Set ‘Em Free! Obama Continues Record Breaking Commuting

November 23, 2016


President Obama granted another 79 commutations Tuesday in his record-breaking year of clemency, including 16 individuals who were convicted of firearms offenses.

The action brings Mr. Obama’s total number of commutations to 1,023, far more than any other president in history, as he seeks to ease the punishment on many federal inmates convicted of drug offenses. About one-third of those receiving clemency were serving life prison terms for nonviolent offenses.

White House counsel Neil Eggleston said Mr. Obama set out in 2014 “to reinvigorate the way the executive branch approaches clemency.”
“He exceeded what he set out to do,” Mr. Eggleston said.

Deputy attorney general Sally Yates said the president will continue to grant more commutations through the end of his term in January. She said there are still 6,300 petitions pending for consideration.

146 Comments - what are your thoughts?

  • Rob1911a1 says:

    No, not many muslims in prison here yet, pappy. The MAJORITY of felons in prison are hispanic or black, out of all proportion to their percentage of the population. In fact, over THIRTY PERCENT are illegal aliens; just put them all on a container ship and beach it in Cuba. Wouldn’t Castro love that! Or Venezuala.

  • Observant_One says:

    Obama: A miserable President, with an ego bigger than his head, and a complete loser who screwed up our country better that any other liberal that has ever been in the White House.
    Congratulations, di****ad!

  • Jill says:

    hes counting on them to finish us off.

  • cathylovesyou says:

    It just the head Outlaw in the country letting his gang out of jail early. Remember they could be his sons.

  • Wolfman says:

    And this butthole questions Trump’s judgement and mental stability!!!

  • Climax says:

    Why does anyone have to resort to taking mind altering drugs that does not need it for controlled medical purposes? Is life not a big enough trip?

  • Climax says:

    Of those commuted by Obama, what percentage would you say will be back to committing crimes or be back in jail within the next 2 years?

  • Catherinemstubbs says:

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  • Jose says:

    While some enjoy their 15 seconds/minutes of fame, most of these felons will enjoy their 15 days/weeks (maybe one of 20 will enjoy a few more months than 4) of freedom and will be right back. This will be obama greatest legacy. All that is needed is to keep tabs for the first 100 days (pun intended) and see how many have returned “home” (to prison).

  • Askjrsk says:

    An abberation of her Michelle’s box that bulges. I don’t really want to find out.

  • Askjrsk says:

    That’s the talk on the street. Also that Michelle is a man. Have seen fotos with the bulge but some say it’s a box can wrong. Go figure.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    Not seen a White one yet, so far almost a 1/3 have already committed crimes, one being Wendell Callahan from GA. an early release of Opey! Just 2 weeks after being released, the crack head went to his X-girlfriends house and killed her and 2 young kids! He even admitted he should have never been released! This mad man is doing everything possible to harm the people of America, just wait for the muslims to make a move, and it’s coming SOON, they’ve been WAY to quiet!

    1. CintiCB says:

      I know that I’m scared.

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        Not scared, just keeping my eyes WIDE OPEN, but that don’t stop a guy or woman with a bomb in Wal-Mart does it!!

  • Born in the South and proud says:

    He might want to reserve one of those get out of jail cards for the worst ever president.

  • MoonBeamWatcher says:

    If you have 1/2 a brain YOU KNOW THAT THOSE WHO
    DEAL DRUGS have contributed to the body count!
    DIRECTLY. As an addict I’m unable to hold a job and
    must rob others to secure funds to FEED my addiction!
    Point, game set Mr. Constitutional Lawyer!

    1. ArcticGrayling says:

      They were probably obummer’s drug supplier.

  • Racinghcr says:

    Hussein’s Failed Presidency and Terrible Legacy is the Worst in Our History–BUT he will be known as the Idiot who released a Record number of Convicted Federal Criminals on the innocent American Public—–Why doesn’t he just get out early and let a Real American Leader take over!!?

  • Dolores Adams says:

    Too bad they can’t stop him from commuting.

  • Motorhead says:

    He has done so much damage already that he should be tried for treason. 82nd Airborne !

    1. jnora says:

      Is he pardoning them or commuting them?

  • Ironmike4610 says:

    Obama will probably commute the black school bus driver in Tenn. for killing 5 children, when he wrecked the bus. Obama loves bad blacks.

