Team Trump Shakeup: Spokesman resigns, major changes loom

July 21, 2017

Donald Trump LawyerThe spokesman for President Trump’s personal legal team resigned Thursday, as part of what may be a wave of changes for the president’s inner circle.

The attorney who had been leading the charge for Trump’s outside counsel team on the Russia investigation also will now take a lower-profile role. And there are reports that Anthony Scaramucci could be tapped for communications director — he was meeting with the president Friday morning.

The resignation was tendered by Mark Corallo, who had been the lead spokesman on behalf of Trump’s long-time personal attorney Marc Kasowitz and the legal team. Corallo, who was previously a spokesman for the Justice Department, reportedly objected to public criticisms of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. His resignation comes days after Trump told The New York Times that he didn’t want Mueller investigating Trump family business ties outside the Russia scope.

Despite media reports to the contrary, however, Kasowitz did not resign from the president’s outside counsel team, a source close to Kasowitz told Fox News — he will instead be taking a lower-profile role.

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  • DrBillLemoine says:

    Trump is unable to control expanding probes into his Russia contacts, now and prior. He’s Putin’s ‘lapdog’, controlled by the money loaned to Trump when American banks would not. Time to resign, Donald. So instead, he blames and fires everybody around him as if that gives him control–given our laws, it doesn’t. Too bad good employees have to suffer for the sins of the president.

    1. goldie says:

      Talk about jumping to conclusions and having conspiracy theories. Now i know why you liberals accuse others of these things – you know all about them!

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Any thoughtful person can use the information available and come to my conclusions; most media reporters and moderators agree with me. There are no accusations by us, only assembling a thread of deceit, lying and obstruction. It may well be Trump is involved in a conspiracy, called racketeering which is illegal as president or not. The evidence is mounting if you just look.

        1. goldie says:

          Repeating it often enough does not make it true. Delusions. You libs can’t get over defeat.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            I haven’t mentioned repetition, that’s conservative talk along with brainwashing. But there’s a learning principle connected with repetition, not germane here.
            It’s you righties who repeat lies like Obama birth, keeping your doctor, and Hillary Russian contacts that beg for silence, and rebuttal–all those are dead issues now.
            Delusions–thy name is Trump supporter (or conservative). You surely know about defeat–Obamacare, Muslim ban, building a Wall, losing to Obama twice. Enjoy your tripartite government today in DC; it won’t last long.

          2. Retired says:

            Yes you can blame Congress for the lack of progress and not Trump .

          3. Bobbi says:

            Again I say Amen

      2. Bobbi says:

        Right on Goldie!!!!!! AMEN.. Move over Demo’s we Repub’s are coming to life at last…………

    2. Bobbi says:

      The problem is to many Chief and not enough Indians as the old saying goes………. Get these trouble makers out of the way and the man might just surprise all these Trump abusers…

      1. Retired says:

        You will not get through to Dr. Bullshitsky ,a die hard Anti Trump Troll .

        1. DrBillLemoine says:

          Actually if you read my posts, I’m anti-lawbreakers, anti-abusers of others, anti-pretenders to set policies who don’t, anti-bigots with Muslim bans, anti-bilkers of vendors, anti-cowards who won’t fire incompetent subordinates. If you pay attention to meanings of words, I’m illuminating situations, supplying facts and showing alternative CONCLUSIONS from the dreamers and trolls. I’m anti-Trump for substantial reasons, if you read my posts.

          1. Retired says:

            You never mention the real problem only point your finger at Trump . You did not Bash Obama or Bill Clinton for their screw ups .

          2. DrBillLemoine says:

            I am aware of history but prefer the present to encourage progressive programs now. Maybe I don’t identify with your ‘real problem’ conclusions. I see clear problems with Trump as candidate and now president with ethics, methods, aims and lawbreaking. That’s plenty to write about. All else is ancient history.

          3. Retired says:

            Why don’t you write about the trash in congress and point the finger at them instead of Trump ????? They are the ones Screwing up more than Trump stalling everything till the 2018 election .

