Sarah Sanders replaces Sean Spicer as White House press secretary

July 22, 2017

Sarah-SandersSarah Sanders will take over as White House press secretary after Sean Spicer resigned his post earlier in the day, incoming White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci said Friday.

“I’d like to announce formally that Sarah Huckabee Sanders is going to be the press secretary,” Scaramucci said.

Scaramucci made the announcement after Sanders introduced him to the White House press corps. Scaramucci said he would start in a few weeks, and Spicer, who has been serving as the interim communications director, said he would stay in his current job through August.

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  • roboteq says:

    Sounds like everything Is going cordially enough. I was never fond of Spicer, so I don’t regret seeing him go. Now if only Sessions would decide to try something else better suited for him.

    1. Shirleyibaldwin says:

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    2. dmttbt says:

      The entire government needs to find something better suited to them. How long have they promised tax reform and healthcare and education and all they have done is made it worse.
      The best thing that can happen is that they all get to retire and forfeit their retirement. Actually the best thing would be that they spend the rest of their lives in prison. Had they been employees of a private firm they would never have been around as long as they have.
      Get government out of healthcare. They will only make things worse.

      1. roboteq says:

        I certainly cannot disagree with your sentiments. While I am not so concerned with jail time for these people (jail time costs the taxpayers), those who can be proved deliberately scammed government programs and agencies for personal gain should be prosecuted in order to take back the money these con-artists stole through the system.

      2. Mariafransom says:

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  • Anouk says:

    Anthony Scaramucci and Sarah Sanders seem to be a great team.
    Both are energetic and enthusiast. Most important, they appreciate and love President Trump.
    Let’s hope they help the President to make America Great Again.

  • dmttbt says:

    I thought Spicer was doing a great job but I don’t doubt that She will as well. Spicer had balls and she may also.

  • W. Coyote says:

    It takes special qualities to cover for the daily lies coming out of the White House.

    1. mdrod1 says:


    2. Barrustio says:

      This is true, just ask Robert Gibbs, Jay Carney and Josh Earnest.

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        True, some of the best LIARS in the world!!

      2. W. Coyote says:

        Barrustio- Good morning and thank you for your reply. I have no idea why you would make this suggestion. None of those people have ever worked for Trump. I am referring to the multiple well documented “alternate facts” that have been presented by Mr. Trump’s press secretaries who have covered for the multiple false claims by the president. Now, if you can provide me with some exact quotes, in context, to prove your point, from Gibbs, Carney, or Earnest, I would be really interested in reading them.

    3. gvette says:

      Name the lies. typical DemonRAT. Make a statement, and no facts to back it up!

      1. dmttbt says:

        That is what they call the truth, whatever they want to throw out there according to an anonymous source. That is their proof.

        1. gvette says:

          You are so right about that!

      2. W. Coyote says:

        gvette – hello again. So good to hear from you. Well, it started with Spicer saying Trump’s Inauguration audience “was the largest audience to ever witness an Inauguration, period.” (exact words in context)

        Then we moved on to defense of the Trump’s claim of 3 million illegal votes. Then it was defense of Trump’s claim of President Obama “wiretapping Trump Tower”. Then his claim:

        “You had someone as despicable as Hitler, who didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons.”

        These are just a few examples. Many others could be found with just a little research.

        Of course, working for someone like Donald Trump couldn’t be easy. But Spicer took the job and I assume he was well paid for it. I’m guessing he may have felt a sigh of relief when he left.

          1. W. Coyote says:

            Good morning gvette- Thank you for sending the link. I read it with interest. The article pointed out some valid concerns about people being registered in more than one state, mostly because they have moved. It also cites a number of deceased people who are still registered. Did you see any dead people voting last year?
            This was an opinion piece and speculated about a potential problem. However, like President Trump, it offered no evidence to support it’s speculation.
            Here is some evidence I can offer you. Last year the Republican Secretary of State of the very Republican state of Tennessee published a report. It studied 3 statewide elections in Tennessee last year which included about 6 million votes. Out of all those votes, he found 46 examples of voter fraud. About half we people who had moved and voted in the wrong precinct. A handful of felons voted. One (1) illegal alien voted.

          2. W. Coyote says:

            The woman in Cleveland broke the law and should be convicted. Of course, there have always been isolated incidents like this all over the country. We still have zero proof of millions of illegals voting.

          3. W. Coyote says:

            Good morning and thank you for providing the link. The “Government Accountability Institute is linked to Breitbart and was founded t advocate for a “conservative agenda”. They tend to use legitimate sources, but to cherry pick information to confirm their slant. Do you have any information from neutral sources?

          4. gvette says:

            What a fuck up you are. Government accountability isn’t accurate because it’s linked to Breitbart. Truth hurts, I guess. You’d rather I look at left leaning sites that tell morons what they want them to see.

          5. W. Coyote says:

            The GAI was founded by Steve Bannon and they certainly have every right to look into whatever issues they have an interest in. But an objective person would need to take their biases into account before making any conclusions based on their research. They also have had some questionable financing. They also have non-profit status with the IRS, even though they clearly have political advocacy in mind.
            Now if GAI looked into Donald Trump’s taxes or his mafia ties, then I would have more respect for their impartiality.
            Still waiting for the evidence of “millions of illegals voting”.

          6. gvette says:

   don’t think the IRS looks at Trump? If he was doing something wrong, they’s nail him.
            I guess all the money that flowed into the KKKlintons coffers from every dictator, and despot is OK. Killary had a bar code on her pantsuit.

          7. W. Coyote says:

            Going back to the GAI study, I re-read it and I would like to see an independent researcher to look into the methodology. I would tread with caution in accepting their claims without question because of their pattern of bias. However, just for the sake of argument, let’s assume they really found 8,471 cases of “double voting”. I think these cases happen when people move and attempt to vote both places. But it is just as likely that they voted Republican as Democrat.
            I’m also still waiting for conclusive evidence of “millions of illegal votes”.

          8. gvette says:

            The DemonRATS fight tooth, and nail against voter ID. I’ll take you way back to when Barry Onigger first filed his petition to run for president

            DemonRATS have to cheat.

          9. W. Coyote says:

            I’ve been willing to give you the benefit of doubt concerning most of what you say. You might bring up some valid concerns that are worth debating, but I don’t engage with racists.

          10. gvette says:

            No actuality you can’t engage with truth.

    4. PatriotGal says:

      You mean like, “If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance” or “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” or “ISIS is a JV team” or ….shall I continue, W.Coyote?

      1. W. Coyote says:

        PatriotGal- Good evening and thank you for your reply. No, I wasn’t talking about those because Donald Trump is now the president. But since you brought them up, President Obama realized he made a mistake with “if you like your insurance” line. He apologized for it- something Mr. Trump has never done. Did Obama’s statement affect you personally? In most cases, his statement was right. But what he should have said is this “If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance, as long as it meets certain minimum standards of coverage” You see there were a lot of “junk” policies out there which really didn’t cover very much. The ACA sought to prevent that situation.
        As far as the “JV team” is concerned: The occupation of Iraq caused the formation of Al Qaeda in Iraq. After it’s leadership was killed, there were a lot of competing groups who were seeking to fill the vacuum. ISIS went through name changes and leadership changes, but at one time, they were, in the view of generals on the ground, just one of the many groups operating in Iraq. Of course, they slowly amassed power through their brutality and became the primary threat but it took some time to get to that point.

    5. dmttbt says:

      Who have you been getting your information from? Oh well you might be that stupid on your own.

      1. W. Coyote says:

        dmitlbl- Well, I read the news, listen to and watch the news. I also try to do as much of my own research as I can.

        1. dmttbt says:

          There lies the problem. If you watch and read the news and it is fake news don’t trust what they are saying. That is the problem with fake news.

          1. W. Coyote says:

            I agree that “fake news” is a problem. For example, I had to calm down some of my mother’s friends over an article they were passing around. It was a story that said that Michelle Obama’s mother would be collecting a government pension for life. It looked like a website from a legitimate sounding newspaper. However a little research revealed it was a completely false story. Then we have the efforts of the Russians to interfere with our election. They hired people to plant false stories about Hillary Clinton in media that reached swing states. Since the election came down to a few thousand votes in about 3 swing states, it is possible that those stories were enough to tip the election. We don’t know for sure at this point, but it is an example of how powerful fake news is.

  • DrBillLemoine says:

    And why shouldn’t she replace Spicer? Despite her pastor-father’s upbringing, she lies as well as Sean and the president. That’s what’s required for dictator Trump–a fellow showman and liar. And this, an appointment by a rich man who can’t pass through the eye of the needle, Christians. Wake up and repent.