  • Mountain_Goat says:

    The term “non-violent” has ben tossed around to make it sound as if these crimes are benign. Not so fast. Often they are far more than just smoking a joint “wrong time wrong place”.

    In California we are learning that “non-violent” includes some very serious crimes, some of which are actually quite “violent”, believe it or not. A number of domestic violence crimes, for example, along with various categories of abuse and neglect. Plus, many of these non-violent crimes often ruin the lives of victims. Think car-jacking, home invasion, identity theft, for example. I don’t want those “non-violent” criminals turned loose on society prematurely, do you?

  • Mountain_Goat says:

    Project idea for an enterprising journalist:
    Identify the victims and their families of the criminals being freed. Let’s hear their stories and let them have their “day in court” in the National spotlight. Hopefully these criminals are being turned loose in bleeding heart cities that will coddle them until their next crimes impact society.

    1. astrojohn says:

      Oxymorn: enterprising journalist.

  • McFerguson says:

    Let’s see, 6,300 petitions left. Sixty days left to run the table. That’s more than 100 per day. This leftist loon will have a dead left arm by the time his Presidency expires. It would be divine justice if most of those criminals end of living within a block of his home in Washington, D.C. as he begins his brand new “Community Organizing” career.

    1. Retired says:

      56 days and counting.

    2. JEAN says:


      1. McFerguson says:

        They’ve already bought a home in D.C. and Obozo can’t be too hated if his public approval rating is 55%. No, he’ll be in the area nipping at the Trumpsters heels like an annoying little Lhasa Apso…

        1. Born in the South and proud says:

          McF this is not aimed at you, but I believe that 55% approval rating about the same as believing a small hole between the eyes is good for the body.

          1. McFerguson says:

            Fair enough. To be perfectly honest, I think that rating is about as accurate as was Hillary’s supposedly winning some 6% in the national election. Let’s face it, liberals dominate the media which is mostly responsible for providing the polling estimates. And one never knows what is lurking in the dark hearts of liberals at any given moment. Other polling numbers told us that some 67% of the electorate was not satisfied with the course America was on. How those numbers correlate with the 55% favorability rating for Obozo is beyond me. Only the “Shadow” knows…

      2. jnora says:

        He says he is staying in D.C. I’ll bet he moves to one of the fancy VA burbs, though. My son lives in one of those.

    3. JEAN says:


      1. McFerguson says:

        I think you’re right…

  • Richard Bagenstose says:

    hopefully one day oboma can get a birds eye view from a prison cell with hillary, no amnesty for hillary

  • solog says:

    So much for his concern about guns…smh…he is pathetic!

  • Gale says:

    What else would you expect from the worthless pathetic scumbag?

  • sonniell says:

    I don’t know why he’s being so generous with this Nation’s security……the odds of each clemency being successful are pretty poor…..they’re just going to end up right back in the slammer!! It looks like the President is just going to be consistent in poor judgment right down to the very end…..

    1. Harry J Schaubel says:

      Are you sure it’s just poor judgment? Considering how just about every action has been to undermine the safety, security, and morals of the nation, I’m tending more towards premeditated.

      1. JEAN says:


      2. jnora says:

        It is calculated Alinsky!

  • Bob says:

    Too late. Setting more life long Democrat voters free will not change the facts that Hillary lost and that Trump is President-Elect.

    1. Kol says:

      Hillary being pushed to seek vote recount in 3 states –

      12 hours ago – (Associated Press) A group of election lawyers and data experts has asked Hillary Clinton’s campaign to call for a recount of the vote totals in …

      Hillary Clinton Supporters Call for Vote Recount in Battleground States …

      3 days ago – In the three battleground states, Mrs. Clinton is behind by 1.2 percent or … Pennsylvania allows individual voters to petition for a recount, but the …

      Jill Stein launches vote recount bid in key US states – News from Al ……/jill-stein-launches-vote-recount-bid-key-states-1611241516147...

      2 days ago – Stein polled little over one percent of the vote but a recount could swing … Stein calls for recount in three states that won Trump the presidency …

      Jill Stein Raises $2.5M For Vote Recount in 3 States Clinton Narrowly ……/recount2016-jill-stein-raises-2-5m-for-vote-recount-in-3-states-c...