          4. DrBillLemoine says:

            As the occasion arises, like ACA, I have my say about congress. The right wing leadership, newly converted from moderate policies since 2010, is awful. There’s a clear lack of representing ordinary voters in favor of throwing everything to the wealthy donors who support them, but already have more than they can spend or enjoy in a lifetime. That’s greed being advanced over the needs of ordinary Americans. The Tea Party turned Freedom Caucus is the worst, but Trump is the national/international leader now and those others simply follow the leader like good Republicans do–for the most part. That is, until the criminal and impeachment charges start coming forward, then the president is sunk. Till then Trump is most responsible for turning our nation over to our worst enemy Putin.

          5. Retired says:

            You just proved what a good Demon Rat you are ,not one mention of the bad things the Democrats have done only Republicans . You support the leakers that are out to destroy trump which makes you just as bad .You sore losers are all alike and refuse to see the damage that you cause .If Obama had not played the race game he would have been removed . Soros – Bloomberg – Feinstein – Reid – Sanders – Schumer and Pelosi come to mind as being rich party people and now add the Honest Clintons .

          6. DrBillLemoine says:

            When a public figure so prominent as Pres. Trump acts against the expressed interests of citizens and voters, in a democracy like ours people take to the streets for marches, sit in on lawmakers’ offices, and leak public access (not classified) information to the free press. Their patriotism makes them leak to protect the America we have and want to keep, not the kowtowing and schmoozing and praising of our arch enemy Russia with it’s mafia or kleptocratic governance headed by trained spy and killer Putin. I can understand it but don’t know whether I could do it even though leaks are not classified or secret documents and information. Ditto, for the crooked Nixon regime in the past–Deep Throat, turncoat John Dean, etc. Then, the plumbers, break-in artists, thieves went to jail and RMN was about to be impeached to save us from FBI spying ordered by Nixon and the illegal coverup of the break-in at Watergate overseen by Nixon. It’s a question of law and order then and now, not winning or losing. We already see the damage done by Trump alienating NATO and Eurozone leaders Merkel and Macron and by his praise of Putin, Trump’s giving up American leadership of the free world and elevating criminal and killer Putin. Obama is out of the picture now so forget him. You refuse to see the distinctions between Clinton Foundation activities and separate SecState actions. You pursued Benghazi after many, many entities studied the situation and absolved Hillary. Your hatred for such an accomplished and powerful woman overcomes all respect and honor she is due in your misogyny, the ultra right is now infamous for. And you don’t even know half of what I’m saying in your blind partisanship and biases. None of your list of people has ever harmed you, but you treat them like enemies instead of fellow citizens and accomplished people. Are you jealous and envious? There are rich people in both parties, but one party (on the right) works incessantly to enhance the perks of the rich–at the expense of ordinary Americans.

          7. Retired says:

            What a line of BS . No mention of the big money Hillary got for the secret meting with wall street that she refused to hand over . Trump is right out in the open but you support the hiding facts about both Clintons and add their daughter to the mix . Funny how after she lost the Foundation income dropped ??? You must hate the USA very bad for supporting someone like the Clintons and Obamas .Maybe when Kim Boy sends a Missile your way you might wake up to late .

          8. DrBillLemoine says:

            Any open minded person will see and agree with my facts, if not my conclusions. Hillary isn’t involved with Trump; it’s a Russian faux news distraction, and you bit down on it hard.
            Trump is open about his tax returns? How about seeking to hide everything related to him and Russians; that includes family ties. He’s in bed with mafia and crooks who run Russia today. That’s damning and he tries to hide it; hardly open.
            Policies of Hillary which I urged her to prepare ala RMN in 1968 put her head and shoulders above the mess we see in Trumpland over policies which emerge as tweets, of all the stupid governing actions I’ve ever seen. He’s got no policies, never expected to win, has no friends to install in office but family, knows nobody else who can govern so we see the results–confusion and mistakes he won’t own as a personality flaw. That’s what happens to psychopathic liars and America is suffering; it’s you who hate America believing this proven crook can ‘make America great’. He can’t even make himself great without Russian support in money and election hacking. Deal with Trump and you will see what I see. Keep looking over your shoulder at your hated Clintons and continue being misled, deceived and conned–big time. We’ll just have to see how he handles Kim; nothing but limited sanctions so far.

          9. NM Leon says:

            Your mind is so open your brain fell out, Bullschitte Billy.

            Stop your lying and get an honest job (maybe a greeter at Walmart), Soros isn’t paying you enough.

          10. Retired says:

            He is a media Troll .