    1. Peter Smith says:

      Doc, you should probably stop sampling the meds, your proving just how potentially ignorant anyone can be, even a supposedly educated person like yourself. I suppose the proven lies of Obama, his administration, the Clintons, the DNC, and the liberal MSM are okay by you? President Trump has done more good for this nation than Obama did in eight years. You are living proof that modern medicine can’t cure “Stupid”.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Care to be more specific with your blanket charges? I’ve debunked much of what passes for common knowledge on the right in these and other conservative blogs. I notice you don’t disagree with my ‘liar’ charges. Your smear however is passe’–bygone reflections of yesteryear even where somewhat true. Again, what specific ‘good’ has Trump done for me and you? Your whitewashing of his inaction in congress on dire needs like healthcare is quite partisan, hardly practical. If ‘feel good’ is what you reference, I don’t doubt Trump has made you feel good, but accomplishments of note are missing. You are also new to these pages, don’t google and clearly don’t know me, yet non-Christian-like, you condemn me. Review your Gospel and repent.

        1. Peter Smith says:

          So your assertion is that Obama, his administration, the Clintons, the DNC, and the liberal MSM are telling the truth? And I do indeed disagree with your “liar charges”. Start from the top and name all of the “Trump lies”. I’ve got time. As to some of the President Trump good:
          10) An Economic Confidence Boost: Trump is not responsible for every good thing that happens in our economy, just as he’s not responsible for every bad thing that happens. Over half a million jobs have been created in his first 3 months in office. The fact that everyone realizes Trump has forgotten more about business than Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton combined ever knew is helping to get our economy going back in the right direction.
          9) Imposing A Five Year Ban On Lobbying The Government By Former White House Officials And A Lifetime Ban On Lobbying For Foreign Governments By Former White House Officials: When you see Barack Obama giving $400,000 speeches to the same Wall Street fat cats he railed against incessantly as President, your first thought should be, “I wonder what he did for them that merited the $400,000 payback?” Trump’s reforms ARE NOT going to fix all these problems, but they are a step in the right direction.
          8) Trump’s Pro-Life Surge: A lot of conservatives were skeptical of what seemed to be a convenient pro-life shift for Trump, but so far, he seems to be living up to the hype. He repealed the Obama mandate that forced states to fund Planned Parenthood and he reinstated the Mexico City Policy, which keeps American tax dollars from going to International NGOs that promote abortion.
          7) Trump Signing An Executive Order Directing The Justice Department To Cut Funding To Sanctuary Cities: The idea of living under the “Rule of Law” is incompatible with certain American cities allowing illegal aliens to break the law with impunity.
          6) Trump Signing An Executive Order Withdrawing From the Transpacific Partnership Trade Deal: It has never been in the best interests of our nation.
          5) Deft Foreign Policy Moves: Trump’s decision to missile strike a Syrian Air Base after a chemical weapons attack and drop the Mother of All Bombs on ISIS sent a strong message. Our friends know the United States is back and now our enemies understand that Trump is unpredictable, lethal and will not hesitate to end them.
          4) Approving The Keystone And Dakota Access Pipelines: If you care about what Americans are paying for gas, you have got to be happy about Trump moving forward on the Keystone and Dakota Access Pipelines. As an extra added bonus, this work will temporarily create as many as 28,000 new jobs.
          3) A Drop-Off In Illegal Immigration: Trump has added more ICE agents, ended the illegal immigrant advocacy program at the DOJ. As a result, the number of illegals crossing into the United States has dropped 72%.
          2) Hillary Not Being President: Enough said.
          1) Judge Gorsuch: Instead of Merrick Garland or who even knows, Supreme Court Justice Loretta Lynch with Hillary in the White House, Trump appointed Neil Gorsuch. Gorsuch is an originalist judge with a long track record who is highly regarded by conservative groups that review judges.
          1a) this list is incomplete until I add the eventual repeal of the Obamacare nightmare. A law that was never intended to succeed. It was the first and final step that would lead to a single payer healthcare industry. The sooner it goes away the better, and replacement is really not necessary.

          Whitewashing HIS inaction in Congress? President Trump doesn’t make laws, he sets policy. Congress passes laws. Please enlighten me to the spirited bi-partisan work in Congress. I seem to have missed this Congressional festival. A half year in and the liberal Democrats haven’t voted on over half of his appointees into their prospective jobs in the government and the administration.. They have slow walked every single item and candidate to date. This is damaging the administration’s ability to govern, or had this fact escaped you?
          Please show me where in the laws of this nation that promises healthcare as a basic right. Healthcare is not a right and never has been a right. Healthcare is worked for and earned. Just as I have earned the healthcare for my family over the last 40 years of my being an active, continuous participant in the work force of the American economy.
          I know my gospel Doc, and the Lord never says I can’t respond to the lies and deceit of the others. Nor do I have to repent my actions in this response.
          It is also nice that you didn’t refute my assertion into your sampling of the meds openly available. Gotta tell you Doc, your over indulgent use of these meds are beginning to tell, just saying ………

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Obama et all are passe’, not in the current conversation. Drop the phony history as irrelevant. Live in today.
            It’s not for me to list Trump lies. If his lips are moving, he’s probably lying. Ditto, tweets. Ditto, rally speeches.
            As for your Trump ‘good’ works, the economy routinely produces about 200,000 jobs per month; try checking business news as I do daily–Trump not responsible; actually the opposite losing Carrier jobs, more than he saved.
            Trump forgetting business: do you include 4 bankruptcies, hidden tax returns, American banks refusing loans, Trump U. sued for bilking students, Trump Foundation fined millions for illegalities? He has forgotten there are any laws governing business; the rest I doubt he ever knew. Again Obama and Clinton are not responsible nor relevant.
            There always was a several year ban on ‘revolving door’ leaving government agencies and regulating them by appointment. Extending to 5 years isn’t draining the swamp.
            Speeches by former officials are paid what they are worth. There is no giveaway by organizations for sweet talk, only brainpower and thought processes. That’s also why many of us blog comment.
            It’s congress trying to ban abortion dollars going anywhere in the nearly dead AHCA bills. By law–already–no government funds can be used for abortion, nothing new there.
            Courts have already denied Trump the right to defund sanctuary cities as non-constitutional. Did you miss it?
            We agree TPP wasn’t good as written. I’ve pushed for expansion of ASEAN and SEATO agreements WRITTEN BY THOSE WHO KNOW UNIONS AND WORKER RIGHTS, NOT BUSINESSMEN AS TPP.
            59 cruise missiles did not stop chemical bombing or disable the Syrian base runways–waste of time and money you don’t reflect. Just showmanship. Why?

          2. Peter Smith says:

            Phony history? No stupid, those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. We cannot, as a nation, suffer a repeat of the last eight years.
            You make an asinine statement in my question to naming all of the Trump lies. You list nothing, and yet the lies of the previous administration are proven daily with new evidence coming to light. And you think that is irrelevant?
            “the economy routinely produces about 200,000 jobs per month;”. Not under Obama and Obama had the most anemic GDP growth of any president in our history. Irrelevant?
            Obama was well on his way to bankrupting the country, doubling the nation debt in eight years. Irrelevant?
            Extending the policy of a lobbying ban to 5 years is more than any Democrat has ever done. Irrelevant?
            You are either stoned (those over used meds again) or flat stupid if you actually believe no federal tax dollars are used to promote and access abortions. Irrelevant?
            Yes, the sanctuary cities defunding has been declared unconstitutional by liberal. politicized lower courts. Let’s see what happens when it makes it’s way to the SCOTUS. Any bets?
            I don’t believe in Unions, and I’ve never needed someone else to defend my rights to work and my right to fair pay. Any trade agreement that doesn’t put US interests first is a bad deal. Bottomline, America is the largest consumer economy in the world, if they want to deal with us, they better be prepared to bend over and kiss our collective asses.
            You obviously don’t believe anything then. I live in a border state, the dramatic decrease came about because the future illegals know what the action is when caught, unlike the actions of Obama administration..
            59 cruise missiles and the detonation of a MOAB that destroyed an underground complex told the entire world the America is no longer “leading from behind”. Irrelevant?
            I ignore everything about Hilary Clinton because she is officially irrelevant after the Nov. election. Her “policies” were the failed policies of Obama with a hard left rudder to accentuate the coming disaster.
            Neil Gorsuch is a staunch Constitutionalist, unlike Garland. It’s time judges stopped legislating from the bench. If they want to legislate, stop being a judge and run for the Congress.
            The Democrats have obstructed every single nominee and policy President Trump has put forward. They don’t want President Trump to succeed. they’ll obstruct until “We the People” vote them out of DC.
            Pro-Russian? They’ve been investigating for over a year now, and yet not one single shred of credible evidence of anything tying the Trump administration to Russia. There is more proof of the Clinton campaign colluding with Russia than the Trump campaign doing the same. And my lottery pick to the date of the end of the Trump presidency, the POTUS swearing in January, 2025.

