Priebus: The Republican Party ‘Will Be Rewarded’ for Fixing Health Care

May 8, 2017

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” White House chief of staff Reince Priebus said the Republican Party would “be rewarded” for tackling health care.

Host Chris Wallace said, “House Republicans are right now facing angry voters at town halls this weekend. On Friday, ‘The Cook Political Report,’ which you know well, the kind of unofficial bible assessing House races, shifted its assessment of 20 seats now held by Republicans in the direction of Democrats. I’m not saying they’re going to win them, but that they are more likely for Democrats to win. You could lose your House majority over this.”

Priebus said, “Yeah, these are the same people that said Donald Trump wasn’t going to run and he ran, he couldn’t win the general, he won the general, he couldn’t get health care repeal and replace through the House, he got it through the House. Look, the fact of the matter is there are sometimes in life you have to do what’s right, not what’s politically expedient. We believe this is going to be a better product, and by the time people see the premiums are lower, it’s a better service, more options, more choices, they’re going to reward the Republicans that stood up and said we are not going to see the Obamacare system, which is failing and collapsing continue any longer. We’re going to do something better, and We’re going to do our job as legislators to get this thing done. I think that the Republican Party will be rewarded.”

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  • Lkfeinb says:

    Who is drinking the Kool Aid now?

  • Bob says:

    Oh, the Republicons will definitely be rewarded alright. There will probably be A LOT of political hangings back home in their Districts. And rightfully so!!!

  • Humble Servant says:

    I agree that the government should not be in the insurance business, but I don’t think anyone else can control the insurance business from the potential of corruption. So I propose this compromise.
    Insurance should be only for catastrophic and/or hospitalization. The problem we are in with healthcare has been created by our government and the insurance industry.
    We all know that insurance providers including medicare only pay a portion of the normal procedural costs. This discounting has caused the healthcare system to inflate their billings to reach a balance with the insurance providers. Why do you think you are billed $5 for an aspirin?
    You can make the costs go down if we quit playing games and price everything on a cost plus basis. The providers would need to list their rates the same as your electrician or plumber so the end user has this information to make a decision were to go for their needs.
    Let people be responsible again for their healthcare and all the other freedoms that go along with this. You will never get everyone to be responsible for themselves but you would help convert most everyone. Those that fail to make this healthy lifestyle change will end up being the same handful we already take care of with the other existing social service programs.
    Help our youth learn these simple truths so they don’t need to suffer the desperation placed on this current millennial group by our past Democratic liberal control freaks. Freedom is not free!!!

    1. Lkfeinb says:

      Do you forget so easily what it was like before the ACA?

  • Bob says:

    The Republicon party will be hanged if THEY EVER SHOW UP FOR THEIR TOWN HALLS. Same goes for the Orange Blossom, if they ever release those Crooked Tax Returns. He’ll be moving in with his best buddy, Puppet Master over in the Kremlin!!

    1. Lkfeinb says:

      I like your style!

  • John Wirts says:

    REPEAL ALL GOVERNMENT HEALTH CARE LAWS. Open healthcare markets to full open competition across all state lines. Free market competition will open markets to all citizens, drive prices down and restore the best healthcare system to our country. All ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS who come here for health care, their health care costs should be billed back to their home country. Their child or children born in the U.S. while they are here as ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS should be registered as citizens of their mother’s country, unless the proven father is a citizen of the U.S.. If that country refuses to pay and take them back, place a full trade embargo into their country from the U.S., and into the U.S.from their country. Plus suspend all visas from the U.S. to their country, and from their country to the U.S. Only when they pay the medical and support fees should visa and trade be restored.

  • DrBillLemoine says:

    Yeah, Reince, spin it like a top–or Trump sycophant. As RNC chair, you were infamous for spinning ‘repeal and replace’. Now suddenly it’s changed from healthcare losing 24 million subscribers, many of whom will die from unaffordable ‘access’ to AHCA, to rewards from those voters. You don’t make sense, more than usual since January 20th. And your healthcare bill is nothing more than a transfer of wealth from low income folks who lose subsidies to wealthy people getting a $550 billion dollar tax break. You are not fooling anybody.

  • Lkfeinb says:

    Oh, yes, the AHCA will be much better. Better for who? By cutting Medicaid? By cutting the Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP). 37 million children are on CHIP. For people with pre-existing conditions? They will be able to get sketchy insurance for huge premiums. Have you read it? Just don’t be for it because Trump wants it. Think of yourself and your families.

    1. DocJimmy says:

      Have you or dr.billy above read it? Where do you get your #’s from, Cher perhaps?! She gets her #’s from her Botox bill. ONE – – – – of the problems with liberals is that, they (you) don’t want anything a Conservative comes up with no matter how Good it may be, but; like every thing a democrat/liberal comes up with no matter how BAD it may be.

  • Not_Easily_Impressed says:

    Rewarded? Yes, everyone will eventually be rewarded. The reward may be good or bad, but they will be rewarded. Follow the money. Follow the votes. Either way, if people have the facts, pols will be rewarded.

    1. Lkfeinb says:

      Yes, follow the Russian money. Reuters just reported that in Florida alone Russia invested almost 100 million in Trump’s golf courses.
      We don’t know about the other states because he hasn’t released his tax returns and we don’t know about conflicts of interest with his children.
      I actually don’t like Pence at all, but he just may follow the rules of disclosure.