          11. NM Leon says:

            Yeah, I’ve been playing with him off and on for years now. It would be more fun if he had an original thought once in a while instead of just parroting the Dem talking points.

          12. Retired says:

            Same old tune like a script that he follows .

          13. Retired says:

            What you say about Trump , you need to change the name to Clintons . You as well as the media have no proof of the Russian fake news . the Trumps did business world wide and now you hold that against him but you won’t talk about how the Clintons got Campaign and Foundation Money world wide , nor will you talk about the people that got killed investigating the Clintons goin back to Arkansas [ labeled suicide in the bac of the head ] ???? Kim Boy was created thanks to Obamas lack world leadership and dealing with Hillary and Kerry , now you want to blame Trump . When Kim Boy sends you a Missile it is to late and you can thank the wimps in congress for it .

          14. DrBillLemoine says:

            Clintons are out of the loop today. Forget them. Today it’s Trump who our intel agencies ALL know about Russian hacking and faux news planting. I don’t have to have any evidence but their agreement. You probably got suckered by some of it, admit it or not. No Obamacare ‘repeal and replace’, no Muslim ban, no flood of jobs and retained jobs in America, no media collapse (except as noted above)–Trump is a failure after just six months. Remember the promises of action on ‘day one’–more failure. Remember rally bragging about his West Wing operating like a ‘well oiled machine–more failure. The guy’s not a ‘winner’ except on phony tv shows, but a big time loser. Wake up.
            Kim family has a long 3 generation history FYI.
            Embarrassing as it might be, more Republican congressmen are backing away from Trump all the time. I hope North Korean missiles aren’t another failure landing on the USA. It’s on Trump and he’s a total loser, need to resign.

          15. Retired says:

            No the Clintons are not out of the loop , otherwise the media would not crawl up her rear constantly . They are in touch with Soros – Schumer and other Democrats creating havoc .Ten there is the W Post that you swallow everything from .The is out of the WH named Obama and Clintons .Thank Obama and Clinton along with Kerry for sleeping on the job with Kim Boy , he is foolish enough to send Missiles against the USA and suckers like you can NOT see it because it is not in the NYTimes or WPost .Kerry sold the USA out with Iran as they are catching up to Kim Boy In Missile tech. Russia – China and Iran support Kim Boy ,Who will Support the USA with the Circus you Media writer put out daily, you are at fault for the Circus in WDC . You liberals are all alike until it affects you personally ,you could care less . The military protected Idiots like you for nothing as you are the problem.

          16. ezekiel22 says:

            Y’all better be looking at DWS and her IT man getting arrested for bank fraud. There is a lot more to come but you won’t answer for anything the the democrats do. You just try throwing unsubstantiated spit wads. You are not interested in facts or even being fair about the issues. That honey is UnAmerican to the max. You dealt with Hillary back in 1968? Could have sworn she was still in college. Golly you are a legend. Too bad she had ethics challenges even back then.
            Unless you are going to place ethics above politics you defeat your higher ground arguments on the outset. Unless you place ethics and equality above politics and agenda you mute any christian witness you profess. You see if you were to be honest and study what the democrats did during their last debacle of an election for them your room to denigrate republicans and conservatives is just plain old hypocrisy on its face. In case you missed the memo the democrats are more connected to Russia than Trump.

          17. DrBillLemoine says:

            I never cottoned to DWS and she’s passe’ now, out of the picture. We’ve got bigger problems now with election hacking and Trump ignorance. Nothing I spit is unsubstantiated, Zeke, as you well know.
            Faux news–I never knew Hillary in 1968, the year of Humphrey and Nixon. You by contrast are projecting recent knowledge backwards about Hillary you didn’t know then. It’s a common failing on the right; they do it pretending the know founders minds from simple reading without understanding the implications and interactions over 200+ years. Go to college.
            You misconstrue the written word–from me. Gospel and government are separate as Christ declared. Serve them separately, no hierarchy.
            Perhaps some day you will be careful with words–how are Dems more ‘connected’ to Russia? SecState dealings that overlap with CGI fundraise by Bill and Chelsea are not ‘connections’ as the intelligence agencies define it.