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            Your remembrance of recent history is faulty, of the more distant past, nonexistent. History never repeats as circumstances are always different. Spiral is a better word. If you have been denied equal rights as LGBTQ, you’d value Obama. Ditto, law abiding businesses with law abiding public accommodations. I’d be interested in your personal list of Obama lies and what is just now becoming apparent. The entire wide-awake world knows about Trump lies–daily.
            After the Republican (deregulation induced) Great Recession in 2008-9, it took herculean efforts and genius by Obama, Geithner and Bernancke to resurrect the nation’s economy in months. That’s a pretty good economic reason for slow recovery which built to your (wrongly stated) jobs figure solely by Trump. Be truthful, question your sources, state the facts.
            You have forgotten it was Republicans who said let big banks go bankrupt; ditto Lehman and other big companies, not Obama or Dems. Take a little lecithin for the memory. Also Obama’s $5 trillion in debt pales compared to Bush2 debt from surplus to $15 trillion, $5 trillion of that OFF THE BOOKS that was properly budgeted by Obama. Your figures are wrong.
            All professionals have unions to protect their rights–doctors’ AMA, lawyers ABA, teachers NEA and AFT, etc. Pros are more interested in performance so leave lobbying to their organizations. You are thinking only of labor unions which are a little different and stand up to wealthy corporations. Your small business experience isn’t from either camp apparently.
            Remember about TPP, it was negotiated by nominally Republican business leaders. Your smear about American interests is due to them, your pals in name only. Wake up to truth; they are against you.
            Showboat tactics impress no foreign leaders and certainly not thinkers at home. MOAB, cruise missiles on Syria–all ineffective–are not leadership by any definition.

          4. Peter Smith says:

            Hey stupid, I asked YOU to list the lies of President Trump, YOU!“
            Obama lies:
            If you like your health-care plan, you can keep it”
            This memorable promise by Obama backfired on him in 2013 when the Affordable Care Act went into effect and at least 2 million Americans started receiving cancellation notices. As explained, part of the reason for so many cancellations is because of an unusually early cutoff date for grandfathering plans — and because of tight regulations written by the administration. So the uproar could be pinned directly on the administration’s own actions.

            “90 percent of the budget deficit is due to George W. Bush’s policies”
            During the 2012 campaign, Obama repeatedly reminded voters that he became president during a grim economic crisis. But he went too far when he claimed that only 10 percent of the federal deficit was due to his own policies. Obama also falsely suggested that the Bush tax cuts led to the Great Recession.
            “The day after Benghazi happened, I acknowledged that this was an act of terrorism”
            He never affirmatively stated that the American ambassador died because of an “act of terror.” Then, over a period of two weeks, given three opportunities in interviews to affirmatively agree that the Benghazi attack was a terrorist attack, the president obfuscated or ducked the question. So this was a case of taking revisionist history too far for political reasons.

            “I didn’t call the Islamic State a ‘JV’ team”
            In 2014, Obama repeated a claim, crafted by the White House communications team, that he was not “specifically” referring to the Islamic State terror group when he dismissed the militants who had taken over Fallujah as a “JV squad.”
            I can keep this up for months.
            As far as LGBTIQ, or what ever the f-ck else queers want to add, I could and do care less about ALL queers. Only 4.1% of the US population identified as LGBT in 2016. F-ck the 4.1%.
            The economic collapse: In 1992, the Democratic-controlled 102nd Congress under the George H. W. Bush administration weakened regulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with the goal of making available more money for the issuance of home loans. The Washington Post wrote: “Congress also wanted to free up money for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to buy mortgage loans and specified that the pair would be required to keep a much smaller share of their funds on hand than other financial institutions. Whereas banks that held $100 could spend $90 buying mortgage loans, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could spend $97.50 buying loans. Finally, Congress ordered that the companies be required to keep more capital as a cushion against losses if they invested in riskier securities. But the rule was never set during the Clinton administration, which came to office that winter, and was only put in place nine years later.
            Some economists have pointed to deregulation efforts as contributing to the collapse. In 1999, the Republican controlled 106th Congress U.S. Congress under the Clinton administration passed the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, which repealed part of the Glass–Steagall Act of 1933. This repeal has been criticized by some for having contributed to the proliferation of the complex and opaque financial instruments at the heart of the crisis. However, some economists object to singling out the repeal of Glass–Steagall for criticism. Brad DeLong, a former advisor to President Clinton and economist at the University of California, Berkeley and Tyler Cowen of George Mason University have both argued that the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act softened the impact of the crisis by allowing for mergers and acquisitions of collapsing banks as the crisis unfolded in late 2008.
            Do you really want to keep lassing all of the blame to President Bush? I can and always do support my statements, so stop with the over indulgence of meds and try to think rationally. The Obama addition to the national debt is just south of $10 trillion. This is a FACT and ALL on him.
            No, not ALL professionals have unions. That is a moronic statement before you even started to type.
            The GOP has and will continue to do more for middle America than the DNC will ever do. The DNC has become a party of progressive far left and outright socialists. History has proven time and again, socialism fails in the end, every time.
            And these “showboat tactics” send a very clear massage to the entire world. That message is don’t mess with America. It works. The President’s main priority is the security of this nation. He has provided that aspect, something Obama never did.
            And that is the definition of our President’s leadership.

          5. DrBillLemoine says:

            Simply Trump campaigned on repealing and replacing Obamacare, something in dire jeopardy now; he promised a Wall paid by Mexico, now moot in congress and denied by MX’s Pena Nieto; who needs more?
            While Obama is blamed for keeping your doctor, not healthcare plan, it’s ultimately up to the insurer who they will pay, not Obama. Aren’t you supportive of Republican long-standing policy to support businesses?
            You realize of course that since 2011 congress was dominated by Republicans, right? It’s those bozos who refused to tweak, to revise their own Romneycare plan turned national.
            Pay attention: I’ve said 75% of the federal deficit is due to Bush2 and Republicans.
            Your excuses for bad Republican policies only grow from this point, have been debunked by good economists and politicians since 2010 yet they persist in ideology. It’s not worth my time to rehash all the arguments long ago used to dismiss bad policies you defend and try explaining hereafter. Have a nice Sunday; another poster has condemned me with a name, so proves he isn’t Christian or a reprobate.

          6. Peter Smith says:

            Repeal of Obamacare just hasn’t happened yet, want to better on the odds that is will happen? As far as replacement, it really isn’t necessary.
            The wall is starting, or haven’t you been keeping up. There are a myriad of ways to make Mexico pay for the wall, directly or indirectly. It’ll happen, just wait for it ….
            “Romneycare plan turned national”. Hmmmmm, what was the vote in Congress on the passage of ACA? Not one single GOP vote for and not one single DNC vote against. The DNC owns the failure of Obamacare. Even if the GOP doesn’t repeal ACA, it will die on it’s own very soon.
            “Pay attention: I’ve said 75% of the federal deficit is due to Bush2 and Republicans.” Post the factual numbers verifying your assertion. Put the money where your mouth is. FYI, you cannot because the facts don’t exist.
            Ah yes, another progressive liberal monument to fantasy, all bad is the result of Conservative/GOP policy. Laughable.
            As far as “another poster has condemned me with a name, so proves he isn’t Christian or a reprobate.” How is it un-Christian to the kettle black? It is the truth and Christians are supposed to tell the truth.
            And stupid,

            Noun, | ‘rɛprə,beɪt
            :a person without moral scruples
            :deviating from what is considered moral or right or proper or good
            :abandon to eternal damnation
            So, by your own posted admission, I’m not a Christian or a reprobate? Since I’m not a reprobate I have morals and scruples? I don’t deviate from what is considered good, proper, moral, and right?
            I’m NOT abandoned to eternal damnation? WOW! Where does that leave me? Pretty much makes me a good Christian and exactly what I have been striving for my entire life.

          7. DrBillLemoine says:

            OK, I’ll wait. But wasn’t it the president, himself, who said on Day #1 we’ll repeal and replace Obamacare? What happened? Ditto, the Wall that congress has refused to budget. If no ‘replacement’, are you prepared to live with what you condemn abortionists with doing to fetuses: killing citizens dropped from healthcare with terminal illnesses? You are as bad as any abortionist.
            Are you purposely obtuse about the history of ACA, that it was Romney’s MA healthcare plan writ nationally? The right refuses to pay taxes for the basic healthcare of fellow citizens contrary to the Constitution’s Preamble (‘promote the general welfare’) and Gospel (treat your neighbor as yourself’)? What a staunch Christian you are.
            You can google for yourself about the federal debt. But $10 trillion was budgeted by Bush2 for two wars and tax cuts, $5 trillion was off budget to avoid raising taxes for warfare and Medicaid, and $5 trillion was in large part for ACA by Obama and to resurrect the nation from Great Recession in 2008-9. Question your sources if you doubt the numbers.
            Apparently you are a newcomer to politics or news sources. I’ve followed bogus R policies for decades, some of the years up close with 2 parents as elected local R officials.
            Good Christian isn’t what comes from your heart with healthcare, equal rights or other national policies we’ve mentioned and you skirted. I’ve had a part in silencing many evangelical ministers over the years for their similar reprobate sayings and writings. Take a hint.

