Trump rips ‘Lightweight’ Gillibrand over resignation call, says harassment claims ‘false’

December 12, 2017

694940094001_5677752311001_5677730954001-vsPresident Trump slammed “Lightweight” Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand early Tuesday after the New York Democrat sought his resignation in connection with allegations of sexual misconduct — claims the president called “false” and “fabricated.”

The president was reacting to claims revived by three female accusers during a press conference and TV interview on Monday, amid an apparent effort to shift the sexual harassment spotlight from Congress to the White House.

The women, who had previously accused the president of sexual misconduct, called for a congressional investigation into the president. Gillibrand, who helped lead calls for Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., to resign over groping allegations, in turn said on CNN that Trump should resign as well.

“Lightweight Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a total flunky for Chuck Schumer and someone who would come to my office ‘begging’ for campaign contributions not so long ago (and would do anything for them), is now in the ring fighting against Trump. Very disloyal to Bill & Crooked-USED!” Trump tweeted Tuesday.

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  • Navy Bob says:

    Roy Moore was in office as a Judge for 20 years. The allegations against him were 40 years old. The woman who said he wrote a note in her yearbook has admitted SHE wrote the note. They did not come out until he was a head in the polls against his Democratic opponent. Does this look familiar?

    Donald Trump was gaining on Hillary in October 2016. The Clinton campaign and the press (redundant) had tried everything they could to get him and were loosing ground. They come up with this Billy Bush tape, then say he was admitting he grabbed women (if you listen to the tape, or read the transcript, he say he is so powerful he COULD do that, but NEVER said he DID do that). It did not work then, but since it was a good tactic, try it again is their motto.

    Compare this to the Democrats. They have PHOTOS of Franken. They have payoffs form Conyers.

    Democrats KNEW Weinstein was scum, but never cared as long as he was giving money to the “cause”. They lauded praise on Kevin Spacey and Matt Lauer knowing they were scum. Now, after they don’t need them for a few years, they are all up in arms about this and they are comparing unconfirmed allegations and innuendos to payoffs and photos.

    All I can say to these folks is “Bye Felicia”

  • webb says:

    The three women in the Trump Accusations Press conference were at The Brave New Flim concern…
    They do flim and campaigns for PROGESSIVES…

  • Susan Meyer says:

    Allegations can be made by anyone about anyone. Allegations are in no way proof. These Liberals want Trump out of the WH at any cost. If these allegations (if they are true, which I strongly believe are not) are so traumatic to these women, why weren’t they brought up 25 years ago? From the descriptions they stated, I didn’t hear anything that would traumatize anyone. In fact, at the moment they allege these things happened, they probably thought they were kind of cute.

    Liberals, go on with your lives. There will be another election in a little less than 3 years, so you will have an opportunity to vote him out. He has a more important job to do than fight off you looney tunes. In case you haven’t noticed, this country is in a heap of trouble and our President needs to be able to address the issues at hand. USE YOUR HEAD OR YOU WILL BE LIVING IN A COMMUNIST NATION. Give Trump a chance. If he fails, America fails. Is this really what you want? I sure hope not If the conservatives go down, so do the liberals.

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