          18. Bobbi says:

            I love your comments Retired.. You are a wise person. You have a God given ability to see through the bad and wrong especially this troll, DrBill.emoine. and a few others here….. The sad thing about Democrat’s, Progressive’s, Socialist, and Communist is: they are lost without God. If you are one of theses you can’t believe in God and if you say you do it isn’t God The Father that a Christian worships. No one calling themselves a Progressive or one of the above can possibly know our God, nor His Son The Lord Jesus because they are against everything Godly. They believe in Gay marriage, Killing babies and everything we as Christians know is a sin. Conservatives are most all Christians and our knowledge is so much wiser than these pitiful lost souls because it is God given. You can be the most highly educated man or woman on earth but if you don’t know God, you are stupid and lost.. and will end up losing your soul… ..
            God put Donald Trump in the White House. We as Christians need to pray for him and his family and for God to give him the wisdom to Make America Great Again.. I voted for him. I believe in him. The problem is these idiots that are on these witch hunts to try to hinder and mock him can’t get over losing the election. He’s a strong minded man and blows these off like the moths they are. He doesn’t act against citizens and voters, it’s these loser that can’t stand not winning that are screaming and making up lies, planting evil people to cause chaos… But Trump is a strong man and this will now hinder his agenda.
            I suppose they thought because they had their King Obama for eight long destructive years handing out the tax payer dollars and welcoming every illegal to America, while down on his knees on his rug worshiping Allah, that they can’t except a president that wants good jobs, people working for a living plus some of these lazy mongrel sent back to their own country. Go to you tube and type in “The Grand Deception” and watch this video and you’ll understand why we need Trump and a bigger, stronger military, and the American people to wake up and smell the destruction before it consumes us……

          19. Bobbi says:

            Uh Oh, did you say Progressive? These ungodly people are what’s wrong with this country now. We are a nation founded by men that believed in a higher power “God Almighty” and they were not Progressives. The Progressives have all but destroyed America…
            President Trump is just getting started. That Swamp” was/is pretty muddy and needs quite a bit of draining. The American people, (I mean TRUE Americans) are standing behind Trump and praying for him. He came into a big mess when he took office. This country was and may still be on the verge of total destruction from Obama dividing us after all the progress that America had made. Riots open borders, evil men and women coming into this country to kill, steal and destroy. And Hillary and her evil followers! Is that the kind of people you want making decisions for America’s future?
            This is what Progressives want………….. Giving away the Tax Payers money to these people that illegally here came for the sole purpose of being a burden on the Government. I could go on and on. This is a Christian Nation and I am proud to say I voted for Trump and I believe he is who America needs to be our leader…………….

          20. DrBillLemoine says:

            Don’t be silly. If you drive a car, not ride the buckboard to market, thank a progressive Henry Ford. If you cook on a metal stove, not open fireplaces, thank progressive Ben Franklin. Etc. There’s nothing ungodly by me or other progressives. We too believe in Gospel, but not the bible conservatives cite for their hatred of many things. Old Testament bigotry and biases have been ‘fulfilled’ is Christ’s term for replaced; not 10 commandments, but 2.
            No doubt it takes time to drain the swamp. Tell me when Trump will start as his appointees are all from there, his own actions are ‘swampy’ or illegal, his aims to equate Russia with America are anti-American. Prayer seems the only recourse as he listens to no one but himself in the middle of the night. We’re finding some of those Oval Office, cabinet members and campaign operatives to be traitors and colluders with Russia. I’ll advise you to heed progressives before any of the current regime operatives.
            You too are still blaming Obama for current ‘riots’, simple demonstrations with millions worldwide involved; fellow citizens with different ideas are still wrongly called ‘enemies’ by you; among border crossers there are some criminals, true in any society or group of people, nothing unusual, just unwanted; I’d choose Hillary and her policies over Trump and his seat-of-the-pants, I know more than anybody, rump decisionmaking every day in the week.
            And you glibly talk about ‘give away’ when EVERY program has its screening rules determined mostly by States, not Obama or even Trump. Get a better understanding of welfare programs. Your personal contribution is tiny, just pennies, so no big harm to you. Do go on and study deeper and wider.
            I’d also add that escaping death threats, rape, drug dealing are crimes worth escaping and they go where there is liberty and justice for all–America.
            And what will you say for excuse when Trump resigns, or is impeached for lawbreaking??? Blame Obama??? lol

          21. Bobbi says:

            Well Trump just fired ole Munci and McCain is a trader just like all those Democrats we’re going to vote out when voting time comes again.

