    Yet, Republicans All cannot get on the same page for any type of repeal…
    For myself it was always The Mandate, Forcing a purchase of an Insurance product, Overreaching into our lives!
    Government interference into our Healthcare and Insurance…
    Total Disappointment…2018-2020 ?????

    1. Bob says:

      After 7 years of them campaigning on the promise of repealing this over reaching “law”, after vote after vote they KNEW would be vetoed when they did NOT have the votes to override the veto, they now have complete control over both houses AND the White House, and they REFUSE to repeal the law. Sound like we need a major overhaul of the swamp. Since they are all for “symbolic votes” let’s give a more than symbolic vote to any who hindered this action and get them out of office for not carrying forward on political promises. It’s time we held our elected officials true to their word.

      1. Webb says:

        I agree with every word of your post.Can we ever find Truth in DC…Yes, it’s time to rethink some of our previous votes. We have been promised much and ended up with less…as I stated above The Mandate is Government Overreach in Obamacare.
        The skinny repeal would have stopped it.
        We need to keep Obamacare at the forefront, if not, it will be forgotten by Congress.

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