      2 days ago – At the urging of computer scientists who saw some irregularities in voting patterns, Stein raised enough money for audits in the three …

      Clinton supporters, Green Party candidate call for recount in 3 states ……/clinton-supporters-green-party-candidate-call-for-recount-in-3-sta...

      1 day ago – Clinton supporters, Green Party candidate call for recount in 3 states … With the electoral votes of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – although …

  • Frankie Boy says:

    Both him and the Chimp must laugh their butts off !!!!

    1. jnora says:

      The Chimp…that is funny. She really does look like that. She MUST be jealous of Melania. Time we had a gorgeous first lady like some of the European and South American countries have, I’d say. Much better than a droopy, old cadaver-like first laddy!!!!

      1. ArcticGrayling says:

        Michelle is not a she. Michelle is an it. Michelle is definitely jealous of Melania because Melania’s boobs are real and Melania doesn’t have a penis.

        “First Laddy” is good. First Tranny is better.

        1. CintiCB says:

          I didn’t ‘catch’ the “First Laddy”, I agree, it is good-‘good one’.

  • Askjrsk says:

    Another reason for treason this season.

  • cunning says:

    None Christians only please, Like he allows thousands of Muslims to come to the US but No Christians.

    1. Askjrsk says:

      Muslim black ladies need only apply for jobs with Obamas.

      1. jnora says:

        You mean like Mzzzz Loretta?

        1. Askjrsk says:

          That’s her. The jet setter.

          1. jnora says:

            At least on the tarmac!

        2. Askjrsk says:

          Ain’t she a good slave that Loretta Lynch?

          1. jnora says:

            She does anything her master, Obama, asks her to do, that is for sure.Then again, don’t Muslim women obey Muslim men?

          2. Askjrsk says:


    2. JEAN says:


      1. astrojohn says:

        WHat? He’s cloth??

      2. EdKulzer says:

        You sure he’s not wool?

  • Tiger says:

    Fine just keep it up. Like the 6,000 drug dealers you let go that infuriated sheriff and police chiefs all over Florida they will be picked up again and put away in a safe place. Go ahead just overtime for our men in blue or green or whatever.

    1. Askjrsk says:

      Right on

  • Timothy says:

    Obuma trying to do as much damage as he can scum

    1. ArcticGrayling says:

      As if he has not done a lot of damage already.

      1. Timothy says:

        8 years still can be turned around .i think Trump can I hope mitt not involved he is big scumbag .

        1. Askjrsk says:

          He’s hard to get over. Mittens is. He is a politician not about substance but which way the wind is blowing.

          1. ArcticGrayling says:

            He’s a Mormon. He has to follow the money because God (aka Salt Lake City) needs 10% of it.

          2. Askjrsk says:

            Another gospel, an angel from well he says heaven, who comes to tell Joseph Smith a new way. New Testament Book to the Galatians begins ” beware of other gospels, even an angel down from heaven, may he be damned to hell”.

      2. jnora says:

        Just wait until you see the damage he does in the next two months!

    2. Cal Har says:

      Its perfectly clear that this African con artist of deceit isn’t for the U.S.He is doing everything he can to undermine our constitution and Judicial system of both mans law and gods law.Shame on all whites that put him in office for the sake of diversity and not wanting to show any of that bias crap.Hope they all got a lesson in how not to cut your own throat.

      1. Harry J Schaubel says:

        It took time but we finally did. That’s why Hillary isn’t gonna be President.

    3. Retired says:

      He Still has 56 days to do the Country in.

      1. Timothy says:

        And he will try

      2. kadow3490 says:

        He plans on it !

    4. CintiCB says:

      Yeah, He’ll ‘show us’!!!
      ‘Show us’ is from when people say, “Oh, I’ll show them!!!” type thing.

  • shamu9 says:

    I bet Damn Few of ’em are White!

    1. pappy450 says:

      I’ll bet you are 100% right! AND I would go so far as to say most are Probably MUSLIMES.

      1. AKLady2015 says:

        You would be very wrong. These are the automatic third-time is life. Most of whom were convicted of minor drug violations.

        You don’t want to pay their board and room. We’ve already borrowed way too much from China.

        Your obvious religious and racial hate is an insult to everything America stands for. You insult the Foumders who fought and died to give you religious feedom.

