Scaramucci Goes After White House Leaks Again: ‘Fish Stinks From the Head Down’

July 27, 2017

Reince PriebusWhite House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci called into CNN New Day on Thursday, which led to a wild, 30 minute marathon of a conversation between himself and Chris Cuomo.

The segment began when network contributor Ryan Lizza called in to discuss how Scaramucci deleted a tweet where he appeared to accuse White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus of being a leaker. Lizza was discussing his reporting about how Scaramucci wants the FBI to investigate Priebus, but Cuomo interrupted him in order to take a call from Scaramucci live.

Scaramucci began by monologuing about how he and President Trump have figured out who has been leaking information from the White House, and their legal teams are taking steps against them. As Scaramucci railed against “reprehensible,” “treasonous” actions of leakers, he also complained about the public disclosure process by which his financial forms became available to the press.

As Scaramucci went on to talk about his rough relationship with Priebus, the communications director strangely characterized the situation by saying some brothers are rough on each other “like Cainand Abel.” Scaramucci also talked about how he put out his now-deleted tweet to make a point about how its Priebus’ responsibility to help him uncover the people leaking the White House’s information. Scaramucci also went after Lizza (who was still on the phone with CNN, listening to the entire conversation.)

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  • Joanne Aulenbacher says:

    NOW Scaramucci has been appointed with his FOUL mouth and his quarreling with Priebus. How is that going to work? I detest swearing by anyone let alone Washington leaders. A sure sign of lack of intelligence. Can’t we do better than that? I am furious. Franklin Graham just resigned from the Republican Party probably for the same reason. He and his father often gave the invocation and sermon at Washington events for Republicans. We are on the highway to Hell. The Devil is the Prince of LIARS.

  • Joanne Aulenbacher says:

    I am quite concerned about the appointment of Anthony Scaramucci. I strongly object to his foul swearing mouth. There are many suitable adjectives in the English language. I note that today Franklin Graham resigned from the Republican Party and the language may be part of the reason. His Father ,Billy, had a good relationship with the White House for many years. If you can’t speak with civility DON’T SPEAK!

  • maxx says:

    Finally! Someone else has shown some courage and is looking at Priebus. I have been suspicious of this guy since day one. He is a GOP snake and was helped into Trumps administration by McConnell and company. What better position to have a mole than the job Priebus holds right now. He knows about everything going on.

  • Lorraine E says:

    I haven’t forgotten that it was Reince Priebus who agreed to have the vile LIARS in the corporate media, which completely supports the demoncrat party, moderate the debates. During these times “moderate the debates” means to completely support liberals and crucify all conservatives.

    1. maxx says:

      Absolutely correct. Priebus is a GOP snake planted in Trumps administration as a mole by the GOP Establishment that hates Trump. They want him out as much as the democommies.

  • rtryon says:

    Cain and Abel had some other DNA difficulties that Priebus and Scaramucci do not enjoy! Maybe they also sold their souls to different drum beats and can’t easily make-up without losing something about their own survival?
    None-the-less, Pres Trump is beholden to his voters, not to the evolved system that the founders knew carried a great risk of becoming one to make the lawmakers rich in exchange for great favors. So the ‘Swamp’ is occupied by most of those not rich enough to start in Washington, D.C. without selling their souls to get it.

    We are now going to find out who wins? The voters or the political class; the shareholders in industry, or the ruling class of management? In religion, the faithful followers, or the clergy? in survival, the masses without skill or jobs, or the bureaucracy that works for its own survival first?

    1. Joanne Aulenbacher says:

      According to our Constitution the voters are the deciding factor in government. They must vote!

      1. maxx says:

        Except that the politicians have so bastardized our system it doesn’t work the way it was intended. Politicians were citizens first and government representatives last. The Founders naïvely never expected them to become life time positions. That is why they did not include term limits because they themselves expected to go back home after a short time serving in government. It sure didn’t take long for government officials to screw up an excellent idea. But then the real problem seems to be the people allowed them to take total control of the government. They will never voluntarily give up the control they have over us. If we want it back we will have to take it by force.

    2. KT says:

      Very well put!!!

  • john Illinois says:

    Let the indictments and prosecutions begin.

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