Trump promises pro-life, pro-gun judges, will keep some Obama policies in place

November 14, 2016

TrumpPresident-elect Donald Trump began to add caveats to a host of his campaign promises, saying in an interview aired Sunday that he will work to keep some of the more popular parts of Obamacare intact and focus his deportation efforts on criminals — the same policy that President Obama claims to have.

But Mr. Trump, in an interview with CBS News’ “60 Minutes,” stood his ground on Supreme Court picks, saying the justices he nominates will be pro-life and will back Second Amendment rights, though he added that same-sex marriage is “settled” and he doesn’t expect it to be reversed.

He also reiterated his call for term limits in Congress, promised to phase out the influence of lobbyists in Washington, doubted he would be taking many vacations and said he would reject the $400,000-a-year salary the president is due.

Perhaps most significant were the number of issues where the president-elect took a pass, refusing to be goaded into shooting from the hip on whether he would ask FBI Director James B. Comey to step down.

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  • snowyriver says:

    Oblama is not a legal president.. Read your Constitution.. All he has done is null and void. He is in the white house against our Constitution.. We are a Constitutional Republic.

    1. David Fowler says:

      I agree, but unless the Supreme Court also agrees, and that is very unlikely to happen, nothing will ever be done. Obama could never meet the NBC qualification, no matter where he was born, due to his non-citizen father. If he was ever disqualified, civil war would probably be the result. We are probably just going to have to live with the fact that the usurper got away with it.

      1. snowyriver says:

        Wow someone who has read our Constitution and feels the same as I do.. Thank you David.

        1. David Fowler says:

          Cruz and Rubio don’t pass either.. Cruz had a foreign father and wasn’t even born in this country. Rubio was born in this country, but had no citizen parents at the time of his birth. He is essentially an anchor baby. We apparently represent a small part of the population, though. I accept NBC as what it meant when the Constitution was written, I don’t think that the SCOTUS will ever rule on this although I believe that they should. If Obama was ever disqualified, I believe we would have a race war at minimum. Right now I’m just hoping that Trump can erase some of the horrible actions of the last eight years.

          1. snowyriver says:

            complete agreement to most of what you have said.. Cruz’s parents were both Canadian citizens when he was born in Canada.. Canada did not allow dual citizenship at that time.

  • justinwachin says:

    Once a judge is seated no one has any control over how the judge will rule. Some of the past appointments have turned out to be total disasters once they got their lifetime appointment.

    President Trump should meet with congressional leaders and decide whether to appoint a special prosecutor to deal with Hillary and the various Clinton foundations. He doesn’t need to waste his time on Hillary.

  • A natural born American says:

    I don’t give a damn about same sex marriages, I just care about businesses being fined out of existence for standing their grounds based on religious beliefs.

  • Jose says:

    Give the man a chance. Why does everyone want him to just come out and shoot from the hip. He now needs to act presidental and keep his plans in check until he has a chance to see what his cabinet can start doing “within the law”. Recall, he is not a “career politician” so he needs to be enlighten about what he can “legally” do. I am certain he will still carry out what he said but he cannot carry out every promise within 100 days. Also recall, the “career politicians” will be fighting him about “draining the swamp”. One wrong thing and it can all backfire on him. Again, give the man a chance.

  • John says:

    Trump should not disclose his complete game plan until he is inaugurated. No sense creating any more upheaval yet. Be patient folks!

    1. Retired says:

      The media will just distort everything, Republicans had better unite or they will pay for it with their next election.

  • itsfun says:

    If the President elect came out and said he will appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary, then Obama would promptly give her a pardon. If the President elect goes back on his word, then it will be the SOS we have seen in Washington for years. He must start to drain the swamp the first day in office or get lost in the swamp. The swamp doesn’t want to be drained, and has some very powerful supporters.

  • gerald Hughes says:

    There were 3 reasons why Ivoted for Trump.
    1 He said he would put special prosecutor on the Clinton outlaw.
    2. He said he would repeal the insurance rape.
    3. He said he would deport all of the criminal aliens
    Anything less than that is not acceptable.
    He is already making noises like a RINO.

    1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

      He has got to calm Obama, and other left-wits, let this slide until after Jan. 20 You do not tell your enemy in advance exactly what you are going to do, they already have a pretty good idea, but keep them guessing, and off guard.

