Senate votes to proceed onto GOP health bill

July 26, 2017

Donald TrumpThe Senate voted Tuesday to begin debate on a health care bill, acceding to President Trump’s demands and opening the door to Republican plans to repeal Obamacare on a partisan basis after a series of false starts.

GOP leaders swept aside opposition from every Democrat and two Republicans in a gripping, 50-to-50 vote to take up a House bill that passed in May. Vice President Mike Pence broke the stalemate from the chair, allowing the chamber to proceed to a free-wheeling debate.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell rallied Republicans to the cause, saying they must fulfill their electoral mandate after upset victories in November handed them the keys to Congress and the White House

“The American people elected a House with a vision of a better way on health care, then a Senate, then a president. Now, we have a duty to act,” he said.

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  • messup says:

    Sen. McCain, after his firery speech on Senate floor and standing ovation, then turned to Sen. Murkowski and said “you did the right thing.” So, Sen. McCain, still playing both sides of the fence. The Senate vote (7/25/2017) was for the 2015 Repeal (then 48) Senators had voted for Repeal. But, Sen Murkowski forgot her vote in 2015 and voted “no” in 2017. Folks, THE SWAMP wants “single payer.” Period, Hillary wins…she wanted Universal Healthcare a la European and Canadian models. And We The People will say good bye to our physicians and say hello to “Our Health Care Panels” and later on in life, “Our Death Panels.” Winners? 1) Insurers! top insurer executive 2016-2017 salary was $41 million dollars, lowest insurers salary being a mere $7 million dollars; 2) Big Pharma and lastly the piece d’resistance ” 3) HOSPITALS. THE SWAMP’S redistribution of income is alive and very, very well.. In 2018, we the people have to vote these career politicians out of office…their motto? Destroy America. Pray. Amen. God Bless. Read A Bible. NKJV Psalm 128

    1. Robert Brumley says:

      McCain has a brain problem and should be relieved of his duties in the Senate.

      1. Carleyjdickinson says:

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  • DrBillLemoine says:

    And here I though Sen. McCain was going to be the Republican statesman. It didn’t happen. While I complete agree that congressional bills must follow regular procedures which he defined, I thought he would start with 1/6th of the economy in this Senate healthcare bill–but I was wrong. No immediate start, so even his regular order demand was not important enough to include the present bill. No regular order for healthcare; start on the next issue. It’s hypocritical as his statements last week compared to Tuesday night attest. He no statesman, just another pol seeking a moment in the limelight. So much for ANYbody on the right, including a war hero, to set anybody straight. More of the same back room dealing for now.

    1. chw2000 says:

      “So much for ANYbody on the right, including a war hero, to set anybody straight”? As compared to the left? I see you’re right back at your liberal left wing BS again. Go back to your class room and brain wash some more innocent young minds. You’re just another socialist disguised as an educator. You’re a complete joke!

      1. Leslie Woodhull says:


      2. DrBillLemoine says:

        You forget that all Americans are socialists following our Constitution’s mandate to promote the general welfare, defined by the Declaration’s unalienable rights of life, liberty and PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. I’d find it hard to promote that in math or computer class, so you are shooting in the dark, but the point is made.

        1. Robert Brumley says:

          Thats where you’re completely wrong stupid.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Guess you can’t read or understand colonial English, or my plain English. Have you ever read our founding documents to which I refer? It’s quite plain, except to malcontents, deviants and miscreants–or cretins.

        2. ezekiel22 says:

