Sarah Palin: Obama has set more guards at WWII memorial than in Benghazi

October 3, 2013

In a Facebook post, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin slammed President Obama’s pushback on the GOP’s attempt to forge a compromise on appropriations bills and on Obamacare implementation, calling his shutdown of the World War II memorial a “shameful,” political stunt.

It is “beyond shameful to see Barack Obama disrespect and mistreat our World War II veterans so blatantly,” Mrs. Palin wrote. She added, reported: Mr. Obama’s actually deployed more security guards to keep out America’s heroes from the World War II memorial than he sent to Benghazi to protect U.S. citizens from terrorist threats and when the “consulate was under attack.”

The president’s “political stunt to ‘shut down’ their memorial by barricade is to elicit an angry response, to generate bad publicity for people the president uses in his continual blame game,” she said.

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  • Ed Burns says:

    This may not fit this subject but I like to insert in every every online newsletter I can.

    A good friend sent this to me: “CATCHING PIGS” THIS IS THOUGHT PROVOKING…

    There was a chemistry professor in a large college that had some exchange students in the class. One day while the class was in the lab, the professor noticed one young
    man, an exchange student, who kept rubbing his back and stretching as if his back hurt. The professor asked the young man what was the matter.

    The student told him he had a bullet lodged in his back. He had been shot while fighting communists in his native country who were trying to overthrow his country’s government and install a new communist regime.

    In the midst of his story, he looked at the professor and asked a
    strange question. He asked: “Do you know how to catch wild pigs?”

    The professor thought it was a joke and asked for the punch line. The young man said that it was no joke.

    “You catch wild pigs by finding a suitable place in the woods and putting corn on the ground. The pigs find it and begin to come every day to eat the free corn. “When they are used to coming every day, you put a fence down one side of the place where they are used to coming. When they get used to the fence, they begin to eat the corn again and you put up another side of the fence.

    “They get used to that and start to eat again. You continue until you have all four sides of the fence up with a gate in the last side.

    “The pigs, which are used to the free corn, start to come through the gate to eat that free corn again. You then slam the gate on them and catch the whole herd.

    Suddenly the wild pigs have lost their freedom. They run around and around inside the fence, but they are caught. Soon they go back to eating the free corn. They are
    so used to it that they have forgotten how to forage in the woods for themselves, so they accept their captivity.”

    The young man then told the professor that is exactly what he sees happening in America … The government keeps pushing us toward Communism/Socialism and keeps spreading the free corn out in the form of programs such as supplemental income, tax credit for unearned income, tax exemptions, tobacco subsidies, dairy subsidies, payments not to plant crops (CRP), welfare, medicine, drugs, etc., while we continually lose our freedoms, just a little at a time.

    One should always remember two truths: There is no such thing as a free lunch, and you can never hire someone to provide a service for you cheaper than you can do it yourself.

    If you see that all of this wonderful government “help” is a problem confronting the future of democracy in America, you might want to send this on to your friends. If you think the free ride is essential to your way of life, then you will probably delete this email.

    BUT, God help us all when the gate slams shut!

    Quote for today:
    “The problems we face today are there because
    the people who work for a living are now outnumbered
    by those who vote for a living.”

    Please email, post and share this mini-summary on Socialism/Communism with everyone you know. This is what Obama and many others in our government are trying to make this country into!

  • 14usa says:

    Make it hurt! Just as in sequestration.

  • anglelou says:

    Elton123 asks the same question I have been asking. I am in the process of reading Aaron Klein’s and Brenda J. Elliotts book, “Impeachable Offenses”. This Clown in the WH has had MANY impeachable offenses not to mention BENGHAZIE where four men were killed and the Clown has lied, then lied some more to cover up the first lie then lied about why he was lying. If Bush had committed just ONE impeachable offense he would be impeached the next day! Even Slick Willie was impeached over sex with Monica – but NOT ONE member of Congress has had the cajones to start the proceedings. What do we want to do folks, wait until this Marxist Muslim foreign Usurper completely destroys this nation? There are many in Congress who have committed treason as well…they need to go – RINO’S, TURNCOATS AND DEMOCRATS.

  • elton123 says:

    How many times do I need to type the word “IMPEACH”? Put the heat on our Representatives for Boehner to start the proceedings. The proceedings can proceed slowly and then be in full swing way after the elections next year

  • msbets says:

    this thing is WORSE than hitler ever thought of being.

  • mariowen says:

    We need to continue to tell the truth about the obama shenanigans. He has no shame when it comes to being a front line jerk.

    1. James Maxwell says:

      The only problem with telling what o’socialist and the demoncrats
      are doing is the media will not report it regardless. And if, by some
      strange accident, it does make it into the papers they will twist and
      slant it to favor him. If they caught him with a smoking gun over
      a person he shot in the back they would twist it around that he was
      attacked. The depths of the corruption between the White House
      and the Left and O’sociasit is beyond the comprehension of most
      American Citizens.

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