Tea Party shifts focus in fiscal fight

October 6, 2013

A growing chorus of conservative Republicans say the current fight over how to reopen the government has little to do with President Obama’s healthcare law, raising new questions about what the GOP wants to end the current fiscal standstill.

Republican officials have insisted for days that they just want a chance to negotiate with Obama and Senate Democrats, in an effort to find a solution that’s currently nowhere in sight.

But with polls showing the GOP bearing the brunt of the blame for the current shutdown, fewer Republicans are demanding that changes to ObamaCare be part of any deal. Some Tea Party-backed lawmakers are even saying that the now five-day old shutdown could actually hurt Republicans chances to roll back the law.

Rep. Dennis Ross (R-Fla.), one of the dozens of House Republicans elected in the wave of 2010, said Saturday that the GOP’s only real chance to get their way on the healthcare law is at the ballot box in 2014.

“If we were just focused on the implementation, the American public would see just how bad it is,” Ross told reporters, pointing to glitches with ObamaCare’s launch this week.

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  • fireboatman says:

    Looks like that the GOP is going to blink again. Obama knows how to play this game and he is primed to win again. One thing Republicans do not understand, if they hang in there and wait until more people open their mail and see what it is going to cost them they will get the support for not funding Obamacare and if the support is not there they MAY lose. If the GOP gives in they will lose and with it 2014 with egg on their face. Cruz, Lee, and Palin are the only strong in the party.

    1. awegweiser says:

      Cruz, Lee, Palin? – golly fireboat, you forgot the the creepiest of all, Bachman. Hang in GOP and wait until people find out they don’t have to get sick and die or lose their homes because of medical expenses. A recent $3000 ER visit cost me $100 out of pocket – it was that damned “socialist” medicine called Medicare.

  • mort_f says:

    Just a reminder,not a single Republican voted Yes to ACA.

    1. awegweiser says:

      Boy, will I remember that. My very own PA #12 Rep gets sacked first come next elections. He has his lips square on the tea party ass.

  • Old Highland Guy says:

    No Socilaized Health Care!! Take a look at the U.K., their NHS is broke and people are dieing because they can’t get health care. We had two family members that died in Scotland because of the U.K. NHS. They weren’t worth the time and effort to help them, according to the National Health Service. This is what will happen here, as it is in Canada. The cost to the tax payers will be extreme and taxes will rise to very high levels because of Obamacare. We cannot afford the elevated taxes nor the lack of care and deaths due to the ACA. We have been fed a line of Bully Boy by Obama.
    If you think health care is expensive now, just wait until it is free!

  • dad666 says:

    ” READ MY LIPS” NO ACA UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. If you allow this Communist law to stand it will do so much damage tothiscountry that it will take decades to recover this economy. This POS and his Dumocraps must go in 2014 but we must stop this unconstitutional bill from going into effect.

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