          No Americans are not socialists. Here is what an expert said plain and simple. Fascism, ( Nazis) is socialism. That expert was none other than Hitler in 1927. So no I and none of my friends or family are socialists but you seem to enjoy that title. Nor are we fascists but apparently socialists are! Now that is funny.
          If you are like me you just might collect books. Might I suggest that you check out the definition of fascism was changed in Merriam Webster in the year 2009. Matter of fact they twisted it entirely. Go get a copy of an old dictionary from a flea market just to check me out. I love how prescient George Orwell was and sad to see he was at the same time. That is the reason I do have old books collected as references.
          Our Constitution does indeed guarantee you and I the right to pursue happyness as they spelled. It never once guaranteed any of us would catch it. Just chase it. It guarantees us liberty but that seems to have gone by the wayside a bit. You have civil forfeiture laws that have been abused by authorities as a fundraiser. You can’t be free if the government takes your property. You will be just a free slave. If taxes consume your substance, again how it was phrased back then, you cannot be free in your ventures and expand your pursuit of happiness. You are not free to invest, expand, donate, as you would please. The Constitution was designed exclusively for a moral people. None other could maintain it. That is per Madison. The people themselves were to care for their fellow man and they did out of a sense of love and duty. By taking God out of the equation we have the mess we have today. We have the state taking the place of God forcing people to do things out of force rather than love and duty. It gives the state the right to decide so many winners and even more losers.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            We’ve been down this road before, Zeke. Hitler’s National Socialism was like Islamic State, simply a convenient and particular name given by crooks to their activities/movement to deflect attention from reality. In Nazi history the socialism was fascism by every definition, quite the opposite of socialism, central control, allegiance to one man, a tyrannical regime enforcing criminal activities not to be confused with the state providing everybody everything which it didn’t. Maybe you’ll get it this time.
            So now you are a lexicographer, superior to Merriam Webster–like Trump is superior to generals, all intelligence agencies, smarter than everybody else from his elite education. Both are nonsense on the evidence we already have. And you misread the Constitution and what I said about it–deliberately or through inexperience with words, I don’t care. The Declaration defines unalienable rights; the Constitution says public welfare. The second expresses generally what the first defines specifically as a direct link. Once again that second of two aims is a ‘provision’ stated ‘provide for the general welfare, not an option. And it’s all up to the people via their elected reps to define the particulars. The Constitution doesn’t talk about liberty as you imagine. It remained for the people, prior to voting for that Constitution, to demand a Bill of Rights where ‘life, liberty and pursuit of happiness’ were defined by specific and general statements. The elites didn’t want to give the people such specifics as only Yankees had the tradition of communalism; New Netherlands, Middle States, Tidewater culture and Deep South wanted only elites to reign. Try reading Colin Woodard’s “American Nations” to get the full picture of varying cultures in the 13 colonies become states. And they deliberately, all of them, left God out of the documents, meaning biblical strictures akin to Pharisee and Sadducee rule/law making which Christ abhorred. Your interpretations and understanding are spurious. But we were all intended to be included for defense and general good, as I’ve stated.

          2. ezekiel22 says:

            Am I superior to Merriam Webster? Since he is dead we shall see. However the question you did not ask is to why would they change the definition. That is for your benefit what I call purposeful ignorance. I always thought that a professor and their company were curious and spent lives learning and asking questions. Sadly to say that today it is more about indoctrinating which describes you. You are more into lecturing others, speaking down to them, denigrating them, if they disagree with your position. In case you forgot what your teachers taught you the better teacher talks to students not at them or did you forget Plato?
            May I suggest that you read the seres Documents of our Founding Fathers? I have and it took a while since they were very exacting as to what they meant. I like to put it out this way in that they wrote their prose in a geometric proof manner. Jefferson was really good at it. When you do you will see that even though secular as in churches not running the government, Christianity was never meant to be excluded from active public life. Are you familiar with the Pew Tax? Are you familiar with why Thomas Jefferson prescribed the Bible for use in the school system? Are you familiar with how the Constitution came together? Great story but suffice it to say that they had three months of getting nothing done but a lot of fighting. Ben Franklin actually suggested opening the meetings with prayer. They did and stuff got started! Imagine today if church services were held in the Supreme Court? They used to.
            BTW The Constitution means exactly what it says and for further definition read the Federalist Papers just to get into the meat of things. Apparently you have not.

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            Your attempt at erudition is sad. The English language has always changed over time–else we’d all be speaking Chaucer’s Old English today. Ever try to wade through Beowulf? Get it? No big deal.
            To the uninitiated, new information I provide as with any teacher is sometimes hard to learn and swallow. Your smear is unwarranted and bespeaks deep ignorance with your ‘changing definitions’ discovery.
            In the founding documents I’ve plainly spoken to you, yet you refuse to understand and connect. I can’t help you in that case, as you don’t know geometric proofs either.
            Again founders were very careful to omit anything smacking of theocracy as each sub-culture in the colonies wanted to keep their own ‘belief’ system. You missed it and haven’t read Woodard’s views either.
            At the times you mention, there was no Bill of Rights in governance prohibiting official prayers. Think–today such references are traditional and quaint but not government policy for a reason.
            Just as you are astonished that dictionary definitions have changed over time, so have the Federalist Papers applied today. The nation has changed over 241 years if you really know history.

        3. chw2000 says:

          I disagree with you completely and you are no different than any other “educator’ that promotes their personal agenda in the class room. Doesn’t matter if it’s math or any other subject. I’m sure you let the students know you think socialism is better than having a Republic governed by democracy. You may have a Phd. but that doesn’t mean you’re not an idiot. Now go play with your numbers but leave the kids alone. Jerk!

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            You are entitled to disagree, but it doesn’t make you right. Lack of education results in your negative attitude toward classrooms–this is not a classroom.
            You misunderstand what I’ve said completely–our democratic federal republic has in its Constitution socialist elements, ‘provide for the general welfare’. It came from the founders and approving public, yet you fight it two centuries later. Boggles the mind. Also I can attest your juvenile name calling is gone from most Americans at about age 10.