          8. Peter Smith says:

            If it was only up to President Trump, Obamacare would be a memory. The wall has started, or hadn’t you heard? $1.6 billion in latest budget. Not the whole tamale, but a darn good start.
            Healthcare is not a right, it is an earned entitlement. Paid for by a portion of your wages and your commitment to your employer. The employer offers group insurance to attract better personnel. it is in the best interests of both parties. The Holy Bible says if you don’t work, you don’t eat. Same could and should be said about healthcare.
            Romney’s goal was finite and simple: to require the few who were sapping the Massachusetts’ taxpayers to ultimately pay for healthcare either by paying the state or by paying an insurance provider. These people who had no health insurance — fewer than 10% in Massachusetts — would now have to contribute if they wanted healthcare. That was it.
            Obama’s goal prior to signing Obamacare into law was much, much bigger. In 2003, he said, “I happen to be a proponent of a single-payer universal health care plan.” From that speech:
            “I see no reason why the United States of America, the wealthiest country in the history of the world, spending 14 percent of its gross national product on health care, cannot provide basic health insurance to everybody. And that’s what Jim is talking about when he says everybody in, nobody out. A single-payer health care plan, a universal health care plan. That’s what I’d like to see. But as all of you know, we may not get there immediately. Because first we’ve got to take back the White House, we’ve got to take back the Senate, and we’ve got to take back the House.”
            Romney wanted everyone to have skin in the game, so to speak. Obama was to use the ACA as a stepping stone to a single payer healthcare system.
            Your argument about the debt is inherently flawed, you speak in trillions for “But $10 trillion was budgeted by Bush2 for two wars and tax cuts”. $10 trillion was never budgeted for any war(s). That is as big a BULLSTUFF assertion ever posted by any liberal
            idiot. But like I said, you’re stupid.. Post your sources, i dare you. I am a good Christian and I read the Bible. What does the bible say about f@ggots and lesbians? They should die and their blood is on their hands. BTW, I don’t silence, and I certainly won’t be silenced by a shitbucket such as yourself.

          9. DrBillLemoine says:

            The last shall be first and the first, last, says Gospel. Where do you think your name calling (on the Sabbath, no less) puts you? Reading scripture doesn’t mean understanding: Gospel says with all your knowledge (from reading) get understanding and pray for wisdom. Falling down in the last two categories.
            Trump has in the space of 3 days tweeted and said 3 different positions on Obamacare. Tell me which you believe. About Romneycare, you have some details or knowledge but the understanding is missing. ACA may be a stepping stone, but it stands alone. But any state program expanded nationwide needs tweeking–remember over a 1000 pages you never read? The devil is always in the details, which require tweeking that Trump says will let ACA fall without changes and deleting budget subsidies. That’s murder in my book, as we’ve discussed earlier. The SCOTUS verified tax for all and basis for ‘subsidies’ not a giveaway of healthcare is your ‘skin in the game’ for all. You misunderstand that basis of a big pool with 50 state coverage by insurers to make it work. All working poor and others have skin in the game especially, should you ever look into Obamacare requirements via the tax policies, working poor pay premiums and copays. But for a penalty payment you can opt out of the program to keep the large pool meaning you already have valid employer health coverage. You aren’t putting the pieces together–1000 pages plus regulations thereafter and 50 state healthcare exchanges all individualized. And you should know that many small employers offer no coverage at all, the reason my own physician loses many workers each year who marry or take other jobs with coverage attached. It’s Medicaid that absorbs the nonworking, elderly or other people, the part that Ryan and McConnell want to reduce by a half trillion dollars transferring that money to the rich in tax breaks, an immoral move if there ever was one.
            No doubt single payer was better nationally as attested by all the major western nations who have it, but ACA stands alone and was the goal in 2009-10. It was a bridge too far for these times coming out of R-induced Great Recession.
            BTW everybody’s ‘in’ under ACA.
            About the federal budget, I never said $10 trillion was solely for war, but Bush2 took virtual no debt and ran up $10 on books and $5 off, correctly entered on the books by Obama who still wrongly takes heat from you and the right for ‘spending’ it. The tricky budgeting was designed to hide spending by the drunken-sailor Republicans for 8 years including (remember) the MI bridge to nowhere? That’s why today there’s no pork in Republican budgets, the method by which much good was done for the country last century–called progress.
            Today we can’t even get infrastructure jobs for national security reasons, Rs are so afraid of pork.
            Again, google your own topics for data, not my job. I pay constant attention to news, unlike most Americans and test my thoughts on others to eliminate the crap you post here. Good ideas come in law after facing the crucible of public airing, debate and discussion, not your ideological imagination born, like Ryancare, from back rooms and fantasy dreaming in private, or like TPP born from the minds of the foxes guarding the henhouse, not good for laborers and jobs.
            Also, Judgment Day, not your local/state/national legislature is where sins are evaluated. You seem to think laws make good citizens when the Gospel says different and to keep government and religion apart. Have a nice life, but get around more to see the effects of your imagined ideas.

          10. Peter Smith says:

            I’m an imperfect Christian, but the Lord will forgive my many flaws, of that I am sure. So don’t you worry your little self about that.
            Obamacare needs much more than “tweeking”, it is unsustainable and the collapse continues on a daily basis. Exchanges with no choices, escalating costs and a reduction in services. you’re still under the incorrect assumption of healthcare being a right. it is not and never has been. Simply put, your only true RIGHT after one’s birth is the assured right to die. Your assertions of the GOP immorality are lame and skewed to the point of irrelevance.
            Bush entered office with a national debt of $5.7 trillion dollars. He left with a national debt of $10.6 trillion. and remember he had to deal with 9/11 among other global issues. Barack Obama left office with a national debt of $19.5 trillion. You method of mathematics is false and cannot be substantiated.
            GOP is afraid of “pork”. A bill should stand or fall on it’s own merits or lack there of. “Pork” costs this nation billions of dollars every year and with the debt left by Obama, there is no room left.
            My imagined ideas have more in common with the Founders intent for our nation than your skewed progressive left, socialistic spew you have managed to date.

          11. DrBillLemoine says:

            We are all sinners, but intent is critical for God when examining you at Judgment. It’s simply not acceptable to be a Sunday Christian only. Check your heart.
            After 6+ years, more than tweeking is necessary, due to lax/oppositional Republicans. But you can already see there is no substitute for this Republican-based program. And be clear, it’s public welfare that’s an inalienable right by our Declaration and Constitution implements it nationwide if you have any understanding. Inspection reveals unethical, immoral status of Republican efforts since January 2011.
            Your budget figures are typical rightie spin, not true.
            My figures are correct, if rounded. No excuses for faulty, sleazy budgeting due to 911.
            I should modify my ‘pork’ comment as McConnell in the back room is now dispensing pork to Senators who oppose his immoral healthcare bill. It’s all supposed to be secret for the reasons I stated before. And be accurate, Republican pork is waste, and abuse, if not fraud from 2001-2009.
            You can read the founding documents I listed above to see the intent; your imagination cannot compete with written words.

          12. Peter Smith says:

            There is only one sin God cannot/will not forgive. I’m just fine in that regard.
            Obamacare needing massive tweaking because it’s a poorly written piece of garbage. It has nothing to do with the GOP. The Democrats own this train wreck, PERIOD!
            My factual figures are from the CBO among other sources. Your numbers, and I say YOUR numbers, have no resources to verify your assertions.
            And yes, McConnell is doing it wrong and that is not immoral but it is slap in the face of tax payers. Democrat pork is also fraud and waste dumb@ss.
            You also talk of faulty, sleazy budgeting. What about Obama and SOLYNDRA? $500 million I believe. $319 million on the botched site? $400 million on furloughed workers during the government shutdown?
            The FBI spent $1.5 million to Hollywood so the agency would be properly portrayed? Need I go on? You only point your finger to the right, poor research no doubt. I don’t need a vivid imagination when the liberal left hands over the dirt on a daily basis.