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        I agree, after all Obama has tried everything in the world to hurt our country, and don’t need to put anything else in his head to make it worse, he is an arrogant POS and I still believe there will be a big muslim thing before he leaves the house, they’ve been way to quiet!

        1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

          Yup, and a few days ago the head of c a i r called for the overthrow of the U S Government

    2. A natural born American says:

      Ahhhhhh but is he being quoted correctly? Look at all the things the msm accused him of prior to November 8th. It’s STILL the same msm. On election day my pc was inundated with stories and photos of Trump falling dead. Or of being DOA. I voted for Trump anyway. Glad I did. I’ve also heard that Trump has said something about legalizing the selling of insurance policies interstate.

  • Niko says:

    What Trump does not understand is that gay marriage needs to be reversed. He claims to be a Christian? The answer is that he is not, he is a CRINO – Christian in name only. The breakdown of society, the brainwashing of the children in the last 50 years, the taking away of the Bible and teachings of Christianity from public schools and the public square has brought America to where it is at now. This alone has brought countries to its knees in the form of socialism/communism. If the gay gestapo is not stopped dead in its tracks, We as a Nation are dead…

    1. imcookie1 says:

      I just love the names that are being made up. RINO, CRINO, too much time on some peoples hands I guess.

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        Not over your head is it!! 🙂

    2. Rodney Steward says:

      I totally agree, when this bunch of Gov. raised idiots get to our age, unless some serious changes are made to the Millennial cult, this country will be gone, but maybe this was the game plan!

      1. reggie says:

        We’re the deplorables, they’re the pathetics. How does that sound?

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          Totally agree Reggie, I’m PROUD to be a fellow Deplorable my friend, that’s better than being pathetic fool any day!!

      2. Niko says:

        Rodney, always a pleasure to hear from you. I recieved some responses that only proves my point and reiterates that people are utter morons. I read a bunch of remarks on here and most are on the money but then some of the same people reply to me and they just have no clue about what I am talking about.

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          Niko my friend, hope all is well!! 🙂 We know in general most people are pretty smart or have good ole common sense, but no matter what, but there’s always that handful that’s not on the same page!!

          1. Niko says:

            That is a good way to look at it, maybe I am just to extreme, lol. I’m just preparing for my surgery this Thursday, other than that – all is well. Thank you fur asking

          2. Rodney Steward says:

            Niko, I hope all goes well my friend and do as they tell you, I want to see you getting back to a$$ kicking form bro., we may need it !! 🙂 Keep U in my prayers friend, and I’m serious!

          3. Niko says:

            Rodney, thank you fur the polite and kind words. I’m still one tough, middle aged F@$K, as Arnold’s would say, “I’ll be back” lol. Brothers in Freedom, man

          4. Rodney Steward says:

            You got that RIGHT!! 🙂

    3. A natural born American says:

      Maybe Trump is a Christian who believes people are morally answerable to their God and not to you, me or him. He HAS addressed the problems of ‘brainwashing’ in public schools by saying he WILL work to make funds available for low income families to send their kids to COMMUNITY SPONSORED and/or CHURCH SPONSORED schools. These schools consistently graduate kids with more college worthy GPA’s than our public school system does. AND they do it for LESS than HALF the per student budget costs of our public schools! Hopefully, Trump will turn public education back over to the states like it was when our kids received an education that made them more able to compete in the worldwide job market. The millennials may be lost, but there’s still hope for their children if Trump gets his way.

    4. snowyriver says:

      No religion should be taught in pubic school.. If you want to teach your children religion start at home and then go to church.. Do not force your religion on any.

  • I have been a Trump man since way before he began thinking about a Presidential run, but I have to wonder… this where it starts! Is he going to start ‘Caving in’ and walking back on his target promises? A lot remains to be seen so, We the People will indeed see!

  • JIMBO says:

    I think before asking the FBI director to step down, some research should be done to determine what truly caused him to relieve Clinton of her crimes. A lot of people people think he may have been threatened with his life and possibly even worst. I have no doubt that the Obama administration is very capable of using such tactics to protect his butt.

    1. Karll says:

      0bama doesn’t appoint anyone who won’t play ball.

      1. reggie says:

        And who is an American at heart.