            (Multiple Hill staffers confirm last night McCain was heard laughing w Dems and remarked, “Lets see Donald make america great again now”

            4:33 PM – Jul 28, 2017)

            Kelly is the man we need… This fire and hire will continue for a while but we’re with our non political president.. You are way off in your thinking of what America needs……… You need to read David Horowitx books, especially THE BIG GENADA…. You have watched CNN, ABC and those Progressive, Communist networks tooooooo long….. I don’t see why you continue to rnouth off here except that you must like to be known as the bad guy..Hillary and her baby killers would love you. You say all these Progressive parties that want you with them??? Go for it, they need more like you……… We Conservatives don’t!!!

          22. DrBillLemoine says:

            The Mooch needed to be fired for his foul tweets–not acceptable for our society. McCain may be out but not by voting. He’s listening to people.
            Kelly will have his hands full reining in Trump’s tweets, baseless policymaking and decision taking. He’s chain-of-command trained, totally unlike management in civilian life. Should prove interesting to watch.
            America needs jobs, higher wages, more disposable income, more assets, cheaper training…Am I close?
            You haven’t read much of my stuff over years here. I don’t wait for praise but like any good teacher put out the truth for those who will read and heed.
            Both parties have wanted me over the years. You conservatives need to learn to listen, think for yourselves, make your own decisions and test them in the public arena. Private study/reading without sharing ideas and concepts with others leads to faulty conclusions, bad decisions, incomplete learning. That’s what regular order does on the Hill, what cabinet consultation does for a president–weeds out the wacky ideas and thinking, the poor decisions and dangerous conclusions; evidence–Trump tweets all by himself, nobody sharing that he’s off base. I’m seeing how like others in the wealthiest class, the 1% or 1/10th percent, the 400 Club Trump has his own weird ideas about life and ordinary people–not congruent with needs of the people.

        2. Bobbi says:

          Quite a few trolls have entered the picture here, don’t you think?.. They are so smart, why haven’t they run for office? We out number them because we are prayer warriors……………..

          1. Retired says:

            Many of the new troll are just a name change and some are moderators pushing their beliefs .

      2. DrBillLemoine says:

        The problem is Trump has always been a one-man-band. He has/had no friends to call on for the Oval Office advice, outside of family members, no acquaintances to fill his cabinet and top departmental positions. Regular Republicans hardly want to help as he insulted all their best folks who ran for president and now they see how discombobulated his office management skills and policymaking are. Get rid of the non-family members as he’s firing and insulting them now and there won’t be anybody available. Trump has opened his own door to all the abuse by past and current behavior, mostly bad habits that may work in real estate (excluding 4 bankruptcies) but not for governance and management.

        1. Bobbi says:

          You seem to know so much, Why aren’t you running for office? Some people just never get the picture…….

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Over the years I’ve been asked by both parties to run for office. When the Republican National Committee made the invitation, I asked what office? They said, ‘anything, we’ll support you’. Trent Lott and Bob Dole asked me to join their national policymaking committee a little later, maybe because I worked at the Republican National Convention that nominated George H. W. Bush for president as head of security in New Orleans and made fundraising phone calls around the city. But Democratic office seekers asked me to run for State Elector, local Democratic office holders like mayor and councilman appointed me to commissions and boards for my good works as civic association representative as well. I just didn’t want to invest the money while raising a young family and promoting my wife into her own career in advertising and marketing, or spend much time away from family and teaching/administration. Both parents were elected town representatives or school board member when I was young, so it got in the blood at least to be active and consider running. I held other civic offices locally and administered programs that required dealing with state agencies and legislature to improve things. I also moderated and conducted programs to expose candidates to the public and explain education along the way, including a range from David Duke to Governor Buddy Roemer. I still have my own standards and found politics to reduce things to lowest common denominator, not acceptable to my progressive nature. But thanks for your compliment.
            In these blog pages I continue to illuminate issues, present alternative viewpoints and promote the things I’m most interested in seeing enacted and preserved.

  • Webb says:

    We Wait…

  • Roy Fredrichsen says:

    I seem to remember O’Bummer had the same problem after Rom Emanual left and went back to to ruin Chicago.

  • roboteq says:

    Could this article be any more contradicting of itself? We are given two completely different stories here.