          13. DrBillLemoine says:

            Millions of ACA subscribers disagree with you about poorly written–about 20 million to one. It’s failure of the Republican congresses to keep up with subsidies due to rising costs that’s the problem. Many good things are embedded in the vast act but all national programs need upgrading and fixing as times change. At home you refinance a mortgage, buy new cars, change your diet. Ditto, ACA. It’s nonsense not to fine tune any large national program–that’s your party. With bills passed or emerging in congress, you must agree the Republicans feel they carry the ball now, after 6 years of votes on the matter. They/you just lack imagination for governing a big program. Your figures are not from the CBO which is my source of 22-36 million harmed by repeal or Trump/Ryan/McConnell replacements.
            There is no pork from minority Democrats if you understand the legislative process.
            Budgeting–only Republicans voted for that Cruz debacle shutdown twice. We don’t play games with budgets. We have plans embedded in each one which Republicans refuse to pass. Pay attention.
            Solyndra was not a budget problem. What’s the beef with healthcare exchanges, most of them run by state Republicans?
            What’s the Hollywood beef? Don’t Republicans spend on marketing?
            I’ll stack my fact checking, truthful sources and realistic narrative against right wing conspiracy and theory any time. Just name the issue. Ditto, any ‘dirt’ you can mention, all issues being resolved; you just don’t like the truth. That’s an issue that begs the question: what is a conservative Christian? Oxymoron term?

          14. Peter Smith says:

            ACA is a cumbersome, poorly written law that many millions of citizens, those being screwed by Obamacare, will agree with me. The ACA will cease to exist, in one means or another. It is financially unsustainable as more and more carriers leave. Say good night to the Obamacare debacle, it’s just a matter of time.

          15. DrBillLemoine says:

            Your ‘screwed’ Americans pale in the face of demonstrations in every state favoring ACA renewal. All the concepts are good ones coming originally from Romneycare in MA. If ACA fades, it’s still on Republicans who want to fulfill 60+ repeal votes over 7 years at the expense of Americans dying. It’s immoral.
            The means of repeal on the Hill are unethical. All your real concerns are fixable. Deaths are on your ledger.
            BTW progressives are not liberal. Be more careful with terms, descriptive or political. I’m progressive, not liberal.

          16. Peter Smith says:

            I must have missed these massive demonstrations.
            And no, nothing is on “my ledger”. I don’t need Obamacare, I have had healthcare coverage for the last 25+ years. I take care of my own, period.
            No “progressives” are not as in “progress”, but rather “progressive” as in cancer.

          17. DrBillLemoine says:

            You might want to question your information source(s). Demonstrators are all over cable and in the news, sit in at congressional offices, and march in the streets. How did you miss it? It’s good to know you are not among the working poor and indigent who get ACA subsidized coverage or Medicaid’s expansion via ACA. Same for me, but I have clients who work 6 days a week and can’t afford coverage when premiums and copays rise without any fixing.
            Even progressives can be cancer survivors, but your comment is one more example of unchristian thinking. They, we, are still your fellow citizens and Gospel neighbors. Try reviewing Luke 12-15 and learn.

          18. Peter Smith says:

            “20 million to 1”. Laughable. Mathematically impossible since there are only 11.4 million Americans expected to be enrolled in Obamacare policies in 2017.

          19. DrBillLemoine says:

            Do you also speak before thinking? Whether an American is on ACA, able to afford its coverage, or not, they still disagree with your heartless assessment as thousands of town hall participants and many thousands of others marching in the streets attest. Geez!

          20. Peter Smith says:

            I have been, and continue to be a RESPONSIBLE adult who takes care of family and self. It is not my responsibility to take care of someone who has shirked their responsibility and have demanded that someone else assume their burden. I won’t do it. The Bible says, you don’t work, you don’t eat.

          21. DrBillLemoine says:

            It’s a rather narrow and short-sighted view that everybody has your opportunities, drive and jobs/income to be self-sufficient. That presumes no laws, no prejudices, not blocks to anybody in their pursuit of happiness–a silly stance. Most people approaching even retirement have not saved enough for decent living after careers, even responsible people. It’s hardly shirking as you believe for most of those people. Most of them gainfully employed have paid social security and medicare taxes too but receive a paltry return below poverty levels. You don’t get around much, do you? You don’t know many people like that I’ll guess. BTW you are talking about fellow citizens, less fortunate than you, maybe the poor, which Gospel and Pentateuch say to care for–that all things are in common. Get some understanding and a heart.

          22. Peter Smith says:

            No it’s not. It’s a matter of responsibility and accountability. Nothing more. I have no control over a persons financial status, just my own. It is their responsibility to decide their existence. In 57 years, I’ve seen plenty. I just don’t worry about what I cannot change. And I should not be financially responsible for someone I don’t know. You want to help them, do it. I choose to take care of my own.

          23. DrBillLemoine says:

            You’re a rightie. Just how do you expect a black Muslim woman to do what you say is responsible? How about an immigrant Latino field hand? Or the child of an urban undereducated black woman? It’s nonsense, your position. Not everyone has the same opportunities as I said, not the least due to your bigotry and biases well documented in Trump’s stands on everything, including transgender folks entering the military, changed just today. You aren’t thinking about what you say, OR are just to narrowly focused to know.
            And yes, changes in your attitudes will help others to reach your attainment in self-sufficiency. Are you an American, a Christian, or not? Both have a long history of helping the less fortunate. Our nation was founded in spirit and law to assist the ‘tired, poor…’ yearning to breathe free–or immigrants you oppose today in fact and writing. This is America, Jack, the goal or destination of all those who aspire to what you say, but that doesn’t mean they are there yet.
            Don’t tell me you attend church and hold those views. I take care of my own and am charitable to all. What’s your problem?

          24. Peter Smith says:

            You’re missing the point, I take care of my own, PERIOD! The black Muslim, the illegal alien Latino, child of an uneducated urban black woman is exactly the point. I don’t care about Muslims, never will. The illegal shouldn’t even be here. I know you didn’t state illegal, I did. The uneducated urban black woman, where’s the father? It is all about responsibility and accountability.
            We don’t need any more immigrants for awhile, we already have enough people sponging from the few.
            You don’t like my stance, I don’t f-ing care. Is clear enough for you?

          25. DrBillLemoine says:

            No, you miss the point. No man is an island. Everything you think you did for yourself depended on what those who went before you did. You think because others don’t equal your success, they must not be taking care of their own, but they are also dependent on surroundings and circumstances that you and your right wing pals have wrought now controlling all branches of government, 31 states and uncounted localities. You stack the deck for yourself and against those minorities–all legal–but clearly a tilted playing field in your favor.
            Anybody ‘sponging’ has probably been painted into a corner by you and yours. It’s not American, but more 3rd world, not American but barbarian, not American but immoral.

          26. Peter Smith says:

            You’re so full of progressive liberal kumbaya, oh , everyone is good, everyone deserves equality, everyone is the same ….. bullshit! Like your Obama said, elections have consequences. It pisses you off that for the last 6+ years, the elections have painted consequences contrary to your ideals. Remember the old Russian saying, “TUFFSHITSKY”. Progressive liberalism is losing to Conservatism. I rather like that twist, and the fact that it irks you to the core makes it that much sweeter.
            And it is not my Conservatism that has painted the spongers in. Rather, it is the liberal left that has fed the entitlement mentality. Don’t worry about being a useless drain on the nation, you’re all good by us. We only want your votes…… we’ll help you more, we promise………

          27. DrBillLemoine says:

            You miss another point about America. Our foundations are aimed at having everyone rise to their levels of life, liberty and happiness. Read the documents. We all have guaranteed rights whether given in 1789 or earned/gained afterwards, not liberal or conservative, just American. I’m happy to say that many people’s rights were finally enacted the past 6 years, and sad you want to take them away. Voter suppression, opposition block voting, hidden money in politics, deregulation to permit cheating and chiseling, and more. Today moderate Republicans are starting to stand up to the right wing bullying because they are losing ACA, see rich men getting more breaks, more income and more assets than ever before. Workers are being demeaned, even by Trump if you read his tweets. Rally rhetoric isn’t coming to pass. American is being sold down the river to Russia’s mafia. Our allies mock Trump and avoid him. If that’s your ‘conservatism’, I want NO part of it ever. What I know about politics is that the pendulum swings, and now it’s swinging against you and Trump. Get ready for the changes. BTW much of the expansion of entitlements is due to your employer class refusing to retrain workers, just fire them; it’s due to rich men donating their disposable cash to pols who will write more rules in their favor, while employees have little or no disposable income as wages are frozen under the threat of automation or offshoring.
            And, yes, many on the conservative side are voting against their own interests, because right wing pols are con artists, crooks and used car salesmen, not to mention philanderers and thieves. I’m isolated from most of the angst faced by working class Americans due to my own responsibility and planning, hard work and knowledge. But you haven’t got my vote for many moons and no prospect while the phony Freedom Caucus rules.