    2. Rodney Steward says:

      The DOJ included before stepping down!

    3. A natural born American says:

      Didn’t Comey say the reason he chose not to charge hillary was because he doesn’t believe she will be tried and he also believed obama will grant her a pardon if he had charged her? Luckily, the statute of limitations will not expire before January 20, 2017. Also, there’s the matter of someone either very close to or a member of Comey’s family being the recipient of big clinton foundation money.

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        The real reason, like everyone else,he thought she was going into the HOUSE!! Now a lot may pay!

      2. snowyriver says:

        Or a threat of life and limb.

    4. Nellie McConnell says:

      If they charge the Clinton’s with anything before Trump takes office in January Obama can get her off the hook and she is free to continue to take from tax payers and foreign countries. Trump is going to be fare end put Welfare people to work.

    5. Worried Vet says:

      Amen. I do believe if the public gets the whole truth, there will never be a liberal on charge. If the whole truth comes out they will have to build a special prison.

    6. Nellie McConnell says:

      News talking about Obama pardon for Hillary on all charges. I don’t think this is legal and Obama’s birt right still ??. I would like to see him impeached and his salary, retirement taken away. If fraud, return every dime to our government. Video on news with Sheriff Joe about birth certificate on Obama. No wonder Obama went after Sheriff Joe. I always felt Obama was in office by FRAUD and set up by Saudi Arabia. Voting FRAUD.

  • Andy Palmer says:

    “focus his deportation efforts on criminals — the same policy that President Obama claims to have.”
    That might be the dumbest statement in an article that I’ve ever read. Trump did not say anything about deportation that he hasn’t been saying for months on the campaign trail. Only a naïve fool would equate Trump’s position to Obama’s.

    1. Nellie McConnell says:

      Living close to borders! More crime in 8 years than 35 i have lived here. Illegal drug gangs took over COLEXCO. Problem with Obama agenda. Deputies arrest and book illegal criminals. Turn over to Border Patrol and they book them and turn over to ICE, ICE. Transports them to another state or town and releases them. ICE doesn’t book them.

  • ArcticGrayling says:

    Correct me if I am wrong. The only other president who did not accept the presidential salary was John Kennedy? I remember a high school teacher saying he gave it all to charity.

    I couldn’t see Hillary not squeezing every dime from the taxpayer to put into her piggy bank.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      Even cleaned out the White house when Billy-Bob was finished as head man!

      1. A natural born American says:

        I heard they went after her (hillary) for that and made her return everything.

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          They only returned half of what they took, they kept all the dishes she took! Once a thug always one I guess! Till this day, they’ve not changed at all!

          1. reggie says:

            Gotten worse with experience and teflon created by eliminating any stuck spots. Just like on a frying pan.

          2. A natural born American says:

            She must have been a teflon don Gotti protege.

          3. Rodney Steward says:

            HA, HA, I bet she’s never touched a frying pan unless it was to kill one of her many dead in the past, she sure as heck can’t cook i bet!

          4. Nellie McConnell says:

            She hit Bill on head during the issue of Monica. Hope it was an American made cast iron skillet. More weight.
            Her head injury was a birth injury.

          5. Rodney Steward says:

            From the looks of Chelsea, she’s used it repeatedly on her head!!

          6. A natural born American says:

            She probably rationalized her theft as, “They were made for ME, so I should be allowed to keep them. Screw the taxpaying public who paid for them!” Isn’t that pretty much her take on EVERYTHING she has dipped her fat little nasty fingers into?

          7. Rodney Steward says:

            It sure is, she felt like she deserved the White house, but she got B-Slapped out of that! Maybe they’ll get the message, we don’t want your sorry ass no MOE! But now we have the butt ugly beast that she hatched wanting to run for Governor some where!!

    2. A natural born American says:

      I heard that Kennedy had to accept a nominal wage of $1 to keep things legal. I have no idea if that was per day, month, year or term.

      1. MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

        Kennedy and Hoover both donated their Presidential salaries to charity.

    3. parthenon1 says:

      I agree, also the Clinton Foundation must have a full audit and those foreign pay-for-play donations must be sent to the US treasury after it was government favors that the $ were paid for!

    4. Suzanne Hackenkamp says:

      President Herbert Hoover also took no salary.

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