          2. chw2000 says:

            Phuck YOU. Because I don’;t have a Phd you say i lack education? You’re a typical arrogant a$$ hole. Our Constitution does not have socialist elements. Well Dr. Dip spit, I suspect I’m older than you, have done more with my life, seen more and contributed more to society than you. So, a$$ hole, if you want to say I’m “uneducated” you just go right ahead. You’re the narrow minded a$$ hole that most arrogant Phd’s are. Phuck you!

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            No, it doesn’t take a phd to figure out what and who benefits you. It’s simply easier to believe political rhetoric and media disinformation aimed at coopting your brain, and vote. Socialism–just what do you call our national goal of ‘promoting the general welfare’? It’s in the Constitutional aims. Clearly you don’t know what ‘socialism’ is from watching Nazi documentaries (National Socialism there), listening to Heritage Foundation (limited government) and talking heads on the right (seeking audiences to pay their bills for their own good living). Great wealth doesn’t make an educated person. Neither does much travel, or personal accomplishment. It’s an attitude, a continued striving, a belief in raising everybody to higher levels, you don’t have. BTW phds are trained to think, the reason why most are progressives in both parties. It’s a level of brainpower not attained by many in the world, but in abundance in America. Do you qualify?

    2. Webb says:

      You are like the rest of the Liberals, as long as other people’s money is being used,COST makes no difference…
      2009-2010 was backroom deals glory by democrats building the ACA…
      If nothing can ever be repealed in ObamaCare except The Mandate that will be OK for Myself. The Mandate Was Government Overreach into our very lives By Fines and Cost…
      There is Not One Elected in The Senate that cares about our N/D and It will Continue to climb under either party…Obamacare is a prime example!!

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Anything done by government is ‘other people’s money’. We all give a little money for security and public welfare according to our Constitution. Are you an anarchist? And cost is important.
        In 2009-10 Dems conducted regular order procedures on ACA, not like Reps today on their ‘replacement’ nonsense, actually a wealth transfer to the rich. No back room deals, all open, but the black president produced much bigotry and anti-presidential action from McConnell–remember the opposition ‘from day one’???
        The mandate you reference enlarges the pool making insurance cheaper; it’s simple economics. You may even participate at home buying ‘large economy sizes’ of things.
        Every tax intrudes our lives, the price of democracy, required for everything called American.
        Economics, not your strong suit, says prices will rise but slower under ACA if funded correctly. It’s called ‘bending the cost curve’ that price rises will slow and eventually reverse, a good thing Reps overlook. Learn the numbers.

        1. otoman says:

          “prices will rise but slower under ACA if funded correctly.” LOL! So tell me, what is “funded correctly”? Are you not aware that ALL “funding” is provided by the same taxpayer that also pays for his own personal health insurance? Is that not double dipping into those that can afford albeit struggle in the process paying twice?

          WHY do liberals ALWAYS fail to realize that govt “funding” is paid by the American WORKER that also supports the employment of 90 MILLION other American WORKERS through the purchase of goods and services earned by their very own hands??? The key word being WORKERS, EMPLOYED people! Not those laying around collecting government subsidies while they themselves provide NOTHING to support the welfare of the American worker who makes this country what it is!

          These deadbeats are leaches that should be given nothing because they provide NOTHING for the prosperity of the working class but actually drain the working class of their very strength and hard EARNED dollars. The majority of the uninsurables are diabetics that refuse to care for themselves by healthy eating habits and exercise but instead cry for sympathy because they have NO SELF CONTROL.

          Let alone the aid given to illegals that have NEVER paid into the growth of America while sending much of that aid back home to their respective family living in foreign lands that literally hates America for being prosperous which is a result of the hard work of American citizens who value their prosperity because they earned it with their very own hands and are proud of such.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Nothing prevents YOU from having ACA. More members is better for funding. Finetuning insurer access to markets is better funding. Over time a healthier public is better for funding and cuts costs. Get it yet? You make your choices, but don’t blame ACA for wrong choices.
            You confuse Medicaid available to non-workers with Medicare which is paid by employer/employee contributions. Get it straight and then write again. Plus many workers don’t get health insurance from employers–called workers without benefits. Your gaps in knowledge of the ACA is astounding.
            Medicaid is another matter, always subject to waste, fraud and abuse, because states control within their borders. Talk to your state legislators and governor about Medicaid, just realize ACA provides $850 million to Medicaid which governors won’t give up easily as it balances budgets.
            You are also confusing possible immigrant terrorists with other immigrants who want a better life in ‘city on a hill’ America. Your mental confusion is astounding about all these issues, due to lack of knowledge. Time to be quiet, study the subject or risk showing your ignorance. Maybe all your friends are the same so it looks like you know something. I don’t know, but you do. I have neighbors like that and they are loathe to learn facts and the truth.

  • Lisajbuttrey says:

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