Rep. Peter King fires Republican Cruz missile, says time to ‘go after’ Ted Cruz ‘by name’

October 14, 2013

Ted Cruz
Republican Congressman Peter King said Monday it is time to take the gloves off and call out members of his own party by name, after a failed strategy to defund Obamacare appeared to diminish the GOP’ reputation in recent polls.

Mr. King, of New York, said he’s not going to take it anymore and will freely criticize freshman Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican, who led the drive to scrap the health care law as a precondition for a spending deal ahead of Oct. 1.

“Ted Cruz and 30 or 40 people in the House. We have to start going after him by name. … It’s really time to speak out against him,” Mr. King told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

He also said President Obama should be playing a “more aggressive role” as the leader of the country in talks to end the government shutdown and raise the debt limit.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Florida Democrat, told the program there is a shorter route to consensus.

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  • RonWillison says:

    Peter King is a DemoPlant Who has been told by our Hidden Masters that he should keep doing what he’s doing. Dividing the Republican vote will achieve the same result as NOT getting behind Ron Paul during our last election cycle. If he follows that order from on high. He will stick a fork in his own ass. And we will made sure he drives it deep enough to call that Turkey done.

  • mloraine says:

    Start making your wish list….I am!

  • truepatriotintx says:

    Obama, “leader” of a country? You are sorely mistaken. Leaders do not act the way this man-child does. We really do need a leader.

    1. RonWillison says:

      We have leaders who are running the show. We just didn’t vote them.into office. The ones we have been voting into office for the last 100 years are limited selections and opinions we have been allowed to have.

  • f8tule says:

    Obama is the one you should be going after King.. he is an ILLEGAL-ALIEN BORN IN KENYA and has no right being in our white house.. You are corrupt, and a traitor and it is time for you to go..

  • anglelou says:

    Peter King is such an ass – he should be one of the first to go – Republican RINO’s are what is hurting the Republican party. Peter King and the other loud mouthed RINO – John McAmnesty McCain are an embarrassment – no womder people are leaving the Republican party and becoming Tea Party members!

  • James Crawford says:

    Ooooh My!!! The terrible sting of Badabing King…surely, RINOs will collapse the free world. Tools of the Totalitarianism Trade.

  • BH says:

    Mr. King needs to keep his mouth and be thought a fool rather than open his mouth and remove all doubt.

  • ScarletDove says:

    Mr. KIng, Mr. Cruz is not only a greater and better politician than you but he is much more of a man than you. He has shown he loves this country more since he is extremely dedicated and he does not need to vilify you, why do you need to act like an a$$…Your jeolousy and RINO vitriol is way out of order and I don’t like it Mr. King! We need more politicians like Mr. Ted Cruz. Adios Peter King.

  • anotherview2 says:

    No matter, political history will sweep him, part and parcel, into the trash heap with his fellow sock-puppets from the tea party movement Together, they have tried to extort the nation by holding it hostage to their dogmatic, right-wing agenda for dismantling government social programs in return for passing a government budget and raising the national debt to match the bills come due.

    The reactionary fringe element of the Republican Party has had its day, as every dog must. But a backlash will ensue, no doubt, to neuter this dog-like bunch of reactionaries. And as Fate will have it, they will have brought their own fate on themselves, by their own doing, with only themselves to blame.

    Full of themselves, too, and heedless of consequences, they have way overreached, in personal and political arrogance. Nobody can say at this juncture how small they will have made the Republican Party for the future, to the detriment of all.

  • elton123 says:

    Peter King needs to learn to keep his mouth shut because he is one of the “old GOP” that need to go!!!!!!! VOTE HIM OUT!!

  • harrydweeks says:

    How about going after scumbag King ? Biggest blowhard in Congress. Typical Rino. Now is the time for third party, let these old useless ,”Go along to get along “, guys continue to agree with the Socialist / Progressives . We need a Constitutional Conservative Party and we need it NOW.

  • awegweiser says:

    Thanks Peter. Every Neanderthal in the Party will now be out to condemn your honesty and courageous denunciation of the charlatan who is dangerously playing with the future of our Nation and the World to advance his mean, nasty and unpleasant personal agenda.

    1. BH says:

      I assume you are a Democrat since what he is putting forth is what the Democrat Party wants.

      1. awegweiser says:

        Feel free to assume whatever you wish. And speaking of barbarians and assumptions, I assume you were proud of that crowd at the White House yesterday, waving the Confederate flag of slavery and rudely disrespecting the President yesterday with nonsense shrieks about the Koran, etc. BTW: That’s DemocratIC Party.

        1. BH says:

          When you start calling yourself “Democratics” I will call it the “Democratic Party”.

      2. anglelou says:

        I have the highest regard for Senator Cruz – he could walk, think, and speak circles around you Mr. King! Cruz is a man to be admired – and a man that had the courage to stand up and try to defund one of the very worst bills to come out of Congress issued and written by obvious anti-Americans – which by the way Mr. King – I consider you in that group.

    2. RonWillison says:

      Go back to MSNBC and talk that nonsense.

  • akright says:

    Vote King out with all the Rhino’s. They are a disgrace to the Republican party and to the USA. Just a bunch of NO BALLS Republican’s – or should I say Republicrats??

  • F16JetJock says:

    Poor Peter. Unfortunately he is an immature and ignorant short-term thinker. Ted Cruz and the Speaker’s strategy is an astute and necessary long-term strategy to abate the Marxist, sinister, nefarious and anti-American Obamacare. After the success of the shutdown to terminate Obamacare, American conservative and moderate voters short-term memory of events will dissipate, and Republican legislator favor-standings will return to pre-shutdown percentages. In fact, the latter will actually rise long-term because of the success of the shut-down strategy to, not only abate Obamacare, but to also dimunitize the Marxist White House and Congressional leaders.

  • Hoodoo H says:

    Bring it, you sack of crap. CRUZ is more of a man than all of you numbnutz put together

  • suzy2 says:


  • suzy2 says:

    fire peter king. leave ted cruz alone!!!!!!!!!!

  • Edward Uzialko says:

    Peter King iis a Democrat in disguie. Cruz has the “balls” to say what the American people want not what the DC Democrats and entitlement sectors have prescribed.

  • Jack Parker says:

    WRONG!!! It’s time to go after Peter King. Discard him and the rest of the rest of the RINOS in congress. Wake up America! This next election (2014) may be our last. If we don’t work to get back control of our Gov’t we will have doomed ourselves to perpetual totalitarian socialism.

    1. Art Hock says:

      You got that right Jack and take that idiot Wasserman Schultz along with him. She is a real nutcase progressive.

      1. James Crawford says:

        She’s Edgar Bergen’s toilet brush.

  • WhereDidMyLibertyGo? says:

    Ah yes, the Representative from the Western District of Israel has spoken. All bow down before his majesty!

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