    1. pmbalele says:

      Next to go is Sessions. This will be followed by Mueller to remove his office from Sessions building. Mueller should put his office in the bushes. I have no idea who is paying Mueller $500 an hour for investigating Trump. If he is being paid by Sessions department then Trump should cut-off funding. Let whoever hired Mueller pay the $500 an hour. I believe the Repubs and TPs are the ones asked Sessions to hire Mueller. Well, in that case let them pay Mueller and maybe move Mueller’s desk in Congress. Muller’s office should never be in Trump’s offices.

      1. McFerguson says:

        As usual, pmbalele, you’re in a state of robust confusion. Even more than usual. Put down the pipe, take some deep breaths, take a hit of black coffee, and try again. What are you trying to say, dude?

        1. pmbalele says:

          Wait a minute – how would like your employee to campaign to put you in prison? Not me. I will fire any employee who undercuts me.

          1. McFerguson says:

            Yeah, uh-huh, sure thing. Gottcha covered, pmbalele. I called 911…the ambulance should be there in a flash. Hold on…Good luck!

      2. roboteq says:

        I am not a fan of Sessions either. It appears that in his attempt to stay non-partisan, President Trump may have allowed some into positions that are not conducive to what President Trump would like to achieve for the U.S. and for American citizens. I am not even a fan of Donald Trump, but I do believe that as president, Trump is truly working for the American people and for a more constitutional government.

        1. pmbalele says:

          Trump should follow President Obama’s policies of inclusion. Trump seemed to appoint only Whites in positions. That is why Repubs and TPs are running away from him. But further, I do not know why the right wing is also against Trump. Can you tell me the reasons?

          1. roboteq says:

            Unlike Progressives, President Trump is not a divider who classifies Americans by ethnicity or ability to tan. President Trump seems to prefer appointing those who are best at doing the job at hand, such as his appointing Ben Carson for HUD. The only Republicans who are working against President Trump are the same ones who didn’t want him to become president in the first place. Those are the RNC loyalists who want the RNC to be able to control the presidency, and President Trump will not be controlled by them.
            The far right is opposed to President Trump for the same reason the far left is opposed to President Trump; he doesn’t play favorites with political parties. President Trump is truly a president who is working for the American people rather than for a political ideology. While this attitude of President Trump’s does cause him to be attacked from both extremes, the more rational, more tolerant middle of the realm thinkers which is a mix of both liberal and conservative thinking Americans, is growing. An American version of the Renaissance Man is a rapidly growing portion of the population of the U.S.
            Rational Americans ranging from somewhat to the left, through the center to somewhat to the right are realizing that President Trump is creating win/win scenarios for all but those who want to control everyone. President Trump is using his business understanding to create deals that everyone can live with. In business, the only truly successful deal is one where all parties involved are able to walk away with a win of some sort, and that is what President Trump is doing for Americans as well as for rational foreign leaders. With President Trump, no one has to lose, and that upsets the fascist thinking folks to both the extreme right and the extreme left.

          2. pmbalele says:

            Dr. Carson, who is same color as mine, should be fired. This guy is promoting his book while in a government job. Like Sessions, Carson does not believe is working for Trump. Another employee Spicer and Mark Corallo quit today. Soon Bennon will also leave. I have told Trump not to hire CEOs because they have their own agenda and it’s hard to control CEOs because they are not used to be told what to do. Today Trump hired another CEO by the name of Scaramucci. I do not believe this guy will last there. Why can’t Trump hire qualified people as Obama did? Eventually Trump will remain with his own family as advisers.

          3. roboteq says:

            OK, so you think Obama hired and appointed qualified people? Sorry I wasted my time trying to converse with you. You and I will never agree, and that’s ok. There’s just no sense in us trying to have a conversation.

          4. Bob says:

            Please don’t call Liberals “progressives”. They have NO interest in progress, just stagnation. They have NO interest in working with Republicans or for the “people”. They are working to regain the power lost during the 8 years of Obama’s reign. They called the Republicans “the party of no” during the Obama reign, but they are the party of “wah/…wah…mine…” (way too much for their bumper sticker mentality). They changed their name to “progressive” for the same reason Comcast changed to “Xfinity”: Very poor public service an no one was buying Comcast excuses any more. They are to progress what a 14 car pile up on a 2 lane road is to “smooth flow of traffic”.