          28. Peter Smith says:

            Bill, the Right is wrong, the Left is our salvation, BULLSHIT! I notice you don’t take offense to voter fraud, illegal aliens casting votes in federal elections, people voting multiple times, or the dead rising to cast their ballot. That is a suppression of MY rights. But then tha Right has no rights. We don’t even have the 1st Amendment protection.
            You speak of “bullying”? When was the last time you had the press, celebrities, and rabble rousers in the street openly advocating the assasination of conservatives, our Representatives, and our elected President.
            You’re right about one thing, change is coming and when it starts, an American civil war will change the face of this planet.
            I know which side I will fight with and make no mistake, a fight is coming. A war the
            Left will lose.
            As far as polls being con artists, I’ll ask you one question. Why isn’t Hillary our President? The progressive liberal polls said she was a certainty.
            I’m proud I don’t have your vote. Your belief system sickens me. Your liberal progressive attack on our nation is a cancer that will be eradicated. Of this, I am certain.
            I’m finished with you, disgust levels have reached the tipping point. I remain a Conservative Christian, proud of the Right set of beliefs, and a member of the political side who will reclaim our America as the Founders intended.
            You will be nothing but a memory in the end. Barely a memory …… I’m through with you now. No response required.

          29. DrBillLemoine says:

            Peter, there’s not much voter fraud found even by pure Republican search committees. I don’t want illegal aliens taking American jobs, but some jobs are beneath Americans like migrant farming and domestic chores. No illegals vote unless state laws don’t screen them out, not a big problem. Nobody votes multiple times, except maybe the Trumps registered in several places from their wealth base. Voter rolls are purged by law everywhere so far as I know, not the ‘dead voting’ you state.
            You are exaggerating the aims and substance of demonstrations which are oriented toward single issues, not anarchy, murder and lawlessness. It’s just not true despite criminals taking advantage of the confusion for their aims.
            No civil war is coming as our government allows for everybody to be involved in voting, speechmaking, marching, sign displaying, etc. you don’t find in authoritarian nations. There’s no ‘slavery’ problem any more to make for civil war. Even equal rights for minorities and women were relatively peaceful battles, not war.
            Hillary should be president winning the majority of votes cast. An ancient anomaly from early national history, the Electoral College, defeated her along with meddling by Russia. That’s the cancer we face today. There’s no cancer in equality for all, voting for all, healthcare for all. That’s too selfish for a charitable and loving Christian nation like America.

          30. Peter Smith says:

            Bill, you’re as fucked up as a football bat. A typical progressive liberal with heads buried in the sand, or as in most cases, buried up the @ss of the liberal agenda.
            There is no exaggeration, no misconstruing the intent. Voter fraud, votes by illegals, and ballots cast from the grave are a proven fact. You cannot state it doesn’t exist just like you cannot prove the extent. Every time an investigation starts, the DNC quickly mobilizes to stop any investigation. Why is that Bill?
            You’re also dead wrong about the possibility of a violent civil war on the horizon. It’s coming, the only question is at what time.
            The Electoral College worked exactly as intended by the Constitution and the Founders. If there is ever a true investigation into voter fraud, it might well be shown Hillary lost the popular vote as well. And after a year of investigating Russian interference, there is still nothing to show for it. You want proof of Russian collusion, investigate the Clinton campaign, the Clinton Foundation, John Podesta, and the rest of the DNC.
            And the only terminal cancer facing our nation today is the liberal progressives @ssholes like you Bill.

          31. DrBillLemoine says:

            The numbers involved in voter fraud are miniscule if you are honest, read all the studies by both parties. It’s nonsense, simply an excuse to suppress votes which you righties do in spades at every opportunity as your policies aren’t otherwise acceptable to the voting public. When you say ‘true’ on the right, all the alarm bells go off as you have NEVER been truthful about the topic. Hillary won the popular vote, remember?
            I have never stated fraud doesn’t exist, so you lie about me.
            Only you fascists and authoritarians foresee armed conflict. It’s more nonsense, except for anarchists which you aren’t. Why misrepresent yourself, another lie? Only Russians and ISIS barbarians believe like you. Are you a traitor in disguise?
            Lots in the Constitution has been update, revised and made more egalitarian. So must the Electoral College. You don’t accept that times change, but they are and will.
            You even lie about investigation of Russian collusion and hacking, as Mr. Mueller has been in operation only a few months, not a year. Why do you continually lie? It’s not normal, Christian or moral, and not American. There’s no collusion with Democrats you mention, a right wing talking point. None. BTW you are clearly not American with your condemnation, not acceptance, of an alternative viewpoint. You must live a miserable life in fear, trouble, conflict and lies. Not me.

          32. Peter Smith says:

            Bill, your entire progressive liberal life and belief set is wrong. I believe I’ve already said this. Let me be more susinct, “F-ck you and horse you rode in on.” I know I am correct in my assertions just as o know you are “a football bat”. You and your ilk are the cancer that must be, and soon will be, eradicated from our great nation. Good bye and good riddance.

          33. gvette says:

            Those that can do. Those that can’t teach. You bring truth to that statement!

          34. DrBillLemoine says:

            Just remember, behind everybody who ‘can do’ is one or more teachers. You bring no sense to the matter.

          35. gvette says:

            Actulaay no bill. My father lived throgh the depression. Served in WW-II.Only went as far as the sixth grade. Got out, started, and ran three successful businesses. You’re nothing more then a drag on the American taxpayers!

          36. DrBillLemoine says:

            Your own father had teachers you won’t acknowledge. Not every one was in school. Hooray for entrepreneurship and your dad. BTW EVERY state has an education establishment so it’s no drag on any American citizen. Abroad there are different issues. Are you a foreigner, a Russian bot?

          37. gvette says:

   the sixth grade they don’t teach business. He had natural ability that you wouldn’t know anything about. When you were young, you looked for the easiest way to make a living. You found, being a teacher paid well, and it was a part time job! You’re still a joke, Bill!

          38. DrBillLemoine says:

            How about reading, the foundation of much your dad used to get ahead? You really don’t think through your comments, don’t self-edit anything, spew out nonsense. The rest is just nonsense to admire your own words that mean nothing to me.

          39. gvette says:

   one admires their own words, more then you, Bill. My father was a smart business man. Something you’d know nothing about. You don’t have the tenacity to do something on your own. You have to suck off others! I’ll sum it up. You’re a gutless wonder!

          40. Pete says:

            It is called “A leach on the a$$ of prosperity”.

          41. gvette says:

            I guess you’re referring to Bill.

          42. Barrustio says:

            Wish I had said that.

          43. Peter Smith says:

            I’m sure you would have, I was just lucky to beat you to the punch. Thanks Barrustio.

          44. Barrustio says:

            That was like really lowering the boom.

        2. Barrustio says:

          Doc, in fairness, Trump, in 6 months has met more obstructionism than any president in history. The lack of approval of his appointments (and the outrage from people like you, on ANY approvals) as compared to Obama, are evident to people of far less education than you proclaim. You talk about inaction on the part of Trump but fail to acknowledge what exactly the Democrats in Congress have done recently, that is any better. Their approval ratings are 17%… far less than Trump. So share with us the accomplishments of the past admin for 8 years other than appease the deviant lifestyles and the penchant for baby killing, that if YOU reviewed the Bible, would abhor and repent for ever having supported him.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            B, in fairness, Trump hasn’t done anything in congress, but hold rallies and dinners, nothing to promote HIS policies to save and expand Social Security and Medicare in the health field. And how do you excuse the Merrick Garland obstruction and negation given an acceptable nominee? Double standard by you.
            As already stated, blocked appointments are for cause, you call obstruction. Tax problems, conflicts of interest are valid points to negate nominees.
            You exaggerate about ‘any’ approvals. Keep it honest if you are really a Christian. Christ said he was ‘truth’.
            Republicans hold both houses of congress. Why do you pin obstruction on Dems when it’s Rs who can’t get their acts together? Could you be partisan, ignore reality, overlook truth?
            It’s the 6+ year majorities of Republicans in congress who cause low ratings for their obstruction. Check a mirror for your accusations–wrong ones.
            I’d reply that ‘equal protection under the constitution’ is quite important accomplishment by Obama. You as an avowed Christian are ignoring Gospel and that Constitution with your extreme policies. Even your ‘abortion’ issue is a woman’s choice granted by Gospel and Rowe v Wade. Stop trying to legislate the bible; there are no laws (necessary) for the righteous, says the bible. Are you reprobate or apostate? I follow Gospel, but not you.

          2. Rodney Steward says:

            If you’re looking forward to Apology and a$$ kissing tour you can forget that, he a Patriot and not a traitor and muslim!

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            This is a forum to exchange ideas. I’m not interested in ‘votes’, apologies or even acknowledgement. Teachers like me don’t wait for audience approval, like Trump, maybe you and other posters. Trump a patriot–not with the pro-Russia evidence piling up daily? The correct word may be traitor. Muslim term isn’t applicable here.