        1. Oldawg70 says:

          Again…the hypocrite , lying, racist hater throwing stones! YOU are an insult to humanity…period!

          1. AKLady2015 says:

            Blah, blah, blah, lie, insult …repeat ad nauseam.
            Tedious, boring, repetitive …

          2. Oldawg70 says:

            Again…look in the mirror(if you haven’t already broken them), take a deep breath, exhale slowly, focus…what you see is exactly the image of that which you post of others! Get the feeling that love is missing from your heart… Praying you find something to be thankful for today!

          3. keepyourpower says:

            Block her oldawg..then you don’t have to read her nasty remarks. I did..a while back. Sure is cleaner on here now!

          4. Oldawg70 says:

            Actually I no longer let “IT” irritate me…kind of feel sorry for this creature! If “IT” isn’t paid to post on these forums then “IT” truly is a miserable entity…hating everything and everybody including itself! I do not think I will make a difference in this lost soul…but holding “IT” accountable gives me hope! Have a Blessed Thanksgiving….

        2. db says:


          1. AKLady2015 says:

            Congress makes the laws.
            You elect Congress.
            Why do you lie?

      2. Catherinemstubbs says:

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      3. db says:

        he is probably getting ready to wage jihad on the WHITE americans!

    2. ArcticGrayling says:

      Well, look at this way. In terms of their percentage of the population, there are a great many more black criminals.

      1. AKLady2015 says:

        In terms of their percentage of population, there are more minority convictions.

        It has a lot to do wtth poverty, ignorance and racism.
        In America a person is innocent until proven guilty, except if they are poor, brown or black.

      2. shamu9 says:

        What does That tell ya??

      3. shamu9 says:

        As a Retired Correction Officer, I can assure you, you are Correct. Less than 12% of the U.S. Pop. commits 90% of the Crime!

    3. Tiger says:

      He already released 6,000 drug prisoners. He said he was going to release 12,000 more. Let him our men in blue, green whatever will pick them up and put them away again.

      1. Harry J Schaubel says:

        I can agree on most of the Non-Violent Crime drug offenses. There were people serving YEARS in prison for possession of a joint. Now if it’s someone who made a major living selling drugs, that’s a different story, but all the minor possession charges should be dropped. Say under 1/4lb weed or 1/4 oz cocaine should be freed.

        1. Tiger says:

          Agree but these guys were in the Federal Pen and they are the big guys who most likely took off big time. How about the non violent felons, you know the people who wrote a bad check and didn’t get to pay it on time, or the guy who missed a child payment, or the people who let their plates expire etc. They are felons. Let them off the hook.

          1. Retired says:

            Most cases have a long history and not just one issue . Just think if someone opened up Obamas Youth history or many other political figures.

          2. Tiger says:

            Amen there are many of them with numerous DUI, beating their wives and much more.

          3. Retired says:

            That is what many refuse to see.

          4. Tiger says:

            One time I had a list of all the politicians who were felons etc. going to look it up.

          5. Tiger says:

            Here it is they are many.

            Hillary, Podesta, Lynch, Comey, Obama, Jarrett, Rice, Billy Clinton hopefully added to the list.

          6. AKLady2015 says:

            For the most part,as DUI offense is charged as a misdemeanor, not a felony.

          7. AKLady2015 says:

            Those are not the people who’s sentances are being reducws by Obama. Spousal abuse is now a felony in most states. Twenty years ago, most were never even arrested.

          8. AKLady2015 says:

            Eight years later, you are still playing this senseless game. What is the point of making a fool of yourself?

          9. Retired says:

            If you would live in the real world where it happens on a daily basis, maybe then it might sink in.

          10. AKLady2015 says:

            Eight years later, you are still playing this senseless game. What is the point of making a fool of yourself?

          11. Retired says:

            You along with your party are making a fool of yourselves. Why do you do that ??

          12. AKLady2015 says:

            What party might that be?
            You are making foolish assumptions, as is you norm.

          13. Retired says:

            Party of losers, it is that obvious .

          14. AKLady2015 says:

            What party might that be?

          15. jnora says:

            Knowing Obama they were probably in GITMO!!! Watch him pardon every one of those guys in January! His FELLOW Muslims.