          5. roboteq says:

            When capitalized, Progressive refers to the organizational movement that American Communists took to identify themselves. I continually refer to how regressive and obstructive Progressive liberals are. I also make it clear that I do not lump all liberal thinking Americans in with the Progressive movement. Without liberal thinking, as without conservative thinking, the world would be a terrible place under the rule of one type of fascism or the other.
            I understand your concerns, but I can’t change the fact that Progressive liberals constantly use terms in the exact opposite manner that they should be used. For example; gays are not all that gay (happy), tolerant Progressives are not at all tolerant and Progressives are not progressive. Hope this helps.

          6. Bob says:

            My head is bloodied and bowed to your reasoning.

          7. roboteq says:

            It is very difficult to communicate with a faction that is so dishonest that it constantly states the opposite of what it’s agenda is. No one can be blamed for getting confused when dealing Progressive liberals because they deliberately do everything they can to create confusion.

          8. Bob says:

            I am seriously confused on what the agenda is. Is it an emphatic “NO” to any proposed legislations. Is it, middle sister Jan-like, just screaming “Russia…Russia…Russia” at every turn. Or is it “Better ingredients, better Pizza, Papa John’s”, or words to that effect. They have really stood for nothing so far. And the media is not helping, calling every special election a “referendum on Trump” until the Democrat loses, then it’s “well, that district has always been Republican”.

          9. roboteq says:

            As I stated, we are meant to be confused. Confused people tend to follow groups that seem to not be confused, and that is the method of operation of extremists, whether far to the left or far to the right.
            Progressive liberals, like their Communist forerunners, just spew out whatever will continue to divide us and make it seem like there are a lot more issues than there really are.
            I try to get people to focus on the main three basics that all citizens around the world want, but that the U.S. put into the U.S. Constitution; Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If we all can agree that these are the three basic goals of our lives, and not have a desire to dictate to others how their life is lived, what liberties they are allowed to have or how they pursue their own personal happiness as long as it does not interfere with the happiness of others; we can defeat any negative divisionary notion that Progressives and right wing radicals toss at us.

  • PatriotGal says:

    Mueller should NOT Be investigating Trump finances outside the Russia election scope. Mueller is a rogue and needs to be fired, no matter what the left wing maniacs will scream. But everything has to be laid out and the President should address the nation. This has become a national hypocrisy, wasting hundreds of thousands of taxer dollars that could be used towards our veterans, our poor, or building the wall. Maybe we could even use it to PULL the PLUG to DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!!!

    1. maxx says:

      In reality and according to federal statutes anything outside of the Russian Collusion topic is unauthorized and Mueller must go back to A.G. or his assign to request authorization. Mueller, as expected is trying to expand his authority without seeking proper authorization. Meanwhile the staff Mueller has hired so far are being investigated themselves for any obvious bias. Since most if not all are people directly connected to Clinton or the democrat party their integrity must be scrutinized. Mueller who is a good friend of Comey who is a democrat appointment cannot be allowed carte blanche.

    2. goldie says:

      I’m disgusted with AG Jeff Sessions. He never should have recused himself from the Russia investigation.

  • dmttbt says:

    I wish people would let Trump handle his own business.

    1. I Seigel says:

      Hey, just checking in to see if we’re all tired of winning yet? Remember Mr Trump said we win so much we’d get sick of it? Well, are we?

      And how’s that swamp-draining thing going? We have billionaires in just about every position of importance now? Not the kinds of guys you can just go have a beer with. Remember how that was such an important criteria just a few short years ago? And since when did we start to swallow the line that businessmen could run the country any better than politicians? At least politicians have dedicated their adult lives to government and (hopefully) making people’s lives better. Businessmen are interested in profits – for themselves, their boards of directors, and (for public companies) their shareholders. They care only about balance sheets, not the health and welfare of the country.

      1. Bobbi says:

        WOW!!!, since when did any Democrat as of late do anything good for America? Did I miss something? Obama had taken this country back to the unknown. Racism has reared it ugly head after all the progress we had made to get along with one another. Cop being killed and by who? Gangs running the streets killing and stealing coming across our borders. Terrorism worsened because Obama pulled the troops out of Iraq leaving the people to be killed/ women and children raped, beheaded and bodies butchered. You call that progress!!!!!! These terrorist have invaded the USA and God only knows when they will strike again….. Jobs went to hell and many closed shop because he ruined the small business man. Bow out and let President Donald Trump do his job. You Democrats are doing all you can to hinder his plans to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”, but he will. He’s just begun…….. The majority of American are with him,………. .