          4. gvette says:

            Teachers like you, are the problem. Brain washing doesn’t make for an education.

          5. DrBillLemoine says:

            It’s called American history and culture. See your state board of education for problems, not individual teachers, for curriculum and other policies you don’t like. Brainwashing–you mean like Trump voters who support everything contrary to making American great, to better and higher paying jobs via infrastructure, to lawbreaking like your president? BTW do you call learning math formulas brainwashing or rote learning?

          6. gvette says:

            More like gullible people like you that bought the lie that Barry was born in this country!

          7. DrBillLemoine says:

            Long ago disproved. Wake up.

          8. gvette says:

            LMAO…by the left, only. You’ll swallow anything Bill. You must miss sucking the niggers dick.

          9. Barrustio says:

            It has been fact for a long time, that the educational system is in the hands of liberals and colleges are the worst…no room for conservative thought…no denying that liberal indoctrination is taking place. College students are all for Socialism but can’t even define it. What used to be the last bastion of free speech, is now a safe space against it. This is what pansy thinking has brought about.

          10. Anouk says:

            Sure Socialism is great until these young fools reach maturity and become responsible adults.
            Then, they will find out that it is not so great to give their hard working money to lazy people who only want hand- outs.

          11. DrBillLemoine says:

            If you are equating education with liberalism, you might be onto something. Newsmen are typically better educated than most. Teachers are better educated than their students. Colleges are mostly open and provide ‘liberal arts’ courses by design. It’s called training for thinking and problem solving. You don’t have to define many things to know they exist. I know a bigot when I meet one. Priests know good parenting though Catholics can’t be one. Etc. There’s lots of thinking behind what you easily condemn because you have no background, vicarious learning or schooling to know. Don’t condemn all colleges for suppressing free speech of visitors because of a few well publicized examples when there are tens of thousands of colleges and universities. It’s akin to your party studying voter fraud due to a few violators of election laws. It makes no sense to elevate insignificant details to national problems when rare.
            Just remember, you can probably read due to a ‘pansy’ teacher.

          12. gvette says:

            LMAO..the country IS better. Food stamp, and welfatre is down. Remember, you nigger buddy was the king of welfare! There are more people working.
            The board of education is full of asshats such as your self. The last teacher I had like you, I beat the shit out of him after school one day.I wish you were closer.

          13. DrBillLemoine says:

            Wow, no wonder you quit after sophomore year of high school. You are a rare bird, hardly qualified to criticize education being a malcontent. It explains your misconstrued posts and attitude.
            Of course more people are working, about 200,000 more every month. Yet your attitude and beliefs keep many more from working in the regular, not underground, economy. Remember it’s your voting that determines school board members, directly or indirectly, your presence at meetings to affirm or change what you don’t like. I made many changes as a teacher, administrator and PTA member over many years, compared to you just bellyaching and assaulting people.
            You and Trump are a match. Will you resign from citizenship when he is indicted and resigns?

          14. gvette says:

            As you’re a worthless pile of shit, we took care of worthless teachers. oh, and I owned and operated my own business. Something you could never do. You can only suck off others. Like I said, I wish you were closer. You wouldn’t have ball enough. You’re a fucking coward!

          15. Anouk says:

            I agree 100% with you.

          16. gvette says:

            You know how Bill hates the truth!!

          17. Anouk says:

            Liberals are all in denial. Bill thinks he is more intelligent and more knowledgeable when in reality he is following the rules of Alinsky.
            Teachers and journalists are more Communists and Marxists than being simply Democrats.
            They are dangerous for the young brains and the simple low informed citizens.
            Brainwash the feeble is their goal.

          18. gvette says:

            As I tell Bill, he is a legend in his own mind! You are correct, in all you stated!

          19. Anouk says:

            Thank you!

          20. gvette says:

            You’re welcome!!

          21. Barrustio says:

            I’m curious to find this “evidence” you speak of…not even Mueller has made such an audacious claim of having evidence on anything.

          22. DrBillLemoine says:

            Knowledge of the law and its’ precedence and factual bases came from education. Mueller is forbidden from telling you anything. Don’t expect him to until finished with dismissal or facts for impeachment or indictment. But as you know from the bible, there may be writing on the wall for those who care to see it.

          23. Carl Lewis says:

            Have you, personally, seen this “pile of evidence” pro-russia or not? Methinks thks is figment of your mind. Produce fod us a small thread.

          24. DrBillLemoine says:

            The word is out around the globe. I can’t help it if you aren’t up to speed. Google sometime and learn.

          25. Barrustio says:

            For one, Trump has nothing to do with Congress, he is the EXECUTIVE branch of government so asking what he has done with Congress is assigning duties to others because those responsible, won’t perform themselves.
            The real double standard with Merrick Garland lies in the expectations of Democrats to approve a SCOTUS nominee, during an election year when the precedent of not doing so, was set by the Democrats who actually waited much longer during a Republican admin until a Democrat won the presidency to do so. Your reasoning for the blocks implies that Obama’s nominees needed 200% less scrutiny than Republicans…please…a third grader can see what is going on. Cause??? heheh.
            There is no exaggeration on the approvals…it is a FACT the all Trump nominees even now are still being hounded and people still attack them…surely you have seen that if you watch the news sources that have formed your opinions. Every knowledgeable person knows that when people talk about any party having the majority in both houses, their intent is to convince the lay person, that they are actually in charge, when the learned know, that there is a minimal vote requirement on any legislation or appointments which the Democrats would be more than willing to filibuster. I wasn’t talking about the Republicans in Congress who have the low ratings…only the Democrats have a 17% rating.
            My policies are not extreme according to Gospel. For the Word clearly states that ” Any man who sheds another’s blood, so shall his blood be shed”. I don’t know how you interpret that but I would say that has to do with the taking of a life, which is not a “choice”. Attempting to defend the killing of children with Roe v Wade is the same as defending slavery because it was legal. Legal doesn’t make it right. I would have to assume that you have a doctorate in other than medicine, as it doesn’t sound to me like you have ever taken the Hippocratic Oath. I also notice you didn’t address the deviant lifestyles condemned by the Bible and advocated for by Obama and his admin.
            Thanks for the reprobate label, I’ll add it as another badge of honor bestowed on me by the liberals along with “deplorable”.

          26. DrBillLemoine says:

            Are you simply blind to politics or deliberately overlooking executive-legislative interactions? The executive in localities, states and the nation propose policies which they think got them elected to be enacted into law which guidelines they propose. Trump has a Wall, banning Muslims, draining the swamp, trashing intelligence and media agencies, and repealing and replacing Obamacare–to name a few.
            Tell me where he’s been successful with congress to enact anything??!!
            Please cite the case you mention where Dems EVER didn’t discuss, vote or did delay a SCOTUS nominee without cause. There isn’t any. Rs made up the end of term excuse, never before applied. What grade did you leave school, not seeing the obvious?
            In 357 cases there are no nominees at all. In many of the rest there are severe problems with taxes, conflicts of interest for their duties and more. Trump has no friends, only a family, and his vetting committee was ineffective re Flint and others whose confirmations are being questioned now for cause–Sessions, Kuschner, Trump Jr. all lied, call perjury, a legal offense being excused now by many Republicans, including you. So are you too a law breaker like Trump? Fine Christian you are. You should also study lawmaking procedures called regular order so you know what you’re talking about.
            Only Dems are at 17%. Read reports again. You aren’t absorbing the written word–by me or your news sources.
            Involuntary manslaughter is possible life-taking without intent; the rest is deliberate and should be paid for, including abortionists. But it’s biblical, not for you or me to judge. And Gospel/Epistles give each individual freedom of choice to sin or not. Don’t presume to be God and legislate that.
            Also scripture tells us Christ said to love one another, no qualifications. You aren’t doing that as a reprobate or apostate–or atheist. Egotist to ignore.

          27. Barrustio says:

            I’m very aware of politics…and it’s double-speak. What some call the wall, sensible people call homeland security…what some call banning Muslims, sensible people call, vetting potential terrorists, what some call draining the swamp is exactly what it implies, ridding America of establishment corruption from both the right and left (I don’t remember Obama ever calling for term limits). What some call trashing intelligence agencies and the media, others see plainly an effort to expose the deep state and a media biased in a left direction just like all of Hollywood. Personally, I wish he would have never said anything about Obamacare and let it fail on it’s own as it is now doing, just to see who the Democrats would blame for the failure of something they TOTALLY own.
            Legislation isn’t everything, as Obama clearly proved. Executive orders that defunded Planned Parenthood International might be seen as a victory for Trump by just about everybody except a liberal.
            I left school after the 10th grade if that’s real important to you, as it usually is to people who assume that a title actually means that they possess a superior intelligence. You should know that knowledge is attained through education…intelligence is inborn. I’ve met more than one overly educated fool, who’s self aggrandizing need for attention to their title requires them to make judgments of others based on their education.
            “Severe problems with taxes and conflicts of interests”…sounds like an Obama apologist not so subtly ignoring the fact that it would be impossible by anybody’s standards, that Obama’s nominees could be 200% better than Republican nominees if it were not for a deep state agenda deliberately slowing or blocking the nominations. Surely with you superior intellect, you should be able to see that.
            You call out Sessions, Kushner and Jr. but give a free pass to Wasserman, Brazile, Hillary, Podesta, Rice, Lynch, Holder AND Obama on their lies…that about par for a liberal.
            You wouldn’t find the 17% in YOUR news sources…you have to get away from the mainstream nowadays to get the truth.
            I would never presume to be God, I don’t know what would prompt you to make such an asinine statement. “I AM my brother’s keeper”. If I witness someone killing one of your family members, yes, I have a choice to remain quiet and not “judge” the wrongdoing…but “silence in the face of evil, is evil itself”. Narcissist to ignore.