  • Denny says:

    It doesn’t matter what they do, it still won’t be a free market solution. Get Government out of our Healthcare, PERIOD!
    Politicians destroy EVERYTHING they touch, it will never be right as long as they keep meddling with it.

    1. Lkfeinb says:

      So if the government wasn’t involved pre-existing conditions would limit ability to be insured at all. Children couldn’t stay on their parent’s policies after they left school. No preventative care for 40 million people. The emergency room would be the only place to get healthcare if you were poor and uninsured cancer patients would just die without the extreme costs for chemo therapy. Pregnancy wouldn’t be covered and those unable to pay for pre natal would just go without it increasing the chance to give birth to birth defects etc.
      Have you really thought this through?

      1. skipsart says:

        It’s still unconstitutional for the federal government to have anything to do with healthcare. Only the States themselves should be allowed to do so.

        1. Lkfeinb says:

          Where is it unconstitutional? The government is not regulating the states, they are regulating the insurance companies.
          They have been co sponsors of Medicaid in states for decades.

          1. skipsart says:

            I didn’t say anything about the feds regulating the states. What I said was that it is unconstitutional for the feds to regulate health insurance.

          2. Lkfeinb says:

            The feds regulate securities, banks, schools, churches etc. etc. etc. There are federal rules for practically every type of private corporation. And they do it by holding up federal funds.

          3. skipsart says:

            i understand all of that. And our Founding Fathers would be turning over in their graves as they never intended for the federal government to have those powers.

          4. Lkfeinb says:

            The founding fathers were never against regulations. The 2008 crash was caused by several presidents de regulating laws that were put in place after the 1929 crash. It is preventative because you cannot trust corporations. Corporations purpose is to earn a profit- ONLY. They are not concerned with public welfare. Regulations are necessary and not unconstitutional.

          5. skipsart says:

            Wrong. The Founders’ whole intention in writing the Constitution the way they did was to protect We The People and the States from Federal Government over-reach. They knew that government and politicians always tend to acquire more and more power and control.
            That’s the sole purpose of the Constitution.

          6. Lkfeinb says:

            No, you are wrong and it would take too long to tell you why. That is something you need to look up.

          7. skipsart says:

            So you think the Founding Fathers intended the Federal Gov to grab more and more power and control from the States and
            “We The People”? Unbelievable !!!
            The only reason you say it will take too long to back up your claims is because you have NOTHING! I know my Constitution,
            Obviously you don’t.

          8. Lkfeinb says:

            How so? If it was unconstitutional it would have been brought before the Supreme Court. That would have been a good argument had it been viable. The mandate was and was declared constitutional.

          9. skipsart says:

            How So? Are you serious? The Supreme Court has been illegally legislating from the bench for decades. Let me ask you this: Where do our rights come from?

      2. Denny says:

        The Free Market always works, if they get out of it. Competition always wins in the end. Government breaks everything they touch and subsidies NEVER work. You evidently haven’t researched it, the subsidy program is only for a few years, then what?!? Also, I understand birth defects etc, but what about unhealthy lifestyles?!? Should we all have to pay because somebody is a junkie, should we all have to subsidize somebody who remained in an abusive relationship? The answer is NO! There should be be medical pools for such conditions which the FREE MARKET can sustain.

        1. Lkfeinb says:

          Any statement that has “always” in it is wrong on it’s face.

          1. Denny says:

            Is that all you have?!? Get educated and get over it.

          2. Lkfeinb says:

            That simple statement says a lot and you are too stupid to recognize it. Realize, I did not say uneducated. Many people with little formal education can understand that.

    2. Otis Courtney says:

      Are you suggesting we leave it to the insurance companies?

      1. Denny says:

        You don’t think the insurance companies are making a killing now? Reports say that many of the insurance have increased their profits 7 fold. At least with a free market solution there would be real COMPETITION and they would be forced to COMPETE, normally driving the price down to stay competitive! Geezzz,, why do you people NOT UNDERSTAND the FREE MARKET?!? Do a little research, this is just one report I grabbed out of HUNDREDS!

    3. Neldadmedley says:

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  • Richard Bagenstose says:

    when will they get it , i bet all these people complaining are the same people who voted for hillary , they are the only ones stupid enough to do all this complaining and fear mongering , with out any facts to back it up, and you know the senate is going to add changes to it, so it would be wise to wait and see what the finished bill looks like before you lose your mind

    1. Lkfeinb says:

      Instead of throwing the baby out with the bath water and starting over and causing economic harm, they could tweek the ACA. Then they could call that the AHCA and all the conservatives would be happy because Obama’s name isn’t on it.

    2. Lkfeinb says:

      Most people voted for Hillary

      1. Denny says:

        Keep drinking the kool aid! I see you are still causing problems. While it is true that Killary had a higher popular vote, most of those votes came from California and NY, where it is proven that many illegals and dead people voted. That’s why we have an Electoral College, to balance out the votes and stop one or two lawless States from electing the president. It was proven that millions of illegals and dead people voted for her as well as many who voted multiple times.
        I wish you would EDUCATE YOURSELF!

        1. Lkfeinb says:

          I understand that the Electoral College is archaic and detrimental to democracy.

  • Hambone says:

    Obozocare was meant to fail to bring us into a socialist one payer system. That is why all of the oboma lies about it. The obomanation administration knew that if they told the truth about obozocare, it would have never passed.

    1. Lkfeinb says:

      Trump will bring us to a socialist on payer system. His demise will cause that.

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