          16. AKLady2015 says:

            Being Muslim is not a crime.
            Freedom of religion is a Constitutional Right in America.

            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          17. Harry J Schaubel says:

            Because it’s almost to the point that it’s Illegal to be Christian!

          18. AKLady2015 says:

            It is your actions that are not allowed, not your beliefs.

            If you force your religious beliefs upon others,
            your actions are illegal

          19. Tiger says:

            True that.

          20. AKLady2015 says:

            This is American.
            Freedom of religion is a Constitutional right.
            If you do not appreciate the freedoms our Founders fought and died for, find somewhere else to live.

          21. AKLady2015 says:

            That is a totally false assumption.

            You see that MJ cigarette was a Federal felony, it still is.
            However, in most states it won’t even rate a fine.

            Your low dollar amount bad check is a misdemeanor.

        2. Tiger says:

          In Jacksonville, Florida as bad as the police are about most everything pot small amounts, you get a slap on the hand and a fine like 280 dollars and that is it. You are right so many arrests ridiculous but if you have the money you can get off.

          1. jnora says:

            I’ll tell my nephew that…he ran for mayor of Jax (pulled out before election) and has been on the city council forever and was president of city council…LOL. Go to Youtube and put in Ban the Box and you can see him talk about felons getting hired. It is a program that is getting in more and more states. They will not allow employers to have a box you check saying whether or not you have been arrested. They can only ask you after you have been offered the position. Then, they can not hire you if they wish not to do so. That gives people a chance to explain the situation of their arrest. I actually think that is a good idea. If it is a minor offense or if they were very young and had a stupid attack, it may not be a deal breaker. I have a friend that was arrested for a rather minor drug offense and he can’t get a job anywhere.

          2. jnora says:

            My nephew has been the #1 labor attorney in the U.S. for 5 years in a row! What a great speaker he is.

          3. AKLady2015 says:

            I think people who were convicted of actions which are no longer crimes, let alone felonies, should have their records expunged.

          4. Tiger says:

            That is a great idea yes too many lives ruined over a mistake made many years ago. I have friends also arrested back in college even or when very young for a minor offense and their lives ruined.

          5. Harry J Schaubel says:

            Box & Line. “Have you ever been convicted Y/N… If Y, What charge?”.

          6. Tiger says:

            But that really doesn’t do the job unless you are allowed to tell your perspective employer why. Also with all the new set in stone restrictions on judges no more do they judge a case on it’s merits.

            Now in the Medical Field there are all sorts of programs to keep docs and nurses going forward after problems with the law and now there is even more forgiveness for things you would loose your license for. This country desperate now for informed and seasoned nurses and docs even lower the bar for RN so low it is going to be a mistake.

          7. jnora says:

            Well naturally you wouldn’t want a pedophile working in a daycare. However, you could have a person with a drug charge working in the warehouse and give him/her a chance to make a life for themselves.

          8. Tiger says:

            True that.

          9. jnora says:

            That does not give you a chance to be hired on your merits. Better to explain in person. They have the option not to hire you because of it

          10. jnora says:

            You should listen to him. He is the best speaker I have ever heard. 15 minutes straight without notes, without a Teleprompter, and not one er or uh…they only use him for court room work and I know why. Were I the opposing attorney, I would shutter if I saw him sitting on the opposite side. It is one of those Ted X things. Neither him nor I had heard of them until they asked him to do it. Even when he was in high school, his two favorite things were the two things that most people hate to do the most… Public speaking to 10,000 people and running marathons. Go figure. It was being state president of 4H in high school And hobnobbing with the governors because of that that got him on the road to success.

          11. Tiger says:

            Sounds like a real thinker and outside the box person we need to clone him.

          12. jnora says:

            Not only exceptionally brilliant but he is a truly good man. He is an elder in the church and just so exceptional. He is the one part of my family that I would truly like to have back. He is the only one that I had that to a degree, but I had to turn away from him, also, because he was always too busy to have time for an aunt that helped raise him and changed his diapers. He is the one that I’m most regret not having in my life.

          13. Tiger says:

            Sad but the best of children forget their Care Givers problem exists in every family.

          14. jnora says:

            I knew someone in College that got arrested for growing marijuana in his dorm room. At the time, that would have precluded him from being a doctor for which he was striving and making straight A’s. many many years later, I read in the alumni newsletter that he was head of surgery at some huge hospital. Someone gave him a break. Or, some laws were changed.