          28. Anouk says:

            I really like the way you think Barrustio. All your posts are very interesting.

          29. Barrustio says:


          30. Anouk says:


          31. DrBillLemoine says:

            Compare our posts and see who is more partisan, and apologetic. You are imbued with Republican politicians, you cup of tea. Try a balanced look sometime and see what 60% of the nation sees. That’s a 40% Trump support by the polls.
            Simple solutions are often effective, but a Wall that’s breachable as have been every wall in history including the Great Wall of China? It’s nuts, not homeland security which is more complex.
            We are already vetting immigrants for 18 months. Will another 6 or 12 months make a difference with nobody trusting our security and intelligence agencies due to Trump actions with Russia and our long-term allies? What’s the magic number: 6 for nations banned now; 11 million to be deported as Latinos; 5+1 nations disrespected by Trump in the Iran agreement; it’s only by superior agents and CIA action that we had hegemony abroad; it’s the FBI and NSA at home, all dismayed at Trump rejection. Is that the opposite of security to you? It’s the ‘deep state’ there that keeps you secure in your bed at night. Stop trashing it like Trump who has his own secrets to hide from intel groups a la treason, collusion or racketeering.
            You think the greenhorns put in office by Trump even know enough to ‘drain’ any swamp. It’s the career people who keep the nation running. I’d submit that most corruption is Republican, people who ignore rules to pursue the almighty dollar for profits, sex, fame and power. Hillary, Obama, etc. ‘corruption’ is trumped up charges over 3 decades and just as stale and disproven long ago by folks smarter than both of us. Give it a rest.
            It’s also sophomoric, your school departure time, to equate Hollywood with the media, entire distinct groups, except another crook (Iran Contra) named Reagan, or is it Nixon’s Watergate. Thank God for the deep state, and ‘deep throat’ for ridding us of a proven crook then. You sense of perspective and history is cockeyed and incomplete for some reason. Those who get more education, get a more complete picture from experts, learn it faster under guidance in school and test their ideas against others to eliminate the ‘conspiracies’ and fears you seem to harbor. I’ve seen it dozens of times in students whose parents also had incomplete schooling.
            About Obamacare, it’s owned by Republicans now, actually a Republican idea. Rs refused to tweak the complex law to make it work better and now can’t even repeal it because it works too well for millions. It takes congress to fix the problem, not the Ryan/ McConnell wealth transference bills they drafted in the dark (actually because they are so bad). Your ‘term limits’ idea is both good and bad: good to prevent rehashing past methods that don’t work and and prevent bad politicians from terminal brain freeze; bad because some don’t change with the times and still believe in ‘trickle down’ or ‘supply side’ like Trump’s advisor Kudlow. Undermining and ignoring ACA is equivalent to killing people, and you just voted no abortion–no difference in killing.
            Your pathetic attempt to justify dropping out of school won’t wash in a world overrun with high technology and getting moreso. Why do you trash learning when you are using the internet, and electronic computer/ipad/smart phone? See, inconsistent and incomplete thinking comes from an untrained mind. I won’t mention common sense yet.
            Again you have forgotten rejection of Obama’s #1 choice for chief of staff in Tom Daschle who had tax problems. It’s not insignificant to find the weaknesses, something voters didn’t do with Trump and you see how the evidence piles up against him and his minions. There’s your example of an educated fool. But nothing there we see as racketeering, collusion or treason can be used against the Dems you reference.
            And my figure for congressional approval is 13%, lower than yours by the polls. What’s your source? Rasmussen?
            And don’t ever confuse Caesar with God. Christ said to respect and follow both, separately. I’ve tried to illuminate things for you, called bible edification, but you resist an alternative and truthful listing. You also confuse judging with truth telling. Don’t ignore the differences.

        3. gvette says:

          LMAO. you debunked? From your far left sources. What a joke you are!

      2. Carl Lewis says:

        Doctor of “What”, exactly?
        Real professionals don’t find it necessary to advertise academic achievement.

        1. Peter Smith says:

          First guess? Let’s just say if you shake his hand, it’s best to wash immediately afterwards. He has “sphincter fingers” so to speak. But he’s a “real man Doc”, doesn’t feel the need for a glove. Funny thing is, he still hasn’t figured out why his sandwiches all smell like butt …..

          1. Carl Lewis says:

            Yes, he spouts to be”a personal consultant/counselor”? Does he recommend which tie to wear with which jacket…or…does he just lie and wait til our Potus makes any statement, then jumps on that with both feet claiming the Potus is a LIAR???

          2. Peter Smith says:

            I personally think if he truly is a consultant/counselor, he probably not very good at it. That’s why he has the time to scrutinize every action of our President. Probably afraid the government handouts are going to go away and he might have to actually work for a real living. Obama is his god because Obama promised to take care of the unproductive, dead weight, chaff in our American society.

        2. DrBillLemoine says:

          Are you a ‘real’ professional? I’m known everywhere by the name I use here and called the same. Anyone can google me unlike most posters here hiding behind pen names, anonymity or false names with or without pictures. Why don’t you comment on the issue, give substance to the matter, or answer my contentions? That’s what professionals do.

        3. Barrustio says:

          Education doesn’t guarantee intelligence.

      3. mdrod1 says:


        1. Peter Smith says:

          Well, I’m management now, but I started my working career as a carpenter. Thanks for the compliment.

      4. Rodney Steward says:

        He’s a brainwashing teacher, no way he could ever be a Med. doctor!

        1. Peter Smith says:

          I don’t know Rodney, his posts smell like ass, maybe a proctologist with poor hygiene skills?

    2. mdrod1 says:


    3. Barrustio says:

      You call yourself a doctor and can’t even remember that it was a “CAMEL” passing through the eye of a needle, than a rich man to enter the kingdom. Look in the mirror before you sit in judgement, doc. Christians are awake to people like you.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Are camels not equated to rich men, situation being successful? I know the scripture, thanks. BTW it’s not judgment I provide here; simply opinion and edification. Appreciate the chance to clarify to a fellow Christian, but isn’t your opening phrasing a ‘judgment’? You don’t know me.

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          And you don’t your camels either unless you’re a D’N muslim!

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Once more in English.

          2. Rodney Steward says:

            Hows Dat!

        2. Barrustio says:

          No, my opening phrase was merely a clarification of a passage which you made in error.

    4. Rodney Steward says:

      Lets call the kettle black, you need to repent also, you’re just like all the rest of the Dems., just can’t get use to not seeing that PUBIC HEADED POS in office and can’t handle the loose of the beast of Hellary!! Please do away with the Dr part, it really makes you look stupid!

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Repent of exactly what? You don’t say even if you know.
        Your condemnation brands you reprobate, apostate or atheistic. I follow truth, but not you in your blithe condemnation, against scripture. You don’t even realize your own shortcomings.

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          You’ve sit right here and accused someone of something you know nothing about, that’s what I’m talking about!! And you go by Doc???????

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            I still don’t know what you’re talking about? What’s the reference or antecedent to your comment? It’s called plain English.

    5. Pete says:

      Snide utterances about a fine upstanding young lady (as a child in Arkansas was the target of the Clinton cobble smear mongers) who is accustom to having small people spread false accusations about her.
      Your doctorate bust be in bull droppings.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:


    6. dmttbt says:

      When you talk about lies have you considered that you can keep your doctor or you can keep your insurance as being lies??
      If you don’t think Obama was the closest thing to a dictator we have had you need your head removed from planet anus.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Before passage and signing of any bill, all statements are marketing hype. It’s that simple and your concepts were not tenable. Even so, no Republicans in DC complained in 2009-10.
        The only dictators according to law and constitution in 100 years were Nixon and now Trump. Reagan verges with Iran Contra but escapes for his honesty; Bush2 because real president Cheney did his dirty work for him. By contrast Obama was a saint, one of the top 5 presidents.

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