Sebelius: ‘Hold me accountable for this debacle’

October 30, 2013

President Obama’s top health official admitted to Congress on Wednesday that Obamacare’s main website faces a litany of problems, including the delivery of inaccurate data to insurers and glitches that do not allow uninsured Americans to enroll, resulting in a “miserably frustrating experience for way too many Americans.”

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, under oath, told the House Energy and Commerce Committee she stands by the Affordable Care Act but cannot release reliable enrollment figures from state-run and federally facilitated health insurance markets around the country until November.

In a tense back-and-forth with GOP lawmakers, she said she herself will not use Obamacare because she has employer-based coverage from the federal government.

“I would gladly join the exchange if I didn’t have affordable coverage in my workplace,” she testified.

Mrs. Sebelius also offered a stark mea culpa for the problems at, the federal website that processes many requests for coverage.

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  • Jrmags says:

    Accountable to liberals means “no problem” I’m still learning how to dupe the american people give me more training by re-electing me and if you don’t want to re-elect me … I’ll find some local community organizer to appoint me to a responsible gov agency and really screw things up!

    As a former person involved with hiring contractors … you learn early on to never hire multi-contractors to write code for a system without having a lead contractor responsible for the final integration and proper operation of the final system.

    The government has historically done just that … hire many companies to write different parts of code without coordination, they think that by testing the code to see if it works individually that when they put all the codes together they should work … fail!

    Contractors love this kind of contract, by law they can not be held responsible for the final system … the government has lost numerous lawsuits with contractors over the years … why does this administration not aware of all the history … re-read the first paragraph for that answer!

  • Roger12266 says:

    What does “accountable” mean to this administration? Absolutely NOTHING.
    All that it means is to find someone else to place the blame on. Why not Regan this time?

  • junkmailbin says:

    disgraces in public, a hero in liberal drawing rooms, and a fat job for taking the fall. Being a liberal is very financially rewarding

  • Anna Booper says:

    I don’t understand why with all of the problems during this administration that the “who is responsible” question is always countered with “we need to move on and just make sure it doesn’t happen again”. There are no consequences for the stuff that is done to us. As it stands, the contractor that couldn’t seem to make the website happen in 3 years and with our money funding this, is getting off scott free. We purchased a product. It was crap, and we still pay for it. Not only that, even more money is being paid to them so they can fix the crap that they produced. To brewby-She can’t be fired. She will still get her retirement and benefits goodies the rest of her life. Remember the woman at the IRS! No punishment, no consequences. Lets just forget it, move on, and hopefully it won’t happen again. Every scandal is answered this way.

    1. Roger12266 says:

      The really ugly part is that the contract was a NO-BID contract and was awarded to one of Michelle’s classmates in college.
      Nothing wrong with that?

  • Steven Webster says:

    She wasted not only the near 600 and three years, but what if its someone your close to that dies from this hostile take over. Martha Stuart must be LOL that these women are not being held to the standards she was.

  • mort_f says:

    In Japan she would be eminently qualified for voluntary seppuku. If needed, I have the appropriate tools in my kitchen for loan to her.
    Exactly what does ‘accountable’ mean?

  • cripesm says:

    We do hold you accountable as well as the illegal so-called president and that’s why you need to be impeached so you lose all your benefits and join the ranks of people impacted by this idiotic ruling.

  • exHPB says:

    you forgot the 14 alterations Obama made to the law by Executive Order after the law was passed.

  • USCBIKER says:

    Yeah and I will gladly pay you Friday for a hamburger today. So, the White Witch is the latest in Obama’s endless parade of whipping girls or boys, then what? The site is only the front door to a house of manure that reeks and will collapse on its own. The GOP is being very wimpy in not pounding this. They need to milk it for everything they can and drag it into the 2014 elections. Then, when The Hag runs for Pres. in 2016, her GOP opponent must do the same and remind voters it was Hillarycare that cost Bubba the H. & S. in 1994.

  • Carl Mason says:

    Have Donald Trump, tell her she’s fired!

  • Sarrah Goldblume says:

    ‘Hold me accountable for this debacle’

    I agree.

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

    Thomas Jefferson

    1. ssilv48 says:

      This ignorant law passed by an illegal man from kenya sitting in our w/h will implode on it’s own merits, the sooner the better, do not delay anything. The demorats want to delay so it won’t effect them in the 2014 elections. True American’s need to vote out all demorats, they are selling America out for a profit to the muslims

  • culper355 says:

    Throw her out- without pension and benefits- and force HER to join the queue!!

  • james urban says:

    isn’t it wonderful that the law passed that no one read does not apply to our USELESS beaurocratic federal workers and congress but all of us should pay for it fire her and she gets no pension and has to be part of the law that wasted 500 million on a website that does not work

  • brewby says:

    Fire the b…. and then let her get her insurance the way the rest of us have to.

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