          15. Tiger says:

            Agreed. We have many bigger things to concern ourselves with than people with some pot around. Like I said in Jacksonville, Florida the one thing they do right is if found with a small amount of pot people ticketed, go home, go to court and pay a fine and that is it.

          16. AKLady2015 says:

            Well your $280 times three was mandatary sentence to life in prison in almost all 50 states — just 10 years ago in some states.

            But, we can’t have Obama letting them out.

            Those horrible “Mary Jane” users are such rabid criminals.

          17. jnora says:

            Tiger…so it begins….the left attacking Trump personally…stay away from his kids!

            So what if he is…perhaps it could bring a huge awareness to autism if he is. If he isn’t, then shame on Rosie O’Donnell!!!1

          18. Tiger says:

            I doubt seriously he is autistic and nobody is off the list to be attacked by these monsters. Yet say one thing about O’s girls, who are haughty and very arrogant you get blasted.

        3. CintiCB says:

          I saw an interview with a lady who was sentenced to a ridiculous length of time because she answered the phone when someone called to speak to her boyfriend. This call was for a drug deal. The lady was sentenced for ‘being a part of this drug deal’. SHE ANSWERED A PHONE!!! There is no reason to put her in prison. No reason to make the tax payers pay for it. No reason to not sentence a ‘hardened criminal’ because she’s taking the space.

          1. db says:


        4. AKLady2015 says:

          OMG, I almost fainted from shock.
          Knowledge, rationality and common sense.
          Very rare on this site.
          THANK YOU

        5. Climax says:

          How would you feel if someone talked your child into just trying a joint, or an LDS, or crack cocaine hit, but was not a major seller of drugs, and your child got hooked or worse died from the experience?

          1. Harry J Schaubel says:

            Actually I’ve been smoking weed for almost 50 years. But that was my choice.
            What you are describing in a felony and they need to be jailed and kept there.
            What I am talking about is what AK is also saying. Too many people are in prison on possession of marijuana charges that was for personal use. READ what I said. To quote myself:

            “There were people serving YEARS in prison for possession of a joint. Now if it’s someone who made a major living selling drugs, that’s a different story, but all the minor possession charges should be dropped. Say under 1/4lb weed or 1/4 oz cocaine should be freed.”

            Tell me where in that statement, did I say Dealers, pushers, or people who give drugs to minors be freed? Please. I’m trying to find it but having trouble.

          2. Climax says:

            I am a pilot and am almost 70 now, started when I was 16. As such I have been tested over and over for drugs of any kind. In fact, I had to start taking HBP medication and had to report that which resulted in 5 years of monitoring. So I never have used “illegal” drugs, probably never will. It’s a life style choice. I do agree with you that having a personal joint, but not used in a closed environment like and airplane, train, or what ever with other non consenting folks around, is not that bid of deal. What ever floats your boat. There is no reason to be in jail over that. I am of the opinion that people are weak and a good share of them go from a joint to Coke, to higher and more serious drugs, then do things that were completely unacceptable even to them. They then cause problems in every direction as they feed a habit. Where do we draw the line, at what stage, I don’t have the answer, but personally I just stay clear. I have been around when coke was passed out and I said no thank and left the party and the area and never returned. Just not my thing.

      2. AKLady2015 says:

        Maybe you should educate yourself before embarassing yourself from pure ignorance and irrational judgements.
        What is the purpose of keeping someone in prison for something that is no longer a crime in amost all 50 states?
        No, they will not be sent back to prison — not even if the take the action for which they were originally convicted.. They should not have been given life sentences. Their crimes were not capitol offences,
        For more than 20 years, a third felony conviction was an automatic life sentence. Marijuana use is now legal in all 50 states. Thirty years ago, possession – for any purpose – was a felony.

      3. db says:


        1. Tiger says:

          I just that the Muslim Training Camps that our FBI said number 35 are preparing for raids with Trump, which should happen even though O said they had gun rights too. They fear the FBI reopening the cases against them. They are gearing up to fight and to kill anyone entering.

          There is going to be bloodshed for sure and maybe once and for all we will rid ourselves of these savages.

    4. jnora says:

      If any…

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