        1. I Seigel says:

          Not the majority of voters! He lost by 3,000,000, remember?

          And all you did was rant against Obama. You can’t point to anything Trump has done to Make America Great Again. He’s signed a bunch of executive orders, most of them calling for studies. The stock market? Jobs? Those were already going strong and heading higher when he took over. Obamacare imploding? Only because he and the Republicans won’t guarantee the subsidies that the insurance companies need.

          And when the terrorists do strike next, I suppose you’re going to blame Obama? Just like it was Clinton’s fault for 9/11?

          Get a clue. The only person hindering Trump is himself – and his merry band of leakers in the White House. I thought he was supposed to be such a great manager. He can’t even manage his own staff!! What a chump!!!

          1. Bobbi says:

            Watch what happens after President Trump gets the swamp cleaned out. This president isn’t some money crazed idiot. Never before in the history of this country has the democrats shown their true colors like now. I can’t understand why anyone would vote for Hillary when she wants to kill babies and sell this country to the communist. Are you blind? Trump loves America and wants what is best for the people, but first he has to clean those Obama planted leakers and back biters out of Washington…………. He has already began doing what he promised by removing the transgenders from our armed services……… Hopefully he’ll dump the gays also. These people aren’t about protecting America, they want equal rights and to push normal people to the back of the line……… Everyone of them are so lost and ignorant to be so bitter and to want Hillary for president. You must be blind as not knowing Obama set up a secret gov’ inside the White House before he left. These are the creatures that Trump will remove. Some that he thought he could trust have proven disloyal. He’s a smart man and he’ll get the job done.. “Retired” named a few Swamp Creatures……. Stay tuned in you might learn something……

          2. I Seigel says:

            There is absolutely nothing I can respond with. You’re a certified nut job with no capacity for reasoned thought and little use for facts. Have a nice day.

      2. dmttbt says:

        I am so proud of you for stating the obvious that politicians aren’t worried about profits, they just want to spend our tax money on other things that lose money. What world do you live in that makes you think that politicians can successfully run anything? They certainly haven’t proven it in the past. Not on anything.
        For instance now the dems are saying they haven’t deported illegals because they have to have a trial and prove they have done something wrong. Do you catch the phrase ILLEGAL?

      3. Retired says:

        So you support everything that the Swamp Creatures in Congress are doing to stop everything Trump tries to do ????

        1. I Seigel says:

          Who are these Swamp Creatures? The creatures of corporations, lobbyists and Wall Street lever-pullers who control everything from behind the curtains? The non-elected movers and shakers? Or are they the legitimately elected representatives of the American people, both Republicans and Democrats?

          Who are the Swamp Creatures that Trump REALLY is trying to get rid of? Seems like he just wants to get rid of his opponents. McCain doesn’t seem like a Swamp Creature to me. Or Kasich, or Collins, or Murkowski.

          1. Retired says:

            You got one right McCain the Song bird , Kasich is a wimp . Now for the big Swampers Pelosi -Schumer – Feinstein – Warren – Sanders and Clintons who bow down to Soros . Then you have your Lobbyist along with Government Contractors crawling the halls on Congressional halls ..

          2. I Seigel says:

            So maybe I should ask: Who AREN’T the Swamp Creatures? Who was Trump talking about when he said he wanted to Drain the Swamp? Many voters thought he was talking about Wall Street, lobbyists and the money movers and shakers.

          3. Retired says:

            One thing for sure Trump did not have a secret meeting with wall street people and collected big money for it . As long as congress ties his hands there is not much he can do ,it’s time for people to wake up to that fact and stop bitching about Trump and start Bitching about our Useless Congress .

          4. I Seigel says:

            So who AREN’T the Swamp Creatures?

          5. Bobbi says:

            You got it, Retired. …….. These Demo’s are fighting every thing Trump is for. He has to clean this swamp and it can’t be did in the short time he’s been in the White house…. Let’s pray for our President.. He’s a good man, not a politician..

    2. Thank you, but you know the liberal media scum will never let it go because it has Russia somewhere in their fanatic imagination.

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