[RIGGED] Prez Pollsters Contributions: Big League for Hillary

November 5, 2016


Recently, the Washington Post, Yahoo News, Time, the Columbia Journal Review and a host of other news organizations reported on a Center for Public Integrity study detailing the federal campaign-finance filings of journalists, reporters, news editors, television news anchors and other donors working in journalism. The study found that 96 percent of those contributions – or about $382,000 – went to the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, while the remainder went to Donald Trump.

But as we enter the final days of the most heated presidential campaign in modern U.S. history, not only major news agencies, but also their presidential polling partners, find themselves under increased scrutiny.

There is no evidence that any of the polling firms concerned have juiced their surveys or numbers in any way. Most pollsters, including those listed here, make much of their money doing corporate work and surveys, not political polling. However, perhaps there is an argument to be made for transparency among polling companies as to their donations – and journalists should be equally open.

Journalists’ disproportionately Democratic donations, revealed in The Center for Public Integrity’s study, reinforced the negative perceptions that a vast majority of American voters have of the news media – that they cannot be trusted, that they will work to elect the presidential candidate of their choice, and that Hillary Clinton is that candidate.

The Center for Public Integrity study concluded: “Conventional journalistic wisdom holds that reporters and editors are referees on politics’ playing field — bastions of neutrality who mustn’t root for Team Red or Team Blue, either in word or deed. But during this decidedly unconventional election season, during which “the media” has itself become a prominent storyline, several hundred news professionals have aligned themselves with Clinton or Trump by personally donating money to one or the other.”

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  • Mys77 says:

    Just a note, pollsters may or may not be manipulating their questions to get the answer they want…but do the polls take into account that people being polled lie, don’t tell the truth, and in general are annoyed to the point of saying its none of your f… business, so I will screw with you and tell you the complete opposite of what I believe!

  • Duane L Petersen says:

    The media has become an extension of the DemocRATic party and it’s propaganda arm but to a lesser extent FOX has done it’s best to stay neutral. I get so tired of the networks that say things that are demonstrably lies through distortion or creative editing and then go back to the first amendment to hide behind the stupid Sullivan v NYT Supreme Court decision virtually makes it impossible to win a labial suite against any media no matter how obvious the lie is. Until the media has to take responsibility for their lies and at the very least have to put the retraction on the front page or at the beginning of the “news” program and give the retraction as much time on the air as they did the lie and in the same time slot in a timely manner and any monetary awards that the jury demes appropriate as a deterrent for future misdeeds and those awards would be used for future evidence in up coming cases. .

  • rightsright says:

    ……And Republicans who want to stop the corruption are not allowed to go to the highly accused previous fraud polling places and question any suspicious acts, which clears the way for the same volume of c heating that put Obama into the White House, not once, but twice! isn’t that just special?

  • Stash Holly says:

    Conflict Of Interest is what this practice is called it is time for all of us who know that the Election is RIGGED to boycott, the news media in it;s entirety, the Companies that own them, actors that have help Rig the election. We need to have a Federal Investigation into the corruption of the two Parties. Clean them out.

  • MaraJo says:

    I will make sure I don’t read or buy any of the material that gave 96% of their donations to Hillary and gave Trump the crumbs. Anyone who votes for the ‘witch’ will also have the criminal handle stapled on them. You vote for the personality and their character that is most like your own. Too bad…

  • 1mikejanz1 says:

    If anyone can figure out what these polls mean, they deserve a spot in MENSA, there ain’t two of them out there that say the same thing!

  • TAM44 says:

    I want Mr Trump in the white house to restore law and order, it’s been on hiatus every since that lying corrupt treasonous traitor sissified BOY barack hussein obama was placed in the white house by fraudulent means.

  • joe katona says:


  • Rodney Steward says:

    Most of these so called news what ever are nothing more than comedy shows, who ever blows the most smoke gets the better ratings! Most of these shows should compete for a spot on late night TV comedy, I’m sure their rating would jump a little!!

  • Roy Fredrichsen says:

    And those same Jourlalist? wonder why they are NOT trusted to be neutral as
    they report on political activity.

  • Bob says:

    Again, not news. For years the Lame Stream Media has been totally taken over by liberals. Nothing new here. And, unfortunately, they break no law in donating a private citizens, no more that Hannity donating to Trump. Where they fail, and fail totally, is in their twisting stories to fit the narrative they wish and by repeating, ad nauseam, the talking points of the Clinton Campaign, regardless of the truth of them. They demand apologies from Fox for faulty reporting, as they should, but give awards and make fawning stories over complete, out right lies from the likes of Dan Rather and CBS. If they spent 1/2 the time they take to twist a story to fit their political slant to actually research a report a story honestly, they would be more trusted. As it is, most trust Used Car Salesmen and Politicians more than most of the current crop of “journalists”. They are actually tied right now with telemarketers and snake oil salesmen.

  • Allan Scott says:

    For the most part, there is no such thing as JOURNALISM any more Why, just look at the Wolf Blitzer’s, the reporters at CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, etc…
    Let’s face it, they’re as bad as listening to that piece of lying trash that’s in the White House.

  • Teserra says:

    Because of all the voter fraud that is going on with illegals and the fact that the courts would not let counties delete all the registered dead, I hope we all stand together when Trump disputes a Criminal win. I knew the Dems would pull out all the tricks but we will be left with a Clown (Kaine) as President. I just pray Trump saves our country.

    1. Mike says:

      Just think we get to be forced into an existence of poverty and criminal activity at every level and on every street, because just a few people in government have the guts to turn us all into their meal tickets, Buy stock in the company that makes body bags !

  • Webb says:

    A Liberal MSM…What’s New?
    Vote Trump – Save America…☆☆☆

  • John Burks says:

    they and hillary should share the same small cell.

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